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4.1 out of 5 stars39
4.1 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon July 27, 2011
At the time this was hailed as Alice Cooper's "Comeback "album. Trash features an Alice Cooper made for 1989, the catchy commercial songs, the ballads, songs co-written with Desmond Child, and the collaborations with Steven Tyler and Jon Bon Jovi (also Joe Perry, Richie Sambora, Kip Winger and so on) were all attempts to make Alice seem more relevant at the time. The thing is Alice should never have cared about being current or follow trends which is pretty much what he did for "Trash". I can disagree all I want about Trash being a solid return to form but the results are there it did fairly well on the charts and this album gave Alice one of this biggest hits with "Poison".

I feel the opening track and lead single of the album "Poison" is by far the best song here although it's also the most popular. It's just a great big catchy ballad, it helped introduce Alice to a new generation and to this day it's always a live staple in concerts. "Bed of Nails" is in the vein of "Poison" in that it's a slower songs, almost a ballad that rocks a little more than Poison . A highlight of the album. "Spark In The Dark" is catchy and features a riff straight out of Bon Jovi, it's a darker song overall and while it's not the best song here and its subjected to criticism I quite like it. "House of Fire" is a bit more Alice-like and what you would expect from him but is still aimed at being a radio song as most songs from Trash are. "It's Only My Heart Talking" is another ballad, Steven Tyler participates on this one and his presence helps the song and for the time this was a good ballad. I feel those are the best moments here. There are some good moments on Trash but also filler or lesser material like the title track which doesn't cut it in my opinion or even the album closer "I'm Your Gun" which is too pop and doesn't hold up very well over time. Other songs can vary between mediocre to average.

This is the deal with Trash, it's far from Alice's finest moment and it suffers from perhaps too much production and it ends up being more of a pop album. I feel like there's less Alice, it's as if he went into the studio did what he was asked to by the producer or record company.It's truly a product of its time (1989), in fact there are songs that could have been played by just about any other Glam/Hair bands of the era (that said it could be considered a good Glam metal album but its just not really "Alice" which is why some fans were/are disappointed). Alice experimented earlier in the 80's with albums like Zipper Catches Skin, Flush The Fashion and Dada and this one almost does exactly the opposite. While those albums are usually not considered among Cooper's best they were fun experiments and unique to say the least, Trash is very calculated and goes for what's modern and popular and isn't very Alice-like. The album doesn't have an interesting concept unlike most of Alice's albums; the only theme I can find on Trash is love because after all, most of the songs here are love/sexual songs pure and simple. Besides I thought that Constrictor and Raise Your Fist and Yell were comeback records. Yet there are still a few great songs on Trash that makes it worth owning even though it's obviously not Alice's finest record or his best moment.

Needless to say Trash is not Alice's greatest moment. There are few songs on the album that are really good but to be honest there's also filler material and this really isn't one of the best Alice Cooper albums, in fact it's a little far from it. I wouldn't say its "Trash" but it's not a great album either as there is a lot of filler material. This one is for completists and hardcore fans mostly; otherwise I don't think it has much appeal besides "Poison" to the casual listener. Please don't take it as a stab to Alice, I love the man and what he's done, I'd still say it's worth the $6. Trash is I feel, as you may know by now an overrated album.2 /5 stars.
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After the strictly heavy metal n' horror sounds of the previous two albums, Constrictor and Raise Your Fist And Yell, Alice decided it was time to get back to more diverse rock and roll sounds. This time he immersed himself in everything that was cool in the late 80's, and created a theme album about sex. Cooper albums usually have themes -- Alice Cooper in school (School's Out), Alice Cooper in hell (Goes To Hell), or Alice Cooper insane (From The Inside). Sex was a new theme for this character.

Alice teamed up with Desmond Child, champion of many Bon Jovi and Aerosmith discs, as well as Mr. Jovi and Mr. Tyler themselves, among others. The result is what I consider to be a weak disc, dated to the times, with only a few strong songs that have held up over the years. Granted, this is not as weak as DaDa, but it is certainly a nadir.

The first track and first single, "Poison", is by far the best song. It is strong because it is based on the riff, and though it is commercial it is not blatantly so. It has a unique sound to it. It's mostly downhill from there. "Spark In The Dark" is unremarkable, and so is the second single "House of Fire". "House of Fire" at least has a catchy chorus, but it is simply too cookie-cutter. You could exchange it with virtually any single from any band's albums in 1989.

"It's Only Heart Talking", which was not written by Alice, is a decent ballad made more remarkable by Steven Tyler's duet. Otherwise, it is forgettable and inferior to later Alice ballads such as "Might As Well Be On Mars" and "Stolen Prayer". Smash hit, though.

The lyrics to "Trash", a duet with JBJ himself and featuring Sambora on guitar, are so bad it's not even funny. "If my love was a lollypop, would you lick it?" Did Jon Bon just say that? "I'm Your Gun" is hardly better.

Special guests include: Tyler, Joe Perry, JBJ, Sambora, Tom Hamilton, Hugh McDonald, Joey Kramer, and Steve Lukather among others.

One of the more interesting songs that didn't make the album was "The Ballad Of Alice Cooper" by JBJ. There is a poor quality demo of Bon Jovi doing it in his best Alice voice out there. I think it might have been better than most of the tracks on the CD. The Japanese version, however, does have great live versions of "Cold Ethyl" and "Dwight Fry" recorded during this era.

Cooper's albums tend to go in soundalike pairs (Nightmare/Goes To Hell, Constrictor/Raise Your Fist, Brutal Planet/Dragontown). Trash is no exception. Although Cooper realized that Trash was too soft and weak, Hey Stoopid is essentially a brother record to this one. I find it to be much much stronger by comparison.

I would tell fans instead of picking up this CD, to pick up something like Cooper's Classicks instead. You'll get the major tracks from this as well as some rare live ones.

2 stars.
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on July 10, 2004
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on July 24, 2003
In my ever-growing album collection, I currently possess a total of 11 CDs released by the Godfather of Shock Rock. Out of all the records Alice Cooper has written in his career, "Trash" is without a doubt the absolute WORST. Why, you ask? "Trash" is one of the few Cooper records that displays no interesting concept and is poorly thought out. Generally, this 1989 EP is nothing more than an overglosed package of rehashed hair metal fluff. I'm sad to say this, but Alice is trying WAY TOO HARD to sound like either Bon Jovi or Poison's Brett Michaels. The tracks themselves are jumbles of pitifully predictable lyrics about sleazy sex and groupies, while the anthem-style choruses are numbly repeated over and over again. I chose to rate "Trash" 2 stars in response to 2 of its highlights: "Poison" is a decent 80's classic which, of course, rescued Alice from the brink of obscurity, and the tearful "Hell is Living Without You" is definitely the most well written. Unfortunately, there are also songs on "Trash" that are downright AWFUL: "This Maniac's In Love With You," with its infectious dance hook, transforms Alice's demented Dwy Fry character into a terrible joke. "I'm Your Gun" (featuring Kip Winger, of all people) is so sexually explicit that the lyrics sound like a commercial jingle for an adult novelty toy! Again...DOWNRIGHT AWFUL! If you still suffer from 80's nostalgia and miss the Headbanger's Ball, I recommend to you 1987's "Raise Yer Fist" and 1991's "Hey Stoopid." Those 2 albums stand the test of time and officially mark Mr. Cooper reaching the peak of his success in the decade when heavy metal ruled MTV.
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on May 8, 2003
This album of 1989, "TRASH" is ALICE COOPER'S GREATEST ALBUM EVER! I'm a HUGE Alice Cooper fan and I literally can't stop listening to this album. The album itself is addicting! Alice Cooper put his greatest efforts into this album. Together with hit song-writer Desmond Child (Aerosmith, KISS), the two wrote outstanding tunes and smashing hits. Alice also included several guest musicians to appear on the album to make it even more better. The special guests were: Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer of Aerosmith and Bon Jovi.
The opening track, "Poison" is one Alice's greatest hits ever. It opens with an evil guitar squeel and then Alice starts singing the opening lines, "Your cruel device. Your blood like ice. One look could kill my pain, your thrill," in a low evil demon-like voice. The song is ADDICTING! It has an outstanding chorus line and excellent guitar riffs. The next track, "Spark In The Dark" is another excellent piece. It has a good riff and great lyrics. The chorus is very catchy and a is great Alice tune.
The next track, "House of Fire" is like an addition to "Poison." Joe Perry did the lead guitar and background vocals on this tune. It's an excellently written song by Alice. The second chorus line goes like, "Building a house of fire, baby. Buildin'it with our love. We are building a house of fire every time we touch. We are building this house together, baby. Standing on solid ground. We are building a house of fire that you can't tear down." Another addition to Alice Cooper's outstanding ballads is "Only My Heart Talkin'." Alice and Steven Tyler did the vocals together on this MASTERPIECE! Of course we all know Steven is a great singer, especially for ballads. So now we know why Alice chose Steven to sing it with him. The song itself is so UNIFIED and EXTREMELY powerful. It's the perfect love song for any couple.
Another catchy tune is "This Maniac's In Love With You." It's a solid tune with a somewhat catchy chorus. Alice did pretty well on writting this tune. The title track, "Trash" is a really good heavy metal hit. Alice had Tom Hamilton do the bass lines and Joey Kramer do the drum beats. Joey did an excellent job on the drum tracks. Alice sings this song is a really trashy voice which fits the song title perfectly.
An addition to the first ballad on the album, "Hell Is Living Without You" is another ballad classic of Alice. part of the chorus line goes like, "Hell is living without your love. Ain't nothing without your touch me. Heaven would be like hell, is living without you." It an excellent tune. The last track "I'm Your Gun" is an awsome heavy metal tune with VERY LOUD guitar solos an drum beats. Part of the chorus line goes like, "Pull my trigger, I get bigger. Then I'm lots of fun. I'm your gun. I'm your gun, gun, gun." It's a great way to end the album.
The album all-together turned out to be a MASTERPIECE which proved that Alice Cooper conquered Heavy Metal in the 1980's. Alice and Desmond Child did an excellent job writting the songs together. The guest stars of Aerosmith and Bon Jovi really did an EXCELLENT job with Alice helping the album come alive. This is one of Alice Cooper's GREATEST albums of all-time! Buy this album and you'll find out why Alice Cooper is the king of Heavy Metal.
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on January 26, 2003
After the newly reinvigorated Alice came off the tours supporting "Constrictor" and "Raise Your Fist," the time was ripe for not just a comeback. The time was there to conquer. Alice had a new label, Epic, a slew of fans who'd grown up with "School's Out" (Jon Bon Jovi and Desmond Child), and a pack of hired gun songwriters as his support team. The ingrediants were there to make sure that the New Alice was going to fit in with a generation of fans currently lapping up the likes of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi.
The payoff was the biggest single of his career, "Poison," the incredibly profitable "Trash The World" tour, and his best album in a decade. Granted, it ain't "Billion Dollar Babies," but it gave the Godfather of Shock Rock a chance to work his mojo on a new breed of kids and nostalgic adults. Plus he found his way into the movie "Wayne's World." How cool is that?
The only gripe would be that there's a little too much of the BonJovi pop metal here, but pass on that quibble and relish the deliberate tackiness of "Trash" or "I'm Your Gun." Thank God for insured Alice's place in the pantheon of rock to which he is rightful heir.
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on December 11, 2002
Some say that Trash and Hey Stoopid are Alice Lowest. Why? They contain some of his best songs! Who havent heard Poison?
This cd contains some extremly great songs, full of power. "Poison", "Spark in the Dark", "House of Fire", "Only My heart Talkin`" and "Hell is living without you" are superb songs, and makes this one of the classics of the 80`s. Produced by superman Desmond Child, who has worked with Ratt, Alannah Myles, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and many more, this certainly explaines the catchy rock and the great hits!
The strongest combination is on Bed of Nails, written by Alice Cooper, Desmond Child AND Diane Warren, known for many, many hits(Cher and Meatloaf). No doubt I love this album.
The lesser great songs, "Why Trust You", "Trash" and "I`m your gun" are mostly fillers, while "Why Trust you" is pretty decent, "Trash" and "I`m your gun" are...exactly Trash. But hey, 2 bad songs on a record, thats alright!
To be short and Sweet, this is my favorite Alice, Filled to the brim of Power Ballads, not to Heavy but not poppy, he certainly does a fantastic job on this record. It is one of the records you just got to have, not only because it boosts so many hits, but also because of the enjoyable rock he plays, and of Course....It`s Alice.
Dont forget Hey Stoopid, in my opinion a even better record!
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on October 8, 2002
I'm an Alice Cooper fanatic, and it breaks my heart to say anything bad about his work, but this one just doesn't cut it. Alice could always bring his charm to what ever album he did in any given time period, but on Trash he is totally out of character. Unless that's the joke; The Alice Cooper character impersonating an 80s-Bon Jovi like-rock star. However, this is the album that gets the least attention from the cd player(even Zipper Catches Skin gets more!). However, there really isn't anything "Alice Cooper"-ish about this album to me outside his voice. It really hurts me to say this, but this album has probably the worst power ballad I have ever heard in my life(Only My Heart Talking). And this was his highest selling album! Go figure! That's the American public for ya. So, whenever I tell people I like Alice Cooper, I always get, "Oh, he sings 'Poison', I love that song!" Yes, that certainly is a good song, but I hate the fact that it seems like that's the song he's gonna be remembered by. All in all, I don't consider this album to be really bad by any means, I think it blows the doors off of most of the 80s pop bands of the day. I just wish Alice would have chosen a different route is all.
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on October 22, 2001
I've been following Alice for almost 2 years now (I'm 15, don't blame me for being in the wrong generation) and I love everything of his I've heard.... except this one. The initial track, Poison, is as brilliant as when I first heard it in Alice compilations, but the rest of the album doesn't follow suit at all. As much as I love it, you've gotta admit that Poison is a fairly commercial-sounding track- well imagine that but without the typical Alice genius and you have fairly tacky, dated pop-rock, and that's the rest of this album. Seriously, 'House of Fire' sounds exactly like a Bon Jovi track, as does everything else. I dunno, maybe you like Bon Jovi, but that's not what Alice is famous or liked for among many his fans. I know this album needed to be pretty commercial for it to be Alice's come-back, but I think the music suffered severely. If you're planning on getting into Alice buy Brutal Planet or Billion Dollar Babies, and if you want an Alice album with Poison on it, go for an Alice compilation.
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on March 28, 2001
This was the album of the year in my opinion. Whether it was out cruisin' with the guys, or a night in with a chick, this album was playing somewhere nearby. This was Alice's comeback album. 'Raise your Fist and Yell' and 'Constrictor', with their heavy metal crunch didn't make the impact Alice had wanted. Both were excellent albums in their own right, but it was the late 80's. Hair and flash ruled the world, so Alice stuck his hand in to see what he could get. He struck gold. For me, who bought this album within the same week of it's release, it's still very enjoyable even though times have changed. Every song reminds me of a good time, friend, or girl. I love this album, and if I had to be on an island with only 10 records for the rest of my life, I'd include this one.
Poison, House of Fire, and Only my Heart Talkin' were the singles with videos, but the rest of the album is equally good. High points were 'Maniac in love with you' and the closing (BEST SONG) 'I'm your Gun'. Great tour too by the way, saw 'Trash the World' in Tampa Stadium.
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