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4.7 out of 5 stars
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Jungle Book arrives on blu ray with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 1.75:1 encode. Instead of meticulously touch-up for high definition release, Disney simply scrubbed away all the natural grain, that makes the final product having too much glossy sheen. Maybe Disney is simply presenting a classic movie for a generation of youngsters who are used to artificially clean animation. At least the noise reduction is not as disastrous at that in The Sword in the Stone (my review elsewhere). Here, the sketch lines are still fairly distinct. Colours are nicely saturated, primaries are quite lovely, black levels are deep, and contrast is dialed in beautifully. This being a Diamond Edition, I am slightly disappointed with Disney’s efforts. (3.5/5)


Disney has upgraded the audio to DTS-HD 7.1 Master Audio lossless track. The music and lyrics are crystal clear. Dialogue is crisp and natural. George Burns score and the Sherman Brothers' songs sound better than they ever have, as does the entire experience. The song Bare Necessities, written by Terry Gilkyson and performed by Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman, was nominated for Best Original Song in 1967, but lost to Talk to The Animals from Doctor Dolittle. (4.5/5)


Did you know that the Vultures were originally going to be voiced by The Beatles? The band's manager, Brian Epstein, approached the Disney studios about having The Beatles appear in the film, and Disney had his animators create the Vultures specifically to be voiced by the band. But when Epstein took the idea to the Beatles, John Lennon vetoed the idea, and told Epstein to tell Disney he should hire Elvis Presley instead. The look of The Vultures, with their mop-top haircuts and Liverpool voices, are a homage to The Beatles; one bird's voice and features are clearly based on Ringo Starr. When the Beatles departed the project, the song was rewritten as a barbershop quartet, to make it timeless.


Jungle Book is one of the true Disney classics, but one that is curiously overlooked when people start remembering the best Disney movies. It's so playful, so wonderfully inventive with its animation and songs that it'll no doubt be loved by future generations of kids. The video may be problematic at times, but for the most part it turns out fine. The audio mix is very well-rounded, providing ample oomph to the Sherman soundtrack. This is still a fun and memorable movie and is still highly recommended.
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on June 9, 2004
I'm a little kid, don't remember exactly how old, elementary school age. My teenage cousin promises to take me to see *The Jungle Book*. She falls asleep. Minutes are ticking down to show time. I poke at her but she snoozes on. Elders tell me to leave her alone. I stand over her and glare, using my powers of mind control to will her awake. It works!
I was just desperate to see this movie. I loved all the Disney animals stories and *The Jungle Book* turned out to be my favorite. The lively songs, lush animation, compelling characters, and strong storyline left quite an impression on me. Can never forget the loving and gentle Bagheera, that kooky monkey, and Baloo, Baloo the lovable bear. Ooh, and that sinister Shere Khan striking fear in the hearts of all and the slithering sneaky snake always up to no good. The voices used are wonderful and fit the characters to perfection. I was in heaven, and it has stood the test of time by remaining one of my favorite animated films.
I just wanted so badly, just longed to be a girl version of Mowgli. Raised by wolves, living wild and free in the jungle, playing with the bears and apes. Climbing trees and swinging from vines. Yep, that was the life for me. I sobbed at the end, crying: No, Mowgli, don't leave your animal friends behind and live with people. You are making a big mistake! Would he return to his original home? I wondered, why of course he would!
As an adult, I understand Mowgli's decision to join the village and live with his own kind. The girl in me, though, still doesn't get it and yearns to run free.
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on April 3, 2008
This one of Disney's underrated films, and also the last that he himself supervised on - he died around that time. It is a favorite in my family and it always will.

The film is based on Rudyard Kipling's classic book, and I not one compare with bonified Jungle Book fans (the original book), but I love this film, the animated film version from Russia and the original Jungle Book stories. Also I love movies/stories that are set in Asia, in which the film is set in India.

I love the main-title theme, it sets off the mood of the jungle. I love a scene at the beginning when Bagheera plays stork. You know "deliver" baby Mowgli to the wolf family like the stork. I also love the scene with the monkey whacking Baloo (who thought the monkey was Mowgli) on the nose...that's was funny.

Overall this is a very entertaining film, and a song-filled celebration of friendship, fun and adventure set in a lush and colorful world. Though I am still SHOCKED by the negativity towards it.
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on March 23, 2006
Primely, and i don't know if it's the right word, i'm french so i beg you to forget me if i do too much mistake.
I bought this DVD used via and was sent to me by Tracy Patterson and if i would buy something else from that ladie, i would not hesitate one minute.
The Jungle Book is one of my favorite Disney animation, i'm 48 and it remind me of my childhood.
Tnak you.
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on May 11, 2004
The Jungle Book is one of our families two favorite Disney movies (the other is Mary Poppins). As close as can be expected to Rudyard Kiplings book, The Jungle Book is the story of the boy Mogli who is raised in the jungle by a pack of wolves, with Bagheera the panther as a close family friend. One day, SherCan the tiger returns to the jungle, with a special hate for mankind. It is decided that for the wolf pack's safety, Mogli must go. Bagheera offers to return him to the "man village". Of course, Mogli doesn't want to leave the jungle, the only home he has ever known, so he slips off into the jungle and has a grand adventure.
The Jungle Book is a movie that even the adults in our family don't mind watching more than once. The story is good, the gags are funny, the adventure is gripping (for a children's movie), and the score is really and truly one of the greatest and jazziest ever put to a Disney movie. In fact, our five year old loves the songs so much, that it sparked an new interest in jazz music in our home with the family!
I highly recommend this movie to any family looking for whole-family fare. Unlike some of Disney's more modern fare there is no implied sexuality, short skirts, or bloody bullet wounds. Just 100% wholesome family entertainment.
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on November 16, 2003
Disney's 19th animated film tells the story of Mowgli, a young human found in the wreckage of a small boat by the panther Bagheera. He takes the young mancub to a family of wolves who raise the boy as one of their own. 10 years go by, and news begins to spread that the tiger Shere Khan, who distrusts Man, has returned. Fearing for Mowgli's safety, Bagheera agrees to take Mowgli to the nearest Man village, where he will be protected.
Mowgli, however, doesn't want to leave the jungle, the only home he has ever known. He runs away from Bagheera and meets Baloo, a happy-go-lucky bear, and decides to be like him in order to stay in the jungle. It's up to Bagheera to convince the two of them that Mowgli will be safer in the Man village. Together, the three set out against the many hilarious and menacing obstacles that await them on their journey.
A Disney classic, one of the best things about this movie is the voice work: Sebastion Cabot as the up-tight panther Bagheera; Phil Harris as the "jungle bum" bear Baloo; George Sanderson as Shere Khan, giving him almost an upper crust dignity; and in two of the best roles in the film, jazz star Louis Prima as the orangutang King Louie who wants the secret of man's fire from Mowgli so that he, too, can be a man; and Sterling Holloway as the sly snake Kaa who only wants the mancub for a tasy meal. The film is also full of great music, including "Trust in Me" and the ever-popular classics "I Wan'na Be Like You" and "The Bare Necessities."
This is a family film full of fun, music and adventure that everyone is sure to enjoy.
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on February 5, 2004
It took me some time to realize how wonderful this movie really is. I watched it only once the day I bought it in 1994 and never looked at it for years. The main reason was because I unknowingly bought a bootleg and when I discovered it when I got home, it took off my enthusiasm to watch it. And so the tape just lay there on the shelf for years, until my then 8-year-old cousin came to my house (by this time I've already bought a legal copy of the tape and watched it a couple of times) and I gave her my old copy. Boy were she and her brothers happy! The tape never left their VCR for a year. And so I decided to give this film a second chance and I'm glad I did. "The Jungle Book" is an excellent film. The animation is remarkable; some of the vistas in the film are breathtaking. The music is catchy, you'll be humming to it all day long. Also, all the characters, and especially Baloo, are very easy to love. Add this masterpiece to your collection. You won't regret it!
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on January 19, 2015
"The Jungle Book was released on October 18, 1967 to positive reception, with much acclaim to its soundtrack, featuring five songs by the Sherman Brothers and one by Gilkyson, "The Bare Necessities'.

I watched it in 1967 and it made a great impression upon me... I have never forgotten it and always wanted to get a newer version- it first came out on video which I grabbed up since it is Walt Disney Studio release and sometimes hard to get later after the release. I was surprised that a DVD version was released and in various ways. This particular version is great. Kids today will like it too, along with adults. Despite its age the animation is really very good- largely hand painted instead of computerized.

It is a fun filled animated version of Rudyard Kipling's book.
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on March 14, 2014
This movie is old style Disney at it's finest ad it is ALMOST better than the book. I forgot that "MR FRENCH" Sabastian Cabbott made a second Disney contribution to this film I a more adult role but his voice is very much like chicken soup for the soul. The musical numbers remind us that before "A little Mermaid " Disney was bringing the goods to the screen long before the music got so big. The film has lots of messages that are universally friendly-friendships and how they can come about ad how important they can and will be in life. I liked this film because I noticed in Disney fashion of that era that the movie wasn't too busy leaving you lost in a sea of images and noise like some Family films by others
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on April 12, 2010
simply put,this animated film is lots of fun.with great catch songs,fun action,and it's funny.the characters are also colourful.the voice talents are great,as well.i can't imagine more appropriate voices for the characters.the whole family can enjoy this gem.unfortunately there are a few different inferior versions of this film out that have capitalized on the Jungle Book name but they don't compare to the Disney version.if you haven't seen it yet,i'd recommend it can't go wrong,in my opinion.just make sure it's the Disney version and not one of the many other cheap knock off versions.for me,Disney's The Jungle Book is a 5/5
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