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4.0 out of 5 stars
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on February 25, 2005
There should be comments to reviews - cuz man alive, the dude who dissed the entire film and then had to bring terrorists into his review is a tad bit critical. Stop smoking the weed...paranoia is getting to you. And when it comes to movies, there's this thing called 'the suspension of disbelief'...obviously something you didn't indulge in when you were a child.
This movie is fun and about as believable as Lord of the Rings...but hey, didn't that get an Oscar? But who cares? Ocean's Eleven doesn't pretend to be a real movie, and that's what's so fun about it. Even actors playing themselves aren't really themselves. As for Julia, I'm not a big fan either, but she did the film (for scale) just like all the other actors for the sheer bliss of working with buddy Soderbergh. If it were a nobody, it wouldn't work. Because who else could play the jilted lover opposite both Clooney and Garcia? Certainly no one as minute as what's coming out of Hollywood today. Not enough screen presence.
This movie is fun. Period. And worth every second.
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on August 23, 2002
The best, coolest, funnest and most enjoyable movie of 2001. It is hard to believe how this movie could've cost so much, but the payrolls where worth it. Pitt, Clooney, Garcia, Roberts and Damon all give excellent perfomances and I haven't even mentioned the supporting actors like Bernie Mac, Carl Reiner and the always talented Don Cheadle. There are also some very terrific cameos by Topher Grace, Barry Watson, Joshua Jackson and more.
The Movie Starts with Daniel Ocean (Clooney) leaving prison after having been there for four years. He Finds Out where Rusty (Pitt)is workin (Hollywood) and Daniel feeds his Idea of robbing three casino's. They Get a Crew of 9 more guy's (which makes 11) who will participate with the heist. Linus (Damon) the rookie is my favorite character due to the fact that he is both cool and a little geeky in the way that he carries batteries around with him. The Casinos they choose to rob (The Mirage, The MGM Grand and The Bellagio) belong to Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) who is dating Tess (Julia Roberts), Daniel's ex-wife. He needs to trick Benedict in order to steal the money and his wife back.
The Dvd includes very entertaining audio commentary from Pitt, Damon and Garcia, The commentary from Soderberg and Williams gets a little boring at times. Don't buy the full screen version. You need to see the beautiful Bellagio casino and hotel. This Movie also has the best cinimatography I've ever seen. It is a must have and it is also a gos thing that they show they high-rollers in stead of the senior citizens in their tight t-shirts playing on slot machines. It is the Stylized version of vegas, I love it.
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on July 10, 2004
Ocean's Eleven is a very cool film that went way over my expectations.It has a great plot and I've heard it's much better than the remake.The dialogue is very smart and witty.That is one thing I loved about the film.The plot is also extremely smart and has a great cast to boost it to big success.I was suprised that George Clooney was pretty goo; I've always hated him since Batman & Robin.Brad Pitt was also extremely well prepared and did one of the best performances in the film.Julia Roberts was also a nice addotion even though I didn't like her work in Mona Lisa Smile.Matt Damon was another great start that finnally finished off Ocean's Eleven.Steven Soderbergh did a great job and I give him thumbs up for that.I loved the big band music and the blues it really added to the classy and elegant feeling of the film.I loved their plans and all the twists and turns that the film took.I love it when films out smart you and this one does a great job at that.The whole cast deserves two big thumbs up.I can't wait to see Ocean's Twelve.If you have not experienced this greatly designed and made film you need top check it out as soon as you can.
Loosely based on the 1960 Rat Pack film of the same name, OCEAN'S 11 is a hi-tech crime comedy that features a top-notch cast. Con man Danny Ocean (George Clooney) has just been released from a four-year jail term and decides that his first order of business is robbing three Las Vegas casinos owned by the slimy Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia). To pull off this nearly impossible task, he quickly assembles an eclectic crew--including a card shark (Brad Pitt), a pickpocket (Matt Damon), an explosives expert (Don Cheadle), and an aging gambler (Carl Reiner)--and seeks financial backing from a freewheeling casino mogul (Elliott Gould) who holds a grudge against Benedict. However, it soon becomes apparent that Ocean has more at stake than money and his newly found freedom--his ex-wife, Tess (Julia Roberts), just happens to be Benedict's new girlfriend. Can Ocean steal back Tess's heart and more than a hundred million dollars at the same time?
"A simple plan with a straightforward execution."
-- Jeanne Aufmuth, PALO ALTO WEEKLY
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on July 7, 2004
Some people are really taking this movie way too seriously, but I am glad that I read many reviews on this site before taking a chance on it on DVD as I did not get around to see it when it first came out.
Where do I start with this ultra-cool flick (which by the way is a remake of a movie that I did not see)? I can safely say that it's the most fun I've had seeing a movie in a long time. The cast is sublime and just they sink their teeth into these ultra-cool characters and don't let go until the final frame. I am always impressed by George Clooney's quiet strength and humor, but I was knocked out by Brad Pitt. I have not seen him this self-assured since his star-making supporting performance in "Thelma & Louise". In my opinion, although this is an ensemble cast from heaven, Pitt's role is just to cool for school and with the aforementioned exception, I've never been a big Brad Pitt fan. There is a scene in which Pitt is teaching something (I won't give it away) some current teen stars in Hollywood (playing themselves) that is priceless. The only casting choice that I question is Julia Roberts. She has an amazing stage presence and deserves to be the major movie star that she is, but I just don't see the sparks fly between her and George Clooney (to see an example of scorching chemistry with George Clooney catch "Out Of Sight with Jennifer Lopez, when she was not annoying beyong belief and looked like a really promising actress, but I digress) and this movie is all sparks. However, her relationship with Andy Garcia is believable.
This movie is a hoot and I found myself wanting the movie not to end as it moves at lazer speed but it's not like some movies where the stars are secondary to the screen. Here the effects support the actors and give them a playground. The cinematography is gorgeous as are the director's choices with colors. The scenary is lavish and as is the case with movies from directors like Martin Scorsece, here you never doubt that you are where you are supposed to be. I can smell the money and the Vegas mood in a way that is rarely accomplished by lesser directors.
Possible spoiler: Some reviewers have qualms with a couple of story limitations and I never noticed the first one and there is some validity the comments. With regard to the ending, although part of me wishes that the movie had ended with the group watching the fountains dance; I don't agree with those who claim that the ending is flawed. Do you think that the story really ends that way? I think not, there will be a price to pay and the goons in the car are not going to play nice. I think that the director chose to focus on the dance, while the price that they will pay belongs in a different genre and I am glad that we got all dance.
In a nutshell, if you want to put aside all your everyday troubles and enjoy some well cast escapism performed by actors at the top of the craft and directed by one of the most interesting directors working today, see this movie now. Unlike others in the genre, it does not try to be all things to all people and just focuses on being a thrilling ride. I usually reserve 5 stars to classics, but I give this almost 5 stars because it manages to go exactly what it set out to do and made me want to watch it again as soon as I finished it. Not many movies, if any, have given me that thrill.
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on July 6, 2004
It's not easy for me to review this movie, as I couldn't possibly comment on the likelihood of them accomplishing what they set out to accomplish. But this is fiction, and I expect that Las Vegas casino owners or security personnel who saw this film found themselves rolling in the aisles. That's just my guess.
That aside, this was a brilliantly directed and acted film. It's difficult to direct an ensemble of three characters and have each of them fully realized. More difficult by far to have an ensemble of eleven. But Soderbergh pulls it off admirably.
Casting decisions were also well made. I didn't see the original movie (although I intend to), so I don't know who was who, but it was fascinating to watch Brad Pitt and George Clooney (both often selected or at least short listed as the sexiest men alive) engage in discussion, the camera switching from one face to another. One can imagine half of the women (and some men, let's be honest here) in the audience swooning for five seconds while the camera rests on Clooney, and they the other half swooning for Brad.
Other than Clooney and Pitt, Scott Caan and Casey Affleck (the brothers) had a perfect onscreen banter. You really felt for Matt Damon's character (another sexiest man alive short-lister) when he was shut up in the van with them, and his reason for fleeing. Damon himself demonstrated his usual talent, nervous while being instructed on how to play the role of a Nevada Gaming Official, but playing it perfectly when it came time.
Andy Garcia had just the right amount of frigidity and rigidity, but not enough evincible power.
To me, this was a movie about some the high jinks of the robbery and the comedy that some of these high jinks produced, and the terrific banter of the various characters. The ending was very satisfying, kept me in suspense, and surprised me (I didn't see it coming). This is what movies are supposed to do.
I'm very much looking forward to Ocean's 12.
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on July 3, 2004
It's not often that a remake is better than an this case, it is. There is so much more flair and planning that goes into this than in the original 1960 classic.
But going back to the nut who reviewed this (eleven reasons not to like this).. in case you werent watching the same movie as me, the car freshner of the SWAT car and the one focused on earlier are THE SAME! it isnt a actually a SWAT car, my friend..
The planning that goes into this heist is unbelievable (if you want believable, watch National Geographic) and when things like that work out you cannot help smiling.
This is a top notch movie, with a top notch cast, and flowing, clever dialogue and catchiness to the characters that you'll soon be wanting to start your own band of casino thieves at the end of the film!!
It's a prime example of escapism (who would,in reality, even dream of robbing 3 Vegas casino's in one night!) and great fun for anybody who doesnt take themselves too seriously! It's no epic, but is sure worth a watch (or ELEVEN!)
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on June 21, 2004
I heard a great deal of good things about this movie, probably made me more critical to everything about the movie. Though I did not enjoy some of the movie, the heist scene was a little clever with the whole switching of the money... everything else just was there. The star-studded cast was what helped the movie most; it seemed the characters just being there was enough to help the movie gravitate along. The directing of the movie was horrible... camerawork was random and all over the place and the attempts to put 'creative' work into the movie by the director killed it furthur. Some of the reasons might be straight from the movie... so sorry to anyone who might be detered by this review. But if I can pull [11] reasons not to watch this movie... then ask yourself if it's a movie you really want to watch.
1. The movie was filled with a superb, stellar cast: Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt... imagine the movie with some unknowns or less known actors. Not as good is it?
2. Heist movies are getting very boring. The movies with clever, well-planned schemes to make major heists have been done, and done, and done... but it takes a great writer to make the story great. Take "The Italian Job" for example, an awesome movie about a major heist, where they use the same tactics to steal the money again... hesit movie yes, but idea of heist was original. Come on, a little Chinese guy with no air for 30 minutes snuck into a high-security vault?
3. Character developments were not even apparent... all you know is that Danny Ocean (Clooney) wants his ex-wife, Tess (Roberts), back, Rusty (Pitt) is Ocean's old friend, and most of the other character's have been part of a previous heist group. Where the heck is Damon's character from? He is someone's son, whose son again? There is little character development, if any.
4. The movie was unpleasant to watch, there were so many... 'Why is this going on?' scenes. Many parts of the movie seemed unnecessary to have at all.
5. The director tried too hard, which was very apparent. In one scene I noticed it zoomed in on a car freshener. The green pine-tree freshener. Everytime an object is focused in on; usually there is some relevance to it. So later in the movie it zooms on the same freshener in the S.W.A.T. truck. What was that all about?
6. The weird angles and "artistic" camera work were rather annoying... another attempt by the director to make the movie more original, or interesting to watch.
7. The scene after the heist when everyone is standing there watching the water fountain, and one by one they leave silently... what is that? Another act by the director...
8. There is no way that they could have timed the exact movements of Garcia's character, sure it said that he did everything on the clock by schedule, but a heist is something you cannot plan for. It was all too easy... and timed. Which made it all the more un-believable?
9. If the group was that prepared and went over everything as to even create a mock vault, which was to distract the security but also for practice purposes, how would they not have fresh batteries in the remote for the bomb? And how did that Chinese guy even get his hand stuck? One minute he's planting devices in the wall, next minute he's stuck. He could have just taken off the bandage as well...
10. How in the world did Bernie Mac's character get complete access to the blueprint of the vault and security system? A blackjack dealer getting full access? Garcia's character was also noted to be very exact and all-knowing of everyone and everything in the casino. So how would Bernie Mac, a supposed ex-convict, become a dealer in his own casino?
11. What was the ending about? It said '3 to 6 months later'; when Clooney said the exact same thing for what time he would get out of jail. Garcia's men from the casino are following them... probably a lead into Ocean's Twelve.
2 stars for pulling together a famous cast, humorous heist scene, and for being one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
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on June 12, 2004
The starring role in this movie was perhaps the magic of technology. The action was well paced.
Julia Roberts seemed tired and wooden, as though her personality had been held underwater for the entire film. Her familiar facial expressions in the special features are far more interesting than her performance in the film. She has terrific offstage rapport with Clooney but for some reason that was never captured on film.
Brad Pitt was too perfect and somewhat unconvincing as the professional. He was eating or drinking in almost every scene. How did he avoid putting on twenty pounds while shooting? Perhaps he kept a bucket handy for additional takes.
George Clooney's opening scene is flawless and the lighting is just right. His first line might lead you to believe you would see a performance equal to his superb presentation in Oh Brother Where Art Thou, but it didn't happen. Clooney is capable of more than the script would allow for.
Carl Reiner (Saul Bloom) was marvelous as the High Roller - now there's a fake accent that only a great comedian could produce. Carl Reiner should be in more roles of this type. He is one of the most overlooked actors in Hollywood. If I were a casting director I would be seeking him out. By the way, Carl, you have $20,000 worth of Unclaimed Property on the State of California NUPD website. Go get it!
Elliott Gould was a real treat, and his delivery was on a par with Carl Reiner's. The Chinese gymnast (Shaobo Qin) was very interesting, and Casey Affleck is wonderful as the remote control nerd.
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on May 9, 2004
A Professional Thief by the name of Danny Ocean (George Clooney), who just got release from Prison but he`s planning to do another crime with a foolproof plan, it`s never been done before. So Danny and his best friend (Brad Pitt) need nine different professionals (Oscar-Winner:Matt Damon, Bernie Mac, Elliot Gould, Carl Reiner, Casey Affleck, Scott Cann, Don Cheadle, Ediie Jemison & Shaobo Qin) to masterminding a Major Las Vegas Heist to pull it off. But Danny`s Plan is to Rob a ruthless Casino Mogal (Andy Garcia), who`s keeping company with Danny`s Ex-Wife (Oscar-Winner:Julia Roberts).
Directed by Oscar-Winner:Steven Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich, Full Frontal, Traffic) made a entertaining light comedy caper. This Cast is Terrific (Especially`s Reiner Role), this is in-name only of the 1960 movie of that the Original Rat Pack (Even Angie Dickinson & Herny Silva, who appear in the Original film, which they make a Cameo Apperences). DVD has a sharp anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1) transfer (also sharp in the Pan & Scan transfer) and a terrific Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. DVD has a Commentary Track by the Director and the Screenwriter. Another Commentary Track is by the Stars:Damon, Garcia and Pitt. DVD also has Documentaires, Theatrical Trailers and DVD-Rom Extras. This is Cleverly Written by Ted Griffin (Ravenous), which it has Plenty of Plot Twists & Surprises but at times-the film does have moments slow going. But it`s the skill of Soderbergh`s style & direction makes this film One of the Biggest Blockbusters Hits of 2001 a Winner. Topher Grace, Barry Watson, Brian Green Bush, Holly Marie Combs, Joshua Jackson & Producer:Jerry Weintraub appears in Cameos. Cheadle`s supporting role is Unbilled. Super 35. Grade:A-.
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on April 30, 2004
If you don't believe what a boring dud this is, look at how many used copies are for sale. Yes, Hollywood isn't betting on the fact that over 90% of people are stupid... they're BANKING on it! That's why they make this overblown (in this case with "pretty boys"), ultimately forgettable dreck. This "remake" has precious little to do with the original classic, other than that it's a heist movie. Do these twerps think for ONE insane minute that they are as cool as Frank and the boys?? I mean, Brad "Beaver Chin" Pitt in the Dean Martin role, and that sad*ss Julia "Canyon Mouth" Roberts in the Angie Dickinson part. Gimme a break!! Hey.... here's a good idea: Let's do a remake of "Taxi Driver" with Leonardo De Caprio as Travis Bickle. The producers should have given this movie an original title instead of trying to trade off on a flick that was, and still is, the epitome of "cool." This so-called "remake" is just a harmless yawn of a caper movie that'll be forgotten while the "original" will live on. Just like what happened to "Vanishing Point." I mean, who gives a toss about the 1997 Viggo Mortensen version? Oh well, everybody knows that Hollywood has run out of ideas..... and REAL stars!! Now it's churning out pig-swill for the masses. Stick to the classic!
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