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3.4 out of 5 stars12
3.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 31, 2006
This interpretation of a bed time story that first introduces characters weirder than the ones in "Batteries Included." We are lead to believe they are all in some sort of transition in life and are given a purpose. On the surface they are helping a fairytale character get back to her world.

The film has a "B" movie knockoff of a Spielberg feel. Every time they look up you expect a bicycle crossing the moon.

The characters and the actors look like cardboard knockoffs of famous actors more than people. Bryce Dallas Howard in make up looks like a young Tilda Swinton.

Then "Whisper in the Noise" mangles a great Dylan song "Times are a Changing"

Grate concept - pitiful execution.

Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits
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on October 31, 2006
Now that all the negative press, the poor box office, the stories about why Shyamalan moved this film to Warner Bros, the stories about Shyamalan's supposed meglomania has died down a bit, it was time to see "Lady in the Water."

I am a big fan of Shyamalan's work particularly "The Village." Most of his films have been box office successes until this one and though "LITW" definitely has some problems: the plot is too complicated and the storyline too convoluted, overall it is very thoughtful,persuasive and touching...very much a fairy tale, very much a personal, emotionally available film from Shyamalan.

For many, all this business about the Blue World, the Narf (a resplendent, totally believable, vulnerable Bryce Howard as Story), the green creature whose goal it is to kill her, etc, etc. is negligible at best and silly and off-putting at worst but there is also no doubt that Shyamalan is committed to this material, casts it perfectly (Paul Giamatti as the man who protects, discovers and leads Story's return to the Blue World, the excellent Jeffrey Wright as a crossword puzzle addict whose son holds the key to Story's return) and films it with obvious delight and love.

"Lady in the Water" is not a great film nor is it Shyamalan's best: what it is, is a charming little film about our need for home and the comforts derived therein. Shyamalan also has the sense to steal from the very best: in this case "The Wizard of Oz" and his take on this material, as usual is pristine, his moviemaking above reproach.
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on October 1, 2007
Lady in the Water is the latest movie from M.Night Shyamalan,and it is
a weird one.i could make little sense of it,and there seemed to be some
gaping plot me,it seemed to be a philosophy lesson at
times,which is good if you want a philosophy lesson,but i didn't.add to
that,to me there was a lot of overacting going on.the movie just didn't
make a lot of sense.Shyamalan says this is a fairy tale(which he
apparently created)he used to tell his children went hey were young.for
a young child,this would probably be entertaining,and some adults might
enjoy it.normally i watch a movie to be entertained,and don't worry
about plot holes or gaps in logic.but for me,there were just too many
to overlook.Not a horrible movie,by any means but not as good as it
could have been.3/5
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on September 3, 2015
Odd movie. Bought it to add to M. KNight collection ... not sure if I will ever watch it again though.
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on May 25, 2015
Couldn't find this movie anywhere, so glad to finally have it!!
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on September 8, 2014
Great movie! Arrived promptly & in excellent shape. Thanks!
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on September 11, 2015
new twist on a fairy tale
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HALL OF FAMEon January 14, 2007
Based on an ancient story

Of a Blue World we forgot

When mankind turned away from peace

Bringing decay and rot

To save us all, the story goes

A messenger is sent

Awakening a human to

Forestall our sharp descent

Of course there is a darker force

A creature full of hate

Sent to destroy the messenger

So we can't change our fate

A select few have gathered near

But still they have no clue

They'll have a vital part to play

Before the movie's through

One human is the "Vessel"

The one who'll turn the wheel

Another one will read the signs

One guards while others heal

The background story is unique

The storyline less gripping

One casting choice just screams out that

The writer's ego-tripping

"The Village" is comparable

"The Sixth Sense" - that still shines

I didn't watch "Unbreakable"

And really disliked "Signs"

This one was really not as bad

As some critics have said

But it's no happy fairy tale

To read to kids in bed

Amanda Richards
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on January 28, 2014
Gave it as a gift, the person loved the movie. I can't say much about the movie as I haven't seen it. The package was received in a quick manner and no damage.
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on May 29, 2007
and the film is something unusual and enjoyable you can slip into, allowing your mind to slide its focus away from your usual world. If you're not able to accept you're watching something that can never be, then forget about it. Otherwise, this is something original, and oddly sweet, that is worth watching once. Fairy tales can be for grown ups, too. Not the most brilliant film I've ever watched, but thoroughly enjoyable mind candy (and not standard Hollywood crap) nonetheless.
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