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Without a doubt, Shawn Spencer is the public's favorite fake fictional psychic detective. Of course as far as I know, he's also the only one.

But that doesn't stop the second season of "Psych" from being a rollicking good time, full of crazy schemes and baffling murder mysteries. James Roday and Dulé Hill actually become even more entertaining, with less slapstick and more of a reliance on eccentric plot twists, pop culture references, and crimes that get ever weirder.

Shawn (Roday) and Gus (Hill) get swamped by reality pop culture when American Duos comes to Santa Barbara. The cruel British judge Nigel St. Nigel (Tim Curry) hires them to protect him, because he thinks that someone is trying to kill him.

A live wire and a poisoned sandwich later, Shawn agrees -- especially when a drugged-out female judge almost dies. But out of all the people who loathe Nigel, which one tried to kill him? Then the police suspect that Shawn has lost his touch when he announces that someone was killed by a dinosaur, and is confronted by a sexy FTD psychic.

But that isn't the last or least of Sean and Gus's problems -- a chop shop with secrets, bounty hunters, Gus's parents accused of Yuletide murder, jockey deaths and fixed races, nanny-related robberies, electrocutions on the catwalk, and going undercover at a telenovela, a school for the gifted, and a retirement community. They even have a run-in with a wealthy, crazy woman that Gus drunkenly married on spring break years ago... and it turns out her new fiancee is a bit shady.

Finally, Shawn and Gus are pursuing one of their weirdest cases ever. First a security guard is suspected of stealing a 3000-year-old mummy -- but then it appears that the mummy actually murdered the guard. Can Shawn figure out what is going on -- with the mummy murder, the police chief, and his oddly-behaving father?

Although it didn't break much new ground, the first season of "Psych" was very fresh and entertaining TV. Fortunately creator Steve Franks is sticking to the old adage: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," and the second season doesn't deviate from what works -- there's still lots of comedy, spoofery, silly dialogue ("It's spontaneous psychic krav maga!") and enjoyable mysteries.

The first episode kicks things off a bit weakly, since the "American Idol" joke gets stretched out too far. Fortunately the mysteries after that get much more solid, deftly juggling even the funny-sounding plot twists (strangulation by mummy bandage? Refrigeration trucks?). You even get an endless parade of pop culture references, from Michael Jackson to "Shaun of the Dead," James Bond to Gotta love that.

But the best aspect of "Psych" continues to be its kooky dialogue. Usually Shawn provides it ("I hunger for the meatballs the way a jackal salivates for an injured possum"), but other characters get to as well ("Hola. Me llamo Inspector Carlton Lassiter. Me gusta queso").

Shawn and Gus remain an entertaining pair of twentysomething everymen, with Roday continuing to be eccentric, lovably charming and kooky -- although Shawn gets quite a shock in the cliffhanger ending. And Hill gets more attention, with Gus pursuing models and faking psychic powers. We even discover a secret past involving sweater vests, spring break, and a drunken wedding -- lots of fun.

And the supporting cast remains solid -- Corbin Bernsen gets to participate in a couple of the cases as Shawn's hard-nosed dad, sometimes in loud tropical shirts. Timothy Omundson continues to be entertaining as harder-nosed cop Lassiter. And Maggie Lawson rounds off the cast as the "enigma wrapped in a little blonde riddle" who is Shawn's love interest, as well as a counterpoint to Lassiter.

The second season of "Psych" continues the eccentric crimes and equally odd crimesolvers, mingling comedy and mystery with only a couple weak spots. Sweet black licorice!
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on March 2, 2009
Unfortunately we burned through almost all the episodes not long after recieving the dvds -- I sure hope there's a Season 3!! They are witty, fresh & funny -- I love this series!
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James, Dule' and company were really hitting their stride through this 2nd season of Psych. The writers were on point for humor, intrigue and, of course, movie references. The actors had developed great rapport, respect, and affection for each other and it really shined through in each episode.

I loved the Vancouver backdrop and the directors and cameramen really took advantage of every locale available.
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The first two seasons of this show were slow and a little difficult to stay interested but the Gus and Shawn combo kept me interested. I didn't even like James Roday for the role of Shawn at first. I felt it was a bit off, not sure why but as the show matured I really found myself really enjoying his acting. After 8 seasons and watching the musical, no one on this planet could replace James Roday for this role. Gus played by Dulé Hill was my favorite character. His need for food, his sympathy crying and or his "scared" reactions were priceless. Put the two of them together and the show was unique and enjoyable.

I could go in to detail about everyone from Timothy Omundson who played Lassiter, Maggie Lawson who played Juliet and the Chief of police Karen played by Kirsten Nelson and Shawn's dad Henry played by Corbin Bernsen who rocked the father role and throughout the show provided Shawn with valuable life lessons that would help him as he grew up.

The hand to the head or the singing of "Suck it" or their jumping around in excitement over some cases and Shawn's key phrase you'll notice often "I've heard it both ways" made it so fun to watch.

I "marathoned" the show after watching 2 seasons on Netflix and couldn't stop. Not a fan of Musicals and I even watched that. Since then I've been buying up the 8 seasons, musical, Halloween special and the book off Amazon, so i'll probably copy and paste this review on each season.

Hands down my favorite show and highly recommend it! Already re-watching it again with the dvd's i've ordered because I wanted to see the special features and gag reels.
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on February 4, 2013
Great second season! Fantastic guest stars and the writers really had funny ideas to make parodies of genres. Don't miss the bonus!
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on January 9, 2015
Bought it as a gift. Recipient has enjoyed the series and has shared it with others.
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on April 13, 2015
Received on the, in full.
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on September 21, 2015
thank you!
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