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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on March 16, 2004
4.5 stars. Rob Reiner continues his winning streak with this romantic battle of the sexes. His previous two films garnered critical praise and also a loyal following of admiring fans. Check out this list of films he directed before this box-office hit: "Spinal Tap" 1984, "The Sure Thing" 1985, "Stand By Me" 1986, "The Princess Bride" 1987, then this film in 1989. He switched gears in 1990 to direct the unnerving "Misery," starring Kathy Bates, then finally the wave of commercial success ended after the 1992 film, "A Few Good Men." After that, however, his work is hit-and-miss. So, with this film he can be seen at the top of his game, his enthusiasm echoed in the performances of his actors. Speaking of acting, I'd like to point out that Billy Crystal can't act. At the very least, he has an extremely limited range of emotion. Case in point: the scene in this film where the four lead actors are arguing about a wagon-wheel coffee table. Billy Crystal does what the late Walter Pidgeon used to do, and it fooled many a viewer into thinking he could act. Instead of showing emotional range through subtelty or genuine expression he would simply raise the volume of his voice. I'll speak LOUDER to show I'm angry! I have to admit that, with the right material, Billy Crystal can be very funny. He is a comedian, not an actor. Meg Ryan, on the other hand, has a much broader range of emotional capability. Not to mention, she is at her most charming here, arguably the peak of her popularity. At the time, she was a serious rival for Julia Roberts as America's sweetheart. This film is a reminder of just how attractive she was. Her intelligence, beauty, and brilliant comic acting is a highlight of this film. I dare anyone not to laugh at her scene in the city diner when she gives her performance of a fake orgasm in full voice. Not only is the scene incredibly sexy and funny, but it ends with one of the most memorable punch-lines in cinematic history. I can't finish this review without mentioning the screenwriter, Nora Ephron. Her work here is a tour-de-force of wit and an authentic clash between men and women; how they sometimes gel, while other times they bump heads. Frequently, they do both at the same time. Her script was nominated for the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, and in hindsight probably should have won. "Dead Poets Society" walked home with the award. Except for Billy Crystal's limited emotional range, this film would have received a 5-star rating from me. However, he is passable in the more comedic scenes, while Meg Ryan absolutely glows here. The script is sharp, the direction is solid, and the end result is one of memorable comedy. This is an excellent edition to any DVD library. Thank you.
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on March 13, 2004
I think every girl would! This has to be one of the greatest romantic comedy movies ever - if you haven't seen it please watch it. I will hold my hands up, and admit, the first time I watched it, I found it immensely boring, overly long, and the couples talking about the relationships interspersed throughout the movie generally annoyed me. (They will make sense at the end)
There are a lot of good points in this movie, for both guys and gals to know. So it's not just a chick flick, guys will get an insight into girls minds (yes, we do fake it occasionally) and girls will get an insight into guys mind (they want to sleep with every girl they see). So maybe that's a bit sexist. Tell me something that isn't.
On the second watching, I found myself really enjoying this movie. I find myself identifying with Sally - I am actually one of those annoying people who checks there is letters in the envelopes, and that the envelopes are stamped before putting them in the postbox! Embarrassingly enough, I do that. Plus the film is so romantic. No doubt some stone hearts won't even be able to shed a tear out there when the finale is all happy.
I hope one day there is a special edition of this out someday. (There is currently a 10th Anniversary Special Edition out of Sleepless In Seattle) But there are some good extras on this anyway - audio commentary by director Rob Reiner, 7 minutes of never-before-seen footage, making-of documentary featuring interviews with Rob Reiner, Nora Ephron, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal and a boring (am I the only person who can't stand him?) music video by Harry Connick Jr.
Of course, everyone knows this movie for the infamous fake orgasm scene, which Meg Ryan performs quite brilliantly. All I can say is I wish it were that easy! Meg is probably sick to the back teeth of hearing about that scene, and wishing she'd never done it, cos that's the scene everyone automatically knows!
Meg Ryan recently I've found has got fed up of her goody two shoes image, and has left the rom-coms behind. She's recently been seen looking very suspicious of having surgery on her normally skinny lips. And Billy Crystal just looks old.
This film is a pure classic. It has a lot of extremely quotable lines, and makes you go all gooey inside. A must have for any collection.
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on February 24, 2004
This truly is one of the greatest films of all time. The script is magnificent, the characters are brilliantly played, and the chemistry is awesome between every single character. It's not often that a movie, classed as a romantic comedy, is so thought-provoking and hits the nail right on the head when it comes down to the relationships between men and women- whether married, dating or just friends.
Can men and women ever be friends? That's what Harry and Sally debate. He says no way (unless they are both involved in relationships, to which Harry goes on about in an airport) She says of course. Two people have never been so perfect for each other, but they ignore this because she doesn't want to fall for Harry the Cynic and even though he believes men and women can never be friends, he truly wants to believe that they can actually be just friends-- no sex intended.
Anyone who has a question about their relationship can refer to this movie. It's funny, quick witted, and the revelations the characters come up with about relationships are completely true.
This is simply a pefect movie. It avoids the BS that alot of other movies don't and stays away from the cliches that are all too familiar in romantic comedies. SEE THIS MOVIE!!
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on November 26, 2003
I must admit, I got the title for this review from my wife, who long ago claimed "When Harry Met Sally" as her all time favorite and the best movie she had ever seen. When we were dating, I had to watch it and pass the test-- if I didn't like it, well, that would be the end of me.
But I did like it- a lot. The movie centers around Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan). We see them meet in 1977, when Sally is taking Harry from Chicago to New York as a favor for her friend (also Harry's girlfriend) They begin a conversation almost immediately after the trip starts where they discuss death, classic movies (Casablanca is discussed and even a section is shown throughout the film), and the ultimate question- can a man and woman be just friends?
The movie really is about answering this question. Crystal's first response is that it is impossible because "the sex thing always gets in the way". We see Harry and Sally five years later, in an airport, and then another five years later when both have seemingly moved on. Of course they will develop a relationship and put those friendship barriers to the test.
What makes this film so much fun is the frank way director Rob Reiner expresses what the average man and woman think about certain situations. Crystal is the everyman, who gives the typical chauvenist slant on all things, while Sally is as high maintenance as it gets, just watch her order something in a restaurant. The dialog never gets old, and you will find yourself smiling at the lines, probably remembering a time when you felt exactly the same way. Maybe that time is right now.
Both Crystal and Ryan are fabulous here, in roles that fit them perfectly. Ryan has never looked better. Along for the ride, providing valuable supporting help are Bruno Kirby and Carrie Fisher. Harry and Sally try to set each other up with these two, but they find that they are perfectly suited to be together and go off alone, eventually getting married.
As for the movie's most famous scene, Ryan's fake orgasm in the diner, it's a classic of course, and the movie is worth taking a look at if only to see it. Crystal's face is priceless while she is going at it. One funny piece of trivia--after she is done, an older woman remarks that she'll have what Ryan is having. Who is the woman? Director Reiner's mommy!
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on December 26, 2003
"When Harry Met Sally." What can you say? It's the quintessential romantic comedy. Compared to most of the crap that gets put out these days, however, I really enjoy this film. Billy Crystal's charm and comedy manage to keep the movie light on its feet and prevent it from sinking into the sappy, melodrama that so many of these films fall right into. Meg Ryan, an actress I have come to despise as a no-talent hack that only knows how to play the hard-to-get snob, is young in this film and brighter than most of her roles. And check out the very uncharacteristic, and very famous, restaurant orgasm scene. It's classic.
The film, in a similar manner to "High Fidelity," explores relationships, in part, from the male perspective-an interesting viewpoint that often gets lost in modern day romantic comedies. You have to see this film-if only to save yourself from the disasters of another "Kate and Leopold."
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Billy Cristal and Meg Ryan are in their peak craft. They made a punch comedy with the challenging question: May two friends of different sex to be great friends without falling in love?
This is a the premise who will allow to Reiner and this cast to make a delightful and sugestive film.
Obviously you will find traces of some films of Woody Allen , but this picture in particular breathes in the purest sense of the world. This is a love story with many laughable and smart situations that (jokes apart), will let you thinking.
Believe me if I say that since Two for the road (Stanley Donen) and Forty carats (Milton Katselas) I'd never seen a film so original and so well made. The orgasm sequence is now a classic!.A film that blends the charisma and the beauty of Meg and the hyper fast mind of Cristal, never can fail. Don't you?
Acquire this one. It's a cult movie.
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on January 19, 2004
This has always been one of my favorite films, which for a guy is tough to admit. The writing and dialogue are superb, and the story is universal: boy meets girl, girl hates boy, they become friends and then fall in love. The backdrop of NYC, at it's finest, adds to the flavor of the movie, and Crystal and Ryan disply true "chemistry". The bonus features of the DVD are limited, yet enjoyable. The deleted scenes were deleted for good reason, but seeing director Rob Reiner and writer Norah Ephron discuss the origins of the film is entertaining. A Harry Connick, JR. video is also included.
I've seen this movie countless times on TV, but the DVD is worth having for the richness of sound, and of course, without any editing. If you're looking for a movie to view with that special someone, When Harry Met Sally is a can't miss winner.
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on December 9, 2003
You know how you just have to say a certain line from certain films and everyone present knows exactly which film you're talking about? Just try saying "I'll have whatever she's having" in a crowded room during a cocktail party, and you'll have everyone's undivided attention. It all stems from Meg Ryan proving (in a crowded restaurant) to Billy Crystal that she can fake an orgasm.
She does.
Nora Ephron wrote the screenplay, and it's a winner, pairing Crystal and Ryan in a work of comic genius. They play longtime platonic friends coaching each other in and out of relationships with others, all the while skirting around the fact that they have much deeper feelings for each other. It's a real winner.
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on February 12, 2009
I love this movie!! So funny, a classic. My only complaint is that the paper case the movie came in was torn and wrinkled - probably a problem with packaging.
But yeah. Great movie. the special features were great too!!
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on August 26, 2008
When I first saw this movie I was speachless... today... still speachless. The chemistry between Harry & Sally is simply irresistable! Great movie about men & women relashionships.
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