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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on March 14, 2001
Directors Cut is NOT a cut above!
I always love to get the directors cut of a movie because you get all the scenes put back in that the studio cuts out. Mostly because they only want a movie to run two hrs. and they can turn the audiences over quicker or they want to be "politically correct!" I look forward to the scenes that are missing and detract from what the story is all about.
Alas, this is one time the studio was right. The theatrical release is so superior to the Directors cut that it is an embarrassment. With the voice over you get the feeling of what is on the mind of Deckard, sort of like a Bogart movie. You feel like it is a Sam Spade character and helps with a more in depth view of the character and what he is thinking. I have no idea what the director was thinking, but it was not about telling a story.
I have seen the theatrical release many times, well over 300 times and I can still watch it with the freshness of the very first time. I have seen the directors cut three times and on the third time I feel asleep it was so boring. I was shocked that one of the best science fiction movies ever made was so bad; I could no long watch it. The directors' cut is one of the best examples of a director gone wrong. Thanks to the studio for realizing the potential of this science fiction classic and making Mr. Scott add the voice over. Bravo!
I am sad to say that for once, the studio got it right and the director got it wrong!
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on January 5, 2001
Policemen in the future, hired assassins, track and kill artifical people. These people, created from human genes, but specially designed to work in undesirable jobs and environments, learn that they have also been designed to die young, lest they present a threat to their creators. With an unbelievable cast including Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Daryl Hannah, among others, and superb special effects; this movie should have been a hit.
With many people, apparently, it was. Not here. This story is an example of an interesting idea which just didn't pan out well in the movie. It moved very slow. There were elements here which were confusing. Finally, some of the effects were disappointing. I don't know, in a world with artificial people and flying cars don't you think they would have invented a better gun? Well, that is a small complaint, I just didn't like it. To be fair, some people do love this film. If you like science fiction which is a little different and moves at a very controlled pace, you might like it. I would guess, however, that most people will not.
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on May 10, 2000
I have seen the original movie, so "cut-and-paste" here the praises from others.
It is just that I do not see why I should pay to get a partial work.
Come on guys, our family members each spent an average of eight hours to view the bonus features of the Matrix, almost like watching four splendid movies. Go to a friend who has the Matrix DVD and request to "follow the white rabbit", you'll see what I mean.
This is how DVDs must be: Give you so much more to see and enjoy.
From what other reviewers say about this DC DVD, it should have more bonus features, plus multiple endings, plus... plus... You can forgive the directors for wanting to force their ideas in the original release, it is their prerogative, and they offered a good work there; but why "force" again here? Why not offer alternate versions, and /or alternated endings at least, not to speak of behind the scenes?
Sorry, I will suffice with my old deteriorating VHS.
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on May 5, 2000
It's really hard giving Blade Runner just one star. I know it deserves least the movie I watched in the theater should. But this is what the Director's Cut deserves.
I remember seeing it when it first came out. I really didn't like it at all. I ended up seeing it again several months later when it was the bottom part of a double feature (they still had them in those days!) because I went with a friend who hadn't seen it. This time around, even though I knew what was going to happen, I found myself reveling in the little nuances in the movie, the performances, the strange quirks of this sci-fi/romance. It then became one of my favorite movies.
When it came out in video, I got a copy. A few years later, Ridley Scott came out with his "director's cut." When I saw it, it seemed so much deader than the original release. I didn't like it and never bought the video or the DVD.
One reviewer stated that Harrison Ford, when called in to read the "narrative" did it very poorly so the studio wouldn't use it. In my opinion, he was still trying to develop his own style between Star Wars and Blade Runner. He had already done two Star Wars and an Indiana Jones by this time, as well as Hanover Street, Force 10 from Navaronne, Apocolypse Now and Frisco Kid. I haven't seen the latter two but, other than the Indiana Jones movie, he seemed really wooden and hadn't developed the ease in roles that began with Blade Runner and became apparent with his next non-Lucas/Spielberg movie "Witness."
I generally like buying "director's cut" movies. I especially like the ones that add more but retain the flavor of the original release. But this DC really presents you with a clearly different and drearier movie. It feels like listening to a re-recorded hit song; it may have one or two of the original singers but it's certainly not the hit that I remember even though the artist may feel that it's truer to what he originally had in mind!
It seems that the LE Collector's Edition will also be the Director's Cut and I'm extremely disappointed. At the least, they could have released both versions. If Scott is the reason that the only version we have now is his DC, then he ought to be ashamed of himself. It may not have been "his movie" that was released but for many of us the original release WAS the movie. Would I have liked his cut if that was the original release? It's hard to say but I really like the melancholic edge of the original which was missing in the DC. I would wager to say that it may NOT have taken on legendary status had the DC come out instead. I'm really disappointed that there is no version of the original theatrical release out on DVD. I guess I'm destined never to own a copy of one of my favorite movies...
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on February 6, 2000
A hack DVD conversion of a classic movie. ¡°Plan 9 From Outer Space¡± had a better conversion than this. There¡¯s nothing good to say about ¡°B.R. The Director¡¯s Cut.¡± There aren¡¯t any extras on a DVD that should be filled with them, considering the richness of the movie and its cult following. Even the scene selections are inept. Perhaps my DVD is different, but the scene selections go in the order of 3, 7, 12, etc. Not only was this DVD put together by hacks, the hacks can¡¯t count. There¡¯s not even a still image from the movie on the DVD¡¯s main menu. Just a generic Warner Bros logo. The picture and sound aren¡¯t up to DVD standards either. The picture isn¡¯t sharp and the sound ¨Cwith the exception of the music and some special effects sounds- is often flat and has a ¡°1970¡¯s¡± toneless quality to it. It¡¯s almost as if it was transferred to DVD from videotape instead of the original negative.
The ¡°Director¡¯s Cut¡± is a confusing mess too. As far as I can tell, the only differences are the omission of Harrison¡¯s voice over, the ¡°flying to safety¡± footage during the end credits and a baffling inter-cut scene of a unicorn running through a forest from the movie ¡°Legend¡± while Harrison is idly playing a piano. Will someone tell me what a unicorn from a bad Tom Cruise movie has to do with airing out replicants in L.A. 2019? I miss the voiceover too. As I understand, it was originally put in because while testing the film, the audience couldn¡¯t follow the plot. With it missing, the scenes where it used to be are awkward because the characters are waiting for the nonexistent voiceover to end. And speaking of voiceovers, a Director¡¯s Commentary would¡¯ve been fascinating; but apparently WB shoved this DVD out before one could be made or Ridley Scott had better things to do.
On the plus side, Vangelis¡¯ rich score shines and is perfect for this leisurely paced movie. I have it on CD and strongly recommend it. The special effects are still strong and awe inspiring after all these years. They show their age only in the fact that there isn¡¯t any computer animation.
This DVD stinks. ¡°Blade Runner¡± has survived the years due to the devoted fans that have stood by it since it was originally buried at the box office by ¡°E.T.¡± This DVD is a slap in the face. WB and Ridley Scott should be ashamed of themselves. I hope both will wise up and come out with a ¡°Special Edition Blade Runner.¡± This version isn¡¯t even worth renting, much less owning.
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on February 4, 2003
As others here have said, why just the director's cut? Where is the original with the voice over? I like them both, but prefer the voice over version. Why hasn't the original with voice over come out on DVD? Why not put both versions on this one? For that reason alone this DVD gets 1 star. Which is sad, because this is definitely a 4 or 5 star movie.
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on February 16, 2000
This movie just isn't the same with out Harrison Ford's hard-boiled narration. In my opinion that made this film's gritty Noir-Feel just that much better. Secondly, The ending is completely different, and completely drab. What happened to one of the coolest endings with Harrion Ford saying, "I don't know how much time we have...but then again who does?" and he drives off in a beautiful serene view with Sean Young. Instead we simply see Ford entering an elevator with Sean Young and slamming the door...WEAK! Save your money. This version isn't even worth renting. Without the narration, this movie feels 3 hours long. The ending leaves you feeling like...what? I'm not even going to mention the Unicorn. Ridley Scott should be ashamed of himself to force this version out to the people. The least the movie company could do was give you the option on the DVD to see BOTH there's an idea.
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on March 9, 2001
I give this a 1-star rating for Director's Cut. The original version rated 5 stars. The DC removed much vital information, like the background to the exchange when Decker is picked up to be forced back into work as a BR. The DC also inserted an idiotic scene of a unicorn trapsing through a glade - looked like it was lifted directly from "Legend."
I would venture that some preponderance of the intelligentsia expressing preference for the DC saw the OV first, thus they have already been exposed to the background info before seeing the DC. If you see the DC first, good luck. I wouldn't recommend seeing the DC at all. The OV is one of my favorite films. I resent that people who feel they know what the rest of the population's tastes "should" be have determined which version we may view.
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on July 20, 2001
The director didn't know what he was doing when it came to editing this film, the producers did a much better job. My problem is that I loved the original and hate with a passion this version. Why don't they release the orginal movie so I can throw my directors cut in the trash. I would give this DVD a zero star if I could. The soul of the movie is gone. I'm a believer that androids with this level of ability have as much right to live as humans. The fact that we think they are our slaves and property with no rights is outragous. Equal rights for machines are coming in the near future and a man-machine war for equal rights is ahead (see Terminator I/II). The union of harision ford and the replicant in the ending of the movie is soooo significant. The beginning of the next phase of man-vs-machine.
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on June 22, 2003
I saw someone asking for a copy of the original version. I do have two VHS Pre-Recorded copy of the original film but they are not in 2.35:1Ratio.
Please do not misunderstand me here, I have no attention in selling them. I wanted to point out that I waited two years for the original version of Blade Runner to be release on DVD. After seeing Animal House being remove from the shelves I finaly bought this cut up version of Blade Runner on DVD. I watch both, VHS and the DVD together, so I can still enjoy the edit parts and see the rest in 2.35:1Ratio.
If anyone can tell me how to get that Director Ridley Scott to release both versions on DVD please tell me.
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