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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on March 3, 2000
Got the new AC/DC. I've got to give it the thumbs up. There are some really great songs on this album. They have returned to their hard rock/blues form of the late '70's, which is great. "Hold Me Back" uses a classic Angus "For Those About To Rock" riff that takes you right back to 1981 and "Satellite Blues" is the grittiest, best straight-ahead rock song they've written since "Rock n Roll Damnation". Brian Johnson has the vocal range of a pick-up on blocks, but you just can't replace a voice like that. There are a few clunkers on the album too, but what can you expect from a bunch of 50 year old's? At this point in their careers, this is probably the best rock album that they are capable of recording, and even if at times it's only a shadow of what they once were, that's still one hell of a reminder of what power-houses AC/DC can be when running on all of their hell-bent cylinders. And in the immortal words of Bon: "Hell ain't a bad place to be!"
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on June 11, 2001
What kind of AC/DC fan can say this album is great?? AC/DC is a legendary band, I love it, one can't rip scorn at their work, never !!! But that doesn't mean you should close your eyes to the truth. This album is crap. It has nothing to do with the "BON COTT TIME VERSUS BRIAN JOHNSON TIME". No, both have their merits The fact is: the first second Johnson starts to sing, he ruined the whole album. The once great singer from BACK IN BLACK and FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK just can't sing no more (or even scream). His voice is so atrocious nowadays that even die-hard fans like myself can't stand the whole album listening to it. Ohter than this, drummer Phil Rudd is his more lacklustre performance ever, no punch at all. (which was a surprise to me, giving his astonishing live performance in the video "NO BULL", recorded in the "BALLBREAKER" tour). The Youngs guitar are still fierce and creating good rock / blues tunes. But Johnson really destroys it all.
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on March 10, 2000
To quote an old interview, when Angus was questioned about a critic's comment that all of AC/DC's 11 albums sound the same, Angus replied "That's a bloody lie! We've made 12 albums!" It is indeed more of the same, at least over these past 10 years or so. The title track is kind of fun, and there aren't any bad songs. Good rhythms, good solos, Brian Johnson's trademark growl... the lyrics are very light. The double entendres are not as humorous as I had hoped, and the rock and roll attitude is not as high as these boys are capable of. I suspect when I see them perform, these songs will sound a lot better, but I also hope that they only play one or two cuts from this record and fill the show with their classic stuff. To anyone that hasn't seen AC/DC in concert, GO! They are the funnest, most entertaining rock and roll band in the world.
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One doesn't so much review an AC/DC album as just tell the listener what songs are on it. Stiff Upper Lip, highly anticipated at the time of its release, has since been overshadowed by the more recent Black Ice. I prefer Stiff Upper Lip simply because it channels the early rock and roll Bon Scott era sound of the band.

My first AC/DC album was Dirty Deeds, I grew up listening to Bon, and Stiff Upper Lip is the most rock and roll sounding AC/DC album since his death. Dropping a lot of the OTT metal tones of previous discs, this one is a more laid back groove. Check out "Hold Me Back" and the title track for some truly sublime Young Bros guitar playing. Phil Rudd's simple rhythms hold everything together.

The album was produced by Vanda and Young, and while it's not as crisp and clear as the Rubin helmed Black Ice, they captured great performances. Not every song here is a winner, most Johnson-era albums have lots of filler. However, this is AC/DC and even the filler is listenable if not memorable.

When I need to hear some more recent AC/DC, 9 times out of 10, I reach for Stiff Upper Lip. 4 stars.
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on February 9, 2004
"You can't stop rock and roll," barks Brian Johnson on track number 7 off "Stiff Upper Lip." Apparently, you can't stop AC/DC either. In the thirty-odd years these guys have been around, they've bypassed every known musical trend (classic rock, disco, punk, new wave, techno, and elctronica) while leaving their sound virtually unchanged. And why should they bother? If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and on their umpteenth album, they've given more of the same head-banging rock to please old and new fans alike. Produced by George Young (the elder brother of guitarists Angus and Malcolm), we get killer guitar riffs, catchy choruses, and enough double-entendres to make Austin Powers proud. These guys have clearly aged and have somewhat mellowed a bit since the glory days of "Back in Black," but the energy is undeniably present. "Safe in New York City," "Hold Me Back," and "House of Jazz" deliver the goods as only AC/DC can deliver them. The album lacks one straight up classic in the vein of "You Shook Me All Night Long," "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" or "TNT," but even so, "Stiff Upper Lip" is a very solid record from "the thunder from down under."
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on August 1, 2003
Before I begin let me just say, I was once the biggest AC/DC fan in the world. I've been buying their albums since 1978. That said, it saddens me to say that this is the last AC/DC album I will ever buy. Ever since 1983's Flick of the Switch it's been all downhill. Explain something to me - if you're one of the ones giving this album four and five stars, do you honestly feel this collection of JUNK is as good as Back in Black? If so, please go see a shrink. This album wouldn't be worth 50 cents in a dollar store. Where do I start with this mess? (1)Brian Johnson's voice is shot. He sounds like an 80 year old lady being strangled. (2)Angus' riffs are dull dull DULL. (3)The chorus of each song is repeated constantly (I feel safe in NY CITY, I feel safe in NY City, I feel safe in NY City, etc etc etc). (4) Phil Rudd (never a great drummer) plays as if he is on 20 doses of codeine, playing the same dull beat for every dragging song. (Hey Phil - you got arthritis? How about a drum roll every now and then?) (5) Lyrics are the dumbest ever (I know that's saying a lot). They sound like they've been written by an angry eleven year old. (6) There is not ONE remotely interesting song on this album. The best song on this album is not as good as the worst on For Those About to Rock. Ain't that sad?
As good as Back in Black? Sure, dude - and Bon Scott is actually still alive and living as a Buddhist monk deep in the Himalaya's. This is a band that should have given it up after Razor's Edge (1990). Angus, it was nice knowing you, but check yourself into the nearest rest home - the game's over.
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on July 8, 2003
"Why've gotta stiff upper lip...and I shoot from the hip!!"
- Brian Johnson, 2000
That line says it all about this tuff New York band who came from England and Scotland. This is one tuff album, and AC/DC is one tuff band, one of the last tuff bands around, actually.
Gritty frontman Brian "the grit" Johnson has never sounded better than on this album, wouldn't you agree? Also, the guitar by the little school guy is excellent, as always, as is the virtuoso drumming by longtime drummer Phil "Mr. Excitement" Rudd. Not since England's Saxon have we seen such a revolution in the world of hard-rock rock 'n' roll!! Agreed??
As for the racous songs on this AC/DC masterpiece - they speak for themselves, they're simply seminal AC/DC, perhaps superceding "Black 'n' Black" from 1980. Turn these songs up, play 'em loud, salute rock 'n' roll for what it's worth, cuz it'll soon be gone, folks, very soon indeed.
Raspy vocals, raunchy sentiments and loud riff-chugging is what this album you got what it takes to hang??
Never forget the words of the immortal (immoral) Brian Johnson:
"Why've gotta stiff upper lip...and I shake from the hip!!"
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on July 7, 2003
10 years after the smash hit "THE RAZORS EDGE" we get "STIFF UPPER LIP". And 4 years after there disappointing but not the worst AC/DC album ever , "BALLBREAKER". I gave it 3 stars because it's your typical AC/DC album. It's been almost 30 years and they haven't changed a bit (go figure). This album reminds me of Back In Black in many ways. Such as, a lot of people like me are just getting into AC/DC. It also has some very catchy tunes , and some of them are bluesy as well. Like for there first single "Stiff Upper Lip" very catchy and nice to sing along to, then we have "Safe In New York City" kinda has that bluesy sound to it but all in all it's a good song. Brian Johnson's vocals aren't that bad in this album , but they've certainly improved since "BALLBREAKER". If they continue to make CD's such as this one I still will be buying there records and supporting them. I saw them about 2 years ago and they still put on a great f'n show (even 20 years later)! Even there new stuff sounds a whole lot better than these new bands out there , I'm just relieved we still have one of the greatest rock n' roll bands that still remain from the 70's...AC/DC
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on February 12, 2003
I am a thirteen-year old fan of AC/DC and I was a little uneasy about buying this album because other reviews said their music weakened, Johnson's voice weakened and they lost their touch. I was astounded at the greatness of BACK IN BLACK and HIGHWAY TO HELL so I had to buy this album. I was astounded by it's greatness! There is not one bad song on here. As for Johnson's voice, I like it better this way because it's more of singing than shrieking as on BACK IN BLACK. It sounds deeper than his earlier almost screaming voice. It's a different sound than BACK IN BLACK but it's not worse, but then again it's not better. If I was old enough to say I was a fan since HIGH VOLTAGE then this would probably be a different review.
Some said this was a return to their BACK IN BLACK sound but it's more of return to HIGHWAY TO HELL. AC/DC is incredible and it's amazing that they can be that old and still rock! It's also amazing that they can appeal to a younger generation. All the kids at school still talk about and sing some songs on BACK IN BLACK.
Half my class said this album was better than BACK IN BLACK. If AC/DC is reading then I want them to know that they shouldn't give up and they still have it! ...
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on July 15, 2002
This is one of the best albums the band has ever made, and can serve as good reference material for what make them what they are. AC/DC are, hands down, no questions asked, the greatest hard rock band of all time. Their influence is immeasurable (tribute albums alone range from techno to death metal to bluegrass) and they are an absolute corner stone of rock music. Just finally getting around to getting some of the respect they deserve by 'the powers that be' they couldn't have released this album at a better time. The drought that was the 5 years since ballbreaker was tough for 'dc fans, but they gave us exactly what we wanted when they finally stepped up to the microphone. Stiff Upper Lip is the best album since the fan favorite 'Flick of The Switch', and it earns its place as one of the must have AC/DC albums every step of the way. Highlights for me include Can't Stand Still, Satellite Blues, Safe in NYC, and the defiant Can't Stop Rock n Roll. In short, the entire album is a battle cry against today's so called music. Get it now :)
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