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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on November 1, 2012
When a group of best friends discover a map to the long lost treasure of legendary pirate One-Eyed Willie, they set out on an action-filled adventure in a desperate last-ditch effort to save their neighborhood from greedy land developers. Complicating things are the fact that a gang of criminals (lead by a tough-as-nails mama) are pursuing the kids in an attempt to get their hands on the loot first.

Anyone who grew up in the ‘80s will no doubt have a very special spot in their hearts for this beloved film, and be eager to revisit, or even pass the experience on down to their own kids. The combined imaginations of storywriter Steven Spielberg, screenplay writer Chris Columbus, and director Richard Donner offer up the type of adventure kids of all ages can get lost in.

The Goonies arrives on Blu-ray with very good (although sometimes a bit soft) video quality and a great audio presentation. Special features on the regular release include a cast & director audio commentary (with an optional pop-up version), a 1985 behind the scenes featurette (7 min), deleted scenes (7 min), Cyndi Lauper’s ‘The Goonies R Good Enough' music video and an original theatrical trailer. The 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition also includes a board game, souvenir booklet, reprint of an article by Steven Spielberg and an envelope of storyboard prints.

Although parents should know there is a bit of coarse language in the film, The Goonies is an innocent and timeless family classic that captures a childlike spirit of adventure and friendship. With good video & audio, a nice collection of special features and lots of ‘80s charm, The Goonies comes recommended.
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on June 1, 2004
One of the 1980s' most enjoyable romps, this fun adventure throws together a group of kids spending their last days with one another into a quest for hidden treasure, all with escaped criminals on their tail. What follows is a movie filled with spills, chills, chases, action, awesome set pieces and obstacles, and plenty of humor. All very predictable, and all very fun. Think The Little Rascals in the world of Indiana Jones and you have the right idea.
Take note before buying this for kids: Some of the humor from the 80s is probably more risqué than would be expected. This would probably get a PG-13 were it released today. The kids joke about sexuality and drugs in a way that many might be surprised about. Parents with small children, proceed with caution. That said, the movie remains kid friendly enough that it should be fine for most kids over 10.
This DVD looks very good; while not state-of-the-art, it is an improvement over the VHS versions that have kicked around for years. Great sound, good picture. All very nice.
The extras really stand out here. We have a Making Of documentary that covers all the bases, with plenty of on set footage and interviews. Informative and well done. An array of deleted scenes was surprisingly good - some of this footage is excellent - though not complete. Finally, the DVD commentary brings the cast back together for a very funny gathering as they swap stories from way back when. Good viewing for longtime fans.
The only downer on this DVD is that it comes in one of those awful Warner's snapcases. This reviewer hates those cases; if you have no such hatred, then there is nothing to worry about. A nice buy for the price.
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on May 15, 2004
After the success (and controversy) of GREMLINS, Spielberg began one of the most fruitful periods of his producing career with the 1985 summer releases of Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale's BACK TO THE FUTURE and Richard Donner's THE GOONIES.
THE GOONIES, an adventure story conceived by Spielberg himself, tells the tale of a "ragtag" band of kids from the wrong side of the docks who call themselves "The Goonies". The Goonies find their friendships threatened when their homes (a lower income section of town known as "the Goondocks") are in danger of being purchased to create a country club in their places.
In desperation, the boys, hanging out in one of their soon to be demolished houses on what they believe their last day together, go upstairs to an old attic filled with oddities and relics (the boys' father happens to be a curator at a local museum). The boys find a pirate treasure map in the attic, which causes Mikey (the key Goonie) to recite information about a local pirate legend his father filled his head with, a tale of hidden pirate treasure and high adventure. In hopes of obtaining the money their parents need to stop foreclosure on their home, the boys decide to follow the map and it's clues to where the fabled "rich stuff" lies.
Concurrently, a trio of ne'r-do-wells, the Fratellis (two convict sons and their equally tough-as-nails mother) perform a daring jail break and after a high-speed police chase through town, the trio hide out in a derelict restaurant. The Goonies' treasure map happens to lead them to this very same restaurant which is the entry-way to the subterranean caverns (below suburbia) that the pirate treasure lies within. Inevitably, the boys tangle with the Fratellis and from therein, the film is a high-tension chase to get to the pirate treasure before the bad guys by passing through treacherous traps and numerous danger-filled situations. The young friends band together to overcome all odds in the name of saving their home and friendships.
To draft a screenplay from his original story idea, Spielberg turned to Chris Columbus, a young writer who had written the previous year's hit GREMLINS for Amblin. For directing duties, Spielberg drafted veteran TV and film director Richard Donner, who previously had two enormous hits in the late 1970's with THE OMEN and SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE. As a director, Donner had his hands full with the ensemble cast of six rambunctious child actors, as well as the film's various gags and physical effects. Donner had proven his hand with child actors in 1982 with the film THE TOY, and the director developed a great rapport with his child stars in THE GOONIES, evidenced in behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the children in which they sing the praises of working with the director.
Of the six young actors who portray the Goonies, a number of the kids come from notable backgrounds. Sean Astin, who plays 'Mikey', is from a showbiz marriage between TV stars John Astin and Patty Duke-Astin. Josh Brolin, who portrays Mikey's older brother 'Brand', is the son of star James Brolin (who previously worked with Spielberg in an episode of MARCUS WELBY, M.D. that Spielberg directed in 1970). Corey Feldman, the talkative Goonie 'Mouth', was quite a successful and popular TV and film actor in the early to mid 1980's, having appeared the year before in GREMLINS. Ke Huy Quan, the inventive Goonie called 'Data', debuted the previous year as Short Round in Spielberg's INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. Martha Plimpton, who portrays the tom-boyish 'Stef', is also from showbiz parents, Keith Carradine and Shelly Plimpton. Finally, Jeff Cohen, who portrayed fan favorite 'Chunk', he of the "truffle shuffle" had previously acted in a few television programs, and Kerry Green, the cute cheerleader-cum-Goonie 'Andy' made her professional debut in THE GOONIES (it was also Astin, Brolin, and Cohen's theatrical film debuts as well).
As for the film itself, it was not a rousing success, bringing in only $61.4 million domestically at the time of it's release. The film did, however, go on to have a huge following on video with youth in the 1980's and it now enjoys a nostalgic cult status. To fans who grew up with the film, THE GOONIES can bring memories of a more innocent time and film (innocent in memory, but in viewing THE GOONIES as an adult now, I have to admit great surprise at the reliance on profanity, drug and S&M humor, and even a running joke about a ceramic penis in a PG rated children's film!). Overall, from a more mature perspective, the film plays as a noisy, sometimes sloppily directed (performance-wise) kid's adventure that can easily grate on an adult's nerves and try one's patience, despite great production design and some exciting set pieces. But for children seeking a fun adventure with counterparts one's own age, the film does have a lot to offer, so much so that talk of a very belated sequel has surfaced with director Donner in the press lately. The proposed sequel idea is said to reunite all of the original Goonies, now grown up, with Goonie children of their own...
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on March 19, 2004
This is a great movie that Speilberg and Donnar have made here! A town under threat of beeing bought out by a company who want to make it a golf coarse seem to have lost the battle and are about to pack up, untill a group of kids who call them selves gooneis find a tresure map and go hunting for pirate gold!
Along the way they meet some bad guys and recruit some members of various ages and is filled with comedy, suspence and wont leave your bored out of your brain!
The bonus features are pretty good, tho mind you, i'm not a fan of Cindy Laupher, and her video clip seems to go forever filled with not just the actors of the movie, but a bunch of 80's pro wrestlers as well! IF you have never seen this movie before, then i recomend buying it! If you have seen it and dont have it on DVD, you wont regret buying it if you liked it!
It would be nice to have a directoers cut that showed the deleted scenes within vewing of the movie like on some TV showing of the film, but there still there as a bonus feature on there own!
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on March 3, 2004
Pirate ships, buried treasure, secret tunnels, disfigured monsters, gun wielding bad guys- everything from a kid's imagination. Spielberg's Goonies is a great movie to spend a rainy afternoon with, reminding you of those childhood escapades to the Nth power.
A gang of kids- The Fat Kid, The Techno Whiz, The Spiked-Hair Dude, The Exercise Buff, The Earnest Kid, The Geeky Girl and The Pretty Girl- all refer to themselves as Goonies, and a contracting group is preparing to destroy many of the houses in that area to make room for its country club. The Goonies' only hope is to find enough money to buy off the group, but they're just kids. When all the Goonies but the last two are rummaging through their attic, they discover a mystical amulet and a treasue map. Using instructions on the map, they find their way into the underground network of tunnels made by "One-Eyed Willie," an infamous pirate. They are chased by several ruthless bandits and their even more ruthless mother, who are also interested in the deceased pirate's treasure. When one of the Goonies named Chunk (hint hint) is captured by the villains, he makes friends with a deformed giant named Sloth. Sloth was apparently the victim of the verse in Rock-a-Bye Baby referring to the cradle falling, for his face is rather contorted. Chunk and Sloth save the Goonies as the bad guys corner them on the pirate ship. The Goonies escape, of course, and bring the treasure with them. All is saved, and the credits roll.
This movie is great for any day, and I recommend it.
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on October 18, 2003
(Instead of reviewing a film you probably already know, I stick to the DVD special features)
Those Extras:
Commentary: Good, if perhaps a little too crowded. You have Donner along with all of the kids, and the presentation is a bit odd as well: every now and then the film shrinks and the cast appears in a small box as they make their comments. Fun to see them all grown up, but it's a bit chaotic, with Feldman fancying himself a comedian (at one point calling himself Corey HAIM), and He Quan utters maybe ten words through the whole thing.
Deleted Scenes: A number to choose from, but only for rabid fans looking for ANYTHING new to savor. Otherwise needless moments that deserved to be axed.
Behind the Scenes: Nice featurette of on-set antics is fun.
Music Video: Cyndi Lw-ah-puh's silly contribution to the film features nothing from the film but wrestlers(??) and other nonsense instead.
Overall: Longtime fans should not go away hungry after the decent amount of work put into this.
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on October 7, 2003
Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg team up to bring us "The Goonies." The Goonies are a group of kids that love to go on crazy adventures and have a "never say die" attitude. They are being forced out of their homes by a local land developer that wants to build a country club. The only way to save their homes is to come up with enough money to pay off all the back taxes their families owe. Unfortunately, it is a feat that is practically impossible to accomplish. However, The Goonies discover a map that is supposed to lead to the buried treasure of the legendary "One-Eyed" Willie. Determined to keep their homes, the group sets off on a quest to find the rich stuff. Little do they know, that the beginning of the hunt leads to the basement of the local crime family The Fratelis. Now with the Fratelis hot on their tails, they must overcome numerous obstacles and booby traps to find the loot.
Sean Astin who is known for his role as Sam in the Lord of the Ring films, offers an outstanding performance as Mikey - the leader of the Goonies. He is the believer of the group and has always loved pirates - especially "One - Eyed" Willie. Johnathan Key Quan plays Data, who is the creative one of the group. He is obsessed with making wacky inventions and none of them work. Corey Feldman is great as Mouth. Mouth is a smart aleck whose mouth always gets the group in trouble. Jeff Cohen probably offers the film's best performance with his portrayal of Chunk. He is the main reason why the film has become such a fan favorite. Chunk is the most entertaining character by far. His constant whining, food cravings, and "truffle shuffle" will have you laughing for the majority of the film. Mikey's older brother Brand ( Josh Brolin), his girlfriend Andi ( Keri Green), and her best friend Stef ( Martha Plimpton) are also great as they come along for the ride. Troy Perkins ( Steve Antin) is the rich and spoiled bully that makes it his mission to terrorize the Goonies. He also has a thing for Andi and is in constant battle with Brand for her affection. The Frateli crime family is great. Mama Frateli (Anne Ramsey) will give you the creeps. Joe Pantoliano and Robert Davi play the Frateli brothers Francis and Jake. Their constant bickering and other antics will make you laugh. Then there is Sloth. Sloth is their brother that is disfigured and possesses superhuman strength. They keep him chained in the basement. Sloth however is my favorite character and has a heart that matches the size of his love for Baby Ruth's! The relationship between him and Chunk is very touching.
The Goonies is one of my favorite movies. I have seen it maybe a dozen times, and I still love it just as much. Richard Donner does an excellent job directing the vast array of talent in the film. Steven Spielberg crafts an amazing tale of friendship and determination set in extraordinary circumstances. The characters that pave the road for the story are by far the best thing about the film. The visuals in this movie are beautifully done. The underground caverns, the booby traps, the pirate ship, and the treasure all give the film a sense of authenticity when dealing with the pirate genre.
The DVD is outstanding. It contains deleted scenes that include a hilarious convienient store scene and the infamous octopus scene. The commentary is the best feature. It brings back all the Goonies and shows them in the booth. You get to see Data, Chunk, Mikey, Brand, Mouth, Stef, and Andi all grown up. It is great to hear what they have to say about working with each other, the characters that they played, and the movie in general. The movie itself and the amazing DVD make it a must own!
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on April 5, 2003
When my sister and I were introduced to THE GOONIES about 10 years ago, by our dad, we fell in love with it. My sister and I have watched this movie literally 100 times, and no matter how many times we've seen it, we still continue to get captured into the excitement, adventure and fun the movie holds. For Christimas this year, we got the movie on DVD and its better then ever. Including the original movie, it has a commentary with the cast of the movie, a music video the cast did with Cyndi Lauper, outtakes, the orginial trailer and a look at the making of the goonies. Whenever our friends come over, we ask them, "Have you ever seen 'the goonies'?" And if they hadn't, we introduce them to our favorite movie.
When Mikey (Sean Astin) and his friends, the goonies, encounter a treasure map, they embark on the adventure of a lifetime. With characters like Mouth,(Corey Feldman), Data (Ke Huy Kuan), Chunk (Jeff Cohen) and Mikey's older brother, Brand (Josh Brolin), and the girl goonies, Andy(Kerri Green) and Stef(Martha Plimpton) the jokes are endless. As they out run the bad guys, dodge the booby traps, and find the treasure of One-eyed-Willy, its a thrill a minute adventure that will capture the hearts of young and old for generations to come.
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on March 28, 2003
The Goonies can best be described as a pint sized version of an Indiana Jones sequel. The film is full of fun, adventure, and humor. Mikey (Sean Astin), his brother Brandon (Josh Brolin), and a group of their friends decide to go a treasure hunt that is based on a local legend The hope is to halt the forclosure of their entire town, by a real estate developer, with the long lost buried fortune Hot on the "goonie" trail is Fratelli Family of criminals (Robert Davi, Joe Pantoliano, and Anne Ramsey). It seems that the kids can identify them for a series of crimes and they need to be dealt with in short order.
Directed by Richard Donner, this is a fast paced adventure that is good to watch on a rainy afternoon. It is a movie that has something for both kids and adults. The script by Chris Columbus is based on a story by Steven Spielberg. Many of the young cast members in the film, used this movie, to have some success later in life--like Astin, Brolin, Feldman and Plimpton The cast created some likeable misfit charaters and had solid chemistry together that made the premise believable Donner and the casting of his films always seem to be on target, even in a more modest film like The Goonies Even years after I last saw the film, it brought back some fond memories, for this viewer
There are plenty of enjoyable extras on the DVD for any Goonies fan. The comentary provides a chance for an on screen reunion between Donner and his young stars. Throughout the track, we are given a chance to see the parties comment "live" as they watch the movie. This was for the most part lots of fun. It was great to see how some of them, who haven't acted in much else, looked today. However, one well known cast member tended to annoy at times, I'll let you decide whom it is for yourself without naming anyone. There's the Cyndi Lauper music video for the song "The Goonies 'R Good Enough", a six and half minute vintage making of featurette, 3 deleted scenes, including the often talked about octopuss scene, and the theatrical trailer.
All in all, a good DVD that will be a fun trip down 80s memory lane for some, while those seeing it fresh may enjoy it for different reasons.
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The first thing I was thinking when "Goonies" really kicked into gear was: This is the daydream of an adventure-loving preadolescent boy, full of pirates, bloodthirsty villains, and exotic twists and turns in an underground maze full of booby traps. It's sort of "Indiana Jones" for the kids as well as the adults.
The Goonies (a band of young boys) are spending their last weekend hanging around their hometown, before it's razed for yuppie developers. Then Mikey Walsh (Sean Astin) uncovers a treasure map hidden in an old painting, and becomes obsessed with finding the lost treasure of the pirate One-Eyed Willie. With that treasure, they could save their town.
But the hunt for treasure sends the Goonies, Mikey's long-suffering teenage brother (Josh Brolin), and a pair of teenage girls (Kerri Green and Martha Plimpton) into dangerous proximity to the murderous fugitives, the Fratellis. With the Fratellis on their tail, the Goonies are determinedly navigating the underground, booby-trap-infested tunnels that lead to the treasure -- or to a very nasty demise.
The stolidly mature among you may scoff at the improbability of the story, but who cares? This is obviously a fantasy story, harkening back to pirate treasure and childhood adventures, thwarting the evil guys. The classic formulae are what makes it so fun. "Goonies" is like "Indiana Jones" in the sense that it's action-filled, with nasty villains, elaborate booby-traps, and a plotline that is wonderfully improbable. This is just fun. The sets are amazingly complex, full of stone tunnels and enormous waterfalls full of money, thin little bridges and a bone piano that causes the floor to collapse.
Sean Astin (yes, this is THAT Sean Astin, the guy currently starring as Samwise Gamgee in "Lord of the Rings") is endearing and very convincing as Mikey, the gutsy boy that could. Josh Brolin is also good as his overbearing but nice brother; the other Goonies include the incredibly funny Corey Feldman as "Mouth" (the scene where he weirds out the cleaning lady is priceless), comic relief Jeff Cohen as "Chunk" who bumbles from one misadventure to another, and Jonathan Ke Quan (who was also in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom") as gadget-obsessed "Data," a kid riddled all over with homemade inventions that occasionally save the heroes' behinds.
Though this film was made in the 1980s, it's aged extremely well -- now there is affection on top of the original liking for it. It's a funny, entertaining thrillride with pirates, villains, treasure and a band of quirky heroes. Great fun.
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