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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 26, 2006
Intro:The simpsons are the comedy gods they have been the show to beat ever since they were made and not many shows can compete with them but over the past few years they lost a bit of their edge even if they still have some good episodes.But i got to admit they arent as a good as before.The show still have a huge fan base with milions of viewers watching it each day.Everithing with the simpsons on it is a garented seller and this dvd will also sell.

Factors:The simpsons are still great but there is no denying the fact that they arent as good anymore and slowly,shows like family guy are taking place.I always loved the simpsons and along with many fans i probably will buy this dvd.The sale for this dvd will be high as usual.

Episode guide for season 8

1-Simpsons horror show 7

2-You only move twice:the simpsons move to another city after he gets a new job,his boss Hank Scorpio is strange enough.

3-The homer they fall:Homer gets diagnosed with the homer simpsons syndrome wich means he can get punched without getting hurt and Moe turns him into a boxer.

4-Burns baby burns:Mr Burns learns he has a son,Larry but he doesnt like him so homer fakes a kidnapping to get Burns to show some love.

5-Bart after dark:Bart is forced to work at a streap-tease house after he broke something on its property.

6-A Milhouse divided:Milhouse s`parents divorce.

7-Lisa`s date whit density:Lisa is in love with Nelson strangely and tries to change him.

8-Hurricane Neddy:Flanders`s house is destroyed and the springfield residents build it back but it gets destroyed again and Ned goes to the hospital.

9-El viaje mysterio d:Homer hallucinates after eating too much chili.

10-The springfield files:Homer saw an alien but nobody belives him the following week he tapes it with Bart and everybody belives him.Then they discover its mr.Burns after some medical surgeries.

11-The twisted world of Marge:Marge buys a pretzels franchise but when it doesnt sell Homer calls Fat Tony to order a huge order of pretzels and his idea got them get in trouble..

12-Mountain of madness:M.r Burns organizes a mountain trip with the nuclear cetral employees.

13-Simpsoncalifragilisticexpialacious:Marge loose heir hairs ans hire somebody to be help her with the duties.

14-Itchy Sractchy and Poochie show:The itchy and scratchy ratings are are going down so they want to make a new character, Poochie with Homer doing his voice but nobody likes Poochie.

15-Homer`s phobia:Homer has a new friend or at least until he founds out he is guay.

16-Brother from another series:Sideshow Bob meet his brother Cecil again...

17-Mu sitter,My sister:Lisa becomes a baby-sitter and she babysitts for everybody even Bart,and it aint easy...

18-Homer v.s the 8th amendement:Alcohool is allowed in springfield anymore and Homer is the one left to give alcohool in town.

19-Grade school confidential:Inspector chalmers fires Seymour and Edna after a sex scanal at school.

20-The canine mutiny:Barts gets a credit card and buys a talented dog.

21-The old man and Lisa:Mr Burns looses his money and Lisa helps him gets his fortune back by recycling.

22-In Marge we trust:Marge replace reverent Lovejoy to help people.

23-Homer`s enemy:Anew employee calls Homer an idiot and insults him.

24-Simpsons spin-off showcase:3 Stories `chef wigm p.i` `the love matic grampa`and `the simpsons family smile-variety hour`.

25-The secret war of Lisa:Bart gets sent to military school and Lisa want to go too.

Many great episodes in this season one of the last great Simpsons season aired between 1996 and 1997.Episodes like `bart after dark` and `you only move twice`are classics.A while after this season they started to go downfall,yes the episodes now are good but not close to the ones from previous seasons like this one.About all the episodes are good wich makes the set enjoyable.

Head packaging:As always since the controversial head packaging this set will be a head packaging and hopefully for those who doesnt like it there will be another box set similiar than the ones from Simpsons seasons 1 to 5.This head package will once again be bashed by many.

Overral:They can keep doing sets but as the seasons will come the less they will sell.But this season is good and i recommend it to fans of the show 5 stars as usual.
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on January 10, 2012
This is another great season of arguably the greatest tv phenomenon ever, The Simpsons. There's a general consensus among most Simpsons fans that Seasons 4-8 are the show at its pinnacle, and that's a fair assessment in my opinion. Season 8 is certainly great but this is where some cracks start to form in the show. The plots become zanier, the characters begin to behave differently (especially Marge, in my opinion), and the writers start throwing in self-referential jabs about running out of creative steam. The entire episode of "The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochy Show" is about trying to save a cartoon that's past its prime by uncomfortably throwing in a new gimmick, and the Spin-Off episode near the end of the season is another signal from the writers that all they really have left is cheesiness. And that's pretty much what the Simpsons have been for the last 15 years, notwithstanding occasional flashes of genius and Season 9, which I'll admit is another great season, but definitely the last. For Simpsons at its absolute finest, I recommend Seasons 2-7, but Season 8 is still better than most shows could ever dream of being.
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on July 7, 2006
The word "indispensable" can be overused at times, but not in this case. The eighth season the The Simpsons is arguably the comedic apex of the series, with the introduction of unforgettable new characters such as Frank "Grimey" Grimes, Hank Scorpio, Sharry Bobbins, and of course Poochie (and Roy!). Homer is at his bumbling best in the eighth season, as he runs the gamut from working as an unwitting henchman to a sueprvillain bent on world domination, to becoming a star on the hobo-boxing circuit, to providing the voice of Poochie, to coating the inside of his mouth with protective candle wax in order to eat insanely hot chili. Along the way, Homer fears Bart may be gay, Bart strings a series of police bullhorns together in one of the all-time funniest gags, Marge becomes the Listen Lady, Lisa's image is used by Mr. Burns to promote L'il Lisa's Patented Animal Slurry, and Kang is triumphant in the US Presidential election and subsequently becomes a ruthless overlord (but don't blame Homer - he voted for Kotos). This season had so many high points, there are likely 5-6 episodes that rank among the all-time best. For this reason alone, Season 8 of the Simpsons is a must-have DVD set.
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