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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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This is truly the very best Romantic Comedy, if you can call it that, to come out in years. The actors have incredible chemistry and I was blown away by Camereron Diaz. I didn't think much of her until this movie. Of course, Jude Law is Jude Law, drop dead gorgeous! I don't cry in movies, like hardly ever, but this movie brought me to tears. I thought the story line about the old gentleman was superb. It could have been completely left out but it was included which brought heart and soul to the movie making it not just a love story but a story of how young and old can connect.

My husband thoroughly enoyed it as well so it isn't just a chick flick.

It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a movie as much as this where the characters are so real and everything is so believable. Without hesitation I give it five stars.
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on May 29, 2014
Yes, I know, a lot of people rate this movie not very highly - I on the other hand simply love it! It is simple and straight forward and incorporates love in so many different ways, your head starts spinning. And, according to this movie, the saying is right - love will find you when you least expect it.
The general storyline to touch but quickly - two women break up with their relevant beaus and feel the need to go somewhere over the Festive Season. So, they exchange their homes for two weeks - one being a mansion in Los Angeles, the other a cosy cottage in Surrey/England. And that's all there is to it.
A word to the various 'kinds of love' - there is the one-sided/taking advantage type, the being taken for granted, brotherly, caring for a kind older gentleman, friends ... and the romantic/real kind we all seek. These are all incorporated into this one movie and then some. Just look real close and you'll see them all.
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on January 31, 2012
Good movie, but the quality of the Blu-Ray leaves quite a bit to be desired. The fuzziness of the picture makes it look no better than an upscaled DVD. I remember watching this movie on an HD movie channel a few years back and the quality was definitely better. So I can only assume that it is a cheaply made Blu-Ray transfer.
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on March 24, 2007
This is the best romantic comedy to come out since sleepless in Seattle!!

I am a romantic comedy junkie to say the least, and have been dissappointed time after time with new releases...but this one is the exception to the rule :)

My husband and I saw this just before Christmas 2006,I was not expecting much but, I have to say that I was absolutely blown away. It is SOOO good! I have not seen such a good romantic comedy in a very long time.

The characters are easily relateable, Kate winslet is the sweetest (I wanted to be her!), and Jack Black is so charming and sweet! You will fall in LOVE with Jude Law (and I was not a big fan prior to seeing this, so that was surprising in itself!!)

In the spirit of When Harry met sally, Sleepless in seattle & Serendipity>> This movie is an absolute feel good experience, one that should not be missed!


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on March 30, 2007
This Movie is a much-needed romantic comedy that is magical, sexy and very authentic. This is not a chick-flick because it gives a sneak-peek from both the male and female perspective. Kate Winslet is Quenchingly Superb and very sexy. Kate at times, steals the show with her beauty and her natural acting ability. I was also very impressed with Cameron Diaz. This has got to be her best performance. Jude Law is spellbinding and Jack Black is very witty and tries to be a stud-muffin. (He succeeds at times) What makes this movie sizzle is the very cool way that it was written and the extraordinary chemistry with the principal actors. If you long for a great holiday Romantic in the realm of "As good as it gets" and its' sister flick; "Somethings got to give" You must pick this DVD and enjoy!! For True Romantics only!

Noel Serrano
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on July 11, 2012
Shucks, Pamela McK. already said it all for me -- this was a delight even to this old man, and definitely not just a "chick flick". Probably the funniest moments near the beginning involve the two gals exploring and getting used to their new environments, totally different from "back home"; quite a difference between a Hollywood mansion and a rural English farmhouse, after all. And they do so well at it that by mid-film the viewer's left with the possibility that one or both might want to make the home-swap permanent.

My favorite part was at the very end (my apologies if this is a spoiler in any way), when the two gals and their new lovers spend New Year's all together.
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on February 6, 2015
A very good, touching story of love, friendship, and learning. The entire family has watched this movie so many times that we had to replace it as we wore out the disc. It is a very well told story. No FX, just good acting, and the cinematography is superb. Winslet's monologue with Black on the couch on Christmas Eve is worth about $3,000 in psych couch time. Watching the 90 year old Eli Wallach was very touching. His lines were superb as was the delivery. Winslet was fabulous, everyone else was very good. Other people have given a run down of the scenarios so I will just leave it at; if you're looking for a good snuggle up movie then this one should do it.
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Three things I think after having watched, "The Holiday." The first is that Eli Wallach stole this romantic comedy. He plays Arthur Abbott, who in his younger days was an Oscar winning screenwriter and who is now a neighbor of Iris (Kate Winslet) now that the young English woman is living in the Hollywood mansion of Amanda (Cameron Diaz), who is now living in the little English cottage of Iris in Surrey. The two women have swapped homes this particular Christmas because Iris has discovered her ex-boyfriend is getting married and Amanda just needs to get away from her job making movie trailers. Since it is a romantic comedy both of the women meet men, with Amanda running into Iris' brother Graham (Jude Law), and Iris meeting Miles (Jack Black), a composer. The problem is that the most interesting and endearing relationship in the film is between Iris and Arthur. Jack Black is trying to play things straight here, something he had proven he can do already in "Shallow Hall" (when he discovers why Cadence is in the hospital), but he is totally wasted in this movie, even if Wallach is not stealing every scene he is in without breaking a sweat.

The second thing I am thinking is that there is a reason why Kate Winslet is the youngest actress to have earned five Oscar nominations for her work. I am not saying that this performance is worth of a nomination, but every time we had a scene of Cameron Diaz working so hard to act it was refreshing to get back to Winslet showing how it should be done. Again, the sparks between her and Wallach are the highpoint of this film. The third thing on my list is that they did not take advantage of the running gag of Amanda picturing a trailer of her sad and pathetic love life in her own mind. Actually, all we usually get to hear is the familiar voice of Hal Douglas narrating the trailer, but I think there was a whole lot more mileage to get out of the idea (e.g., showing the same scenes but giving them totally different spins by changing the music and the voiceovers).

Finally, and most importantly in terms of my ultimate evaluation of this film, I think that this film lacks a key requirement of most romances, which is the grand gesture. Actually, it needs two grand gestures given that there are two romances trying to flower here. Now the label of grand gesture is somewhat hyperbolic, because sometimes the boy can get the girl at "hello" or not say anything and just stand with a boom box playing the right song. But I think there should be something both unique and significant that somebody does to get the person they love. Think of your favorite romantic comedies and I bet you can think of the grand gesture, the pivotal romantic moment, in each. In "Love Actually" there are at least three of them, and what passes for one in "The Holiday" has to do with (surprise, surprise) Iris and Arthur. Watching this film was enjoyable enough, but they basically fast forward to the requisite happy ending without making these characters even try to earn our tears and I am rounding up on this only because of the scenes between Wallach and Winslet.
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on March 21, 2013
This is a really cute, warm movie for the holiday season. Its takes place in both the UK and the US and is a great double love story. I particularly loved Cameron Diaz and her love-interest as a couple. Their story was lovely. But anything with Kate Winslet in it is also a winner, so go ahead and pick yourself up a copy!!
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on February 12, 2010
I really enjoyed the Holiday. Cameron Diaz and Jude Law were amazing with the chemistry. I always enjoy Kate Winslet and saw a new sensitive side to Jack Black. The movie was fully of comedy, sexy without being offensive and touched the heart. I was a real treat and one I can enjoy again and again.
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