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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on July 6, 2004
I Hate The 1980's, The clothes were cheap, the music was cheesy,
and their was too much greed. These are the three reasons why the 1980's was terrible. This is a pointless remake that cares
more about gratuitous violence rather than believable humane characters and a coherent plot. Al Pacino's Cuban accent is so
embarrasingly laughable and phony that it looks more like a Saturday Night Live sketch rather than true Hollywood acting.
You can't feel any sympathy for his mobster character Tony Montana, he is such an arrogant greedy jerk, who treats women in
such a distasteful manner especially his scenes with Michelle Phieffer and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, who plays his sister.
Hollywood five star classics like Raging Bull, The first two Godfather films, and The Wild Bunch are great films that deal with anti-heroes, but you symphatsize with the characters in those films, for they are more than just violence, they have a great deal of substance which includes believable and humane characters, and a considerable amount of plot. This is not even a gangster film, this is not even an anti-drug film, this is a piece of garbage that should not have been made this way. The 1980's was horrible in music, clothes, and personality concerning greed, their were better movies in that decade than this piece of trash. Thank God I live in the new millenium and not in the stupid 1980's which had no internet and DVD players.
The millenium is great for we have technology that's awesome like the internet and DVD players, which the 1980's did not have. If you want director Brian De Palma's best see The Untouchables and Carrie, you want screenwriter Oliver Stone's best film see Platoon and Born On The 4th Of July, in which he was a director by then, you want Al Pacino's best film see Francis Ford Coppolla's The Godfather And The Godfather Part II,
you want Michelle Phieffer's best film see Stephen Frears Dangerous Liasions and Martin Scorsese's The Age Of Innocence, you want Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio's best film see James Cameron's The Abyss, trust me you will be way better off. Despite the fact the 1980's had great films, it had it's share of bad films and the music, clothes, and greed of the 1980's were horrible. I hate the 1980's.
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on July 26, 2010
wow,what a disappointment.i had high hopes for this movie.i had heard it was great.and it was directed by Brian De Palma with a screenplay by Oliver Stone.not to mention it's rated #161 of the top 250 on IMDb so far,so good,right?wrong.for me,this is a decent movie but nothing never really engaged me.i wasn't bored necessarily,but i wasn't overly interested either.the acting did very little for me,except for Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio,who i thought was exceptional as Gina Montana.there were some good actors here,but i feel they were wasted. Al Pacino wasn't really impressive.also,this was supposed to be controversial movie,but i have seen a lot worse in terms of both violence and language.anyway,i would certainly not place this movie in my top 250 movies of all doesn't have the impact of the original 1932 version.for me,Scarface is a 2/5
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on September 6, 2011
Not even thirty seconds in, and it's obvious Al Pacino's SCARFACE is acutely unaware it's been positioned as a future camp classic: outrageously over-the-top Al, affecting an uproariously exaggerated Cuban accent and playing a character whose every other word begins with "F," delivers a go-for-broke performance that best approximates a freebasing Daffy Duck. Decked out in garish polyester suits that would make Tony Manero blush, Pacino annunciates every line of Oliver Stone's trashy script as if someone has slipped a freshly-fired horseshoe down his hot designer pants; it would be another eleven years before Rod Steiger would showcase an even more embarrassing Cuban accent in 1994's THE SPECIALIST.

Released in the midst of a particularly fallow period of Pacino's career (his comedy AUTHOR! AUTHOR! wasn't half as funny as his Civil War epic, REVOLUTION) SCARFACE serves as a reminder that even the finest of actors have their "off" days. Pacino and director Brian DePalma would fare far better with CARLITO'S WAY a decade later.
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on July 7, 2004
This movie is overrated and Al Pacino's performance is too phony. See The Godfather films instead.
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1 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on July 10, 2004
The 1980's as I said many times before was a horrible horrible
decade. The clothes were cheap, the music was cheesy, and worst
of all their were too many mean spirited people. I originally
planned to write this review back on August 2nd 2003, but I lost
track of time, but now I am going to insult this piece of junk
to the maximum. Their was only one good thing about the 1980's,
that was the films, I do not mean those stupid Rambo flicks or
grade b junk starring Chuck Norris or Van Demme or those stupid
teen comedies. However, every decade has great films, so for the
most part the 1980's was really awful. TV in the 1980's was stupid also. Al Pacino's phony Cuban accent is laughable to the
extreme, like it came from a Saturday Night Live sketch, also like the 1980's itself, their is no one to symphatsize with.
I am so glad I live in the 21st century, I am growing up in a time of the internet, DVD players, Playstation 2. The 1980's was
a piece of junk, their was no internet, DVD players, or Playsta-
tion 2, which was awful. It feels great to live in the 21st
century and not a terrible decade like the stupid 1980's. This
movie is stupid. I have always hated the 1980's, in that original review of Gangs OF New York, what I meant was the 1980's made great films just like any decade, but do not get the
wrong idea, I hate the 1980's, it is a worthless, terrible, and
pointless decade. Long live the 21st century and the awesome
technology, the 21st century has to offer. The 1980's is truly
a horrible and terrible decade. I am so glad I live in the 21st
This review was originally supposed to be written on August 2nd
2003, but instead it is written on July 10th 2004.
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