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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 29, 2009
This game is just about everything I've wanted from a game. Incredibly cinematic experience with vibrant characters, a protagonist with actual charisma, great graphical style with the lush colors and detailed animations, and the athleticism of Nathan mixed with the cover system turns many encounters into a sort of combat sandbox. He can hide behind almost anything, and many battles will end up shifting and developing within the encounter. You may start off hiding behind a church pew as you pick off snipers and roll from foot soldiers throwing the occasional grenade, but then the door behind you opens up and you find yourself running to the pulpit for cover as you hose down guys with shotties from long range. Not to mention, it has some of the most humane jumping puzzles out there. Nathan will actually go where he should most times, which is better than most. The puzzles are not very brain busting in the least, but it seems their aim was more to have you take 30 seconds to think rather than get hung up for 30 minutes, thus delaying your fun and your narrative progression.

Great game.
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on February 20, 2009
Uncharted-Drake's Fortune is top quality all the way! The audio and music are amazing, the graphics are stunning, the AI of the enemies is very well done, the physics are great. The story is it's greatest strength, more than worthy of being a feature blockbuster film than a game, the epitomy of indepth experience, this game puts you into a world and holds your full attention.
Uncharted is the best game I've played on the PS3 and possibly ever, a must have!
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on June 18, 2009
If you like adventure games, this one is as good as it gets. Nathan Drake is a modern day Indiana Jones, well, minus the fedora hat and the whip.
The game looks beautiful, the voice-over is excellent, the story is interesting and pushes you through the game, and the great musical score adds to the experience.
Do not turn away from this game just because some people categorize it as a shooter; it's not just that, and it's quite accessible, even on the "hard" setting. The game play has a mix of over the shoulder shooting, with a good (but not perfect) cover system, exploration, puzzle-solving (this aspect is a tad superficial) and platforming. All of these components have probably been done elsewhere better, but the cool thing about the game is that it blends all these for an outcome that's never boring and repetitive; there's excellent pacing and alternating of all these game styles that will keep the experience fresh.
Like many of the new generation of games, it is rather short, but that is a minor complaint, as I find that I'm no longer able or willing to invest the time needed to finish long games.
There are some camera issues, but that's another minor gripe.
Replay value is there through trophies (quite an addictive endeavor, and none of these trophies are frustratingly hard to get, or out of reach of most gamers) and secret treasures sprinkled around the environment.
A sequel, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, is scheduled for Fall of this year, and you might want to give this game a try before then. If you are not obsessed with completing games 100%, and getting all the secrets, you might want to rent it, as you can probably finish the game in about 10 hours.
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on May 18, 2015
I will give this seller 5 stars because the product came on time and the dvd and the box came in good condition. However, this game disappointed me. I actually got all the Uncharted games without even playing one of them before deciding to buy them. The reason was because of the reviews I saw for this game. If you like run and gun, you will definitely enjoy this game. I think the story was decent. There were many frustrating encounters in this game for example, the jet ski sequences and enemies just coming out of nowhere and able to detect your presence immediately when you enter new vicinities. I played Uncharted 2 for a bit after finishing 1 and I like where it is going so far. I think Uncharted is an over rated series even though I haven't finished 2 and played 3 yet. I am sorry if it seems like I am bashing the series but I am just stating how I really feel about the game. I shall give it more time and patience by continuing with 2...
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on February 1, 2011
This game was one of the early PS3 games released, yet I only bought it not too long ago. The cinematic approach of this 3rd person shooter is great, the story pulls you in (even if it isn't anything new or particularly good). However, big turnoff, this adventure is over way too soon. I finished it in one day, in a total of 6 hours, and I usually never play shooter games. Sure, I was absorbed in it, and sure, it's not easy and I died a lot of times (I think I must have restarted the final boss battle over 20 times), but it is still a really short game without any multiplayer option. Because of this, I'm currently not sure if I'll buy Uncharted 2 or not (even if it has multiplayer, I know I'll only play the game for the single-player campaign and be done with it, and at a 50$ pricetag it's really expensive). Anyway, give Uncharted: Drake's Fortune a try, it's a really good game even if it's short, just try to find it as cheap as you can.
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on December 29, 2007
Uncharted is a third person action/adventure/shooter game.

This game was absolutely fantastic. I'm usually a more slash and dice player - God of War is my favourite. However, I have to admit that I loved this game. First it's gorgeous, second it has a great and entertaining story, third the controls are very smooth, and fourth it is fun! I bought it because I tought my son would love it and so he did - it's his personnal favourite for 2007. I did not really thing I would like it because I just don't like shooters (especially first person). But Uncharted has really changed my mind about them!

The only reason why I did not give the game a full 5 stars (although I would have liked to have given it 4 and a half) is because sometimes there are just too many enemies popping up, making it very hard at times.

However, it is amazing fun so I recommend it!
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on July 16, 2011
I had only heard of it and read reviews when I bought that game and I'm so glad I did buy it. It starts with a funny CG sequence and you're thrown in this intriguing action-packed game/movie right away. It gets you hooked and you'll keep asking for more. The game is quite forgiving, so even if you're not the best at shooter games, you'll still be able to go through the game on hard mode. If you only want to go through the game and enjoy the movie scenes, you can do a speed run on easy. If you want to have fun, smile and laugh while playing your games, this one is a must buy!!

Oh and if you're a PS3 trophy hunter, this game shall add a couple of trophies to your list, but you'll still have to deserve your platinum ;)
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on April 14, 2010
I purchased this in the bundle with a Shock 3 controller. ( $6.00 for the game) :)
I started playing 1 month ago and should finish in the next day or so.
FUN! FUN! FUN! The visuals are incredible as is the soundtrack. The best I've played or seen.
I really like the Silent Hill series ESPECIALLY because of the environments and textures. This game is superior to those in this aspect. The most fun I've had shooting and dying! :)
IT IS Fun! The best adventure I've had.

Dunn nun nah......... nah..........nah.........nun nun na na nu nah....................
(soundtrack music)
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on February 15, 2013
A lot to do, great story and caracters, great action sets. Lots of vehicles. Lots of funny puzzles.

A little short though. Very beautiful game, I was charmed from beginning to end.
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on May 3, 2013
Sure it's not as good as it's 2 sequels, but it's the first game in one of the best ever series on PS3. If you haven't played it, it's never too late.
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