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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on June 11, 2003
Better than season 1? I think so. Why even bother with network tv shows anymore, more importantly "cop shows." After watching The Shield and comparing it to all the other "cop shows", I found myself wondering why anyone would bother with anything else. Simply put, The Shield cannot be touched! I think a lot of people did not watch the show at first, me included, because it looked like just another drama. Surprise, surprise! The comedy elements of the show are what put this show ahead of every other. Don't get me wrong, the in your face violence is awesome as well. I find myself wondering what more can go wrong for Vic and the strike team in every episode. How many more problems can they get themselves into. And most of all, the interesting ways they temporarily get out of them. Check your morals at the door and bring your sense of humor. Can't wait for season 2 on dvd to come out and season 3 sometime this fall.
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on September 28, 2003
The intesity of this series first season was a tough act to follow. On occasion, they didn't quite manage it. But the story arcs of the second season made for riveting television viewing.
When Mackay and Asseveda forge a tenuous (mutually beneficial) alliance, it takes everybody by surprise. Asseveda has his political future to be concerned with, and a civilian auditor who could close the precinct. Mackay has to try and find his family, keep the Strike Team together, rule the streets, and figure a way to take down a drug dealer's money train.
The thirteen episodes in these seasons never seem to be enough. But the creators also seem to realize that it's just enough to keep the viewers happy for another year.
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on September 30, 2003
Anyone who has saw the 1st episode can tell you, " You will love or hate this show." I personally LOVE IT ... All the characters captivate your attention ( with the exemption of Claudette which must be killed ) . Vic Mackey which is the main character with a dark side really wants to see Justice done .. but is tired of the laws that govern the way he must do things. He and his band of enforcers take it to the streets "their way" with some side step Justice .. Some things just work ... The only drawback to this series is the 9 months before another 13 episodes ... Come on Shawn Ryan get a move on ... Spring and Fall Baby !!! Oh and Vic !! Dead men tell no tales , never forget that ...
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on December 4, 2003
This show is amazing. I have to admit however, that I missed Season 1 completely and although I started to watch Season 2, I missed a few episodes in a row so I quit watching it becasue I wanted to see the action as it unfolded, not be informed about who Mackey took a bribe from and then beat up in the "Previously on The Shield..." clips. You know what I mean right? Anyway, I'm going to buy Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD and watch them back to back. The characters are very likable, each with their unique view on how Mackey goes about doing his job. "The Shield" is simply phenomenal. I highly recommend it.
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on July 10, 2004
I have never seen such an action packed show since the "Sopranos". My husband and I are totally addicted to this show. What makes it better is their stories really happens in real life. They did such an amazin job with this show. Everytime we watch this show, there's always something shocking going on. It deals with life's hardcore issues. Politics, power, money, sex, infidelities... you name it, they deal with it! I hope the STRIKE TEAM will keep on strikin' Absolutely wonderful!!!! You have to see this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on March 1, 2004
The Shield is arguably the best Cop Drama show on the Cable! It has become so popular in Canada they have added a 2nd. slot for it and rerun the past episodes on Saturday nights 10 PM and new episodes on Sunday nights 10 PM. For those of you in Canada you can watch it from CH which is broadcast coast to coast.
I watched NYPD Blue for a little while but it was so lame I didn't even follow one season.
This is QUALITY TV! thumbs up and way to go FX and the cast and crew of The Shield!
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on January 18, 2004
There is nothing I can say about The Shield that hasn't already been said by all of the other reviewers. This is and continues to be the greatest show on television. I am not going to right a long review like all of the others did. They have said it all. There are just not enough stars for The Shield. I have been hooked from day one and obviously I'm not the only one. Don't look at these reviews and think that this show is like all the others, because it's not. You can't miss The Shield.
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on June 10, 2004
The Shield's second season did something nobody expected-achieved higher greatness than the first season. Absolutely phenominal series, a must-own boxset.
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on January 24, 2004
This series is absolutely the best I've ever watched on TV and I'm so happy it's available on DVD. What makes it so great? It's intense style and gritty flavor. 2002 Golden Globe winner for Best TV series drama. This is an adult drama that doesn't hold back, not for kids. This is TV at it's finest, movie grade quality. Long live "The Shield". The third season starts tuesday march 9th, 2004 (on FX)... Rock on.
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on February 19, 2004
I watched The Shield one night on FX after hearing some good news. I was amazed. I then watched almost all of season 1 and got the DVD set of Season 1 for christmas. I finished it and was sproud to be a fan of it. I told my friends. I got season 2 and it was even better. There is a great blend of drama and action with the money train and Mackey's family. I cant wait for season 3 on March 9th im expecting great things.
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