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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon August 1, 2012
The Big Bang Theory is not so much an ode to geeks and great minds as much as a celebration of them. I've gotten really attached to the characters over the years, and when a television show becomes something that means this much to you it's not just a television show. From the get-go The Big Bang Theory was a great, well-thought out show with a fantastic cast of actors, clever references to science, comics/superheroes, pop culture etc. This was something else, different and creative while being at the same time laugh out loud hilarious (I hate when people use those words and it's not even true, with TBBT it's actually true) and at times I find myself laughing hard even though I only have a glimpse of an idea of what they meant (hey I don't have a PhD in physics after all!). The thing is the show is so clever and funny at the same time and I think there's so appeal to it for everyone who enjoys a laugh or two. The concept of two gifted minds living together in an apartment both working at a University in physics and being brilliant, sometimes humorous, sometimes childish along with their friends and neighbors was a fresh one and the finished product turned out, well obviously great. You may think I'm exaggerating when I say that each and every single episode is memorable somehow, but it's the truth.

The main cast of characters is what truly make the show because they are instantly memorable in their own ways and we grow fond of and attach to them. Leonard Hofstadter(Johnny Galecki) is the most normal of the gang, he's smart but he's the most genuine and likable of all. His friend and roommate Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons)takes the cake; he is in the simplest terms, impossible although he would deny that suggestion. Sheldon has the highest IQ on the show, went to College when he was eleven, doesn't quite understand sarcasm and has childish tendencies such as always sitting in the same spot and likes to keep everything organized as far as having a different restaurant for each night of the week. Then there are their two friends, the self-proclaimed romantic engineer Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) who sports a Beatles haircut and has a penchant for wearing colored skinny jeans and geeky belt buckles, and Indian astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali (Kumal Naayar)who literally cannot talk to girls and has a problem digesting Indian food. Not to forget the neighbor girl, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) a girl from Omaha who is working at the cheesecake factory and although very beautiful is not very bright which always leads to interesting interactions and scenarios.

I have to give credit where credit is due; Chuck Lorre came up with a hell of show (watch for the closing cards!), the actors are simply amazing in their respective roles and the writers must be out of this world to come up with the stuff that they do (even the episode titles are clever). The references to science, physics, superheroes and comic books, television shows, movies and pop culture are truly amazing and well integrated.

Looking back the first season which aired in 2007-08 it's striking how well developed the characters and the show already were. For many TV shows it takes a while and sometimes a season to get ball rolling but not in this case and the more you watch it, the more you get the jokes and they stay with you because they are memorable. There's a reason this show is so beloved and popular. I used to buy many TV series on DVD even just a few short years ago but I stopped/slowed down with time. However, I knew that like a true geek, I needed to own those seasons so I could watch them over and over again.

I've been wanting to review TBBT for a while now, but I found it hard to find the words to do it justice. Since I bought the first season on DVD they have re-released it on Blu-Ray along with season two, if I had to do it again I'd likely go for the Blu-Rays. So there you have it, 17 episodes of the first season on DVD or Blu-Ray for your enjoyment. Now I love the show and it's a too easy 5 stars for the show, this first season was quite remarkable and even sparked my interest to look up some the physics jokes they make.
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In the cult tradition of SPARTACUS, the halls of every science department now echoes: "I AM SHELDON"!

Well into its third season, THE BIG BANG THEORY proved to be one of the most funny TV sitcoms ever aired. I had not laughed out loud this hard ever since the best days of SEINFELD - and BIG BANG is consistently brilliant!

Sheldon Cooper is unavoidably the king of the show - the massive black hole this Universe revolves around if you will. A child prodigy, now a 24 years old theoretical physicist PhD with absolutely no social skills or known sexual drive. Sheldon may be on the verge of unifying the fields but cannot drive a car to save his life or break a smile even remotely resembling that of a mere homo sapiens.
Best moment (a very hard choice to make): shouting at his sister, who was telling people that her brother is a "rocket scientist", that she might as well be telling them he is working at the bridge toll-booth!

Leonard Hofstadter is Sheldon's roomate and primary ...keeper. An experimental physicist himself, he juggles Sheldon's idiosyncrasies with his personal neurosis - not to mention his crush on his neighbor Penny.
Best moment: negotiating with Leslie Winkle (a fellow plain-looking but witty physicist and Sheldon's nemesis) their ...annual intercourse session to achieve "therapeutic sexual release" .

Howard Wolowitz is the only one with no PhD yet (and Sheldon never lets him forget it). An electrical engineer whose crowning achievement is a mechanized arm that is used in the space shuttle (and is now working on its liquid waste management solutions). The fact that he is a short man with a severely outdated and misguided sense of fashion, still lives with his mother, insists on using a collection of pickup lines straight from men's magazines advice columns - and yet carries himself as God's gift to women is just hilarious.
Best moment: diverting a military drone from its way to spying on the Russians, only to locate the house where America's Next Top Model is filmed - and be able to drop by and hit on the vulnerable one that gets kicked out that week!

Rajesh Koothrappali is a particle astrophysicist with a fashion sense close to absolute zero and a severe case of shyness - to the point that he cannot speak in front of women unless inebriated. He keeps using the "poor Indian" defense although his father is a rich doctor who drives a Bentley.
Best moment: after falling to give his name to Sheldon's beautiful sister, he comes back to get the flier requesting human test subjects for an experimental anti-shyness drug.

Finally, Penny. She is the proverbial good girl next door who came to California with stardom aspirations but so far works as waitress and suffers a sequence of bad boyfriends - and from her neighbors.
Best moment: filling in a long medical questionnaire with Sheldon at he hospital. "Headaches?" "Well, I'm getting one now!"

The show unavoidably makes use of previous sitcom combinations (the odd couple, the unfulfilled love-interest mismatch) but even if one manages to discern them they are used in such a fresh manner that all that is left is great entertainment!

The way to truly enjoy this is to own it on DVD. The writing is so smart and the jokes fly so fast (many of them non-verbal) there is just no way to savor it during its weekly air time. Well, may be Sheldon could but then again, who can compare his intellect with his?

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on July 14, 2012
I love that they were willing to rerelease TBBT, so that ardent fans (me!) could get the high quality of Blu Ray. Even better, they threw in the SD DVDs for free. How often do you see that with a television show release? Even better, it seems the trend will continue, as season 5 is planned the exact same way. Rather than ripping off fans who may not have updated to Blu Ray yet, while allowing Blu Ray fans to have the SD option, I find the entire process to be extremely generous.

For the reviewer below, there are 17 episodes in the first season, not six. And the first season was cut short due to the writer's strike that occurred that year. The fact that a new show, and a comedy at that, was able to survive the writer's strike only speaks volumes as to how brilliant TBBT is!

Lastly, the season holds some of my favourite episodes, including The Luminous Fish Effect, The Pancake Batter Anomaly, and the pilot, which got the entire series in motion.

If you have never watched TBBT (and how is this possible, when it is in reruns on nearly every channel?!), give it a try. It is a really sweet show, very funny and completely enjoyable. You want to be friends with Sheldon, Raj, Leonard, Penny and, yes, even Howard!

I am glad to have the set, so that I can watch it at my leisure, over and over again. If you are the type of person who prefers to watch their tv for free on You Tube, so be it. This is for the true fans who must have it in their collection!
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on June 17, 2008
This may be the funniest show in years. Sarcasm, cynicism, double entendres, snide comments and egotism. If you cannot see part of your character in each of the four male characters then get a friend to point them out to you. If you can't recognize some of your friends characters in them look harder.

This show gives us the best chance to laugh at our own foibles we have gotten in years.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 24, 2009
Big Bang Theory is the best written sit-com in ages. The series is fresh and original, with well-defined characters and perfect casting. (Plus outstanding production details ie. character wardrobe.) This first season 3 dvd set, features 17 episodes (only), plus a 17min. featurette. Definitely leaves the viewer wanting more.
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on September 14, 2011
I had heard a lot about Big Bang Theory from friends and family, but I had the impression that you had to be a science nerd to get the jokes. Then, my brother got me the first 3 seasons for Christmas. I'm terrible in science, but I watched them all 3 seasons in 2 weeks (Shame on me, I know).

The show is simple: A sitcom about the lives of 3 doctorates in physics (Sheldon, Leonard and Raj), 1 Masters in engineering (Howard, one of the recurrent jokes on the show is that he doesn't have a PhD ergo he's not as smart as the others) and a waitress/actress (Penny). All the guys are really, really big nerds. They love Star Trek, Star Wars, Klingon and anything science fiction. Penny is your average person. She likes shopping, dating and so on. When you put two different groups of people with completely different interests and intellect, laughters emerge.

The first part of the first season focuses on Leonard's infatuation with Penny, which can be a little a boring.

However, the best episodes are the ones that focus on Sheldon (the amazing Jim Parsons). Sheldon has limited social skills. He's an expert in theoretical physics and go his PhD when he was in his teens, but he doesn't understand social norms and that's what is so hilarious about it. It'll be even more hilarious if you know a few Sheldons yourself (I do).

Watch BBT!! totally worth it!!
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on March 6, 2012
We watch the show and we love it. We missed the first season so my boyfriend and I decided to see if Amazon had the first season at a reasonable price and just like always, they had it for an irresistible price! So we got it and enjoy it since then!
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on May 20, 2011
What I can say that hasn't already been said. The Big Bang Theory is a quick witted show that will keep you laughing, from socially inept Raj, the romantically (sexually) frusterated Howard, Penny literally the girl next door, awkward physicists and roommates Sheldon...sorry Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Leonard Hofstadter are a sitcoms match made in heaven. You connect with each nerdy character, in some way or another. The humour put into this show is so advanced, but so easy that you understand (if that makes any sense). This is definately a show you will want to watch again. Just make sure you don't have to pee.....I'll let you figure out why. Enjoy
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on February 1, 2009
I bought this just for something to watch and was very pleasantly surprised. I watched the entire show in one sitting, then immediately watched it all for a second time. One of the best shows I have seen in a while. It will have you constantly laughing out load. Very smart and witty dialogue, histerically funny physical comedy, and multi dimentional genuine characters. Who knew science could be so entertaining? Had me laughing days later whenever i thought of certain scenes. Something for everyone, definately one to watch.
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on March 24, 2012
How could I say anything negative about Canada's favorite comedy? I love this show and never tire of watching the episodes over and over again. Can't wait until I own all of the seasons.
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