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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on September 16, 2013
When I first got the DVD I could not see any info on the disc, but I was finally able to see that there was information on it. I tried to play it on my computer and it would not play, but I was able to play it on/in a regular DVD play. It contains some interesting material, a few songs by Pete, solo in the studio, and a bit of historical film of him in his home studio. Great information on the making of what could be the "greatest" studio album ever made. To listen to the greatest life album see the expanded Live at Leeds.
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on December 25, 2002
As a major fan of the Who i brought this documentary without knowing what the "Who's next" album was. (Please, Please listen to that album if you haven't! I also reviewed it! It is a very, very good album!) Obviously the "Who's next" album has to be (in my opinion) one of the best WHO albums.
This documentary is worth having!! Not only does it interview Roger, Pete and John it has a whole chapter on the late great Keith Moon but behind the scenes as well. If you know Pete, you must love how he describes things in great detail (he really should write a book!) and he certainly describes (in a very enjoybable way. i love his smile by the way! he must smile more often!!) the orginal 'lifehouse' ideas for the base of this album. My favorite thing Pete says is when he smiles and describes Roger in the video "Won't get fooled again." John, oh John. I love John. The late John is interviewed in this documentary very well. I love his insights especially about the trumpets on his song "My Wife" and all about the song "My Wife." I don't really remember the names of the other people (managars) but kit lampart is talked about how he was very important in the creation of this cd, and chris stamp as well. Irish Jack a roadie i believed is interviewed. Oh yea this guy Bob is interviewed who helped on "Baba O' Riley". Roger Daltrey has to be my favorite (well i guess actually Pete and John are very good as well) person interviewed because he's so damn funny! I love when he laughs, joking about Bob and stuff. (As a side, I love how Roger says, "Theater" look for it) Besides all the wonderful interviews there is music video (long clips) to go with each song. There is a lot of clips of the WHO singing. i especially like, "Behind blue eyes" video clip. "Join Together" is another great video they show here and the video is pretty much shown all the way. Pete also gives his versions of "Pure and Easy" (which by the way is the first time i heard that song so i orginally thought Pete sang that song)and "Behind Blue Eyes."
This documentary is a must have for any WHO fan and as you can see i was an "up an coming" WHO fan at the time I watched this DVD and I LOVE(D) it!! If you love GREAT music go out and buy "Who's Next" CD, rent (or buy) this documentary and sit and you could be set for life!! You'll love it!
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on October 15, 2003
Poor HZLI from Pittsburgh, PA. You are funny. You don't read what is the DVD or video about before buying it? Stupid of you, sorry to say but true.
This is not a concert. You will just need to turn around the box and read what it's all about. Don't make the same mistake as the brainless hzli.
Here, you will get an amazing journey with interviews and behind-the-recording-mixing-console, to know details and secrets about the recording of the album "WHO'S NEXT", and the reasons why it happened the way it did. It's absolutely interesting to see.
Includes some very rare footage of Pete Townshend at his home studio back in 1971 taping some demos for the Lifehouse project, and you will hear him explaining the way he got that incredible ORGAN background for "Won't Get Fooled Again".
Also you will have rare footage of The Who performing live some of the songs from this album in different moments of their career.
Plain and simple. It's a DOCUMENTARY on the recording of "Who's Next".
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on December 23, 2002
As the first viewed of my first two "Classic Albums" DVD's, I must say this is definitely the better of the pair. As a very casual amateur musician/composer/engineer/producer of some 30-odd years, this DVD is a refreshingly welcome piece of work.
Editing: Overall: extremely well done, However: (1) The initial "Won't Get Fooled Again" live sequence is slightly out of audio-visual sync (the audio is a hair late). (2) I would have liked to seen more of "Pure and Easy."
Content: As a fringe Who fan, this 'rockumentary' clued me into some of the real vision of Pete Townshend (PT). Having seen "Tommy" in the theater as a 're-run' in 1974 and "Quadrophenia" some years later in highschool, I can honestly say I understand a great deal more about what PT had in mind during the composition of all these pieces.
Glyn Johns is a delightful guide through the studio tapes breaking out individual tracks while showing how they fit into the overall mix.
The footage of PT in his studio making demos and reviewing them years later was equally compelling as were the descriptions of technical difficulties performing "Baba O'Reily" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" live. Insight into PT as a keyboard/synth player/programmer were also very welcomed. While this is no "How To" video, one gets a very clear sense of PT's evolution as a composer and how proficient he is/has become utilizing the tools of his craft.
If you are a fringe Who fan, you will definitely take alot away from this DVD. If you are a hardcore Who fan, you probably already know all of the background contained within this DVD, but it is still a must have. If you are a musician/composer/engineer/producer with any respect for PT and his accomplishments, you will also greatly benefit, if not be completely entertained by this DVD.
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on November 26, 2002
There are many other reviews here that mention many great things about this documentary. I just want to say this: If you are a fan of rock and roll and you want to see the epitome of a rock guitar god, then feast your eyes on Pete Townsend throughout this DVD. For me, the full-length performance by Pete, alone in the studio with an acoustic guitar, jammin' on Won't Get Fooled Again, was by itself worth the price of this DVD. I saw the Who's Next tour in Rochester, NY in 1971 (maybe '72)and the concert footage in this DVD brought back such vivid memories! The comments (and the barbs) from all the interviewees shows it was no easy task to keep a great band together long enough to produce an album as good as this one. As I listened and watched this documentary the first time; all alone in my living room with the headphones on and the lights off, I know I had a big smile on my face as I relived my youth and reveled in the music that made a life-long music lover out of me. I already have two others from the "Classic Album" series and I can't wait to check out the rest.
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on July 15, 2001
If you love the Who, this is one of the best documents about them, even though we have to spent part of our dwindling lives listening to Dave Marsch's drivel instead of Pete's during the too-short duration of the video.
For insight into the music itself, this tape showed me things I had heard for years, but never really grasped, like how Keith Moon would play riffs instead of drum patterns, and how much energy the Who had. Listening to the un-mixed tracks from "Goin' Mobile" are incredible.
Pete Townshend is always generous when talking about his music, and no less here. For an avid Synth fan like me, who worships "Baba O'Riley," what a real treat to see Pete's ARPs at work, and how he created the groundbreaking, unique, and staggering synth backing that makes the songs on Who's Next the great works they are, despite what Roger Daltrey thinks.
There is too much "Won't Get Fooled Again" in this documentary. They are always cutting back to it, and Pete does an acoustic version that while fun, is not really necessary. Other music on the record is slighted at the expense of the bigger hits.
The whole Lifehouse disaster is dealt with; mainly Pete's inability to articulate his vision.
Who's Next is one of the greatest, if not the greatest record in Rock history and this tape helps explain in.
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on July 3, 2000
Well done! Provides wonderful context for The Who's most (arguably) memorable album. We get to hear from all the players - save the late Kit Lambert (big influence on Pete) and, of course, the turbocombustion of The Who, Keith.
This is great for passive Who fans. It will give them a much deeper appreciation of the significance of The Who. For long-time Who fans, this DVD/video (get the DVD! - great sound and video) will help articulate how you feel about The Who and what they mean to you.
I really think you will enjoy this.
By the way, pick up the new single cd of Pete's Lifehouse Chronicles. You will discover - if you didn't already know - how much of a genius Pete is - and how there would be no semblance of The Who - without Pete. The demos of the Lifehouse concept - which ended up being Who's Next are great, but the revelation is the 1999 "Who Are You"! This live track sounds freshened and different in a way that would sound good on any "cool" radio staion of today (be it alternative, hit or triple A) - and it is a shame we are not hearing it. "Lifehouse Elements" from Pete does a faily good job of giving a sense of what that concept was supposed to mean - and it sounds interesting.
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on April 22, 2000
After viewing the AJA Steely Dan Classic Rock DVD, I couldn't believe that they could improve on the series. They proved me wrong with the release of this splendid DVD. The production quality AND content is excellent. The video image and sound quality is superb! The selected footage of live Who performances from the sixties and early seventies is a real treat. Pete Townshend's windmill guitar strokes and Keith Moon's maniacal drum fills are perfectly captured on DVD. Interesting dissections/discussions of Baba O'Riley, Won't Get Fooled Again, and Going Mobile will keep your eyes riveted to the screen. In addition to great interviews with Pete, Roger and John Entwhistle, The producer Glyn Johns sits at the mixing board and re-creates the assemblages of the instrumental and vocal tracks of these classic songs. The DVD also delves into the LIFEHOUSE project and how the synthesizer tracks for Baba O'Riley and Won't Get Fooled Again were created in Pete's home studio. Kudos to the producers for the thorough and accurate research. Production quality is excellent (on a par with the Making of Aja Steely Dan DVD) and the sound and video is also high quality. The content on this DVD is also highly complementary to the "Kids are Alright" documentary DVD. These two DVDs will provide the avid Who fan the best insights into their music and some of their best recorded performances. Another high point of this DVD is a fantastic acoustic version of Won't Get Fooled Again (Just Pete and his trusty Gibson Jumbo Acoustic six-string guitar). I'm amazed at how much Pete has accomplished and at the age of 55, he is still as sharp and focused as ever. I know he is deaf in one ear and is a recovered alcoholic, but it seems there's at least 20 more years of great music left in him. I'm an avid Who fan. This DVD is truly a gift to any Who fan or any rock and roll fan who appreciates classic rock music. Long Live Rock! Long Live the Who!
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on November 26, 2003
This dvd provides many insights into the Who's classic album, "Who's Next", from it's genesis as Townshend's failed "Lifehouse" project to the finished product we know today.
The dvd includes several acoustic solo numbers performed by Townshend exclusively for this release (by far this dvd's strongpoint). My only fault with this title is the length and hence it being incomplete. It only runs an hour with no bonus material added. Only a handful of songs from the album are viewed in any depth, consequently the documentary seems incomplete. It leaves the fan wanting & expecting more. Obviously there is no commentary from Keith Moon presented here, but it would have been great to see more video footage showing Moon & his bandmates in the studio. All in all a very good dvd for the devoted Who fan. However, its not the best place to start for the novice. I would recommend the 5 star 2 dvd set of "The Kids Are Alright" as your first Who dvd purchase.
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on May 22, 2000
This is a wonderful hour-long documentary on the making of "Who's Next" and its origins in the Lifehouse project. There are very good interviews with Pete, Roger, John, Glyn Johns, Chris Stamp, Dave Marsh and others. As with other shows in the Classic Albums series, there are some cool moments at the mixing board with the original multitrack recordings, showing how the final mixes were put together (for instance just Roger's voice and Keith's drumming during "Behind Blue Eyes.") There is some great live concert footage, including several numbers from the 1976 tour. Some excellent explanations of Pete's approach to sequencing for the groundbreaking synthesizer parts on the album. Finally, a few brand-new performances (Pete singing "Pure and Easy" at the piano and "Won't Get Fooled Again" with just an acoustic guitar.)
If you love Who's Next you will find this DVD to be well worth the money.
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