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This Three volume collection of the first three Die Hard movies is a must have for all action movie seekers out there.All three movies are presented in their widescreen formats and are clean and crisp.Added to this pack is a fourth disc called ,appropriately enough,"Yippee Ki Yay",which has an overview documentary of the series and a trailer for the most recent Die Hard movie "Live Free or Die Hard".
The first movie,"Die Hard" starts off the series with a bang.It concerns the exploits of a NY city cop John McLane.He visits his wife,who has gotten a job in Los Angeles with the Nakatomi Corp.,at their high rise building during Christmas celebrations.In short order however we find that John has come at a most inopportune time as terrorists have selected that moment to seize control of the building.John becomes his wifes' and her other fellow employees only hope in surmounting the odds and defeating the terrorists.The cast is wonderful which includes Alan Rickman,Alexander Gudonov,Bonnie Bedelia and Reginald Vel Johnson,as a desk cop who becomes Johns' only friend and ally on the outside.
"Die Hard Two-Die Harder" concerns John at Washington Int.Airport,on Christmas Eve again, there to meet his wife.Again,as fate would have it,John notices some funny things happening around him which eventually lead to an out and out battle royale in the luggage handling area.
Initially the head of security at the airport is skeptical of Johns' suspicions,thinking he's just grandstanding.Slowly but surely the terrorists movements and actions finally make a believer out of the security chief and the head of airport operations but by now this mercenary outfit of ex para-militants is well on its' way to its' goal.The head mercenary,well played by William Sadler,is there to intercept a foreign leader landing there to be prosecuted by the US Government.He has taken control of the entire airport air traffic control system and is using the sky bound passangers as hostages until he can safely abscond with the foreign general.It's an uphill battle for John and the action never lets up.
The last movie "Die Hard-With a Vengeance" sees John back in his native New York,but on suspension from his job.In broad daylight a huge explosion erupts in downtown Manhatten.Shortly thereafter an unknown caller phones up the police department and demands McLanes' presence.The chief with aides finally track down John,semi-sober him up and debrief him.As per the callers' request,John is sent into the middle of Harlem in his underwear sporting a sandwich board with a derogatory message on it for all its' inhabitants.Before long John is set upon and comesthisclose to getting snuffed out when a timely intervention by an onlooker called Zeus,played nicely by Samuel Jackson,saves his life.From this point on John and Zeus,for better or worse,become "partners".The terrorist behind the mysterious voice,played beautifully by Jeremy Irons,sends John and Samuel all over town in a series of designed distractions but all underpinned by the imminent threat of an explosion if they don't succeed in their tasks.Eventually John realizes the "distractions" for what they are and is able to confront them head on.
Every movie in this wonderful series plays on the one before so nothing is lost in each sequel.The tensions,which are always high throughout,are never lost and they leave you hanging onto the edge of your seat right to the last exciting climax.One tool I have noticed all these movies use is what I call,"the final drop".Usually around the last 20 minutes of each film the action eases off slightly and you are given the impression that all is clear sailing and just a slight "mopping up" and/or quick tying up of loose ends is all that is needed to end the film in a timely manner.Not with these movies.Like a roller coaster ride that you think is over until you suddenly find yourself at the edge of a VERY steep incline with no where to go but down,the Die Hard series does this "last drop" to fantastic effect.
This series is literally a bargain at twice the price!All three Die Hard movies plus a fourth documentary disc,all in single pack slip cases.All discs come with commentary soundtracks and the first movie can be run with or without an extended power down sequence.The only deficiency I can see in this set is that each movie has an annoying VERY slight hestitation/layer change problem at,give or take 10 minutes,the first hour mark.My player handles these pretty well but there are many that do not.Just so you know.
If you have been waiting to get these movies do not hesitate any longer.There isn't a better time.....Yippee Ki Yay!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 30, 2012
I wish the people who released this set had waited till the fourth film was released (they had to know it was in the works) and then released this set, but they didn't wait, so this set contains the first three Die Hard films.

We love Die Hard 1 and watch it every xmas eve. The DVD in this set replaced our third worn out/over-watched VHS version of the hit.

We watched some of the items on the Special Features/Bonus disc, but we could take it or leave it. We felt the same about Die Hard 2 and 3. They were nastier, grittier, ruder, and gorier than the first one (or the fourth one).

We love Die Hard 4 and watch it every July 4th (bought it separately). Although it isn't included in this set, I think this set is still a good set, and you may find the Special Features enjoyable. But if you like it lighter and brighter, so to speak, you may want to just buy Die Hard 1 and Die Hard 4 ("Live Free or Die Hard").
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on September 26, 2012
I got tired of wathing them on T.V. with so Many commercials --- You almost forgot the drift of the movie ( one channel had 7 mins. of movie & 5mins of commercial!!!!) So enough is enough!! I bought the set to enjoy properly Which I do !!
M Green
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on March 27, 2013
Perfect condition. All disks were not scratched and all played perfectly in dvd player. Soud was perfect and picture clear. Grrrreeeaat buy!
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on April 17, 2015
Good series, with or without hair Bruce Willis is the ultimate tough guy.
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on May 21, 2015
Received in top condition
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on November 22, 2011
super fast shipping I'll buy again soon!! the product was in exact condition as said, it works great thank you!
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on November 3, 2009
I have to be honest, when I buy this set, it was only because I trust a friend of mine telling me how great the Die Hard movies are. So I see them all for the first time when I receive this collection set and I don't regret it at all. It is really a must see and at this price, you surely don't have to think twice about it.
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on December 8, 2010
La trilogie mettant en vedette Bruce Willis est bourrée d'invraisemblances et recèle plusieurs scènes de violence exagérément gratuite, mais offre quand même un spectacle haut en couleur et parfois en humour (surtout dans le troisième opus), où en fin de compte, malgré d'insurmontables obstacles, le «bon» arrive toujours à éviter la catastrophe sans précédent et tuer en légitime défense tous les méchants.
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