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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 29, 2014
My girlfriend of 5 years turns to me as I made a Lost boys reference...something to do with Kiefer and she turns to me and says I've never seen that movie...and I was like your kidding...she was like I've heard of i went out and bought the blu ray immediately, its not right for someone to not see a movie about vampires in an age where vampires were scary and cool to kids, teens, adults and old people alike. I was blown away that a movie from 1987 could look so clear, it looks like they filmed it this year. As for some of the haters you see who are brainless morons trying to be stewie on family guy "its lame...its lame...everything is lame" haha those people always go to "it's soooo dated" first off, is the movie Jaws "dated" is the original star wars "DATED" Is Jimmy Hendrix or the doors "dated" just because something came out a long time ago does not diminish its impact one bit, aside from a few fashion choices the motherf*&^^er is tip-top. This is a definitive 80's movie right along side Back to the Future, Breakfast Club, Weird Science...etc. Needless to say my gf loved the film and even jumped out of her seat at one point (no spoilers) I recommend every human being see this film and enjoy the greatest vampire film of all time with Kiefer Sutherland the greatest Vamp of all-time, this is fact. Peace Y'all
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon January 20, 2015

"We've been aware of serious vampire activity in this town for a long time. Santa Carla has become a haven for the undead. As a matter of fact, we're almost certain that ghouls and werewolves occupy high positions at City Hall."

The above is said by Edgar, one of the Frog brothers (Corey Feldman), in this absorbing horror/comedy movie. (The other brother's name is Allan. The Frog brothers were named after Gothic author, Edgar Allan Poe.)

Briefly, it's about two Arizona brothers, Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (the late Corey Haim), who move to California and end up fighting a gang of teenage vampires headed by David (Keifer Sutherland).

This is not only a horror movie with vampires but is also a hilarious comedy. The ones that bring a comedic element to this movie are Sam (mentioned above), Grandpa (the late Bernard Hughes), Edgar (mentioned above), Lucy (Dianne Wiest), and Max (the late Edward Herrmann).

The special effects and background music are quite good.

The title of this movie is a reference to "Lost Boys," in the stories about Peter Pan and Neverland who, like the vampires, never grow up.

This film was followed by two direct-to-video sequels: "Lost Boys: The Tribe" and "Lost Boys: The Thirst."

Finally, this DVD set (released in 2004) has 11 extras. I found all of them to be good.

In conclusion, this is quite an entertaining movie that blends humour with comedy. One thing I learned from this movie is to:

Beware of those with bad breath.

(1987; 1 hr, 35 min excluding end credits; wide screen 2 discs; 32 scenes; rated `R')

<<Stephen PLETKO, London, Ontario, Canada>>

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 8, 2007
The Lost Boys practically defines 80s teens movies as a horror movie with a gtreat teen cast. Two Brothers, Sam (Haim) and Mike (Patric) move with their newly divorced mom (Wiest) from Phoenix to Santa Carla, a place where, if the corpses were to all stand up at once, there'd be one hell of a population problem, as their goofy backwoods grandfather (Bernard Hughes) explains.

Mike is the first to find out why when his interest in a girl suddenly lures him into a world of trouble with a clan of teen vampires lead by a guy named David (Sutherland). And as Sam's brother turns into a "goddamned bloodsucking vampire," Sam has to call on the strange Frog brothers (Feldman and Newlander) for help, despite his disbelief of their previous warnings that Santa Carla has a major vampire problem, and to their suspicion, possibly werewolves and ghouls as well. They have to find out who the head vampire is before Mike, Star (Jami Garr), and Laddie (Corbitt) become full vampires. This is one fantastic movie as teenagers try to save the day from the cave-dwelling bloodsuckers. Even their enemies--David (Sutherland), Marco (Winter), Paul (Wirth), and Dwayne (McCarter) are cool, even though they are vampires out to kill Sam and Mike and everyone else.

The cast was great in this movie, even Bernard Hughes as Sam and Mike's grandfather because he is just so completely goofy. Edward Herrman and Diane Wiest are likewise funny as their dates are usually spoiled by the intervention by Sam and his vampire hunting endeavors. But, the reason why this is probably the great 80s movie that it is aside from the story, is the hot teen cast, particularly the gorgeous Jason Patric and even Kiefer Sutherland in a part very contrasting to the wierd roles he seemed to be accustomed to in those days. Jami Garr, too, was fantastic as Star, breaking out of previous typecasting as a geek like Muffy Tepperman on "Square Pegs" or for her brief role in Mischief.

Unfortunately, for those who are Corey Haim and Feldman days, this film (and possibly License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream) mark the last good movies that either will appear in as they eventually went on a junkie fest in the later 80s. This is one the greatest films that you'll see either Corey in. As for other qualities of the movie, you do get a real feel for 80s culture, particularly in the opening sequence along Santa Carla's pier. The soundtrack is pretty good, too, with a collection of songs by INXS, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Tim Capello (who used performed with Tina Turner in the Mad Max music videos "We Don't Need Another Hero" and "One of the Living"). Got to love it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 14, 2014
Forget Lost Boys 2 and 3, this one is the very best. Very 80s in its themes, its narration and just about everything else, it nonetheless features a nice soundtrack, capable directing and great performances. This movie has just about everything one can wish from vampires (except they don't effing glow in the day).

As far as special features are concerned, all that was made for the 2-disc DVD was ported over (if memory serves at least), and so the many featurettes, interviews, commentary and everything else make for a very nice time, a very informative one at that.. for a time, Schumacher thought the (very) disappointing sequel would have been called Lost Girls... and if you ask me, it would have been that much better.

For now, this movie's, of course, the best in the series, so forget the other ones and concentrate on this little 80s classic instead.
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on May 26, 2004
I don't think I was old enough to remember this film hitting cinemas, but I discovered it before I got too cynical and still have a deep affection for it. It combines horror, forbidden romance, comedy, and touches on issues of peer pressure, loss, divorce and the importance of sticking by your family (even if your brother is a vampire).
A mother (Dianne Wiest) and her two sons (Corey Haim and Jason Patric) move from Arizona to sunny Santa Carla and in with their formulaic "crazy granpa" (you know the type I'm talking about) as a result of divorce. The eldest son Michael (Patric) quickly falls in with the Wrong Crowd by accidentally moving in on Head Honcho's girl (the lovely Jami Gertz). Things take a turn for the worse when Michael discovers these aren't your average bike punks, but a gang of wild vampires. Indeed. It's all up to bratty little bro Sam (Haim) and his new allies the Frog Brothers to save the day, and stop his mother from getting too cosy with a new guy who doesn't just run an appliance store (a nice performance from Edward Herrmann who seems to pop up everywhere).
Kiefer Sutherland is a treat as David, leader of the biker vamps, I still marvel at how he can make a peroxide mullet look cool. He plays this role as a sort of seductive bully very well.
Corey Feldman (because 1 Corey is never enough) also puts in a nice turn as Edgar Frog, plus you'll spot Alexander Winter of Bill & Ted's fame as one of the gang.
It's better than any recent vampire movie, has a great 80's soundtrack (Cry Little Sister, you know you love it) and a greasy saxophone man in purple pants. It's fun, there are a couple of scares and a nice hint of splatter (the Surf Nazi attack is like something out of Peter Jackson's Bad Taste). I give the bare-bones DVD package 3, but the movie 4. And fear not, there will be a special edition very soon with retrospectives, making of and tons more stuff, keep eyes peeled!
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on May 16, 2004
This film is so eighties, that you could watch this 100 years from now (thats if youre still alive) and say that was sooooo 80s. Apart from the crazy hairstyles, most of us can identify the cast as 80s has beens, (sounds harsh but true) most of whom never had any success in the 90s, but were gods to me when I was a teen, very much like deCaprio is to todays youth. The Lost Boys was my favourite film as a kid and I remember being fascinated by the coolness of the cast. You never really saw vampires portrayed like this before, cool, tight leather clad teenagers who chilled out to jim morrison, and then went out on the vamp-rage. I have to say that I have been a fan of corey feldman, when i first saw him in 'stand by me,' and have always found him as a very funny actor who unfortunately hasnt returned to our cinema screens for a very long time. Check him out in 'The Burbs,' with Tom Hanks. Anyway as for the DVD it has nothing going for it, except a trailer, hence the score I gave, but I read there is a special edition coming out towards the end of 2004.
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on March 26, 2004
Recently divorced Lucy Emerson (Weist) and her two sons move to Santa Carla, CA, and move in with her father. The two teens soon find things to keep their attention. For Sam (Haim), it's the local comic shop, run by the Frog Brothers (Feldman and Jamison Newlander). Michael (Patric) finds a teen girl named Star (Gertz) to hold his attention. However, he soon finds that she spends her time with a group of teen bikers, led by a guy named David (Sutherland). After a couple encounters with the gang, Michael is invited to join them.
What he doesn't realize until too late is that these teens are all vampires, and he unwittingly drinks some of David's blood (he is told that it's wine). This has the effect of turning him into a half-vampire. He acquires the attributes of a vampire, such as the ability to fly and superior strength, but he will not become a true vampire until he makes his first kill. He also discovers that Star is in the same situation as he is.
Meanwhile, the Frog Brothers tell Sam that Santa Carla is crawling with vampires, which he doesn't believe. But after discovering that Micahael's reflection is fading, and a near attack by his brother, he is convinced they are telling the truth. He teams up with them to rid the town of the blood-suckers, and with the help of Michael discover where David and his friends hang out (literally).
There are a lot of really good things about this movie. The script is well written, the acting is above-average, and the effects are really well done. Another thing I liked is the inclusion of some vampire mythology. Especially the part where the gang is eating Chinese food in their hangout, and David uses his power to convince Michael that the rice he's eating is maggots, and that the noodles are really worms. I also liked the fact that they could actually fly without having to turn into bats.
Everything worked well in this movie. There was a little bit of gore, action, humor, drama, love story. And believe it or not, I actually enjoyed "The Coreys" being in this movie together. Good call on the casting department to cast both of these guys together, and for getting Sutherland to play David. I thought he was the best actor in this movie. Go pick this movie up and enjoy it, and if you've seen it before, see it again. It's just as good as you remembered.
THE LOST BOYS could be viewed as an early example of the Hollywoodization that would come to plague the horror genre in the 90's. It's flashy, it's funny, it's got a few name stars in it, and it was heavily promoted. As far as a horror movie goes, it's really about average. But the overall movie is so watchable (and re-watchable) that it gets a well-deserved four on my horror scale.
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on February 25, 2004
THE LOST BOYS is one of those nostalgic films that came out while I was in high school. It was refreshing to sit thru it recently as it had been so long since I saw it the 1st time around.
The movie features a very young Keifer Sutherland and Jason Patrick as well as an ultra-young Corey Haim & Corey Feldman. I do believe this was the 1st movie Haim & Feldman made together, and was one of the very 1st that Sutherland made.
If you like the horror / comedy genre, this is one of the films that pioneered that field. It doesn't go so far as slapstick (like the horrendous latter NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET movies) but does retain a certain macabre charm. The vampire element is handled well, always being a backdrop but never becoming too overwhelming to the comedic aspect of the film.
One of the differences between LOST BOYS and other vampire flicks is that we never learn how old the vampires are. Typically, we see a middle aged person, find out he / she is a vampire & then learn that he / she is 600 years old. While they do mention the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, they never divulge that they were actually THERE during the quake.
If you like vampire flicks, THE LOST BOYS is for you. It's one of the better ones I've ever seen, and is also bereft of the standard gun-blazing vampire movies of recent times. LOST BOYS is fun, nostalgic & it's strange. Even after all these years it's still eerie to hear the youth choir sing the Ten Commandments to a New Age melody...
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on February 9, 2004
I would have given the Lost Boys 3 and a half stars but I couldn't so I just gave it 3 stars. The Lost Boys is a fun movie to watch and it has its moments. If you want to see a nostalgic 80's movie well look no further because it reeks of the 80's everywhere you look in it. It is a cool movie and all the actors play there roles really well. After I saw Speed 2: Cruise Control, I never wanted to see another Jason Patric movie, but he played the role of Michael really well. As did his younger brother Sam, played by Corey Haim. Haim was beaten with an 80's stick as you can tell by his clothing and hair but he plays his role well as a obnoxious little brother. Keifer Sutherland also stars in this movie and it was one of his better roles he has played in his movies. I noticed with movies starring Sutherland he plays the role of being a bad guy really well.
This is a brief plot synopsis of the Lost Boys. Michael, Sam, and his mother move to California from Phoenix. The town looks cool but it is has a vampire problem. Michael gets an eye for a girl named Star and he finds out she isn't a normal teenage girl. He then gets tricked by Sutherland who is a vampire and Michael becomes a vampire then too. I don't feel like telling the rest of the story so just watch the movie.
Like I said earlier The Lost Boys is entertaining and it reeks of the 80's. I have heard some people say it is the best vampire movie of all time. I don't think so, just because this is alittle too light hearted to be considered the best. Personally I would have to say Interview with the Vampire is the best. I have never seen Nosferatu but I've heard great things about that.
The DVD itself is nothing special. The special features aren't anything great and the interactive menus aren't animated at all. So if you are the type who cares about kind of stuff you will be disapointed. The picture and sound quality isn't bad though and that is the only thing that really should matter when it comes to Dvd's.
So if you are looking for a good movie that will entertain you and is a fun vampire movie then look no further to the Lost Boys.
Movie - B
DVD (special features, animated interactive menus) - D
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HALL OF FAMEon January 24, 2004
I have two major problems with "The Lost Boys." The first is that I know too much about vampires, gained from not only watching all those Dracula movies, reading Anne Rice novels, and consuming everything having to do with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," but from having read pretty much everything in "The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead." So when Sam Emerson (Corey Haim) not only discovers that his brother Michael (Jason Patric) has become a vampire, but that there is a way of undoing his being undead, I am no longer willing to suspend my disbelief. I should add that this idea runs into one of my standard pet peeves from the "Star Trek" universe, which is that while I believe "X" can cause you to mutate from human to something else, reversing the process should never be as easy as it is. But the idea here is that if you kill Vampire A who created a Vampire B, then Vampire B can stop being a vampire (sort of a twist on the Anne Rice theory of vampires). There is a caveat: you have to do it before they take their first victim. Sure, it sounds simple, but it sure flies in the face of well-established vampire lore.
The second problem I have with this 1987 film is that it is supposed to be funny, but it just is not. Sam is aided and abetted in his efforts to save his brother by the Frog Brothers, Edgar (Corey Feldman) and Alan (Jamison Newlander). The boys work for their doped out hippie parents at the local comic book shop, which sounds like a great idea. Who better to know how to fight the undead they kids raised on comics? But Feldman is trying to do some sort of impersonation of Sylvester Stallone and Newlander goes for something more taciturn, and it just does not work. The comic slapstick smacks of something really juvenile and just turns this into "Mommy, My Brother's a Vampire!"
On the plus side is Keiffer Sutherland. If you thought he was a bully in "Stand By Me," then you will enjoy every moment he is on the screen as David, leader of a group of "teenage" vampires. This is a pretty good idea, talking "Interview with the Vampire" and crossing it with the "Wild Bunch." But Sutherland ends up being a bit player in the proceedings while we deal with domestic comedy situations, such as Sam's mom (Diane Weist) trying to date a nice local guy (Edward Herrmann), and the romantic subplot between Michael and the young lady vamp, Star (Jami Gertz). There are a few good ideas thrown in here (e.g., think of a cave as being a giant coffin), but with all the misfires they come across as nicks rather than palatable hits. Cinematographer Michael Chapman provides the appropriate mood, but director Joel Schumacher's story is too complicated and the attempts at comedy too feeble to save this one. However, the less you know about vampires the more you might like this movie.
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