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on March 27, 2012
I bought this seat more than one month ago. It consists of a few main parts whose positions can be adjusted and fixed by loosening and tightening some knobs. I found that one of the knobs didn't fit into one the holes nicely. The hole is actually protruded, and it didn't take a lot of force for me to break the protrusion off when I first tried to screw in the knob.

I called Amazon and was very impressed by their customer service. They sent me a new seat and told me to simply swap the broken part so I have the new part, and mail the package with the broken part back to them. All this with no cost to me. Bringing it back to the post office was a hassle though as the package is heavy.

The seat itself is ok. With the new seat, I still had a lot of trouble screwing in that same knob. I had to be very careful and use a lot of force to screw it in. If you have to take the seat apart and move it frequently, you'll not like this.

The seat itself is good enough. I find that the piece holding the foot pedals to be looser than I'd like, but acceptable. If you have a steering wheel but nowhere to clamp it to, or only have a DIY table that's not ergonomic, then I think the seat is just barely worth it if you play for long hours. I used to play on the sofa with a make-shift cabinet, and my back/neck would hurt after only a short time. So I bought this at full price (~$400 after tax) for ergonomic reasons, which I think is borderline pricey for the amount of time I use it for. But I usually can easily convince myself to go for a big purchase if health reasons are involved :)

If you have a wheel and already have an acceptable playing environment that doesn't break your back, then I'd think twice about spending the money on this.
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on February 2, 2012
If you're serious about your game, you owe to yourself this wonderful treat! With a PS Dualshock controller, the best I got on a GT5 online Grandview 5 Lap battle was 9:03 (pretty much maxed out). The first attempt with this Seat, it was 9:01. Every week, I looked back at my progress log, 8:53, 8:51, 8:45...Absolutely loving it. Will never drive without it now. It's that good.
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on January 10, 2011
I bought this specifically for GT5 (PS3) and have it setup with the gear shifter extension and the G27 Logitech Racing wheel. Been playing it solidly now for two months and here's what I've found...

G27 bolts up perfectly with this seat, drilled holes match up nicely.
Wheel and shifter secure nicely, pedal plate loosened once, but hasn't been an issue since I tightened it extra tight.
Relatively comfortable chair.
Adjustable length/height for pedals/wheel so it's great for friends who are different sizes.

Wires all over the place, using tie straps I keep them out of the way. Works fine, but it's not a "clean" setup.
Turn knobs (used for tightening) mark up the steel pretty bad. Again it's aesthetics which doesn't really bother me.
Seat cushion wears/deflates after a couple hours of straight use (I'm 6 foot, 175 lbs) But it regains it's original shape once I'm off it, but I get the feeling it will wear out at some point. Will probably be worse if you are heavier too.
Really have to tighten the bolts extra tight to make everything secure. Haven't tried it but I'm guessing it will take some elbow grease to dismantle it at some point.

Overall I would definitely recommend this Playseat + G27 setup. If you don't care about aesthetics and wires, and just want something solid this is a great setup. I will never go back to a controller to play racing games again.
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on January 16, 2012
This product makes the game much more enjoyable and realistic. The seat is sturdy and the adjustments make you find the perfect position for you. I recomend this product to anyone using a set of driving wheel and pedals. Simply the best and affortable!
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on February 11, 2011
I love this thing..... With the force feedback it's almost like being there and my driving skills are much more polished with this STABLE platform.
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on July 30, 2014
Everyone loves it, whole new driving experience, way better than a controller for racing games so makes everyone a better driver instantly!!
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on April 23, 2013
Siege très réaliste et confortable.
Je savoure mon expérience de jeux.
Les pièces pour le raccord du volant pédales sont incluses.
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on October 11, 2010
Fantastic product. Makes GT5 go from great to incredible!!!! a must have for racing game enthusiasts. Steady well built product.
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on March 3, 2012
Le siège est confortable et la position de conduite est bonne. La sensation d'être dans un siège de voiture de course est agréable. Les ajustements pour la position du volant permettent de s'adapter aux différents usagers (enfants et adultes). L'ajustement pour les pédales est possible en longueur, mais pas selon l'angle. Un meilleur dispositif de fixation des pédales serait apprécié.
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on March 19, 2011
The seat is comfy and appears to be of sturdy construction. The material used doesn't appear to be cheap. The seat can be adjusted for different players and takes about 30 minutes to be assembled. The seat is not that heavy once assembled and can be moved out of the way without straining yourself. The chords do not have a channel so if you care about aesthetics, the assembly does look a bit untidy because of the chord hanging all over the place. There is a liberal addition of ties and Velcro included to help with that. The down side is that it doesn't accommodate the xbox drive pad. You will have to butcher the iPad to get it to fit snugly. The iPad snap clamp will not grip properly on the driving platform leading to slippage. I had to drill two bolts into the bottom of the iPad that would catch into the driving platform to keep it nice and snug so a run at the local home depot is required. That said this seat takes racing to a whole different level. I take away one star for the xbox issue.
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