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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on September 12, 2007
This summer, there has been a string of particularly excellent 'rehab' albums. Wilco's 'Sky Blue Sky' saw Jeff Tweedy taking a lighter, apologetic approach as oppose to his brash experimental previous albums. As well, Ryan Adams found the consistency that won over many of his nay-sayers with June's amazing 'Easy Tiger'. And Matthew Good, who has recently come out and stated that he has been battling bi-polar disorder, has made an album that is earth-shattering, heartbreaking and purely incredible from start to finish.

Upon the first listen, I felt the first two minutes of the lengthy montage-riddled opener "Champions of Nothing" pretentious and even a bit tedious, which I felt didn't bode well for 'Hospital Music'. But looking back at Good's solo and band albums, he often uses these vices to portray political and human emotion; it's a part of his ever-growing, always-recognizeable repetoire. The most distinctive and beautiful part of this 'repetoire' is of course, his unique, gritty, emotion-filled voice which penetrates my heart so much that upon hearing many lines (too many to quote, in fact) on 'Hospital Music', sometimes I would feel my eyes close on their own, as I just tried to take in and accept the feelings he evoked inside of me.

Haunting. Gut-wrenching. Breathtaking. Any of those words perfectly describe the way 'Hospital Music' makes me feel on a very personal level. Perhaps because it is one of Good's most naked, personal albums to date. He shows everything, with nothing to hide and no shame or masking. Good proves himself yet again to be one of Canada's most revelant, most provokative, most individual, most emotive artists making music today. Although more known for his feuds with Chad Kroeger than for his music by many Canadians and virtually unheard of by international audiences, I don't think there is any way that 'Hosptail Music' would fail to find voice or heart for any single soul.

There isn't enough good things to say about 'Hospital Music'. It is perfect, or as perfect as an album can be. But the three most beautiful tracks on the album are 'Metal Airplanes'("there's nothing I can do about you" sings Good, showcasing his vulnerability and pain in a very pure, honest way), '99% Of Us is Failure' (the melodic, swelling chorus provides brilliant words of wisdom and reflection), and the more uptempo but still stark and wintery 'The Boy Come Home'.

Although 'Hospital Music' will probably never reach out to mass, mass audiences or become a number 1 smash hit worldwide, although it will probably never be remembered as a classic album in twenty years, what can be said about it, is that it captures the emotion and perfect feel of lost souls. It is extremely telling and relevant for the general feeling of youth culture in a society that seeks absolute truths. It is spectacularly dark and crisp and not overblown with production and false, masking instrumentation. It is just Good, singing of his sorrows and battles... and the sorrows and battles of a million others.

I am going to be shameless and say this is an extremely subjective review. I am also going to say that even if you think this album would never be your thing, you should REALLY give it a chance.
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on November 1, 2007
I've had Hospital Music in the cd player in the car for about a month now, and have come to appreciate what a remarkable album it is. While I haven't completely warmed to Champions of Nothing, it's still one of the finest Pink Floyd tracks never written. As for the rest of the CD, the 8 tracks at the heart of the playlist are stellar and, by themselves, are worth the price of the disc: Metal Airplanes, 99%, Born Losers, Odette, Black Helicopters, the transcendant The Boy Come Home, Devil's in your Details (perhaps the closest thing to a real "single" on the disc) and the wistful Moon over Marin each unfolds in its own haunted beautiful way, and the cumulative effect of this cohesive suite of songs is stunning.

If your favourite Matt Good tracks are Hello Time Bomb and Load Me Up, then you may find this album to be too solemn for you; but if (like me) you gravitate to Strange Days, While We Were Hunting Rabbits, and Advertising on Police Cars, then you will fall in love with this disc, which truly does grow stronger over time.
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on August 5, 2007
I'm a long time fan of Matthew Good's music and have never been disappointed by any of his albums.
I can't just listen to one song off the album, I have to listen to the entire thing. I don't think I've come across another album where I can just sit there for hours and listen to it over and over, and over again.
My personal favourites off Hospital Music are 'Champions of Nothing', '99% of Us is Failure', 'A Single Explosion' and 'I'm a Window'.

This is definitely his best yet. 5 out of 5.
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on July 2, 2007
I just listend to this on Matthew Good's website. This bloke never puts out a bad album and this is fantastic. I don't know if this is the greatest album ever as the other reviewer stated, as "Avalanche" holds that mantle, but this is right up there. It may be like "The Audio Of Being" and take a couple if listens to really seep into the psyche, but on one listening I didn't hear a dud track.

Another gem from one of the greatest artists in modern recording.

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on August 7, 2007
I have never been dissapointed with any of Matt's work, every single album I can listen to without skipping tracks, some of course get heavier rotation than others to be sure.
This album is no exception, I love the level of emotional depth in the music and lyrics, how heartbreaking and yet joyful to hear the songs evolve after each time I hear them.
I am looking forward to his next really solo efforts.
Keep it up Matt and stay away from those reds and blues.
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on December 20, 2007
I don't really have anything new to say in addition to the previous great reviews. This is a very nice album, good mix, some great tracks etc., etc.,

I do wonder if Matthew has been taking singing lessons from Tom Cochrane though! On some of the tracks his voice is almost identical. A quick survey of "Who's this?" to 5 colleagues got 3 'Tom Cochrane' answers!!
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on July 18, 2009
After years of liking Matthew Good and MGB radio songs, I finally bought a CD - this one - and my fandom jumped ten levels. To my mind, this is easily one of the best albums of the decade. The rest of Matt Good's catalogue (I had to dig in) has some great albums, too, but this remains my favourite.
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on July 9, 2007
Being as that this is Matthew Good's last album with Universal, you could probably say that they saved the best for last. After a harrowing experience in his life, Good "came back from the dead" and wrote this passionately intimate album. Be on the look out for more music from this man!
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on November 23, 2007
This cd is worth buying even if it is just for the awesome opening track 'champions of nothing'. The words, delivery of them and the music are stunning. The whole album takes more listening to, but as others have said, it is well worth it :)
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on August 29, 2007
I think it takes alot of courage for anyone to go through the depths of hell and come out the other side or just to keep trying each day. This album proves it. I always know when I buy a Matt Good album that it is never a waste of my money. His latest release is simply another great body of work.

I put every song on my MP3 player with the exception of one and even that song was still a great song just didn't suit my taste.

I hope that Matthew himself can appreciate this: Your diagnosis of BP is some of who you are; and those qualities which make you able to be sensitive, and care about the losses in your life when they weigh you down more than someone else is exactly why you are I think one of the best musicians to come out of Canada since Neil Young & Bruce Cockburn. Your lyrics are beautiful and haunting, therefore realistic. Your musicianship abilities I think are on par and perhaps even surpass Neil Young and that's saying alot.

If you love M.G. & are considering buying this CD..get it; hec get 2 and pass it along to friends; it's fabulous!
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