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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 15, 2009
Vampires are cool as hell ... again. This series resurrects the Vampire theme, making Vamps fun and sexy and interesting again. Had never heard of the series when I stumbled across this box set. Can't believe that something so fast and fun and sexy was cancelled so quickly. I'd buy more if there were more. Loved the P.I. Vampire idea, loved the performances and ... well, nothing sucked!
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"Moonlight" begins with a laid-back vampire PI being interviewed in his mind, defining what about vampires is legend and what is real. "I don't hunt innocents. But there's predators out there that need to be dealt with."

It's a quirky reversal of Anne Rice tradition, and it sets the tone for a very unique blend of vampire tale and urban mystery -- and sadly it ended too soon. Especially since Alex O'Loughlin is an absolutely inspired vampire detective, and the quick direction, good CGI and snappy writing save this from being another cheesy vampire story.

Mick St. John (O'Laughlin) is a vampire detective in L.A. -- where there has recently been a vampiresque murder of a college student. But though the student was obsessed with vampires, Mick soon realizes that she wasn't murdered by one. And with the assistance of Beth Turner (Sophia Myles) -- who insists he looks familiar -- Mick uncovers a weird little vampire-obsessed cabal at Hearst college, and a professor whose infatuation with undeath goes beyond mere fanaticism.

And there are plenty of other nasty cases -- an ex-con gunning for the vampire detective, a forced stay in the desert, "Black Crystal," a feral newbie vampire, a hooker-killing teenage vampire, a supposedly-dead cult killer, a killer gang going after Beth's boyfriend, a Hollywood starlet, an attempt to kill Mick's mentor, and a vampire who threatens to "out" every single vampire in L.A.

But no vampire story is complete without the nasty pasts and romantic tension -- Beth discovers Mick's true nature, and finds herself drawn to him until she's hit by a terrible personal tragedy. And Mick is confronted by a woman who looks suspiciously like Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon) -- his dead ex-wife, and the woman who made him a vampire.

Most vampire stories, whether on TV or in movies, are so abysmally cheesy that you could slice them up and serve them with wine and crackers. Fortunately "Moonlight" succeeds in being quite a bit better -- not a lot of vampiric superpowers (beyond enhanced senses and healing), fangs and glowing eyes. The writers even poke fun at some of the old cliches ("Garlic... is good on pizza").

The weakest part of "Moonlight" is the crimes themselves -- most are fairly ordinary murder mysteries. But the series does succeed in balancing out the vampire stuff with the private eye plots, and as the series winds on and becomes far more complex, the vampiric element becomes more essential to every story. Quick swooping camerawork, fast-moving plots, some nice nasty action.

And these vampires are done with tongue in cheek, whether it's their un-cliche living conditions (sleek minimalist apartments and mansions) or their easy use of modern technology ("If I hadn't become a vampire I would have missed out on the Internet, TIVO, World of Warcraft and GPS").

That slightly offbeat style is helped by the dialogue ("Can you fly?" "Just like Superman." " Really?" "No.... it would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?"). For the record, the best lines are all from Josef ("Well, the blood lust can be pretty heavy when you're first turned. And you could really lose it. I know I did. Damn, those were good times!").

Alex O'Loughlin is excellent as a vampire PI haunted by his past and his vampiric nature ("monsters don't get happily ever after"), but handling it with a wry sense of humor, brains, and enhanced senses. He even goes through some ups-and-downs that most fictional vampires don't, such as temporarily becoming sort-of-human, but fortunately O'Laughlin keeps him from becoming emo.

Myles is pretty decent as the pretty reporter who begins to wonder if a human and a vampire can find love, and Sossamon is brilliant as the mysterious Coraline. And Jason Dohring absolutely steals the show as the witty, happily amoral Josef ("She's delicious. '82 was a good year"), who nevertheless has his own sad past.

"Moonlight" manages to avoid the cheeze factor, and this all-too-brief series succeeds in being a unique blend of vampire love story and murder mystery. Definitely worth seeing.
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on March 11, 2009
I was lucky enough to see Moonlight from the start. This was a show that stuck out from the rest, with a unique take on an age old story.
The talented cast made it easy to relate to, and care about the characters. There's a wonderful mix of action, romance, dramatic mood and lighting, and even a bit of humor, to lighten things up with great timing. This was a great love story, with interesting plot twists that left us with some questions when the show was cancelled all too soon.
If you like vampires at all, or just love a good love story, a great escape, than you will love this show.

I was hoping for a little more from the DVD. There are virtually no extras, and you think they could at least scrounge up some behind the scenes moments, bloopers or ad clips. I suppose with the way the network and studios treated us fans, we should be happy to get this DVD set at all.
Widescreen TV viewers like me will appreciate that the show is displayed in its widescreen TV format.
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on February 9, 2009
What can I say.
This show rocks!
The storyline it imaginative and interesting. The actors are ALL superb and outstanding. They bring a depth of emotion to these characters, you can't help but feel a connection to and ultimately fall in love with.

I believe CBS did a huge mistake by cancelling this show.
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on January 13, 2009
I managed to see most of Moonlight - at least from the beginning - a couple of the later ones I did miss and still regret it.

A really great program - from someone who rarely watches TV, that is a good recommendation - I still can't believe that CBS (have I got that right?) canned the show. I actually stopped watching TV again because of this.

So, hopefully some kind person may even bring out a film later?!?!

My feeling is - if you can - get the DVD - then you can watch Moonlight more that once as I have every intention of doing so.

I wont give any details away to those who have not seen Moonlight - but again take it from me - Moonlight is a show worth seeing more than once!
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on March 26, 2011
A group of friends persuaded me to see Moonlight and to be honest I had no idea what to expect until I began to watch the series. I give full credit to the performances by talented actors Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles and Jason Dohring for their incredible portrayals of characters Mick St. John private eye turned vampire, Beth Turner, reporter for media Buzz Wire and Joseph Kosten, wealthy finance honcho,and wonderful friend to Mick and Beth.

The series wins PCA award for 2008 and I can truly understand why. Without giving any of the story away all I can say is that ever since I laid eyes on it on DVD for the first time in March 2011, I can't begin to express a regret that this beautiful show had such a short life-span of 16 wonderful episodes to live.

Despite the shortness of the series, you will delight in getting all the unanswered questions answered in the 16 episodes - does it leave us wanting more - absolutely. I would give this show a 10 star rating for excellence. For someone who is as picky as I, this is a treasure that I won't be letting go any time soon, and no amount of money will let me part with it, I love it that much.
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on December 28, 2010
I wasn't sure I was going to like 'Moonlight'. I went into it prejudiced against it because it was based on one of my favourites: 'Forever Knight'. But 'Moonlight' managed to win me over. I like Alex O'Loughlin's conflicted portrayal of Mick. Sophia Myles did a great job as the love interest/damsel-in-distress, and Jason Dohring elevated to series to a whole new level once they began to develop his character, Joseph, into a third lead. I loved that the love interest loved the vampire. For once, it wasn't all about how to cure the vampire so he could love the mortal. Don't get me wrong...there's some of that, but Myles' Beth makes it pretty clear she'd go over to the vampire side anytime. Thanks to the writers/producers, who managed to wrap it up in a mostly satisfactory way, in spite of only having one season to do it in...we're not left hanging. This one-off little series had a lot more storyline left to go, but I recommend it to all of the vampire-philes out there because it has a strong cast, solid story, and it's lots of fun.
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on March 19, 2012
I purchased this series on speculation only, but I am not sorry that I did. I watched the entire series over a weekend - one of Alex O'Loughlin's best!!
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on January 1, 2012
I was having issues finding this box set in time for Christmas and I was thrilled to see that not only did this seller have the set for the series, they had it at a competitive price that I was more than happy to pay.
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on April 5, 2009
Moonlight was an excellent series. Too bad it lasted only one season. Set is slightly dissappointing only because they didn't include any extras at all.
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