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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on April 24, 1999
When you reach page 300 of a book and it's still boring, STOP. NOT ONE WORD MORE. Any optimism won't change the unread content. Unless money has been tucked as a bookmark later on, you won't miss a thing. "Grapes of Wrath" made me want to have a glass of wine and plot my revenge on those who have declared it a classic. Oh well. At least the title was interesting.
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on April 23, 2015
This is an english as a second language edition, it says John Steinbeck but it is a rewriting and NOT the original text. So if that's the version you're looking for great, if you want to read it as it was intended do not get this.
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on December 11, 2010
Beware, the book is RETOLD from Margaret Tarner. This does not mean that the book is not good for as much, but it is not the original version written by John Steinbeck. Thus, be careful if you are looking for the original story.
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on March 10, 1999
I read this book for a report and found it really dull. I felt like it dragged on forever and ever. Yet, this is only my opinoin NOW. I'll probably reread it in a couple of years and like it.
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on September 28, 1999
This book is awful. Lit teachers who force their students to read this repetitive, boring depression era novel are exceptionally cruel. I would recommend gum surgery over this book.
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on April 23, 1999
Unfortunately i had to read this book for my american literature class. it went on and on and on about absolutely nothing!yes mr. steinbeck is very descriptive, by he goes completely overboard in almost every chapter. i mean, does it really take a whole chapter to describe a turtle! as for the characters i thought that they were all dumb and unsympathetic. and he wrote them with such a strong dialect that i had to re-read most of it just to understand what they were saying. there was nothing that kept me interested in it or even made me want to finish it. i could have cared less if they bought their "littl' white house" in California. my advice to other people in my situation: buy the cliff notes. the only people i would recommend this book to is insomniacs, it is better than any sleeping pill on the market.
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on July 6, 2001
I was forced to read this novel for freshman English, and although in general I think it had an important message and theme, but, man, was it ever boring! I really liked certain passages and the theme, but much of it was told in such an obtuse way and focused on such minute details that I could hardly stand it. I've read books on genetics, i.e. no plot, no characters, that held my attention far better and used words more economically than The Grapes of Wrath. Perhaps if the novel had ended 400 pages or so before it actually did, I could have stomached it better.
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on October 5, 1999
Want to fall asleep? This is the book to read
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on November 23, 2001
Sorry Mr. Steinbeck. I didn't like this one. I had to read this book for my AP English class. Now you may think, since I am a teenager, I think all classics are bad. NOT TRUE. I read a lot of plays (I LOVE the Glass Menagerie) and I've just started Allen Ginsberg's autobio. However, I HATE HATE HATE this book!
Let me tell you why. First of all, these poor people have SUCH BAD LUCK. I mean, you'd think that at least one good thing would happen to them within the entire novel. Not so. I mean, if this book were just a hundred pages longer, all of them would be dead. Also, Steinbeck managed to kill off the two best characters in the entire book: Grandma and Grandpa, while Rose of Sharon, possibly the most annoying character I have ever read about, remains alive and whining till the dreadful end. Also, Steinbeck uses a lot of sexual references that are kind of weird and not very enjoyable. For example, he talks about the tractors "raping" the land. Lastly, you'd think Steinbeck is an insane guy or something because whenever something gross happens he really gets into describing it somewhat graphically. He spends a good amount of the book describing, in great detail, a pig eating a baby, cleaning a dead rabbit, and a dead dog squashed flat on the ground.
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on July 23, 1998
Stupid socialist themes almost always bore (look at the last third of "The Jungle") and this book is no exception. Unless you're a high school teacher who is hell-bent on warping young minds into America-haters, this book is not worth the time, money, or energy to read. Did Steinbeck think that a sleezy political opportunist like himself (remember, he was a big proponent of the Vietnam War when it was being run by Democrats) can actually produce work of quality? Come ON.
Think about the values of this book--irresponsibility is rewarded (who asked the idiot Okie farmers to borrow from the banks in the first place?), immorality is scoffed at, at the same time religion is put down ("I was 14, randy as a billy goat"), and capitalism gets the blame for an economic system that was anything but capitalistic (why else have oranges and potatoes thrown into rivers other than to prop up prices pursuant to a command economic policy?). Gradually this book i! s coming to be seen as nothing more than a product of the proto-"Hate American First" crowd, which is why it will continue to be popular among high school teachers.
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