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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on January 10, 2007
ok..i'm a huge transformers fan, but all the re-mastering and extras in the world can't fix a bad movie. where to start...? the how about the ultra cheesy 80's soundtrack(from the guy that did music for "staying alive"!!) with synth-pop and keyboards that kick in every action scene("the touch" by somebody named stan bush is among the most cornball things your ever gonna hear!)or the plot holes and bad writing that is really far worst then the TV series had. maybe i'm being too harsh because animation as come a long way from 1987 but you consider what the japan was doing at that time with stuff like akira, this comes across as pretty weak. its not all bad however, you DO get a great, new clean widescreen transfer, some cool retro TV ads and a trailer for the new live action movie. i still love transformers, the tv show was great and the new movie looks rockin' but this movie is just plain bad. oh well....optimus prime still rules!
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on August 18, 2003
I remembered watching this movie as a kid and really enjoying it. However, after rewatching the Transformers Season 1 4 disc DVD set, this movie pales in comparison. The characters lacked personality and didn't look as interesting as the others. I recommend that you save your money and put it towards the more expensive, but more enjoyable, DVD box sets.
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on July 12, 2003
Ah, Transformers: The Movie. I'll admit it, I *like* TFTM but that's because I was fond of the movie as a child. Generally, 99.9999% of the reviews are "This is the Greatest Film Ever." Those people are either totally blinded by nostalgia or are too heavily medicated. This is no 'Dumbo.' 'No Bambi.' This isn't even a 'Rescuers: Down Under.' It's one of the poorer animated films, released as a major motion picture, from the last half of the twentieth century. Where to begin? It's obvious that TFTM is an hour and a half commercial for the 1986 line of the Transformers toys, so that's barely worth mentioning. The biggest insult of TFTM is that it took characters whom children had bonded with over the past two years and needlessly and mercilessly slaughtered them so that they could start more or less from scratch with the new wave of toys. Filled with painfully cheerful and worthless hair rock, the soundtrack adds very little to the actual film. It's only another layer of dead skin that you have to tear off to reach the actual core of the movie. That core is...quite thin. It's the archetypal hero story. It's possible that the writers didn't understand what an archetype was, as the plot of the movie was plucked directly from 'Star Wars.' The animation is sub-par, riddled with dozens and dozens of errors. If you're a fan of the series and you weren't scarred by it as a child (as _many_ were) you may enjoy this. If you're not a fan of The Transformers, do yourself a favor and skip TFTM.
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on June 22, 2003
I was five when the Transformers came out.It was my favorite show.All of the characters were cool.Optimus Prime,Megatron,Prowl,Bumblebee,Skywarp,Ironhide,and yes...even Starscream.So when I heard that there was going to be a movie,I was exstatic.Then I saw the movie.I was seven then.And I was absoulutely horrified!Prime,Prowl,Ironhide,Ratchet,and others bit the dust.Isn't it funny that when someone was shot in the series,they only suffered minor injuries.Yet,when the movie comes along,all of the heroes from the original series(Except for Jazz,Bumblebee,Perceptor,and Blaster) die horrifying deaths.The worst was when Prowl is shot and has smoke coming out of his mouth and eyes,and when Megatron blows Ironhide's head off!It was probably a little too much for young kids at the time(Remember,this is before parental groups complained about "desensatized children"),myself included.But now that I'm all grown up,I criticize this movie,not just for that,but for how everything went.Epic battle...Yes!Death of all of the originals....No!Plus,the audiance is expected to like Hot Rod,Ultra Magnus,Kupp,and the rest on the spot!At least T.V. fans got the chance to get to know and like the Star Trek:Next Generation crew! We didn't get that luxury in this movie.Now,other than those major's a decent film on it's own.The introduction of Unicron(played by the late great Orson Wells) is a good concept.But,really,this thing could've been better.
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on February 6, 2003
I saw this movie when I was 10 and was traumatized by how they killed Prime, Star Scream and many of the other characters I'd loved from the series. It was a very poor way to handle the story.
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on May 13, 2002
What else I can said, this is the best movie I ever seen from "The Transformers" series. All of my favorites are in this movie, including my favorite hero of all time Optimus Prime. I felted sorry when he went down the flick but the movie just keep better and better till the end. This movie is worth the money buy it because you never if you ever see this greatest cartoon series of all time. "Autobots transform"
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on June 26, 2001
There are some things to be said for this movie. The action is there and suspense is well placed at times. Some characters like Optimous Prime, Ultra Magness, Galvatron, and Unicron are well drawn and memorable. On it's own, it is a fairly good movie. But in all honesty, this is very shallow compared to several animated movies I have seen. "Scooby Doo On Zombie Island" actually had a better story line; this movie actually frightened me more; character development was stronger; the story started normal and gradually unfolded into terror; and surprise events were VERY WELL placed. The Voltron series also carried more weight. We had 5 heroes with distinct personalities; and the villains King Zarkon, Hagar the witch, and Prince Lotour carried a very frightening and chilling essence. But at times they were even likable! The animated Batman series not only tried to stay within certain boundaries of plausibility, but they also worked greatly on character development. And often, we could be in two minds as to whether we should oppose the villains or feel sorry for them. I did like the Transformers at one time. But they lack either the charm and organization of the Scooby Doo Movies, the creepy charm of the Voltron (Lion) Movies, or the superb character development of the early 90s Batman Series. This movie seems to suffer from some of Disney's traits. (A simple good guy versus bad guy plot, no gray areas, low humor, ('Me Grimlock kick butt'), and amongst other things an artificial simplistic happy ending. Couldn't the autobots have said one nice thing about their deceased noble leader Optimous Prime in the end? How about poor Prowl, Iron Hide, and Ratchet? I guess to say one nice thing about their deceased friends would have interfered with the typical Disney Happy Ending!
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on April 20, 2001
i remeber watching this movie at my cousins house. i was a huge fan of them, so when i came to amazon and found it on DVD i bought it. so i get it play it, and 80 minutes later i realise i just wasted a lot of money. this movie has a realy bad story, BAD music and bad plotholes. the animations good though
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on December 29, 2000
I remember loving this film as a kid, if only I knew then what I know now. Lets start with the nitty gritty, if you look at this film from an objective (ie: non nostalgic) viewpoint it clearly can't stack up to all the hype and almost legendary status that the "80's generation" (myself included) have given it.
Let me start with the film's good points, the opening scenes introducing Unicron, the giant planet devouring monster were truly dramatic, and to some degree so was the battle at autobot city. Most of the drama comes from the exceptional Vince DiCola musical score which complements the moods of the scenes really well.
The other point of drama comes from the simple fact that almost every character you've known and loved for years is brutally massacred, and while this does underscore the direness of the situation and the feeling of impending doom, it's impossible to ignore the fact that the whole point was to introduce a new and equally profitable new line of toys. "Out with the old, in with the new" is the order of the day, but most of the characters are just as flat and lifeless as just about all of the old characters.
This is what happens when a popular toy spawns an animated movie, you end up with a sort of "story by committee" where the number one goal is to simply create an 86 minute commercial for the next line of action figures. Even voicework by Judd Nelson, Eric Idle, Robert Stack, Leonard Nimoy and the late Orson Welles can't pull this film up from the mire of minimal plot, nonexistant characterization, sub par animation and effects (even for 1986), horrible dialogue and a soundtrack that flits around erratically from an excellent score to absolutely cheese-laden, over the top hair band metal to (of all things) Weird Al Yankovic?
As for DVD extras, TFTM contains a short (but hellishly long) interview with the composer of the film score, but while the score may be great, sitting through this "who cares?" interview by the former Rocky IV music man is possibly even more painful than the movie itself, and it only lasts a few minutes!!
I probably won't look at Transformers for a great source of nostalgia like millions of other children of the 80's... now, nausea on the other hand....
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on November 20, 2000
I bought this DVD Because I really liked the original series and actually have been waiting for the movie to come out on DVD. When I got it home to watch it I was somewhat disappointed as to the quality of the video. I am not a video/audio expert but I do know a good picture when I see one. The sound was good. I would have thought that the Features on the DVD would have been better. While the interview with the music composer was there interesting in some spots I found the whole thing B-O-R-I-N-G ! The director would have been better. If you but this DVD then do it for the movie sake. Not for any thing else and be willing to be satisfied with the movie alone or buy the video tape if you can find it.
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