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on February 20, 2010
We had this Black & Decker bread maker for about two years, baking a maximum of one or two loaves a week. Results initially were not good, (very few recipes came with the device), but tweaking the ingredients led to some very good results, although dough often rose right to the window, causing some cleaning challenges. Unfortunately the sealed bearings around the drive shafts of the two paddles have now both given up, one almost completely and one well on its way. The paddles became very hard to turn and the sound of the machine while kneading changed, so listen for a motor that seems to be working harder, or try and turn the paddles with the pan out of the machine. There should definitely not be too much resistance. A clue might also be that dough starts heaping up more to one side than the other, with very skew loaves as the result.

As these ruined bearings will just burn out the motor, I searched for parts on the Internet to replace them before this happens. Of course parts are not available, the closest I could get was a complete used non-stick pan from eBay, but who knows what those bearings look like. Price was almost what we paid for the bread maker too, so looks like this will go in the trash can. The lid also began to discolour very quickly, probably a different kind of plastic than the body.

If you have one of these, make very sure not to keep water in the non-stick pan for long to soften the hard bread crusts around the shafts, as this may accelerate deterioration of the bearings due to the poor quality seals.
I would not buy this at the regular price, although a sales price may be worth it.

Follow-up five months later: I took apart the non-stick pan by drilling out the four rivets and had a good look at the problem, as I was planning to junk it anyway. The seals are most likely the cause, as there seems to be some kind of grease inside that went almost completely dry, rough and grainy. There are, in fact, no bearings. I got rid of the hardened substance, repacked the core with high temperature grease, and used high-quality silicon to carefully reseal the area around the shafts. I then used four screws with small spring washers and nuts to reattach the pan to the base unit. I was a bit concerned that the dough would stick to the screws, but that has turned out not to be a problem at all. No grease in the first loaf after the repair either, or since, so the silicon seals are holding.

Seems as if the job was successful, as it's now five months later and still going, although I don't expect it to last forever. I have to add that my wife loves this machine, and was very disappointed when it broke down, so if only B&D could get something done about those seals - a two-cent part, it there ever was one. I now wash out the pan with water briefly when done, to soften the hard crusts that form on the shafts, and don't keep in the water, as I think that will speed up any deterioration if there is a leak. If I can get it to last three years, I'll be happy.
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on February 5, 2010
I love mine, I use it several times a week and I have made a variety of loaves and doughs with it, as well as jam. It does have a wait period before it starts, to allow all the ingredients to come to room temperature before it starts mixing. I have yet to find fault with it, except for the size, but given that it is a 3 lb machine I fully expected it to have a big footprint. It isn't that much bigger than my old BD machine, and it's light and easy to handle and clean. For the price, it's a great machine.
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on November 26, 2009
Good points:
-It does make a good loaf of bread.
-The bread never hits the glass window (which is a pain to clean when it happens on other machines).

Bad points:
-Big and bulky (may not be an issue).
-It has a "wait" period before mixing dough that needlessly adds 20 minutes to the time it takes to make dough.
-Terrible durability; I have had it for less than a year and one of the two mixing paddles will no longer turn because of a broken drive motor or belt. (My previous bread machine lasted ten years of regular use)
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on December 28, 2012
Honestly... this machine has been very good to me !! I found a mistake in the sweet dough recipe right off the bat - there was no water required... yikes ! I add 3/4 c. otherwise the dough was a hard ball. Not the fault of the machine !! My first breadmaker was a Panasonic ... very expensive but durable. I still have it - 10 yrs but I like the B&D 3 lb. loaf for large family. Canadian Tire had them on sale for $49 / Christmas 2012... bought one for my daughter.
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on July 10, 2013
I have two of these bread machines. I think they make the very best bread. They are easy to use and do just about everything I have expected of them. My problem is parts. I lost one of the paddles. The parts distributor which is listed on the front of the manual, will not ship to Canada. I subsequently purchased a new pair of paddles on ebay. They were the only ones available for the B2300, but were the wrong size and didn't work. The supplier merely refunded my money, but could not tell me where I could get proper paddles. I've tried many many places. No luck. What do I do now?
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on March 30, 2010
I love this breadmaker! I have had it two years and use it at least once a week and it is still going strong. I love that it has a warmup cycle at the beginning so you don't have to worry as much about the temperature of the ingredients as you do other breadmakers. I have made dozens and dozens of loaves of bread, I use it for making dough for pizza and other fabulous loaves too. Seriously, I can not understand why it has gotten such bad reviews. I just can't live without it and if anything ever did happen to my breadmaker I would buy this exact one again. It is one of my favourite kitchen tools ever!
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on July 15, 2012
I bought this from Canadian Tire for $58 on sale, and now know it isn't even worth $30. I used it once a week for less than a year before enough leakage from the paddles ruined the bottom motor. I bought a previous B&D used and it had the same problem, I thought the previous owner had done something wrong to cause this (the paddles were permanently stuck to the pan and all the lubricating grease eventually ran out. Apparently this is a common problem with B&D bread makers. And the company hasn't really cared to solve the problem. Stay away from this piece of junk.
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on November 2, 2011
What to say other then be aware that the 15 minutes delay for the 8th setting (dough) is more like 25 minute delay however, once it gets going, it works perfectly. I do admit I only use it to make dough then I make little buns to put it in the oven but the dough comes out nice and soft and the right consistency unlike another machine I used previously. I did recommend this machine to friends therefore, it's a good product.
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on January 23, 2010
I bake ~5 bread with this machine, and the gears was about to broke... a very bad machine.
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on October 26, 2015
This is the second bread-making machine that my father has used, the first lasting for over 10 years. I bought this Model B2300 for him at Canadian Tire after Christmas 2015 for $66.
He seems happy enough with this newer model; there are a few aspects of the machine that are great, and a couple that could be improved.
Pros: The resting legs of the inner pan so that you don't have to place the pan on the paddle mechanisms while you're adding the ingredients, the teflon coating of the inner pan, the material of the paddles and the removable lid for easier cleaning.
Cons: The darker grey colour of the time display window and buttons makes is difficult to see, and the time display window is situated towards the back of the lid so you can only read it when your eyes are directly over the machine.
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