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on March 2, 2005
The greatest fabrication ever made.
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on January 31, 2016
i have not been able to play this video on any type of machine
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on January 25, 2016
Any film depicting our Lord and Savior like this is shameful.
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on August 31, 2004
I can appreciate "The Passion of the Chirst" for its historical importance, but this DVD release is a real let-down for fans of the film. Consumers should expect more than bare bones editions at full price, only to be hit with 2 disc special editions 12 to 24 months down the line. This is a basic rental DVD, I'd recommend waiting for the special edition of "The Passion of the Christ" which the studio is sure to follow this release with.
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on June 29, 2004
This is my second submission, a response to questions and subsequent discussions both in favor and against my original review.
To those of you who have said that "The Passion" was so made taking into account the current sorry state of faith within the Christian community and that a film so brutal was needed to awaken Christians and the people of the world, I can only ask the following. Has the Christian community eroded so much in values that a depiction of a killing of this savage imagery is needed to awaken them? Have we become animals to watch for two hours the sadistic torture and killing of a man to feel love and compassion? When we try and prevent the killing of animals we do not make films with animation, puppets or stuffed animals. Instead we play to people footage of real animals being killed by real people. And has this done any good? Poachers are alive and well to this very day and species of beautiful creatures are becoming extinct across our planet. Christians are no beasts to watch such a brutal killing of their loved one to remember God or Christ. Christian or not, trying to evoke emotions such as love and forgiveness by making people watch the slaughtering of another human being is a big load of B.S.
To those of you who asked me the question, "Mel Gibson tried to show how Jesus died for the world. Wouldn't you want your child to know how you suffered for him?", my answer is 'No' and if 'Yes' reveal to my child the truth and nothing but the truth, not an exaggeration. If Mel's version was the truth why didn't he admit that on the interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC. To quote, "This is my version of what happened, according to the gospels and what I wanted to show - the aspects of it I wanted to show." Mel did not say, "This is what happened according to the gospels." Neither Jesus nor The Holy Bible advocates watching the enactment of the crucifixion to feel love, compassion and forgiveness.
And to those who have told me that Mel had a vision from God I can only dismiss the argument as pure nonsense. I think some of you have misunderstood Mel's 'personal vision' for divine vision.
And finally here is a critical and unbiased analysis of the movie at the Jesus Seminar Forum at, [...] An enlightening section of the article also offers a psychological and psychiatric explanation of Mel Gibson's attempt at solving his own problems using the film. The article will remind one of the 'stuffed effigy of the boss' that the irate and stressed employees are allowed to beat to pulp, in order to relieve themselves of their mental agony. In Mel's case he simply replaced the dummy with Jesus. Filled with quotations and numerous references to The Holy Bible this exhaustive review is a must-read.
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on July 3, 2004
The people who flock to this film scare me most of all. They find it amusing and exciting to pay to watch a person be persecuted and tortured to death. Disgusting. In any decent human the reaction to a person being tortured in such a way for they sake of yourself should be to cry out "Stop! I am not worth your suffering." However, millions come in droves and enjoy every second. These same people who claim to follow a person who so blindly loves other people regardless of themselves spend the rest of their time wanting to supress and persecute others for their beliefs. Unbelievable.
This is NOT Jesus' legacy. none of it.
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on June 15, 2004
If you go into this film without a personal agenda, you'll find it basically leaves you physically exhausted and emotionally flat. If your going to get a faith booster shot, you'll get what you want. Other than that, the book was better.
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on September 28, 2004
This is a flawed film based on a totally flawed notion. You want Mel Gibson, go see an adventure flick. You want gore, well, you can buy this one. Stupid and up-chucking.
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on March 28, 2015
Don't buy it. It's not even spoken in English! English subtitles yes. But i dont know what language this thing is in but it ain't English. I WANT A REFUND amazon!
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on June 16, 2004
Now that the DVD release will enable even minors to access this film it is long overdue that this review was published.
If there is an award for the most brutal crucifixion of Jesus Christ then Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" will take it home. This movie has been made with only one objective and that is to depict the death of Christ in the most savage and brutal way ever. Period. Besides this there is no other message that this movie can convey. After watching all the gore and the brutality one is certainly not going to think of love or non-violence or any other Christly virtues the makers of this film are pretending that the movie conveys. Mel and his team have schemed to make the most savage and brutal film of Christ's death of all time and boy have they succeeded? With their choice of the weapons of torture, the various systematic methods of torture and the methods of depicting the torture culminating with the death of Christ, the people behind the film have knowingly or unknowingly become heinous thinkers themselves to produce a stomach churning torture unto death masterpiece that narrowly misses becoming a snuff film.
Mel's work is a sure psychological endurance test for those checking to see how much torture and cruelty their minds, eyes and ears can take. Even with your eyes shut the movie is disturbingly unbearable to listen to. I only pray that this film does not increase the number of self-mutilation and self-crucifixion cases in this world. What else can all this evil being shown on screen do to us otherwise? Like the spectators at the coliseum it can only make us rock hearted, cold blooded and more inured to human agony and suffering.
Unlike movies made earlier on Christ this one is solely about Christ's suffering (referred to as the 'Passion'). What amazes me is why Mel Gibson wanted to make a movie only to show Christ's suffering. Is that the only thing he could show of Christ's divine life?
Mel could not have gotten away even if he had had a goat or a chicken killed on screen but beloved Christ is butchered by him. Mel is fully aware that no one is going to question him about the violence. Why? Because he is only depicting Christ's death and who doesn't know about the crucifixion of Christ. What a brilliant excuse! Can you imagine what would happen if someone who has no knowledge of Christ were to watch this film. They are going to freak out! For having created and distributed so much unwanted and unrealistic violence to the people of the world masking it as a movie on God's child the makers of this film are no different from human rights violators.
Over the years Mel and his movies have been associated with much maiming, killing and bloodshed. So I guess he saved the most brutal of his methods for Christ. Mel could have titled his movie "The Killing of the Christ" for having killed Jesus in his own inimitable way leaving one wondering if Christ really underwent this level of brutal torture during his final hours. With his version of the killing of Christ, Mel has also killed Christ's message, ideals and the glorious purpose of his death. After all did Christ teach us to watch his slaying time and again to remember him and his message? Christ died for us many years ago. Why can't we stop killing him once and for all in our movies? Keep your children away from this film. Let us not poison their tender minds with the shocking scenes of gore, torture, suffering and death that this movie epitomizes.
One final observation - There have been scores of people who have been through more torture and persecution in the name of justice, honor and religion than Christ has but how many of them do we remember or care to know. Oh! did I just give away Mel another idea for his next film?
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