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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on July 31, 2012
okay i was so hoping to love this saw but the dust collection is abysmal. i use a festool c26 with a 2 and a quarter hose but it spits dust in my face. my dewalt contractor saw left a small pile under the saw. my dewalt only had 12 inches to the left of the saw though. serious blade burn too on the dewalt. the bosch is so much better in every way but dust collection. no idea why. great saw but bosch figure out the dust and quick. also agree with the so called savings. nobody is paying 1300 for this saw or 1500 for the bosch glide mitre saw. amazon is so great for hard to find stuff though. ordered the left and rear extensions on amazon/ try getting them at home depot.... blank look followed by fruitless computer search..ex..tens..ions.

will say with the extensions on the left and rear and an incra mitre gauge this is one heck of a portable table saw. the stock mitre gauge although way better than the terrible one dewalt gives you is still pretty much useless as there is way too much slop. the extra dust is off set by the what a great cutter it is.
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on July 15, 2016
Wicked powerful saw, but because of that the 15-amp motor needs a TON of power. If your outlet is not wired for 15 amps at least, the saw will not run at peak power and the cut will be disappointing. I have a couple of outlets that can handle the load so it's OK for me, but...
Kind of strange to put such a hungry motor on a "jobsite" tool, where half the time you will be far away from a good power supply.

Even though it's Chinese built (not Swiss, don't be fooled), quality is decent and the build is rugged enough for what I need. -1 star just because the power demand makes it a bit high-maintenance to use.
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on January 6, 2014
I've had this saw for some time now and for a compact portable table saw I'm quite satisfied with it. The stand is stable and very easy to set up. Cuts are clean and accurate. Not too much to not like about it. A recommended purchase.
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on May 4, 2015
I am not a fan of Bosch blades and switched to a Makta thin kerf to get the best out of the 4100-09. I own the previous model that did not have the easily adjusted or removable safety features behind and over the saw. I am very particular about my tools being accurately aligned in every respect and I spent some time getting everything into accurate alignment on the first saw, and it stayed that way through heavy use. The older model now is on another work site. Having being so very satisfied with the first one but liking the convenience of the great new safety features, added the 4100-09 to my shop, thinking it to be basically the same saw. However this model now uses a nylon quadrant as opposed to a pivot for angling the blade, same concept as on larger table models, big mistake for a light saw. The advantage is the ruler reads the correct width when blade is tilted unlike the previous model, however to me, this does not make up for the disadvantage. When using a dial indicator to measure blade alignment with miter grooves it was within 0.001" in 7", quite acceptable for a light saw. Note that I always put a dot on the blade where the dial indicator rests and rotate blade for each measurement to eliminate any error that might be caused by blade wobble. However when the saw was tilted and brought back to square the alignment changed to 0.005" in 7". Each time the saw was tilted and brought back to square there was a different alignment, sometimes better & sometimes worse, with the miter gauge grooves. This lack of alignment is noticeable when ripping where it was not noticable on the older model with the pivot that stayed in alignment. Fortunately for accurate work there is my 10" Delta.
Other than the above complaint, for a light easily transported saw there are no other things not liked, so if you are not doing work that requires accurate saw tracking you might be satisfied. However first you might look at a comparable sized Delta, I believe but am not sure, Delta uses a pivot similar to the older model Bosch. Talked to the owner of the equivalent Rigid portable, they use a quadrant for tilting, and he said he could not keep it aligned. Will switch out the new model for my old model to use in my shop. Best of luck on your choice.
If you install the extensions you will have to use some spacer washers so the extensions will stay level with table as they are extended. Takes some time but is worth the extra effort, off course second time around was faster.
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on March 25, 2015
This is a terrific saw for the money. I'd chuck the blade that comes with it and buy a good thin kerf (regular kerfs struggle through thicker materials).
I was surprised that extension wings did not come with this saw given the price. That said, they're almost mandatory for larger stock, such as plywood and the collection bag is highly recommended if not constantly using with a shop vacuum. The whole thing folds up to a surprisingly compact size... It is heavy though, though hopefully you won't be needing it to go up and down stairs.
Soft start is an excellent feature and the blade guard/anti-kickback devices are a breeze to install and remove once you get the hang of it (no tools needed!)
One issue is the suggested list price on Over $1,300.00!! As if! Show me a store that's selling this saw for more than $600.00 and I'll eat the blade!
The next improvement that Bosch needs to work on is fence design... It's accurate with this saw, though cumbersome with its traditional track system. DeWalt has it figured out with their geared fence, though their comparably sized saw costs significantly more.
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on November 6, 2014
Arived safe and sound and was put to use the same day. Easy to move around and not bad power for a 110 motor.
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on January 24, 2016
Setup is very well described in the manual and can be done in 1- 2 hours.
The blade was parallel to the miter slots and 90 degrees perpendicular to the table when set at 0 degree tilt.
The fence was slightly off (i.e. not quite parallel to the blade) but this was easily fixed with the included tool (a hex key). The procedure is well described in the manual. Right out of the box I applied a bit of machine wax to the fence rails which made the fence slide very smoothly. I never used the blade that comes with the saw; instead I installed a Freud Diablo General Purpose blade with very good results (Freud D1040X).
I am aware that this is a portable saw but still would like to add 2 minor quibbles: While the saw stand is practical when I want to move the saw and lets me fold the saw to a smaller footprint it is not as stable as I would wish. This is not a problem while cutting smaller and lighter pieces of wood but could become a problem when cutting a whole sheet of plywood. I might have to build my own saw stand. My second quibble - and again this is a portable saw and not a cabinet saw - is that the table is not large enough in the direction of the cut. With the blade fully raised the distance to the front edge of the table is only about 6 1/2". The situation at the back of the blade is not much better. I have now ordered the rear out-feed support - but will probably build a separate out-feed stand/table. On the other hand, the table width is quite generous; with the table fully extended to the right and with the left-side extension installed the total width is almost 52".
I have my shop-vac attached to the saw's dust port which reduces the amount of dust in my shop tremendously.
Overall I am quite pleased with the quality of the saw which produces very precise and smooth cuts and is a joy to use.
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on November 22, 2014
Excellent saw. Stand is solid and convenient. The table extends easily. Saw dust ejects to the rear and can be hooked up to a vacuum. My only complaint is that the fence could be a little smoother to operate.
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on September 18, 2013
Directions for assembly could have been better is the only con I can think of, other than that, once assembled the saw is a dream to operate. The price was better than anywhere else that I could find.
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on November 7, 2015
Everything I ordered arrived on time and in great codition. The stand is solid, saw is strong, and I like how every attachment has a home on the saw. Bosch went with solid rubber tires instead of the pneumatic tires which never stay inflated. Great product
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