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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 20, 2008
Home Alone (Family Fun Edition) has audio commentary, about 6 featurettes, 15 deleted scenes, gag reel and 2 games.
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on May 8, 2004
I am EXTREMELY happy that this movie finally made it to DVD because this is one of the most exciting and nicest holiday and family movies ever made. Everything from beginning to the end reminds me of the Back to the Future movies - when I watch that movie, I always notice something interesting, familiar, funny, or exciting when I see those movies and Home Alone. Many people may not like this DVD release because of inferior picture and sound quality and lack of bonus features - I THINK THIS DVD IS GREAT! Of course, the only bonus features on this DVD are the trailers to the Home Alone trilogy, and the sound is only stereo, but still, that's great because I LOVE THIS MOVIE! You know, because I love the funny parts - including the fake movie Kevin watches and uses to scare off the pizza guy and the villians (I always wanted to try that!) The fake movie, in case you didn't know, is translated into foreign languages as well! Speaking of which, this DVD comes in English, French, and Spanish audio and English subtitles. I've seen this DVD in English sound with closed-captioning from the TV, and on the computer in Spanish sound with English subtitles (still remains Kevin's infamous scream)! Yeah, I'm glad Fox has a Spanish option for this disc because I'm currently finishing up my Spanish class at my prep school and from time to time, I watch DVDs in Spanish (if available; otherwise it's French for the Canadian viewers!) You know, this week or next week, I'm bringing this DVD into Spanish class for my teacher to show. EVERYONE WOULD LAUGH!
This is a sweet movie. The DVD may not be the best, but it's still a great buy! Enjoy!
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on April 27, 2004
Dont get me wrong. I didnt give 2 stars to the movie, i gave 2 stars for the DVD!
Home Alone smashed box offices with an unexpected christmas story of a kid who accidently finds himself alone at home. Now every one shoudl have seen it by now, and most of the people who loved the film as like me already have it on VHS anyway. right?
So why does one of the most succsesfull and popular movies of all time get a poor treatment when it comes to putting it onto DVD? It comes in widescreen, and a trailer, and subtitiles, and thats all!!! ITS NOT EVEN IN SURROUND SOUND!!!!!!!! (5.!)
I remember when the first two movies came out I watched behind the scenes things about the movie on TV and I remember them talking specidly on the second film about how it wasnt shot at christmas and how they used fake snow, and the pigeons wernt real, and Daniles saying he was the guy in charge of the comedy, and if he didnt find somthign funny, it was his desicion.... so WHERE ARE THOSE FEATURETTES????????
For anyone who dosent care for bonus features, then pick this movie up, youll love it. But if your like me, and do enjoy bonus features, then this movie has been abused!!!!!
No bonus features? Not in surround sound? No featurettes? which i know for sure exsist. Dont you think a smash hit like this movie, which is without a doubht one of the most popular movies of all time,should have had better treatment as a DVD? I think they have done a poor job with this DVD and had better realese a speichel edition one day to justify what a poor effert they have done with this DVD for such a great movie.
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on February 17, 2004
This movie is largely a pretty serious affair except for two parts: One is the pizza delivery boy scene. The second is the booby-trapping climax. Macaulay Culkin is endearing as a little boy at home. However, he has a few continuity flaws. One minute he's calmly stating that he destroyed his father's new fishing hooks, the next he's yelling, the next he's calmly assessing his liberties of being Home Alone, the next he's screaming like any kid, the next... These changes are very real, but the movie never makes its mind up about whether or not Culkin is a frenetic little kid who happens to think his plan through (my bet), a cold little boy who, except for his sense of humor, is extremely mature. Or he may be a nice-looking kid with his moments of hyperactive bliss as well as his moments of talking like a four-foot high tactical strategist as well as his moments of swearing and leading people to believe they're being shot at (if that scene is not copied once sometime by another movie, either nobody has the guts to do it or America's directors and script writers are getting smarter). If that was a run-on sentence, pardon me, you P.C. people. Now zat I am done raving aboot ze star of ze motion picture (that's with a French accent), I'll get to the review.
Kevin McAllister (that's Culkin) is an ordinary kid whose family (with all relatives) is about to leave for France. When he gets in a fight with one of his many siblings, Kevin is sent to his room. The power goes off during the night, and the family sleeps too late before hectically packing everything and dashing into the airplane just in time. Kevin is forgotten, and he stays home alone. He enjoys himself for a while (tormenting pizza boys, looking at his brother's Playboys, shooting an air rifle, sledding down stairs, watching violent movies) but soon figures out he'll have to wash clothes and buy groceries. This movie would be a drama about a kid becoming a grown-up if it were not for the two bumbling bandits, Harry and Marv. Kevin's street is full of big houses, and they use the holidays, when everyone's on vacation, to rob houses. They disguise as policemen that supposedly watch over the houses for the holiday season. With access to the homes, it's easy to rob them. It was the perfect crime... until they try to rob the McAllister home. Keven diverts it, but now he knows they'll be back. They do come back, but eventually they figure out that the only inhabitant of the house is an 8-year old. But Kevin is prepared. He rigs the house with some of the funniest (and most unbelievable; how many homes have a blowtorch?) traps ever; so many, in fact, that it's amazing the sequels had any left over. Over the course of the movie, Kevin realizes how much he needs his family, and how much families are really worth. He also meets an old man who is mistaken for a "shovel murderer" by the juvenile population, but really he's just an old man, sad but not embittered by an argument with his son. Both help each other to understand their families even more.
The only flaws in the movie are some unconvincing supporting roles, Culkin's shifting personality, and an unnecessary amount of profanity. This didn't bother me, but it detracted from what could have been a real, PG movie. Why the heck did Kevin have to call the bandits "horse's (rear end)?" It just wasn't necessary. It wasn't bad but it just wasn't necessary. It's like that rave scene in Matrix Reloaded. Why the heck was it there? Granted, profanity is not as out of place as that rave scene, but you know what I mean.
If you have a child between 13 and 3, your car should be parking in the Blockbuster lot any time now. That's if you listen to this recommendation: If you have kids, watch it. If you don't have kids, don't watch it. It's the opposite of Calvin and Hobbes books, but with all the fun action and endearing characters.
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on February 9, 2004
This Christmas classic is so enjoyable, due to the engagement between Kevin and two superb burglars (ala Pesci and Stern). In my view, these two burglars make it the great comedy that it is. There expressiveness in being duped by the redhead protecting his family home is creative and simply good comedy to enjoy.
The neighbor with the shovel is another outstanding character that pops up in key spots in the plotline. Candy is so-so as the polka king. The mother played by O'Hara is authentic too in her concern, and the rest are just support cast in this.
The plot is possible due to the setup of the busy family preparing for the trip with all the chaos and Kevin being somewhat of a sore-thumb in all this.
The results are a howl! Enjoy watching this periodically over the years. Too my way of thinking, this makes a movie truly great, its ability to have lasting power. This might be one of those that endures the fads and all that make many flicks ok, but would one buy them or rent them or watch them again? Likely not. But this, this one I've did all three, finally purchasing a copy for our own collection.
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Directed by Chris Columbus (Bicentennial Man, The Harry Potter Films, Nine Months, Mrs. Doubtfire) this film was a smash succes when it opend and still is a Holiday favorite for the family to sit and watch together.
This Film put Micaulay Culkin (Richie Rich, The Good Son) on the map. It's about every kids dream and every parents nightmare - (Or is it the revers?) - being left behind by your parents.
Starting with a simple wish of making his family dissappear - Micaulay realizes that they actually forgot him on their trip on the way to Paris.
Add to the plot two mischievious burglers played brilliantly by Jope Pesci (My Cousin Vinny, With Honors, JFK) and Daniel Stern (City Slickers, My Blue Heaven, Dilbert), they bumble and create havok on the unsuspecting youth trapped alone in his house.
The stunts ad gags are hysterical and somewhat not realistic, but the fun and humor is universal. And the appearance of the late John Candy (Wagon's East, JFK, Spaceballs)as the Polka King is hysterical.
Key perfomances by the mother and father played by Cathrine O'Hara (Best In Show, Home Fries, The Nightmare Before Christmas) and John Herd (My Fellow Americans, the Pelican Brief, Awakenings) who are incredibly resourceful in getting themselves back from Paris to Chicago to get their son.
Funny, adventurous and a lesson in life, love and family. There is even a key scene with the olderly man who lives next door and is thought to be a killer played by Robert Blossom (Doc Hollywood, Visionquest)who eventually teaches Macaulay what family is all about
With a wonderful Acadamy Award winning score by John Williams (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ET) this movie is great for everyone in the whole family. Watch it every holiday! (11-30-03)
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on November 17, 2003
Home Alone has always been one of my favorite Christmas movies, It's funny and entertaining!
The movie is about a boy named Kevin McCallister[Macaulay Culkin] who accidently gets left behind in his home in Chicago when his family goes off on a trip to France. While Kevin is at home, two burglars are trying to break in. The burglars are played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. One of the burglars was at the house at the beginning, pretending to be a policeman, to check out the house. After Kevin finds out, he sets up a set of booby traps on the night they arrive. Meanwhile, Kevin's mom[Catherine O'Hara] wan'ts to get home as quickly as she can when she finds out that Kevin was left behind. So, instead of going on a plane she travels back to Chicago on a truck with a group of musicians and their polka king of the midwest[John Candy] when they offer to take her home. After the burglars get arrested with one of Kevin's plans, Kevin's mom arrives home with the rest of the family including his dad[John Heard] and they all feel so grateful to see him.
This is a movie your whole family will enjoy!!!
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on November 3, 2003
In 1990, another Christmas movie classic was made. This movie, "Home Alone" is a holiday classic that you can't find anywhere else. The cast is great, the scenes are hilarious, and it's wonderful family movie. Macaulay Culkin starts his fame as the family icon for parents and thier children.
The movie starts out in Chicago, IL at the McCillister house. Here we meet Kevin's family that is running all over the house preparing for their Christmas trip to Paris. Also in the house scoping out the place is Harry (Joe Pesci), a crook posed a cop that is planning on robbing the house after they leave. Now here is where the problems start. When the whole family is eating pizza for dinner, Kevin (Culkin) is looking around for his plain cheese pizza because that's all he eats. So his older brother Buzz (Devin Ratray) eats it on purpose. Then Kevin attacks him and the place becomes a mess and soda is spilled and the passports are soaked, etc. Kevin's mother Kate (Caterine O'Hara) sends him to his room. In Kevin's state of anger he says to his mother that he doesn't want to see his family again. Now while in bed Kevin says, "I wish they would all dissapear." During the night the power goes out and the alarm clocks goes out. The next moring they are rushing left and right to get to the airport. Here's the problem: THEY FORGOT KEVIN!
Now kevin wakes up an sees nobody is home. He actually thinks that his wish came true. Now at first Kevin loves this. He jumps on the bed, shoots his brother Buzz's BB gun, takes his brother's life savings, and eats all the junk food in the world and watches "R" rated films. While the family is on the plane, Kevin's mother gets the feeling they forgot something. Kevin's father Peter (John Heard) asks her, "What could we have forgotten?" Then Kate screams: KEVIN! Now while Kevin still is having fun back at home, the family is in Paris trying to get a flight back home. and calling the police, etc.
One day, Kevin goes out shopping and spots a misterious van in the neighbor's driveway. It's the crooks. Marv (Daniel Stern) and Harry (Pesci), The Wet Bandits. Now after Kevin actually goes out shopping to get food and milk, he notices the guys in the van. Now he realizes they are after his house. Sorry Christmas Eve night he plans his battle against the crooks.
The gadgets and the tricks he pulls on the crooks are undoubtably hilarious. First, when the crooks starts talking to Kevin through the back door pretending to be Santa Claus and an Elf, Kevin takes his borther's BB gun and sticks it through the cathole and shoots Harry is the lower region. Then Marv sticks his heasd through the cathole and he gets shot in the head. Now there is ice on all the stairways, the front door knob is burning hot and when Hary touches the knob, the knob's inprinted "M" is impronted into Harry's hand. Lol! Then in the basement there is tar paper on the stairs and eventually there is a nail sticking up which Marv steps on with his bare foot. See what other tricks Kevin has got up his sleeve.
This movie, "Home Alone" is the perfect holiday movie that the entire family can enjoy. It's another Christmas classic. One thing this movie does for me is it gets me into the holiday spirit. In the beginning when Kevin said he didn't want to see his family again, throughout the movie, you realize how important family is, especially around the holidays. Buy this movie for you and your kids and you will love it as much as I do. Merry Christmas! Ho, Ho, Ho!
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on October 31, 2002
This review refers to the VHS(20th Cent Fox) edition...
Second grader Kevin McCalister(Macaulay Culkin) is having a REALLY bad day.
His family(including cousins, Aunt and Uncle) is getting ready to leave on a Christmas vacation to Paris. There's lots of activity, he is the youngest. He feel's picked on(and he is),and brushed aside. He has to actually do things for himself, unheard of in his 8 yr old world.His older brother scares him with stories of the neighbor being "The Shovel Murderer". He wishes they would all "JUST GO AWAY".
The next morning he awakes to discover his wish came true. Jubilant he immediatly preceeds to do all the things he's not allowed to. Meanwhile, halfway across "The Pond", to Paris, his parents make the grim discovery that they have accidentally left him behind. Panic sets in! With the feeling of worry and guilt only known to parents, his mom(Catherine O'Hara) makes a hasty retreat back to the states, hitting road blocks all the way.
Kevin settles in to life alone, waivering between being a kid and the responiblities of the household chores.Lurking around his house though, are two bumbling cat burglers(Joe Pesci/Daniel Stern).Kevin must protect his domain. He goes about setting his plan into motion,using whatever available means to thwart the bad guys.He also gets a little help from a surprise source. What follows is very funny, kind of three stooges action, as the burglers fall into every trap he sets for them.
Kevin learns several lessons in his time alone. One is that he really loves his family,that he can take care of himself, and not to judge others.
The music by John Williams,including lots of seasonal classics, will leave you singing Christmas songs, whatever time of year you watch it. Directed By Chris Columbus who really makes you root for the good guys. The supporting cast includes,John Heard, Roberts Blossom, and Hilary Wolfe.Look for the wonderful John Candy as "The Polka King".
"Home Alone" will have you laughing throughout.It is a funny,sometimes poignant story, that will be enjoyed year after year by the whole family. There are 2 sequels,the first has most of the same cast returning to do it again, this time in New York City!
The VHS has a very good picture. It is in Dolby Surround Stereo,(nice for the soundtrack).
Have fun...........Laurie
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on October 21, 2002
Even a cynical show like "Seinfield" recognized the warm-hearted charms of "Home Alone."
In November 1990, "Home Alone" entered movie theaters with little fanfare. Most movie critics dismissed it as just another John Hughes' produced lightweight comedy, which would be quickly forgotten. However, when "Home Alone" finally left theaters months later it was as one of the all time box office champs. How did this happen? Intitially, audience good word of mouth kept the box office receipts rising. Eventually, the studio, realizing it had monster hit on its hands, finally threw its promotional weight behind the movie. As a result, "Home Alone" was the #1 movie for an unbelievable 12 weeks!
Eight year old Kevin McAllister (Macauley Culkin) is fed up with being picked on by his older siblings and then being either ignored or scolded by his parents. Things really get out of hand when his home is overrun by his Uncle Frank's family in prepartion of a joint family trip to Paris for the Christmas holidays. Kevin, sick of being ignored by everyone, finally loses his temper, throws a fit, and, as a punishment, is sent to the attic to sleep by himself. Angered by the injustice of his punishment, Kevin tells his mother (Catherine O'Hara) that he hoped that he would never see his family again! Later, he sullenly wishes that his family would just "disappear."
The next morning Kevin awakes to discover that his family has disappeared and he is alone in his family's big house. Of course, Kevin's family really didn't really disappear, but due to a number of chaotic circumstances they forget about him until they are already on the flight to Paris. With the phone lines down and all the neighbors out of town, Kevin's family has no way of contacting him. Thus, Kevin is convinced that he has wished away his family and initially he revels in his independence. However, as time passes he starts to realize that he really does miss his family. But as he pines for their return (his frantic mother is doing everything to get home), he takes care of himself, befriends a mysterious, elderly neighbor (Roberts Blossom), and protects his home from the "Wet Bandits."
The Wet Bandits are a pair of bumbling, not-too-bright house burglars (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) who have targetted Kevin's neighborhood and Kevin's home in particular for their heists. Unfortunately, for the Wet Bandits they've picked the wrong eight year old to mess around with.
"Home Alone" is best remembered for the slapstick comedy which results when the Wet Bandits attempt to overcome Kevin's house of booby traps. But it's remarkable box office success had alot to do with the film's genuine warm-heartedness. The touching scenes of Kevin with his elderly neighbor are very well done as are O'Hara's scenes with her ex-SCTV co-star John Candy, who makes an extended cameo as the leader of a polka band. And the ending shot is sure to tug at the most cynical heartstring- just ask George Costanza. "Home Alone's" comedic scenes are hysterically funny, but by themselves don't explain why this movie became such a sensation. It was the combination of a winning performance by Culkin, the comic timing of Pesci and Stern, and the entire movie's aura as a warm-hearted, feel good, Christmas picture that helped make this film a box office dynamo.
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