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on March 28, 2007
Whe Richard D. Anderson left the show at the end of season 8 the show lost much of there audience (Myself included). But after catching some re-runs on TV nearing the end of the season i thought maybe the show isnt a complete write off just yet. The character Vala brought a new form of chemistry to the show that really paid off in season 9 and more so in season 10. As for the new star of the series Ben Browder aka Cameron Mitchell. I found him to be to generic and un-interesting. Obviosuly the gene pool in that show must be limited seeing as him and Michael Shanks look almost like identical twins. However, The Ori storyline was well written and very entertaining. It was nice to see them lose some battles instead of just constantly winning all the time. Anyways heres a list of the episodes and general ratings for them...

-Avalon (Part One) - 10% -All the team members have left the SGC... Boring.

-(Part two) - 90% - Ori storyline introduced.

-Origin - 70% - Ori priors show up in the Milkyway galaxy.

-The Ties That Bind - 80% - Daniel and Vala go on an Adventure

-The Powers That Be - 80% Goes into Valas past.

-Beachhead - 100% - Ori attack a Jaffa controlled planet.

-Ex Deus Machina - 50% - Jaffa go Baal hunting on Earth.

-Babylon - 0% - didnt watch it because its just about Col. Mitchell and Jaffa

-Prototype - 90% - Jr. Anubis is found. And The IOA complicates things.

-The Fourth Horseman (Part One and Two) - 100% - Ori unleash a plague on Earth.

-Collateral Damage - 10% - Another crappy episode focused on Mitchell.

-Ripple Effect - 90% - Alternate Sg1s show up.

-Stronghold - 50% - Baal brainwashes Jaffa.

-Ethon - 100% - Promethieus is Destroyed.

-Off the Grid - 90% Lucian alliance captures sg1.

-The Scourge - 80% - Insects hunt the IOA.

-Arthur's Mantle - 80% - Sg1 tries to hide a village from the ORI.

-Crusade - 80% - Vala warns the SGC about the Ori fleet on its way.

-Camelot - 100% - Ori fleet battle. Great Cliff Hanger.

Overall theres only about 4 questionable episodes. But id consider buying it if you enjoy the show. Even though season 10 hasnt fully been released. The advance episodes can be found on the internet and season 10 is much much better and is one of the best Seasons of Sg1 ever made.
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on August 10, 2014
Great for older kids.
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