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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on March 26, 2016
This product seemed to be ideal - compact for a counter-top, multi-functional, attractive design. I've used it mostly for grilling steaks and burgers. It works very well. But after time I found that a) the grills don't clean well and the surface erodes; and b) the plastic tabs that govern the removal of the grills break off because - they're cheap plastic. I expected greater durability. It's good for only a couple of years of repeated use.
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on December 19, 2014
Nice griddler and panini maker. Heats fast, temperature seems to be very well and evenly distributed throughout the plates. I'm not sure I understand the difference between setting the degrees temperature on one side vs the "low, medium, high" on the other side, but I've used both (depending on what the recipe called for). I really like the reversible plates and the fact that they are removable. Allows me to cook a wider variety of foods and clean up is much easier.

I only wish the plate surface area was a little bigger. It's sufficient for 2 people, but for 4 people it would not be sufficient to do everyone's meal at the same time. Also, I wish the top plate raised a little higher, which they could probably do by making the thick wire at the back (connecting the two halves) just a half inch longer. I've had trouble getting some of my big paninis on ciabatta bread under there.

However, overall I like it and am happy with it. We've been able to eat new foods I've never been able to make before, and I would purchase it again. I bought it on sale and consider it good value for money at the sale price. I'm not sure it would be worth it at full price.
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on April 24, 2016
I got this item for Christmas as I enjoy making waffles for my family in the mornings. After about 2 months of flawless use the Plates seem to have worn off their no stick coating and now it ruins waffles by sticking no matter what I try to do to prevent it. Furthermore this was my 2nd unit as the previous one had 30 degree temp variance between the top and bottom plates. This is a cheaply built unit that has given cuisinart a bad name.
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on May 23, 2014
We bought this to replace an older model of grill. This one is so superior it's amazing. The appliance is easily changed from a contact griller to a panini press to an open grill or pancake griddle. It has separate heat controls for the various configurations. The plates come out easily and are dishwasher friendly. They have a really effective non-stick coating. This model has an integrated drip pan which is an improvement over the original ones that were separate cups. We also purchased the waffle plates. They make 4 good sized waffles at a time. They are well designed with a wide border around the waffle area to prevent spills. The only feature that this model doesn't have is a timer. Considering how well it works i would say this is a very minor item.
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on December 13, 2015
Worked as advertised right up until it stopped heating up after about 2 years.
I think I'm pretty good at troubleshooting appliances but this one defeated every attempt I made to diagnose the problem.
And that's the main problem with these type of units. They cost a lot to buy but if something goes wrong... as it surely will... it simply isn't worth the hassle, time and expense to repair them.
I wouldn't buy another Griddler or anything like it... there are just too many other ways to cook a steak or hamburger that I already own... like, a frying pan or broiler in the oven. One of those always works... and costs me almost nothing to use.
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on March 28, 2016
Excellent griddle for the price. Great for panini's. So far we love it. Caution of hot surface. It is not like some of the molded plastic type covers. The metal top does get very hot so be cautious when cooking.
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on January 16, 2016
Works pretty well but the only downside is, is that it feels cheap.
It's not very heavy and doesn't seem like that good of a panini press.
The grill worked well for grilling pineapple, but even that took awhile because the heat was uneven.
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on May 25, 2014
I chose the Griddler because I was looking for a non propane stove to use while traveling in a RV. Unfortunately, I am having problems maintaining a steady heat level for either of the 2 dedicated thermostats for the Grill and the Griddle. Simply cooking eggs and bacon has proven to be a very frustrating experience. The fact that I threw away the box and the requirement to pay for shipping, likely means I am stuck with this lemon.
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on December 11, 2014
This is about the best sandwich press I've tried and I like the fact the grill plates can be removed for cleaning. Opening it up to lay flat is a bonus however I did find that it was not quite hot enough to grill veggies. We try not to use our stove as an energy saving strategy and look for other cooking methods, e.g. Toaster ovens and the Cuisinart griddle. However if you use it for meat (pork chops or chicken breast) or grilling veggies, it just takes a bit longer.
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on February 27, 2015
I love this thing! Steaks! Chops! Kebabs! Paninis! Veggies! Bacon & eggs! Pancakes! English Muffins! Sausages! What doesn't it cook? Okay, I haven't found a way to make soup on it - yet! I could go on, but this grill is good looking, super-easy to clean (plates are dishwasher safe) and the cord stores well in the back. It does have a sizable footprint, but it's less than the Hamilton-Beach it replaced and about 5 times better. Watch out though, the stainless exterior gets extremely hot!
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