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5.0 out of 5 stars Death has come to your little town
Once Halloween was Samhain, the one night of the year when the dead returned to cause trouble for the living.

Well, Michael Myers wasn't dead, but on "Halloween" he returned to cause trouble for the people of his hometown, with all its dark houses and teenage victims. And John Carpenter's masterpiece lives up to its reputation: creepy, eerie, harrowing, and...
Published on Aug. 11 2007 by E. A Solinas

3.0 out of 5 stars A couple of decent extras but this film hasn't aged well.
I remember seeing Halloween in a packed theatre when it was re-released in '79 and being on the edge of my seat. Until the first Alien and Night of the Living Dead, a film has never scared me as much. Well I can still say that Alien & Night are first-rate horror films. I can no longer say the same about Halloween. I'm not sure why this film now feels so hollow &...
Published on Oct. 26 2003 by Danny Rizzi

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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Death has come to your little town, Aug. 11 2007
E. A Solinas "ea_solinas" (MD USA) - See all my reviews
Ce commentaire est de: Halloween (1978) (DVD)
Once Halloween was Samhain, the one night of the year when the dead returned to cause trouble for the living.

Well, Michael Myers wasn't dead, but on "Halloween" he returned to cause trouble for the people of his hometown, with all its dark houses and teenage victims. And John Carpenter's masterpiece lives up to its reputation: creepy, eerie, harrowing, and full of solid acting from Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis.

On Halloween, 1963, young Michael Myers lurked outside the house while his sister had sex with her boyfriend. After he left, Michael put on a mask, picked up a knife, and stabbed his sister to death.

Fifteen years later, Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) is about to take Myers to a legal hearing, when Myers (Nick Castle) breaks open the psych hospital and escapes in Loomis' car. On Halloween, teenage Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) notices a silent, masked figure popping up and disappearing near her school, house, and neighborhood.

Despite this, she goes about her babysitting duties, even taking care of another girl's charge overnight. The only problem is, the girl is dead, and so is another pal and her boyfriend. Dr. Loomis is staking out Myers' old home, unaware that Myers is now prowling the house where Laurie is staying -- and there seems to be no way to avoid the knife-wielding "evil."

It sounds like a thousand knockoff movies made since then, but "Halloween" formed the original mold. And like any other groundbreaker, it is the most stripped-down, intense example of the genre -- little gore, little graphic violence, but the way it's handled is enough to make your hair stand on end, and make you go to bed with a gun under your pillow.

And Carpenter handles the spookiness beautifully -- initially, the story is pleasantly average -- teen gossip, small-town atmosphere, and chatter about boyfriends, dances and babysitting. It has the occasional spooky moment -- such as Myers popping out of a hedge to stare at Laurie -- but isn't really scary just yet. But as Myers starts bumping off teenagers, the plot darkens and twists.

Carpenter spins up a claustrophobic, trapped feeling, partly due to a shadowy old house full of windows and doors, any of which could be Myers' way in. You can't help but jump with every shadow. And Carpenter sprinkles the plot with unspeakably creepy moments -- Myers quietly slithering in a window above Laurie, or dressing as a ghost with only his heavy breathing to identify him.

Curtis was the original scream queen thanks to this movie, and she does an amazing job -- even when she's racing around pounding on doors and shrieking, she seems realistic. Pleasance is just as good as Loomis, who is determined and full of dread at what his patient is, but also has his moments of humour (like when he frightens some pranksters at the Myers house). And though we only see Myers' face a few times, his masked face, silent movements and heavy breathing are the stuff of nightmare.

"Halloween" was a more psychological, atmospheric kind of horror, and it did its job almost too well. The original slasher movie -- harrowing, eerie, and petrifying.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Superb edition, Dec 4 2013
Simon Bergeron - See all my reviews
Achat vérifié(Quest-ce que cest?)
Ce commentaire est de: Halloween (Limited Edition) (DVD)
This is a wonderful edition, back in the days where Anchor Bay was synonym of amazing special features and quality remasters. They WERE the Criterion of horror films in the birth of the 21st century. Were.

This edition of Halloween contains two versions of the film. One is the original John Carpenter version and the second disc holds the TV version presented in widescreen with 8-10 more minutes of film.

There are a few special features such as a 30-min doc entitled "Halloween unmasked" which you could have if you had bought the orange VHS videocassettes back in 1998 (yeah, I DO feel young), trailers and a commentary track. This and the H25 anniversary edition, combined with the recent Blu-ray edition of the 35th anniversary would make for a perfect Halloween experience with all the special features that Anchor Bay NEVER repeats or collects for later editions.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Truly Original Horror Film, Nov. 2 2013
Miracle Max - See all my reviews
Achat vérifié(Quest-ce que cest?)
Ce commentaire est de: Halloween (1978) [Blu-ray] [Import] (Blu-ray)
I am not that big into horror films, but this film really appealed to me because of it's very realistic approach to a very real spiritual battle among mankind that actually exists outside of the film industry.

Halloween is a well made horror film about a young boy named Michael Myers who for no apparent reason becomes possessed by a demonic entity that makes him KILL his sister one Halloween night in 1963. Locked up in an insane asylum for 15 years, he escapes to return to the small town of Haddenfield to continue his mission of killing.

He is a quiet killer who never speaks, but only kills. Because he is possessed by a Demon, his very existence is to kill and to never stop killing.

Because he was wearing a mask during his first killing as a little boy and his weapon a Butcher knife, he continues to follow that pattern in this film and throughout the series. Even when a gun falls into his hands, he never fires it, but uses it as a stabbing weapon as stabbing is his method of killing.

The BLUE RAY edition is very well put together, and has an hour & a half long documentary with John Carpenter and cast members that really gives you insight into how the film was conceived and eventually brought to the theatre.

The hidden message in this film is that Michael Myers is NOT HUMAN, but that he is possessed by a demon. This is demonstrated through his Sub-Human strength and ability to survive multiple attempts to kill him.
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5.0 out of 5 stars It's a must have, Sept. 27 2009
Paulina Medeiros (Ontario, Canada) - See all my reviews
Being a die hard "Nightmare on Elm street" fan, I bought this set as a present for my boyfriend. I have to admit I was not disappointed and he absolutely loved it. The extras are awesome and just the box itself is worth every single penny. Collectors and Halloween fans should buy this.
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4.0 out of 5 stars "So you do think about things like that don't you, Laurie?", April 11 2005
Canuckfcuk (Toronto, Canada) - See all my reviews
That's a line given to the 'virginal' Laurie Strode played by scream-queen turned legit-actress Jamie Lee Curtis in THE horror movie that started the 80s slasher-flick frenzy.
The music alone is enough to give you the creeps; and John Carpenter manages to do a lot more with a relatively low budget compared to the more big-budget stylised horror flicks that have been released ever since.
The only problem is the thin plot: There really is no reason for the killings; you don't find out why Michael Myers does the things he does until part 2; and even then: Laurie Strode is his main target -- why is he killing everyone else? And the whole sibling connection is rather confusing (was Laurie Strode born after Michael killed his first sister, or was she already born?).
Also, some geographical issues: where exactly is Michael Myers's house compared to the houses Laurie Strode and her two friends are in? Dr Loomis (Donald Pleasance) seems to be near by (he sees the children running from the house Laurie is in); the car that Michael Myers rode in to Haddonfield is parked right outside and Dr Loomis doesn't notice this?
Regardless though, a great horror film that relies more on suspense and atmosphere than gore; in fact, I think the even-less gory TV version is better.
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5.0 out of 5 stars What Else Can I Say About A True Classic, July 13 2004
J. Beatty (Revere, MA United States) - See all my reviews
Halloween was the very first horror movie I saw as a kid, at age 4.Ever since then, no Halloween or anytime of the year is complete for me without Dr.Loomis, Laurie Strode, Sheriff Brackett, and of course the man himself, Michael Myers. This movie epitomizes everything that Halloween is..the bogeyman laying in the dark shadow of the room , waiting for the perfect moment to strike..It's got everything..From the typical American small town, horror movies in the city just don't work..The great horror flicks of all time:Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Amityville Horror, Last House on the Left, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, and Scream, they all took place in small towns or in the middles of nowhere..
Plus Halloween films for me have always somehow managed to get the intangible down:Atmosphere.They nail the Halloween , late fall atmsophere perfectly..I loved the whole bunch of them..I'm a sucker for horror though. I also love all the Friday the 13ths, Texas Chainsaws, Screams, and Nightmares.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The one that started it all!, July 10 2004
Barnaby Twyman (Staines, England) - See all my reviews
Halloween is definitely the film that inspired the first wave of horror movies. It clearly inspired Friday The 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street.
When Michael Myers brutally murdered his sister Judith he was sent to a children's hospital for a life sentence. But after serving 15 years he escaped and travelled to the small town of Haddonfield where he stalks 3 young women Laurie, Annie and Lynda. It also happens to be Halloween night when he comes out of the shadows and definitely gives them a scare to remember!
Everything about Halloween is 1st class entertainment! John Carpenter doesn't rely on lots of gore to make this movie a classic. He relies on suspense which works like a charm! The music score is also terrifying and the now famous Halloween tune will haunt me forever after watching this film!
It's really fun to see a young Jamie Lee Curtis running around scared because in this day and age you don't think of her being able to play the virginal heroine! Clearly it was down to her that the stereotype was even created in the first place!!!
With excellent supportive performances from Donald Pleasence, Nancy Loomis and PJ Soles this film will always live on!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Two many special edtion's..!! -Still a great classic..!!, June 29 2004
Robert the Psychoman (Fontana California..) - See all my reviews
Their are two much of these special edtion's.. -Out on
DVD.. -Their is even the talked about Television version
which I've seen on T.V. -From time two time.. -And; -Anchor
Bay home Entertainment don't know how two put a real
delux special edition of this cult classic.. -Of all time's..
I'm talking about.. -John Carpenter's.. -Halloween.. -A
freshly fast paced horror slasher that imitated; -"Friday
the 13th.. -Which created the term.. -Horror Slasher.. -At
that time in; -1980.. -That one was directed by; -Sean S.
Cunningham.. -Ho directed it.. -Now incomming; -John
Carpenter.. -A low budget film maker ho wanted two make
his first feature horror flick for those ho really
Want pure horror movie.. -Yes.. -He gave us the edge of
what he needed in his film.. -It is the edge of the monster
him self.. -Michael Myer's.. -Ho was a little boy ho had
butchard his sister in the same house where Laurie Strode
drop's off the key at the Myer's place.. -Right..
At the beginning of the film.. -We are introduce two
Sam Loomis.. -Played by the really cool actor.. -Donald
Pleasence.. -Ho try's out his best performance.. -The
film don't seem two need his character a lot.. -But
he just hold's up the blend of his dialoge.. -And take's
it seriously for us two understand what monster he is
dealing with.. -Dr. -Loomis learn's that Michael has
escaped from; -Smith Grove .. -And is planning a surprise
Welcome home party for; -Laurie Strode.. -Jamie Lee Curtis.
Ho will become known as the scream queen..! -In the early
80's.. -And other nameless scream queen name's..! -After
Michael get's away with his doctor's; -official car..! -He
is ready two strike on Halloween.. -That's when the next
day come's.. -Luarie is on her way two drop off the key at
the myers house.. -We are introduce two Tommy Doyle..
Played by; -Brian Andrews..! -Ho seems like an annoyance
two Laurie about his belief in this hole boogeyman myth..?
later on in the film.. -Laurie is being stalked by Michael.
from his home.. -Two the school..! -Laurie is then ask by
her friends of what her plan's are.. -As they tell her
their plan's for the holiday..! -But we all know what is
going two happen.. -Their..? -Tonight..! -Right..!
This is a horror slasher..! -These horror type's will know
what these kid's; -teenager's will do on a holiday..?
So Luarie is about two baby sit Tommy Doyle.. -Tommy asks
her about Lonny teasing him about the boogeyman..! -Annie
call's and Laurie is disturb that she asked Ben Traimmer
two come ask Laurie two the dance.. -Just in a while as
the barking dog annoy's; -Annie..! -So Michael is watching
Annie.. -At the widow.. -Walk's away.. -As she is talking
on the phone that she may be the pest problem of the family
and the dog is her replacement.. -Which makes me laugh..
then Laurie is shocked and angry at Annie for asking Ben
Traimmer two take out Laurie Strode.. -Ho get's a bit
tad jealous..! -Then Annie hangs up the phone..! -Here's
Lester barking so loud.. -Michael kill's the mutt..?
Annie walk's out two the Laundry room where she gets
changed.. -Get's trap.. -Michael is around the Laundry
back way where he sees her.. -Annie call's for the
pesky little girl.. -Linsday..! -Ho goe's out two get
her out..! -Paul has called; -she and Linsday go out
two the back kitchen.. -As she talk's two Paul..?
So Annie take's Lindsey two Tommy Doyle's..! -House..!
Where Laurie is baby sitting with him..? -She is
invited over two sleep for the night..? -Annie asks
if she take's care of her she will talk two Ben
Traimmer two not ask her out..! -The Jealousy their..?
And Annie is attack by; -Michael in her red car..?
Then two sex crazed..! -Student's..! -Bob and Linda..!
Spend the night..! -as they do the sex stuff..? -The
two get killed by; -Michael..! -In a violent way..!
Laurie is survied by the killer stalking her after her
encounter and attack.. -At the both houses..! -Dr.
Loomis shoot's his monster at the end..
Sorry for spoiling this review..! -This is for those
ho don't really care in seeing Halloween.. -Rather just
watching this review..!
I just like two say that I've hope that Anchor Bay
Home Entertainmeet..! -Need two learn two make up their
mind's which special edition's.. -Is right for us fan's..!
It is just a waste of time..?
But doe's not accomplish any thing..! -I've really enjoy
the theatricle Version instead..! -The T.V. -Version was
interesting when I saw it again on my friend's
John Carpenter's. -"Halloween.." -1978.. -Still a great
slasher.. -The script is really bitter..? -The characters
don't seem two have a purpose for this flick..! -But it is
about the monster and are heroin ho doe's it in any
better way..
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Night HE Came Home To Your TV Set, June 25 2004
DONNA J. MILLER (New Jersey) - See all my reviews
Horror films are usually the least looked upon in the cinema business. This is mostly because they are poor and really stupid- most of the time. However, every once and a while, a horror movie comes out that truly is spectacular. In 1978, "Halloween" was that horror movie. It was a simple film with a simple plot and an unknown cast (with the exception of Donald Pleasance). Yet somehow "Halloween" became one of, if not the most, successful independant motion pictures of all time. Why was this? It was because of a simple plot made into a terrifying story, a good and well picked cast, and a little amount of gore and unnessisary violence. It is true that "Halloween" was nothing more than perfect.
To start, the story of "Halloween" is not a very complex one. There is no twist, no supernatural demon, and no long and mind boggling mysteries. "Halloween" is simply a slasher movie, but it is the first of its kind. In 1978, people had been used to slasher films such as "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" or "The Hills Have Eyes", and even other horror types including "The Omen" and "The Exorcist". Many people may think that "Halloween" runs close to "Psycho", and it does, but "Halloween" can stand on its own too. "Psycho" was a classic about people who went to the Bates Motel and ended up killed. "Halloween" is a movie about a killer who goes to a town to kill. The difference is that in "Psycho" people went to the killer, while in "Halloween" the killer was already there. The story is simple- a seemingly normal boy named Michael Myers murders his sister Judith in cold blood on Halloween night, 1963. His parents then sent him away to a mental institution where he was put under the care of Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasance). For 15 years Michael didn't talk and acted as if there was nothing inside of him anymore, but on October 30, 1978, nearly 15 after the murder of Judith, Michael escaped. Michael then traveled back to his home town of Haddonfield where he left a trail of blood and death so that Sam Loomis could follow. There, Michael stalked a young woman named Lourie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her friends Annie (Nancy Loomis) and Lynda (PJ Soles). While Michael is in town, Dr. Loomis arrives to warn Sheriff Brackett (Charles Cyphers) about Michael returning. The Sheriff is of course skepticle about his story. From that point on, when Lourie and Annie both go babysitting, it is all out suspense. Michael stalks Annie, Lourie, and even Lynda when she arrives with her boyfriend Bob (John Michael Graham). Its not a very complex plot, but it can entertain you just as much as any other movie.
Second, the cast of "Halloween" makes it a classic. Donald Pleasance stars as the hero of the film and does a wonderful job. His performances are always very good and entertaining, and he is just perfect for the role. Jamie Lee Curtis does the best job of the bunch though. Her mother, Janet Leigh, stared in "Psycho" and in the imfamous shower scene. It was hard for Curtis to match up to her outstanding mother, but she did it. It was her first starring role in "Halloween" and it was all she needed. "Halloween" boosted Curtis' career so that she would appear in many other films and become one of the most recognized actresses in the world. Nancy Loomis plays the role of Annie just greatly acting like a self absorbed teenager who is unsuspecting of Michael's presence learking nearby. PJ Soles is beautiful and also perfect for her role. She would later become known as the "Totally Girl" from "Halloween" for her constant dialogue that always had the word totally in it. Charles Cyphers was enjoyable and Nick Castle is a very intimidating Michael Myers. Castle creates an creepy and unforgettable villain. John Carpenter and Deborah Hill are to thank for the clever writing, and Carpenter is also known for compsoing the creepy "Halloween Theme" that has become very well known around the world. When you hear it, you'll know what's on. Carpenter also did a great job directing the film and "Halloween" also launched him into a superior director state. Carpenter even said in an interview that to create a perfect horror movie, you need an unknown cast. This was proven true, beacuse "Halloween" was a perfect horror flick with an unknown cast.
Lastly, although a horror flick, "Halloween" had little blood letting. This is probably why it is so popular among the public. Unlike many horror film that were influenced and followed it (including "Friday the 13th" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street"), "Halloween" does not resort to unbelievable death scenes and gross gore. No, "Halloween" knows that it can be scary without gore, and that it does. It is important for people to see that a gory and violent horror movie doesn't make it scary, but a scary story is what makes it scary. Many films to follow "Halloween" in the 1980's have too much blood and guts shown, creating a dull and very disliked movie. "Halloween" will never be disliked for violence, because it doesn't drive off of it in order to be successful. If you want to watch a scary move, watch "Halloween", if you want to watch a gory movie, don't watch "Halloween".
To conclude, "Halloween" is a classic that can not be remade or outdone. It just simply great and alwasy will be. With a great story, a perfect cast, and little blood letting, "Halloween" is a movie that will surely deliver 'one good scare'. If you want to start a horror movie collection, or if you just want are thinking about buying this movie, I highly recommend you do. "Halloween" will make you jump and scream the whole way through. It can be said that "Halloween" is a timeless classic, and a damn scary one too. Don't get a trick, but get a treat- get "Halloween"- the horror movie that totally redefined the motion picture business.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Halloween (1978), May 21 2004
Ce commentaire est de: Halloween (DVD)
Director: John Carpenter
Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasance, Nancy Loomis, P.J. Soles, Charles Cyphers.
Running Time: 93 minutes.
Rated R for violence, language, and mild sexual situations.
Perhaps the quintessential horror film of the 1970s, which created a spring-board of imitations, remakes, and recycles for nearly two decades after.
The film opens with perhaps the third most-historic horror film music of all time (behind "Psycho" and "Friday the 13th", of course) and the audience views the horrific slaying of a teenager daughter through the eyes of the killer, young child Michael Myers. Myers is shipped off to a mental institution in which he is counseled by Dr. Loomis (Pleasance) for 15 years.
While trying to move Myers from the institution to a maximum security prison, Michael escapes from the hospital and returns to his hometown for a murdering spree. The film introduces Jamie Lee Curtis in her first role, playing a normal high-school babysitter who is stuck watching children on Halloween instead of partying with her friends on the holiday. As Myers attempts to kill again, Dr. Loomis tries to race against time to stop him. Eventually, Myers and Curtis cross paths and the rest is history.
Carpenter is a modern Hitchcock, transforming a normal neighborhood into a slashing frenzy of terror and macabre. He uses many different foregrounds and an atmospheric tension instead of blood and guts for his scares. The exceptional musical score accompanies Myers every move and really adds to the suspense of this extraordinary, yet simple piece of cinematic terror at its very best. Pleasance is stylish and swift in his performance, while Curtis's breakout role makes her the true queen of all scream queens. "Halloween" is a true horror masterpiece, no matter how obsolete some may think it to be.
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