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"Raisins come from grapes
People come from apes
I come from Canada"

(lyrics from "Raisins")

This Canadian alt-rock band scores big with my family with this album of 24 original and hilarious songs for kids. For a taste of the album make sure you watch the video on the Amazon product page for the first track "7,8,9", based on the old pun about a very hungry number seven.

Whether they're singing about ninjas or pollywogs, allergies or the alphabet, BNL never fail to bring a smile to your face with the clever lyrics and catchy tunes.

The ones we really like are "The Ninjas"; "Pollywog in a Bog"; "Raisins"; "The Canadian Snacktime Trilogy ii - Popcorn"; "Allergies"; and "I Don't Like". The one that made me smile is "Crazy ABC's", and I'll list a few letters so you can see why.

A is for Aisle
B is for Bdellium
C is for Czar
D is for Djinn

And further down ....

H is for Hour
J is for Jalapeno
M is for Mnemonic
T is for Tsunami

The one small problem is that there are a few too many slower tracks that are pretty good as folk ballads, but not so good at holding the attention of younger kids. Some of these are "Louis Loon", "The Canadian Snacktime Trilogy i - Snacktime"; "The Canadian Snacktime Trilogy iii - Vegetables"; "My Big Sister" and "Bad Day". The melodies are nice, but will be more to the liking of slightly older folk. (Think Gordon Lightfoot)

One fun bit of trivia is that at the end of "The Canadian Snacktime Trilogy i - Snacktime" various people tell you their favorite snacks, and these people include Gordon Lightfoot, Geddy Lee, Lyle Lovett, Sarah MacLachlan, Jason Priestley, Janeane Garofalo and Weird Al Yankovic.

Light-hearted, punny, clever and very, very entertaining - this is an album the whole family can enjoy and sing along to between giggles.

Amanda Richards
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on June 13, 2008
I can't listen to this record without getting a huge smile on my face; the songs are very catchy and clever, and you can just bet that BNL had a great time when they were making it.

My favourites are, well darnit, I can't pick just one or two songs; they all leave me smiling.

I suppose that I would have to say that the wonderful Gordon Lightfoot pastiche called "The Canadian Snacktime Trilogy" tickles me the most.

I am looking forward to giving this cd/book to my three nieces.
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on July 10, 2008
This disc is an entertaining romp with the Barenaked Ladies. My 11 month old listens quite intently and especially likes 789. My husband and I also find ourselves singing along. I would like to commend the group for their quality lyrics, music and Canadian Pride!
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on November 17, 2008
I picked up this ablum for my 3 year old daughter right before a car trip. The first time through I forgot that it was "her" music and not mine. I've always loved the BNL's sound, and the lyrics on this album, while geared for kids, alternate between humerous, ironic and touching. I wasn't sure that it was "kiddie" enough for my daughter--no syrupy-sweet voices, the lyrics are funny but fast, so you've got to be listening pretty hard to really catch all of them.

Anyhow, three months later this CD is still the one played for every trip in our van. My daughter chants "seven-eight-nine" as we start each trip, and asks to hold the little book with the lyrics so she can turn the pages and look at the pictures which go with each song. She always requests a double play of the popcorn song, and often requests some of the slower songs which surprises me.

I like all of the songs, which range from silly (7-8-9) to touching (bad day) to laugh out loud funny even for adults (crazy ABC's). I highly recommend this CD for adults, and if your kids are open to something a bit different they just might love it too!
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on July 4, 2008
My six year old son loves this CD. He was very skeptical at first but it's the only CD we've been playing in the car for the past two weeks. The lyrics are witty (some jokes and play on words may be too sophisticated for the very young) and the tunes are catchy. You'll find yourself singing along to The Ninjas or to 7, 8, 9 before long!
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on June 12, 2008
This is a fun album, that even my husband and I enjoy. It's probably better for slightly older kids (4+) than the usual Raffi crowd, but my preschooler thinks that 789 is hilarious and my toddler bounces to the Polliwog song. It takes a couple of listens to really enjoy, but now it's the primary choice in our house. Dare I say that even people without kids will enjoy the 'Ladies having fun on this album?!
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on March 23, 2011
Love this.....just listenning to it for the first time with my 14 month old daughter. She has always loved music of all sorts and now we both have a cd we love! This was recommended by a coworker of mine and I am so glad she told me about it. Now I am recommending it to everyone who has children! We should be very proud of these guys for all they have done and for doing such a great job with this album. This is definitely entertaining for all children....big and small! ;)
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on December 26, 2009
If you are a parent who grew up in the 80s, you will appreciate this children's album. The Ladies have made an album that can be appreciated by kids for the catchy tunes and by adults for the pop culture references, puns, and parodies -- everything from the Beatles to CBC Radio (e.g., "The Parthenon's in Greece, or was it in Grease II? I can't keep my movies straight...")

Yes, many of our young friends received a copy of this CD in their stockings this Christmas.
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on April 15, 2013
This is by far our favourite CD for our toddler son. He loves and so do we. It's not only one of the most tolerable kids' CDs but we actually really enjoy it. We have even put it on a few times when our son wasn't around haha. The lyrics are great and original and the songs are all fun. Some of our favourite tunes are: Raisins, Food Party, Popcorn, Vegetable Town, and Crazy ABC's. The best!!
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on January 17, 2011
BNL really showed their creative side recording the CD. Our family enjoys almost every song on this album and our kids started singing along to some chorus's as early as 2 years old. If your looking for a fun family CD that won't drive you crazy then look no further and purchase this today. We tend to listen to the entire CD on each trip to the cottage.
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