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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 19, 2007
Well, it seems that Harry Potter is now only a money-pumping machine! It has lost its style and its need to create long movies based on long books. Like you all know, this installement is the shortest, based on the longest book... That tells a lot. The fact that producers also change the director after only one movie also tells how Harry Potter has lost its soul.

I do not read the books, I don't care about them, but when I watched this movie, I felt it was missing something. It was empty, like a cake made entirely of icing... but no cake. Icing is good, but you need cake because you get tired of icing. This movie was 100% icing! I'm not kidding. I feel like this Harry Potter is completely irrelevant, it has no storyline at all and you fell like after the movie, you are at the same point as you were before, only with an angrier Harry who is about to pop and kill someone or start taking drugs!!

Lots of beautiful CGI of course and cheap and short apperances by characters who look like they should be more important, like Malfoy who appears to only be in 2 scenes and countless others who only get screentime to remind you that the actor still plays the character... kind of like Eugene Levy in the "American Pie presents ..."

Now I heared that David Yates is directing the 6th Potter movie, fingers crossed for it been longer and more interesting than cheap poppups of Voldemort and Harry freaking-out for 2 hours!

Like it started with the Goblet of Fire, there are two DVD editions, the one you can rent, with no bonus features at all and the 2-discs special edition complete with bonus features, only available to buy for $30

Of course, any fan of Harry Potter will get this one anyway so what can I tell you? Buy it, but get the 2-discs edition!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 16, 2007
Yep Mr. Little has returned and the minister of magic (Robert Hardy) refuses to believe this. Of course everyone sides with the minister against Harry and his closest friends. Dudley (Harry Melling) practically gets sucked to death and the Dursley's (Fiona Shaw and Richard Griffiths) get a new flat screen T.V.

The story plods along and leaves out key information revealed in the book. Every character stares at their feet and counts from one to ten before making their calculated statements. The film carries the story forward but does little to contribute other than a prophecy which takes all of five minutes.

I do have to say that there was one good exception Helena Bonham Carter made a believable Bellatrix Lestrange the crazed dispatcher of Neville's parents.

In place of story and acting we have lots of CGI filler. The graphics are par with today's technology with the exception of the department of mysteries; that location looked so phony that you would think you were watching Saturday morning cartoons.
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on December 3, 2014
Comme pour tous les films de Harry Potter le livre est bien meilleur, mais la série reste super le fun à regarder. Les acteurs sont moyennement convainquant, mais ça s'améliore plus la série avance.
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on June 30, 2008
Currently there sits only one other review of this, which gave a bit of an unfair score.

If you are a fan of the books, Do not expect to see this and come away as pleased as you were with the book. It just isn't possible. JKR wrote an amazing piece of fiction with her Harry Potter series, Order of the Phoenix being chief among them.

But you simply cannot translate a Harry Potter book to film with as much detail as fans of the book want. You cannot do such a feat in such a small amount of time. Perhaps the Harry Potter series would have been better served as a TV series.. But alas we will never know. Although I will still dream of an HBO Styled Harry Potter.

However after going through a very negative experience with the first film. Although after a couple watches my initial opinion of The "Sorcerers Stone" has improved greatly. I had to adjust my expectations. As A fan of the books I remember when watching the films. All the little nuances that make The Harry Potter series great. The films unfortunately almost always cut at least half of those out. You lose most of the supporting cast. Which with talents like Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Gary Oldman, Ralph Fiennes etc. Is a shame, but necessary. Fans most identify with The trio, so that for the most part that is where the movies focus.

Although It seems that Order of the Phoenix has even less of the supporting cast then the other adaptions have.

So after experiencing my surprise at just how much was left out of the first movie. Then going through it again with Chamber of Secrets, and again With Prisoner of Azkaban. My expectations changed. When that happened my enjoyment grew.

If you sit down and nit pick as a fan of the books, you will despise this film. But your missing out, allow yourself to enjoy it. Instead of acting as if it's a personal offense to you that they left something out.

So when It came to Order Of the Phoenix. I was fully prepared for what I got. Which was an extremely condensed version of The book of the same name. But it was still good.

So to me, this was of course, not as good as the book. But it was another glimpse into a world. To which I've only seen in my mind.

So For fans of the movies alone, they will have no problems here, if you liked the first four you will like this one as well. For fans of the books first and movies second. Just watch it with the knowledge that it is not the experience you get from the books. You will watch this and go.. hey.. Wasn't that supposed to be? Or when did they add that? Wheres that plot? How come they didn't show this? You just have to let the movie do it's thing. You should be used to this by now anyway.

It only adds to it the experience to see it In full 1080p HD. There are plenty of things In the Harry Potter universe which are just enchantingly beautiful. Although Order of The phoenix is a very dark and gray movie for much of it. There is also plenty of brilliant colors. Blu Ray adds a shimmer that Hogwarts certainly wears well.

Although aside from the paint job the BluRay itself doesn't add much when concerned with added features. These studios need to get on the ball with bonus material. Blu rays have gigantic amounts of space, use it.
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