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5.0 out of 5 stars Easily Among the Best Horror Films
What can be said about Re-Animator that has not been said already? I remember seeing this as a kid of about 10, back in 1988 and it really put the hook in me. It's one of those rare horror films that creates a really cool atmosphere and manages to run with it.
The story, for anyone who dosen't know, or can't figure it out based on the title and the films cover, is...
Published on March 1 2004

3.0 out of 5 stars Interiors
One cannot help but notice, on a rare sabbatical from curing cancer and working for world peace, that there are no exterior scenes in which actors appear in this piquant examination of professional ethics in the medical establishment that makes 'ER' look like, well, 'ER'. The back stabbing in question ceasing to be a metaphor at one point. Just thought I'd mention it,...
Published on May 14 2002 by Gary

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5.0 out of 5 stars Easily Among the Best Horror Films, March 1 2004
By A Customer
What can be said about Re-Animator that has not been said already? I remember seeing this as a kid of about 10, back in 1988 and it really put the hook in me. It's one of those rare horror films that creates a really cool atmosphere and manages to run with it.
The story, for anyone who dosen't know, or can't figure it out based on the title and the films cover, is based on the creation of a serum that brings the dead back to life, hence the films title. The problem is that once bought back to life, the dead are absolutely crazy, and this is based on the dosage of the serum that is given to them. The film follows the exploits of Herbert West and his unwitting partner in crime, Dan Cain, as they try to perfect the Re-Animation process, causing the deaths of several others along the way.
By todays standards some of the horror effects are pretty campy, but that is a really small criticism, as the peformances by the main cast (in particular Jeffery Combs as the titular Herbert West)make up for any aging in this department.
The Melinium Edition of this DVD is packed with every feature that a fan of this film could want. Interviews with key members of the production crew, which unlike many such features on other DVD's actually provide insights into the process undertaken to make and market this film. There are also two very good audio commentaries on the first disc, promotional materials (5 amusing TV spots and a theatrical trailer)a stills gallery (roughly 50 pictures)and Cast and Crew biographies and filmographies. The 16 extended scenes are interesting, but in most cases it is easy to see why certain material was either cut, or re-shot in an edited format. The deletted scene is interesting but dosen't seem to gel with the finished film.
In short, I recommend buying the Melinium Edition of this film if you were ever a fan of Re-Animator, or consider yourself to be a fan of the horror genre. You will not be dissapointed by this package. Elie Entertainment has done a wonderful job with this film and it is a classic example of how great films should be given treatment on DVD.
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5.0 out of 5 stars 'I had to kill him' 'You mean he's dead?' 'Not any more', Nov. 8 2007
Jenny J.J.I. "A New Yorker" (That Lives in Carolinas) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Re-Animator (DVD)
Thanks to my horror friends I've been corrupted to see this film. The one who had sat me down firmly and push this disc across the table was a man by the name of Chris... yes Chris Blackshere Why? Because he has feed the friendly pack his disgusting thought out recipe with this film. I have just seen "Re-animator" for the first time and thought why the 80's have to end. Horror movies are not made like this anymore and I enjoyed this film. I can see why the "Re-Animator" is an all-time great cult classic. It's a re-telling of the Frankenstein story that is simply out to provide a fun story, some good gore, and a wickedly droll sense of humor.

Based on a story by H. P. Lovecraft we have Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs), who is a scientist that has this dream. After testing his "Re-Animator" serum on a doctor in Switzerland, he comes to the USA hoping to try his experiments on the dead at Miskatonic University in Boston. He gets help from a young medical student named Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott), who is seeing Megan Halsey (Barbara Crampton) who just happens to be the daughter of Dean Halsey (Robert Sampson), the dean of the university. Along the way Dr. Carl Hill (David Gale) gets involved and soon mayhem breaks out.

This should be considered standard viewing for any true horror fan--especially zombie film lovers. I tell you that cat scene had me rolling and I couldn't stop myself from laughing. This movie has all of the splendor and charm that came with 80's B-horror. There is lots of blood and gore, fantastic makeup and no questionable CGI. Bruce Abbott as the good doctor and Jeffrey Combs as the mad Re-animator himself are just so fun to watch on screen. Their arguments alone are entertaining. This film also features director Gordon's wife Carolyn Purdy-Gordon in a small role, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's body double, Gerry Black, as one of the first corpses to be re-animated. The only film that I've seen from Director Gordon was "Dolls" (1987) and thought it was a pretty decent and(personally) horrifying.

Other than that, "Re-animator" proves to be a great chemical balance between comedy and horror while politely stabbing you into a memorable experience. Thanks everyone.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The treatment it deserves., Feb. 27 2004
S. A Conner (Austin, Texas) - See all my reviews
Finally the only version you will ever need of this horror classic has been released. It has never looked or sounded better. Up until now, the unrated version has been tough to find anywhere. The bonus materials are also top notch. I would have to say that this is one of the top 10 DVD's out there right now. No complaints here. Enjoy!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Heeeere, Kitty-Kitty-Kitty..., Feb. 21 2004
Strange things are happening at Miskatonic Medical school. All was well until Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) showed up. He is an odd looking / odder acting man with insane ideas about re-animating the dead. West moves in with med student Dan Cain (Bruce Abbott) and his cat, Rufus. Unbeknownst to Dan, West is conducting his unholy experiments in the basement. One night, Dan's girlfriend Megan (Barbara "Where are my clothes?" Crampton) notices that Rufus is missing. She finds him in West's refrigerator, looking like a road-kill sandwich. Later that night, Dan is awakened by sounds that still drop my body temperature when I recall them! Hideous howls and screeches ring throughout the house. Dan grabs a baseball bat and investigates, only to find West in his basement laboratory, battling a re-animated and VERY ticked-off Rufus! With Dan's help, Rufus is vanquished, and used to redecorate the walls. West re-animates the poor feline a second time with his glowing, green "re-agent" serum to prove to Dan that he means business (or, that he really hates cats). Dan is forced to help Herbert when he threatens to tell the dean (Robert Sampson) that Dan is sleeping with his daughter. One thing leads to another, and the diabolical duo end up in the morgue, re-animating a cadaver. Learning nothing from the Rufus fiasco, our heroes get thrown around the room by a convulsing, zombified madman! Dean Halsey shows up and gets himself squished, leading to his own re-animation. Herbert makes up a story about the dean attacking them for no apparent reason. Convinced he's gone nuts, the dean is put under the care of Dr. Hill (David Gale), a brilliant, slimeball of a brain-surgeon, who keeps Halsey locked up in his office for "observation" and lobotomizes him. Hill figures things out and decides to steal West's ideas for himself. Extremely bad choice! West beheads Hill with a coal shovel and re-animates both his head and body separately. Hill wakes up, his head in a pan. He controls his body from across the room and knocks West out. Hill goes back to his office and releases the dean, who kidnaps his daughter for him. You see, Dr. Hill has sick desires for Megan and plans to bring them into reality, regardless of his decapitated condition! This leads to the gooey, gloppy climax in the morgue. Loads of nudity, raspberry jam, and slithering rubber entrails abound. RE-ANIMATOR is not recommended for viewing while eating lasagna or spaghetti & meatballs. A must-own mad scientist / zombie / dark humor classic...
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5.0 out of 5 stars A masterpiece, Feb. 13 2004
All I can say is wow this movie is fantastic maybe one of the best black comedey/horror ever created.One thing comes to mind when seeing this movie good acting (shocking) very good acting helps round out this awsome written script. I will not bore you with the story since there enough reviews here to tell you. However I will explain how you must buy this dvd. First off the picture quality is awsome (not perfect) look like it was filmed 5 years ago.The audio tracks are amazing there is DTS (which is awsome) the dolby digital 5.1 which is great an isolated score 5.1(I dont know anbody who listens to those) the commantary which is funny and not boring. The extas are plentiful but when compared to the LOTR no contest LOTR beats it, but this was before LOTR and is still pretty impressive. The extended scenes are good but were probly cut for length reasons (by the way there is no commantary on the extended or deleated scenes) the deleated scene is not that good and is good that is what cut out. the only thing bad about this movie is the rip off theme to psycho in the beginning (why they did it I dont Know) BUY THIS NOW you wont regreat it and if you do come over and reanimate me.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The best horror movie of the 80's., Jan. 31 2004
Shauna Schell (Detroit, Michigan) - See all my reviews
Actual Rating:*****out of *****=excellent.
Plot:Dan Cain has it all, he's a bright medical student,he's on good terms with the dean and he's dating the dean's pretty daughter. But everything comes to a halt, when a eccentric,brillant med student named Herbert West comes to room with him after he got thrown out of a Swiss University for the accidental death of his mentor.Things get out of control when Dan finds out Herbert can bring dead animals back to life using a green glow in the dark serum. Soon, West wants to try his serum on dead human beings,but their's only one problem these dead people aren't too happy when their brought back to life,which ends up causing a lot of mayhem. But, their work dosen't go unnoticed, Dr. Hill, a chief nero-surgeon and teacher who has butted heads with West since his arrival,realizes Herbert's potential and wants to steal West's green serum for himself,so he can become famous. Of course, West isn't about to let that happen, so Dr.Hill ends up being decapitated.Curosity kills Herbert, since he's never brought dead parts to life,so he ends up sticking his green goo into Hill, the result is, Herbert gets knocked out,Hill gets away and steal's his re-animaton work. Now West has to get his work back, with the help of Dan(Hill also has it out for Dan, since he lusts after Dan's girlfriend, Meg and has now kidnapped her)and all this leads to a gory climax.
Review: Re-Animator is a rare breed, considering all the slasher movies that came out in the 80's,it was something completely different.It took the old mad scientist genre and the zombie genre and put a fresh spin on it. The result was reviviting, scary, horror comedy. It was the perfect balance between horror and some subtle comedy. This is what the abysmal CABIN FEVER tried to be last year, but failed completely.The movie is also scary and suspenseful, who wasn't scared when the cat in the basement jumped out of nowhere or seeing Dr. Hill's head in that tray? BRRRRRR. Those are just a couple of the horrifying moments throughout the movie.
The movie also works on a character level because screenwriters Dennis Paloi,Stuart Gordon and William J. Norris,gives you time to get know everyone on screen.The result is you care about every character.The most interesting one of the bunch is no doubt, Herbert West.Sure, he's cocky and egocentric,but we never learn he has any kind of evil motive for he what's doing, he just wants to put an end to death.Another cool character is Dr.Hill, he's relentless in pursuit of what he wants. Even after he's been beheaded, he still wants to have sex with Meg,which leads to the movie's most infamous scene and gives new meaning to giving head.We also find a perfect romance between Dan and Meg. Which is very well drawn out and is never cheesy.
The characters also wouldn't work as well on screen, if it wasn't for the actors protraying them. Jeffrey Combs is no doubt the highlight of the movie. His protrayl of the wide eyed, intense West is dead on. Bruce Abbott gives extremely solid performance as straight-laced Dan Cain. His chemstry with Combs is impeccable. Barbara Crampton does well as the pretty girlfriend. She and Abbott have wonderful romantic chemstry together.David Gale also steals the show as Dr.Hill,he had a Karloff like presence to him.Robert Sampson is also great as the dean of the medical school.This is one the best assembled casts ever in a horror movie.
First time director Stuart Gordon directs the movie very well,it's compently helmed and well paced,it's a very good job.
While their's a few nices shots here and there, the movie is not extremely stylish,but it's still very well done.Gordon also knows how to time suspense and knows how to scare you. Their's also no false scares in this movie which is a huge sigh of relief,since horror movies heavly rely on that so much. There's also an uneasy atmosphere through out the whole movie,putting you on the edge of your seat.Photograher Mac Alhberg, who did most of the work for movie, is fantastic,he gives the basement scenes a dark look and gives the moruge scenes a creepy florescent look.A job well done in the photography department as well.
The gore F/X is also great, considering that they were working with a limited budget. The F/X by Anthony Doublin, John Naulin and John Carl Beuchler are excellent. The gore is layed on thick and the climatic gory morgue scene is something legends are made of.
While it rips off the Psycho score, Richard Band's music for the movie is wonderful.The score is nicely done and enduring. You should definatly pick up the soundtrack for this movie,although it's somewhat hard to find.
In the end, Re-Animator is a horror classic and my #3 favorite movie of all time. It's too bad horror movie these days don't even come close to greatness of this movie. Instead were left with movies like CABIN FEVER, and JEEPERS CREEPERS 2, just to name a couple.Horror movies these days just don't have what it takes to be good.All in all,go and see this brilliant masterpiece,you won't be disappointed.
Elite Entertainment has released an excellent 2-disc Millennium Edition of this movie. It contains a widescreen(1:851) transfer,remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1,DTS 5.1, there's also the original mono soundtrack for all you purists out there.There's also Richard Band's isolated musical soundtrack presented in Dolby Digital 5.1,two commentries, one with Director Stuart Gordon, the other with producer Brian Yuzna,actors Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott,Robert Sampson and actress Barbara Crampton. Disc two has the 16 extended scenes from the R-rated version and the infamous dream sequence deleted scene. It also contains new interviews with Stuart Gordon,Brian Yuzna,Screenwriter Dennis Paoli,two diffrent segments with Composer Richard Band and an interview with Fangoria editor Anthony Timpone. We also get 3 storyboard to film comparsions, a behind the scenes photo gallery ,extensive bios of the cast and crew, the original theatical trailer and five tv spots.If you love this movie buy the DVD it's worth it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Death Is Just the Beginning...., Jan. 29 2004
Michael R Gates (Nampa, ID United States) - See all my reviews
One of the most outrageous horror comedies from the 1980s, Stuart Gordon's RE-ANIMATOR is certainly great fun if not great cinema. Very loosely based on a story by the highly revered horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, the film follows the exploits of Herbert West, an impudent medical student who, after being thrown out of a Swiss institution due to his unorthodox and unethical medical experiments, has enrolled at the Miskatonic University Medical School in Massachusetts, USA. After hours, West secretly continues his experimentation, which basically involves the tweaking and fine-tuning of a serum he has developed that can re-animate the dead. West engages the assistance of his roommate and fellow med student Dan Cain, much to the chagrin of Cain's pretty girlfriend Megan, and soon the two are reviving numerous cadavers in the medical school's morgue. Unfortunately, West and Cain haven't quite perfected the formula, and the re-animated dead don't seem too happy to be back in the land of the living. But when Megan, her father (a dean at the university), and the school's prestigious surgeon Dr. Carl Hill get caught up in West's shenanigans, that's when the fun really begins.
RE-ANIMATOR is horror comedy at its best. Writer/director Gordon and his cowriter Dennis Paoli are savvy enough to realize that taking an earnest approach to the preposterous premise of their story is not likely to fly with the discriminating horror audience, so they wisely milk the material for laughs instead. Playing the lead role of Herbert West is the wonderfully offbeat actor Jeffrey Combs. Combs is able to generate interesting facial expressions that are somehow simultaneously deadpan and whimsical, and when combined with his impeccable comedic timing, it is nearly impossible not to laugh at every scene he's in. (Genre fans may recognize Combs from his appearance in numerous horror films, as well as from his countless appearances in episodes of the various TV incarnations of STAR TREK.) As Dan Cain, Bruce Abbott is the perfect straight man to Combs, and together the two keep the energy level and humor factor high throughout the film. The beautiful Barbara Crampton--who would go on to greater fame performing in various TV Soaps--does a great job playing Cain's perky girlfriend, Megan, and she is especially affecting when she disrobes. And rounding out the principals is actor David Gale as Dr. Hill. When his character gets juiced with West's re-animation serum, Gale's subsequent performance is delightfully over the top.
Many critics liken the storyline of RE-ANIMATOR to that of the FRANKENSTEIN mythos, with mad scientists attempting to bring forth life from the dead. But it actually seems that the basic plot is more akin to Stephen King's 1983 novel PET SEMATARY. (The movie version of PET SEMATARY, while very faithful to the book, did not appear until 1989, four years after RE-ANIMATOR.) In both stories, an individual learns the secret to bringing folks back from the dead, but at a cost--the revived are not quite the same as they were before kicking the bucket. And despite their failures, the individuals with the power to re-animate relentlessly keep on trying to get it right. The only real difference between the two stories is that King's novel, though well written, is earnest and depressing, whereas RE-ANIMATOR uses the premise as a springboard for dark, wry humor.
The "Millennium Edition" RE-ANIMATOR DVD from the folks at Elite is well worth the money. It offers the unrated (uncut?) version of the film in anamorphic widescreen format, along with two great commentaries--one with director Gordon, one with most of the principal cast--as well as lots of other cool goodies. So many cool goodies, in fact, that it takes two discs to hold 'em all!
Yes, RE-ANIMATOR is gory and chock-full of sick gallows humor, with lots of nudity and cheesy (but cool!) special effects thrown in. And some of the scenes are so outrageously over the top that they have to be seen to be believed. But, hey, what more could a lover of horror comedy want?
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Movie, Great Commentary, Great Features, Dec 23 2003
Kelly McCallum (London, Ontario, Canada) - See all my reviews
Wowzers! Now before I start my views may be a tad bias seeing as I'm a HUGE Re-animator fan :) . I watched "Bride of Re-animator" before seeing "The Re-animator" so was I ever in for a big surprise when I got my hand on this masterpeice! I would have been happy with just the movie itself. But with all the extras the come in this package I was completely blown away and left knowing ALOT about how this movie was made and many funny stories that came from it.
Now the DVD is full of extras. I LOVE The Commentary by producer Brian Yuzna and actors Jeffrey Combs, Robert Sampson, Barbara Crampton, and Bruce Abbott on this movie! It's is full of laughs, memories, info and just a bunch of friends re-calling events! Jeff Combs remembers ALOT of his lines from the movie, Bruce Abbott has been using a promotional "Re-animator" paperholder as an ashtray threw out the years , and Barbara recalls her moms "favorite scene". There are TONS of deleted scenes ranging from Herbert Shooting up with the the re-animation juice to Herbert crying! Lots of great interviews here, the interview with Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna is gold, they go over casting, shooting, and really funny stories of when the first time they saw the finished product. Another favorite feature of mine is the photo gallery, I laughed my way threw all the many photos and you can tell everyone had a great time on the set (my favorite photo is David Gale under the desk with his head threw it and Jeffery Combs helping him smoke). There are many more extras that are informative and funny. This DVD adds greater quality and sound making "The Re-animator" a must have.
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4.0 out of 5 stars i gave em life..!!, Nov. 23 2003
wo[...] this is really some film..i had heard a lot about the film and really wanted to see it..finally i bought the dvd from amazon..and the film was worth every penny i'd spend on it
allrite..the film is abt a crazy scientist overwhelmed by the idea of bringing the deads back to life ..another crazier egoistic,... celebrety scientist who forms a perfect nemisis to our anti hero,its also about a dead pan room mate who makes out with college dean's daughter in his free time ,that is when he not getting blackmailed by herbert west or getting beaten up by zombies and then u have barbera crempton as the deans daughter..and her affinity to wearing clothes
besides there is green serum and lottsa gore to keep u entertained if the charecters them selves are not enough..
this is the kida film u ll either love or hate..cause its one such film wich doesnt takes its self too seriously..its a film which is made to entertain and thats exactly what it if u ll looking for some thought provoking film ..stay away from this one..
this is the first out and out campy film with such a A class acting..jeffery combs as Herbert west steals the show..he is just right for the role..nobody else wud have done it better..the rest of the cast supports real well..
now this is a film made in 1985 with a very low budget so dont expect mind boggeling special fx..the makeup fx are clumsy and stupid for this time..but when this film was made..they were way ahead of its time..
some scean in this film are real fun ..esp..the decapitation scene and the most infamous head scene..
besides the dvd's extra feature are very it comes with interviews with brian yuzuna and stuart gordan..where they reveal that they even considered casting Arnold schwerzeneger..for one not so important role,then u have audio commentery by jeffery comb,bruce abbot and barbera crempton..which added with the films publicity stills explains how much fun they had while making the film..
believe me fellas..this is the best comedy u ll come across cause it never feels like a comedy and still u keep laughing when u watch it..
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Misadventures of Herbert West, Nov. 5 2003
Monty Moonlight (Austin, TX, U.S.A.) - See all my reviews
Medical student Herbert West has discovered the means of bringing the dead back to life, unfortunately for fellow student Dan Cain. Dan has just taken Herbert in as his new roommate, against his girlfriend's wishes, but Herbert didn't give them much choice in the matter. He threatened to snitch on Dan's inappropriate premarital activities with the Dean's lovely daughter. Soon, Dan is forced to decide whether or not to become an accomplice in Herbert West's gruesome experiments, the results of which can only lead to pure horror.
In a time when the horror genre is getting a tad repetitious...again, discovering "Re-animator" was a welcome treat (Many thanks to my bud, John, for the gift). The story cleverly blends "Frankenstein" with "Return of the Living Dead," to create an original film with the frightful tongue-in-cheek humor of "An American Werewolf In London" and "Evil Dead." If gore is your thing (though I'm a squinter myself), this film is right up your alley too, with scenes that just might make you lose your lunch. And if cute, little blondes are your type (as they are mine), Barbara Crampton is an intense pleasure to see as Dan's girlfriend and the Dean's daughter, Megan Halsley, and you will see ALL of her on this awesome Millennium Edition DVD. Bruce Abbott (Dan Cain) and the rest of the cast are excellent as well, including David Gale as the villainous Dr. Carl Hill, who's inexplicable mind control powers make him a dangerous adversary for the re-animators. But the film truly belongs to Jeffrey Combs, Mr. Herbert West himself, who truly made his mark on the genre with this must see, cult classic. But hey guys, if for nothing else, you gotta check this out for Miss Crampton. She is very well put together!
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