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on April 23, 2002
Doris Day's second motion picture was entitled "My Dream is Yours" and it was released by the Brothers Warner in 1949. In a market filled with scores of film releases, it quickly found a place as a very popular drama with music. Reportedly it was one of filmmaker Martin Scorcese's favorite film memories and it's easy to see why.
Filmed in brilliant technicolor, "Dream" also boasts a first-rate cast who worked well under director Michael Curtiz who had also helmed Day's film debut the previous year.
Jack Carson, Lee Bowman, in a decidedly unsympathetic role, Eve Arden, Adolphe Menjou, Selena Royale, S.Z. Sakall, and even Franklin Pangborn, the very distinctive character actor whose career went back to early talkies, all leave lasting marks during the telling of this tale.
Carson, fed up with the temperemental shenanigans of his radio headliner Bowman decides to find and create a new star. Miss Day, as Martha Gibson, a newly war-widowed single mother, is the young gal he decides is ripe for stardom. He brings her to Hollywood, with help from friend Arden, auditions her only to find her falling in love with Bowman. Naturally everything comes to a happy and tuneful conclusion by the time the end credits role but not before the audience has had the opportunity to smile, laugh out loud, shed some tears and see evidence anew as to why Day became a major star so quickly. It's almost impossible to fathom that this is only her second film role, so effortless is her ability to switch from sunny smile and effervescent song to moving and heartfelt scenes of dramatic impact.
As Martha, Doris Day manages to sing a variety of songs in assorted styles, whether belting out in a rather Betty Hutton manner with the upbeat "Geiger Counter Song", doing a splendid turn with "Someone Like You" or delighting in a charming animated sequence with Carson called "Wake Up Freddy" set to the tune of "The Hungarian Rhapsody". Her most moving song, however, is the old standard, "I'll String Along With You" which she delivers in a lovely sequence, singing it to her young son. She also look dazzling in this lovingly crafted production.
Jack Carson does a variation of his usual characterization but as in all his films with Day, her warmth seems to tone down some of his occasionally irritating traits. Eve Arden plays her usual wise-cracking and delightful self and in color and a lovely wardrobe, never looked better. Bowman, as noted earlier, plays a basically unsympathetic role but his scenes with Day have an underlying intensity and electricity that make them work very well.
"My Dream is Yours" which captures the magic and excitement of Hollywood in those still magical years right after the war, is much more than a musical bon bon. There are elements of "A Star is Born" and other filmland based dramas that give it a depth far greater than it's sunshine title might suggest.
The film is a lovely step in the evolution that turned Doris Day into America's sweetheart and you'll find yourself having "Day Dreams" by the film's final note.
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on March 4, 2004
This film got me hooked on wanting to see more Doris Day films. Doris Day is a worker for a live record jukebox. Kind of like a vending machine. You put in a dime, select the tune you want to hear, and they put on a record for you. But Doris sings live instead out the speakers. Jack Carson hears the live tune. He is under pressure by Eve Arden to find a new singer. He is a talent scout. He likes the voice, but naturally can not see the girl. She is at another location, the Metropolis Music Company. Jack Carson talks to her through a microphone in the machine. Realizing he is a talent scout, she must find him and he must find her. In passing, they finally catch up and brfore you know it, she is on her way to Hollywood. She had to leave her son with Uncle Charlie for a while, for her big chance. Well, in Hollywood she is working and singing but just hasn't got that "big break". But jack carson has one more surprise for her. He brings her son, Freddie (Duncan Richardson) out to Hollywood to be with mommy and suddenly everything is fine again. That's just the beginning of this story. Now mom and child are going to live with Eve Arden. Now-gone landmarks can be seen. The Brown derby Restaurant, Schwab's Pharmacy and the Hollywood Trolley. Grauman's Chinese Theatre is here. Bugs Bunny and Mel Blanc's voice makes a surprise appearance for the children. That's Sandra Gould who 17 years later played "Mrs. Gladys Gravitz #2" on the Bewitched tv series.
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on January 23, 2000
This is Doris Day's second film and she is just wonderfulin it playing Martha Gibson,a young single mother trying to break into radio as a singer. With the help of JackCarson, who is also excellent in the film, and Eve Arden, Doris goes through many hilarious episodes trying to get an audition. There are many fabulous standard songssuch as I'll String Along WithYou, You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby and Nagaski plus many new songs written for the film including the title song, Someone Like You,Tic Tic Tic and Wake Up, Freddy, the highlight of a warm and funny film in which Miss Day and Jack Carson dressup as bunnies and perform withBugs Bunny and Tweety Bird. This film is well directed byMichael Curiz and gives a young Doris Day a chance to dosome fine acting and sing verybeautifully.
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on August 29, 2000
This is what musical comedies were supposed to be. A young, vivacious (mid 20's) Doris Day sparkles in her acting and, especially, her singing. The performance by Jack Carson shows him to have been more of an actor than he was generally given credit. However, Eve Arden all but steals the film with her sharp and well-delivered one-liners. This is pure enjoyment.
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on February 13, 2003
his is definitly a feel good mvie and very entertaining always. The costumes are great, and Doris Day is so lovely. The music is really wonderful as well. It's a great escape and nicely done musical. Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan are great in it as well, they really shine.
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on August 18, 2002
It's a typical Doris Day movie, but she is so pretty and has such
a great personality it makes for the kind of movie you want to see over and over.
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on April 27, 2004
Doris Day plays a struggling telephone operator that also sings on the side well one day down on his luck Producer Jack Carson hears her singing and hires her to sing for a new company he then figures out that she has a little boy! Well Jack takes her to his old Girl Friends house where they live for a while! Who is aprropriately portrayed by the famous actoress Eve Arden! Well he ends up swapping Eves car to get Doris a proper Music Beginning but she turns into a big music star! Doris plays a great mother for her little boy so sweet and kind as usual! and Jack plays an seldom used role as a bum who is good for nothing and enjoys taking advantage of women who have a lot of money for odd reasons!
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