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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 29, 2012
Cache (Hidden) (2005)
Drama, Mystery, Thriller. 117 minutes, French Language
Directed by Michael Haneke
Starring Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche

Cache won't have wide appeal and I wouldn't blindly recommend the film to everyone. Haneke doesn't explain all of the events in an obvious way, but the details do provide a solution for viewers who are prepared to give the film their full attention.

The story opens with a stationary video of an apartment in a typical neighborhood. We see people pass and one or two people leave the building. No explanation is given at this point; we are merely observers. The shot turns out to be a video and the inhabitants of the apartment are watching it. Someone is taping their movements and leaving the recordings on their doorstep. No notes are included.

Are the tapes meant for them? Who is recording them and for what purpose? How would you react in that situation? Would you trust your instincts and try to work out who would have a motive? Would you be frightened and inform the police? What about people you know? Would you explain the situation to friends and colleagues, or keep it a secret? The people under surveillance are Georges (Auteuil), Anne (Binoche) and their son Pierrot. Are they in danger?

The film unfolds slowly. We see how their normal patterns change to combat any potential risk. The relationship between Georges and Anne also changes. Do they completely trust each other? Shouldn't they be totally united against the perceived threat rather than holding back information from one another? The dynamic between the two is one of the most interesting things in the film.

The plot plays out like a Hitchcock mystery. It partly reminds me of Rear Window, where we see events from a fixed point and speculate about people's motivations. But, in contrast, we are shown other locations too. Each one holds a clue about what is happening.

The acting and directing are superb throughout.

The main reason that I am hesitant to recommend this to everyone is the conclusion. The film appears to end suddenly without any apparent resolution, but the information is there if you are looking. A scene early in the film sets up part of the reveal. Haneke is asking us to play detective and piece the information together for ourselves. The fun is in the process rather than finding out who is responsible. I find it compulsive viewing.
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on May 1, 2010
First saw Cache on an AIr Canada flight from Ottawa to Vancouver -fascinating and intriguing - so much so, that I missed the last few minutes as we landed ! Had to get the DVD from Amazon to complete my first exposure . Have now seen this French movie ( some of which was shot in Montreal ) an additional 2 times - and each time it brings the same delights of intrigue and innovation to the screen - wonderful - even the silent parts, where there is no dialogue are fascinating to see .

A very unusual movie - but well worth viewing - that leaves the viewer with lots of questions about the family circumstances that led to the eventual disaster of personal involvement in the " hidden " scenes that played out to earn it's well chosen French name - Cache ! Not being , by any means , fluent in French - the somewhat sparse English sub titles are very adequate to follow the train of the film - and only makes the eventual outcome even more mysterious .

Reading the "Google " summaries and reactions by viewers of this movie ( after I had already seen the entire DVD again ) only whetted my appetite to see this once more .The central characters played by the actors . was fascinating and rivetting - and will be enjoyed by myself again and again - which is very unusual in today's movie world , where even one showing is enough for me and my wife !

A classic " who dunit " with a French approach that can be seen time and again - and still bring lots of movie pleasure to the viewer. A great movie indeed - fully worthy of a Five star rating .
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on May 9, 2009
Michael Haneke may be German, but this French title definitely ranks as one of his best, with a very good cast including the always great Juliette Binoche. I love how Haneke utilizes the long shot from a far distance as a way to create suspense, and he uses as well as anyone (including Gus Van Sant). So far I have only seen Funny Games US, and this by Haneke, but I am definitely going to have to see more after this story of how even years later once you have almost forgotten about something how your conscience, among other things can still torment you.
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on July 6, 2006
I didn't think this movie was intended for the general audience. It did not try to be a Hollywood blockbuster and it was not. It was not a feel good movie. In fact, it was a collection of unfortunate events from the past and present.

The acting was good and the story was thought-provoking. Like other Heneke's movies, Cache was an unsettling and emotional journey without a definite answer.

There was no truth, there're only perspectives.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 30, 2007
I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about. Instead of "gripped" like many people seem to have been, I was simply bored by the long, seemingly interminable shots in the film and I kept screaming to myself "edit, edit!" Yes, I know, I of course saw where the director was going with the analogy to the War in Algeria and French guilt and responsibility (or refusal to take responsibility). All fine and dandy. But that isn't a reason to drag out the scenes; it isn't a reason to make 90% of people's reactions to everything totally unbelievable. This is the kind of film that fifteen years ago would have been titled an "art" film... slow moving, pretentious, and determined to prove that less is more.

A number of viewers said that this was the director's most accessible film. Hardly, I saw `La Pianiste' (The Piano Teacher) months ago and was amazed at the performances, the horror of the story, and the brilliance of it. I didn't realize until after I had seen `Caché' that it was by the same director. `La Pianiste' totally fascinated me from start to finish. Hidden is the operative word for this one, also frustrating would be a substitute. But undoubtedly it is well acted by the excellent Daniel Auteuil and beautiful Juliette Binoche perhaps looking less glamorous than usual, in her housewife part. There is one scene in Cache that is guaranteed to make you at least flinch, and probably do more. I only watched to the end to see "who done it," only to find that the ending is so vague.

`Cache' deviously has a clever plot, which breaks new ground in some ways, and some real instant shock scenes. But stimulation of the senses is not what this movie is about. It's stimulation of your mind that this film has encountered us to do. At least the story has been told.
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on July 5, 2006
I allways wished someone would make a movie that really reflects what life is about ; life does not come with a senario or background music or a convenient ending, it ends abruptly, in the middle of a ''scene''. After seeing ''The Widow of Saint-Pierre'' I wished someone would make another movie with Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche. Well someone did but shouldn't have. The relationship between the two caracters does not, as mentionned elswhere, deteriorate ; it is rotten from the start and just stays that way, everything in this movie just ''stays that way'' save for a sensationnalistic scene which is poorly brought about and which I will not describe should you choose to put yourself through the ordeal of watching this pseudo-intellectual, amateurish flic. I did not find Daniel Auteuil's acting up to his usual standards, not very convincing, perhaps he was also bored...Juliette Binoche had it easy, she just kept that blazé expression through the entire movie...Maybe she was bored too. This director should certainly not be compared to Bergman, Hitchcock or Antonioni. I truly got nothing from watching this movie but I guess I asked for it, spare yourself the ordeal.
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