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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on May 31, 2003
You've read previous reviews with plot synopsis so I won't bore you further. The 16x9 film transfer and DTS audio track are really very good on this dvd. It's a very well crafted mood piece which will transport you back and forth from modern day NYC to a more primitive and creepy New York of the early 1900s. On occasion it takes on the feel of a Sherlock Holmes mystery. A classic it is not. A really good mystery movie it is. Very well acted, it deserves a good look and possibly a place in your collection. Did I say it has a really good DTS soundtrack?
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on July 19, 2004
"The Bone Collector," based on Jeffrey Deaver's best-selling novel, is a gothic suspense thriller that takes the viewer below the streets of New York City, to places dark and chilling, where an evil serial killer does his dirty deeds. Creepy!!
Police detective Lincoln Rhyme, (Denzel Washington is wonderful in this role - but isn't he always?), is considered to be THE genius of forensic science. His books on the subject are mandatory study at the Police Academy. During an investigation, four years before, Rhyme was involved in a terrible on-the-job accident which left him a quadriplegic and bedridden. Attached to life sustaining machines, he is only able to move one finger and his head and neck. He is subject to seizures that threaten to leave him a vegetable. A very angry man, he is bored and, at times, suicidal. Still an official member of the force, his former colleagues visit him constantly and involve him in difficult cases. A new, troubling case forces them to seek his help, yet again.
Rookie cop, Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie), works with the city's troubled youth. By chance she discovers the half-buried body of a powerful New York City businessman, near a railroad track. She, almost intuitively, knows what to do to protect the forensic evidence. Sending a witness off to buy a disposable camera, she takes photos of the crime scene before a rainstorm can wash away the evidence. She then, single-handedly, stops a train to preserve valuable clues. Rhyme decides she has natural forensic talent and demands she be placed on the case. So she reluctantly joins his team. Donaghy does the leg work, connected by a headset to Rhyme, while he instructs her. The two puzzle over clues and work the case from his bedside. And the leg work is brutally grim. This killer, intelligent and demented, thinks up some awful ways to commit murder. The crime scenes are elaborately set-up and clues are purposefully left that would stump the most avid puzzle addict. The gruesome crimes remind me of those in the movie "Seven."
The mystery is intriguing and the forensic work absolutely fascinates. The chemistry between Rhyme and Donaghy is palpable. This is more than a student-mentor bond, although it takes them a while to get the relationship off the ground. He is cranky and imperious - she is just plain ornery. Amelia brings him to life again and he stops contemplating euthanasia. In turn, he brings new energy to Amelia's life and forces her to open up. Queen Latifa (as Rhyme's nurse) and Luis Guzman (as a fellow cop ands friend) are show stealers.
This is no "Silence of the Lambs," but it is good entertainment. The camera gives the ambiance a dark and brooding look and provides some interesting angles. Often predictable, there are still surprises and the growing closeness between the detective and the cop is very well done and subtle. Although "The Bone Collector" is not a "must see," it is certainly an exciting way to spend a rainy night.
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on March 6, 2004
"The Bone Collector" is a good but somewhat predictable thriller that has the good fortune of a good casting director. Don't get me wrong about this movie, it is good, it just isn't one of those super thrillers that catches the imagination which is somewhat evidenced by a fair to midland run in the theaters and on the DVD racks. One major note of caution when watching this thriller; if you're a videophile such as myself and can easily match voices with faces, watching the trailer for this movie will easily give away the killer and somewhat spoil the movie.
Denzel Washington, as usual, performs brilliantly in this film as he does in most films he stars in. I think that when I purchased and watched this particular movie some time ago that it had been the first film that I'd watched that had the ever beautiful and alluring Angelina Jolie in it. I hate to admit it but at that time and upon a second viewing now, her performance in this film is somewhat lackluster which, having watched several of her other movies, is somewhat disappointing, but then again, the role she's taken for this film may have had a lot to do with her performance as her character is a somewhat subdued character in the first place.
Director Phillip Noyce may best be known for such films as "Clear and Present Danger," "The Saint" and "Patriot Games" over this particular film but I would note that he most likely did the best with this film that he could considering the overall predictability of the script.
The Premise:
Denzel Washington plays Lincoln Rhyme, one of the best known forensics detectives who a few years earlier suffered an accident and is now bedridden and seriously considering suicide but for the help of his full time nurse Thelma who is played quite well by Queen Latifah. Angelina Jolie plays Amelia Donaghy who is a street cop that stumbles across a particularly gruesome crime scene and handles it quite admirably until the rest of New York's finest shows up. The detectives handling the case take the evidence to Lincoln for his opinion and he seeks Amelia's assistance in handling the case as he suddenly finds himself leading the entire investigation from his bed and there is a killer out there that continues to murder people and leaving clues...
What follows from there is a respectable thriller of a movie that does somewhat suffer at the hands of predictability which keeps it one notch below some of the bigger thrillers of the last few years. Despite the minor predictabilities I would still recommend this film to any and all who enjoy a "good" thriller. {ssintrepid}
Special Features:
-Spotlight on Location
-Feature Commentary with Director Phillip Noyce
-Dolby and DTS Audio Tracks
-Production Notes
-Cast and Filmmakers
-Theatrical Trailer
-Universal Showcase
-DVD-ROM Features
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on December 26, 2003
One reviewer states that their are undertones of "Seven" in this movie and I think that's an understatement. This movie has the dark mood, vengeful plot, and murky lighting of "Seven," but is not nearly as good.
I will first acknowledge that I have never been impressed by Angelina Jolie, but it was this movie that really made me unimpressed by her and gave me reason to wonder about the otherwise redoubtable Denzel Washington too.
This is a dark, grotesque movie, with unrealistic and stagy murders. The denoument is a joke, with a character that probably had five minutes screen time in the film as the killer. By the way, the clues to who the killer is are all in the opening credit sequence, something that I find annoying in the extreme. You should not miss out on a what is apparently a crucial part of the film just because you had to wait in line for popcorn.
I am saddened that I spent any money at all on this film (at least I went to a discount theatre). If you must see it, rent it, don't buy it. You won't want it sullying the rest of your DVD collection.
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on July 12, 2003
Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington) is a quadriplegic and a former New York cop who thinks he has no reason for living. He is given a reason when he begins investigating a series of murders, along with a female cop possessing a flair for forensics, Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie).
"The Bone Collector" is truly a fantastic film, thanks to many elements.
The story is extremely interesting, and fascinated me from the beginning. As Rhyme and Donaghy desperately try to save lives, they both learn about each other, and realize that they are capable of more than they ever thought possible.
Washington and Jolie deliver powerful, intense performances. Actually, one of the movie's most appealing factors is the undeniable chemistry between the two actors. It is a flirtatious, playful bond that is demonstrated throughout.
Another great component is the score, written by Craig Armstrong. It completely captures the essence of the movie and succeeds in elevating the audience's fear.
The DVD features are adequate, and director Phillip Noyce provides an interesting and informative commentary.
This is simply a great movie.
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on February 28, 2003
Denzel Washington one of Hollywood's Bankable star once again plays the good guy in The Bone Collector. Washington Plays Lincon Rhyme a brillant forensic expert for the NYPD whose carrer is cut short by accident on the job that has left him a Quadriplegic with
life threating seizures. Who with a hot shot rookie cop(Angelia
Jolie) investigate a serial killer's gruessome murders all over
new york city. And that these murders take place in a old novel called The Bone Collector all done in the same ritualitic detail.
Some of the murder were done with such brutality it seems like
the director on purpose wanted the viewers to turn away in complete disgust and think twice before ever setting foot in a
taxi again. By the end the film reached it's viloent conclusion
in Rhyme's aparment where the psycho is gunned down. Along with
other gory thrllers Like "Seven" Or the Classic "Silence Of The Lambs" The Bone Collector Tries to hard to be a in your face type
of film with gross out scenes rather than do something more creative with the script to make it more different. Still Washington puts in a strong, belivable performance can't say the
same for Jolle who i think isn't that good of an actress. Whatever you do don't see this film on a full stomach.
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on February 10, 2003
Denzel Washington stars as Detective Lincoln Rhyme. But Rhyme, being a good and established detective, is laid up for life. Years before the story takes place, he was hit so hard in an accident that his body was almost cut in half. He survived the incident, though he now has to work from his bed with the use of only his brain and his pointer finger. The plot, as noted by other reviewers, is not too original, but the movie does has it's high points.
For instance, the sensual Angelina Jolie co-stars with Washington as she plays Amelia Donaghy. What makes her character so interesting is that she's very good at what she does. Yet, she's afraid to move on due to the fact that her father killed himself doing the same type of work. And throughout the film she is faced with many hardships and danger that she is not used to. What the two (Washington and Jolie) are studying is the recent trend of murders involving small clues that appear to tie together. By now you're probably thinking the plot is similar to that of "Seven" or even "Kiss The Girls"; and for the most part you are right. Again, it's not very original and it doesn't quite compare to either of those two films. But it will keep you guessing. I can honestly say I didn't see the ending coming. And the appearance by Ed O'Neill (aka Married...With Children's infamous Al Bundy) as Detective Paulie is a definite plus for the movie.
To conclude this review, I can't recommend this movie over the much better "Seven". But if you enjoy, as I do, Denzel Washington's movies/work then you'll certainly enjoy "The Bone Collector". I gave it 3 stars for its lack of originality and seemingly 'too happy' ending. It's a good movie and undoubtedly worth a look.
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on January 2, 2003
This is easily one of the best thrillers I've ever seen! Denxel and Angelina are excellent together in this awesome movie. Both put on an awesome performance. This movie will easily ... scare the [daylights] out of you.
Denzel Washington is a crime scene specialist that is forced to retire after a life threatening accident at the scene of a crime. After a very gruesome murder, he becomes intrigued with the officer that is first on the scene to the murder, Angelina Jolie. He tells her that she walked the scene like a special crime unit agent and pulls some strings to have her investigate the murder. After a second horrifying murder, Denzel realizes that they are dealing with a serial killer. The police needing his help, set up shop in his loft and Denzel then orders that Angelina will be the scene investigator. It's a horrifying, freaky, thrill ride from start to finish.
This is easily one of my favorites (behind Silence of the Lambs and Copy Cat). This movie totally [scared me] and each one of the murders is intense, creapy and totally different from the last. I assure each murder will [scare you]. This movie is ten times more horrifying than any other thrill that I've seen and honestly, it was great in that respect because this movie came out kind of in between the whole rebirth of slashers and it was a great throw back from all that stuff.
Angelina and Denzel really show some true ability in this one as well. She totally earns some respect in this one and she really becomes her character. And Denzel, as usual, is great in this one. Along with a great supporting cast, the on screen factor of this movie is also very great.
I highly recommend this movie to anyone that loves thrillers, mysteries and there's also some drama in this one as well. I will say that some of the scenes are very graffic and gruesome but they almost have to be because this movie is a total eye catcher. For some, that might not be your cup of tea because of the blood factor. Here's the way I'll put it, if you thought that HANNIBAL was to gruesome, then the Bone Collector mihgt not be for you. If you're looking for other great mystery thrillers, check out the obvious ones SEVEN, ALONG CAME A SPIDER, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, HANNIBAL and COPYCAT. Either way it goes, I'm sure you'll find one that you'll enjoy.
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on September 27, 2002
This very good film is an old style mystery thriller with a great atmosphere and some fine performances. I had read the Jeffery Deaver novel and enjoyed this tense and exiting adaption a lot. Some things are changed for the film medium, but the essential feel of Deaver's story and his characters are here. It is suspenseful and engrossing, and it begs for a sequel. Everthing else is just nit-picking.
Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington) is having a nightmare when this film opens. He is a cop at a crime scene, a heavy beam falling down on him, nearly cutting him in half and leaving him only the use of his shoulders and one finger. But the dream is a reality, a memory of what happened to bring this famous New York forensics expert to a point in his life when he wants to end it all. He wants to make that final transition and soar with the falcons who nest outside his high rise apatment. He fears that the next siezure will leave him a vegetable, something he can't begin to put his mind around.
When old pal Detective Paulie Sellitto (Ed O'Neill) asks for his help with a murder and kidnapping he begins to use his mind as he once did, thanks to the crime scene evidence procured by young police officer Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie), who had read his book, "Scene of the Crime", and preserved the evidence. The down side is the evidence itself, which tells Lincoln the time and place of the next victim's death, if there is time left to prevent it.
Rhyme is still on the New York Police Department payroll and a whole unit is set up in his place to figure out the puzzle. Rhyme requests the help of the reluctant Officer Donaghy and slowly, as he teaches her by headset how to walk the crime scene grid and find the evidence, a relationship begins to form. It has some stumbling blocks. A request to cut off a victim's hands so they can examine her shackles and the suicide of Donaghy's on the job father all help to form a complex working relationship between the two that by the end of the film may be more.
Add to this a killer who likes the history of Old New York and is leaving them forensic clues to each crime, in essence saying 'save them if you can', and you have a teriffic movie. There is fine support from Queen Latifaih as Rhyme's nurse Thelma and a very funny turn by Luis Guzman as colorful science expert Eddie Ortiz. Michael Rooker nicely portrays a pompous Captain Cheney, who resents the respect the C-4 Quad Rhyme gets from his fellow officers and his use of an inexperienced Donaghy to collect the evidence.
This is an exciting film about the pursuit of a killer by putting pieces of the puzzle together until they fit. He picks up his victims in a taxi and likes things that are old; guns, shackles, newspapers, buildings, etc. But the secret to his crimes may be found in the public library, in an old book about crimes in turn of the century New York. The title of the book, of course, is "The Bone Collector". But it won't prepare anyone for the real motive for the killings or his next intended victim.
This is one for a big bowl of popcorn watched with the lights off. Denzel gives a wonderful performance with his face and his eyes alone. Angelina Jolie does a fine job also, her obvious discomfort at the first crime scene evolving into confidence under Rhyme's intelligent tutelage. The resolution to the crimes is tense and exciting and Rhyme is faced with a personal decision of life or death.
Director Phillip Noyce has crafted a very old-fashioned mystery thriller and the score by Craig Armstrong creates a very suspenseful and at times sad atmosphere not to be forgotten. You'll like this movie a lot. It is definitely one you have to own.....
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on July 5, 2002
same name.
If you have, do not, I repeat, do not plan to enjoy the movie. I've no problem with the scripting changes necessitated when films are made from great books (although they usually don't work!)....but in this case, a truly unique first appearance of Lincoln Rhyme, a quadriplegic forensic specialist, is spoiled by some deliberate and wasted alterations of the characters and the plot.
The changes? Rhyme's nurse in the novel was a cynic, gay harpy...the perfect person to try to control Rhyme. In the movie, a big-hearted, dedicated career nurse is played by Queen Latifah. Why? The ending of the film was completely changed by the scriptwriters, and I urge you to read the novel to see the shocking conclusion that played so much better than the film ended.
I blame Noyce, the director, for the script annihilation, the "too dark" filming sequences outside of Rhyme's apartment, and the waste of a pretty cohesive cast.
I'm giving 3 stars instead of less because the cast does a fine job, and the sets are outstanding. Angelina Jolie may not have been excellent here, in Amelia's first appearance, but you can believe that she would be perfect for the part if filmakers chose to continue the Rhyme theme and film some of the later, greater novels. Supporting players are all strong, and Denzel is outstanding as Lincoln Rhyme, with his electronic life-giving toys, his attitude, and his willingness to give up life as every seizure (well played!) rocks his world. The chemistry between Jolie & Washington is strong and well-played, and, had the film been shot a little differently and been more of a success, Washington might have had the continuous role as Rhyme that Harrison Ford keeps winning in films...oh, well.
Read the novel, but then don't watch the DVD!!!!
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