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3.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 2, 2007
Why did George Lucas made those "special editions" of the original Star Wars trilogy?The films were good as they were,but Lucas first made changes to them with the "special editions" back in 1997 on the VHS boxed saying it was his ultimate version of the first trilogy but he couldn`t stop as he once again made changes to the movies for the 2004 DVD boxed set.Then this 2005 DVD set comes,its the same as what was released in the 2004 boxed set,without the bonus discs and an alternate box,for a cheaper price.

You don`t mess with the past,and Mr.Lucas doesn`t seem to know that!Those changes made,some can be minor others are more important weren`t necessary and the movies on this DVD set should have been released as they were in theaters back in 1977,1980 and 1983 in order to please fans.

Even with all the changes those first three movies "IV:A New Hope","V:The Empire Strikes Back" and "VI:Return Of The Jedi" are still enjoyable but if you want the originals,you came to the wrong place.

OVERRAL:The movies themselves are all 5 stars and greats films but this DVD boxed set is just another special edition,if you don`t mind the changes made to the movies this seems like a pretty good buy as this is the most unexpensive DVD set of the original trilogy,for more you can buy the other set wich is basicly same as this but with the bonus discs with special features.Or another option is buying the 2006 separate versions of the movies in a two discs set wich contains the original versions without any changes made and the special editions.
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on October 20, 2010
As of this writing, october 20th 2010, the 'Product Description' on Amazon.CA for this product is misleading because it
describes another version, so just ignore it.

This review is for the Star Wars Trilogy box set ( ASIN: B001EX9YJ0 published in Canada) with Vader's mask in the background,
X-wing/Ties on one side,
Millenium falcon/Ties on the other side,
Luke's shadow and Vader's shadow fighting in the center.

The set contains 6 discs with 2 versions for each episode( IV, V and VI ).
I must point out that these are the widescreen limited editions( 19XX & 2004 ) that you can also buy individually.
( for ref, ASINs: B000FOPZUG B000FOPZV0 B000FOPZVK )

3 discs are the movies digitally remastered with added footage and special effects,
Widescreen enhanced for 16:9 television, 2.35:1 ratio.
Sound options: English dolby 5.1, English dolby 2.0, French dolby 2.0, Spanish dolby 2.0
Subtitles options: English
Commentary in english by George Lucas, Ben Burtt, Dennis Muren and Carrie Fisher.

The 3 others are the original theatrical releases in all their unmodified glory.
Don't expect magical post filtering to remove the NORMAL graininess of the film,
which was shot with good old analog cameras.
Those are presented in 4:3 letterbox,
or in other terms 2.35:1 film with black bars above and under to give it a 4:3 ratio.
Again to be clear, you get the entire frame, as it was shown in theatres.
Sound options: English dolby 2.0, French dolby 2.0, Spanish dolby 2.0
Subtitles options: English
Another nice surprise, the menu backgrounds for those 3 DVDs are
the original hand drawn movie posters. How sweet is that!
For example, the episode IV image has the Star Wars logo outlined in thick red, without the "a new hope".
I had never seen that poster, and it looks really good.
And let's not forget the art on the casing and discs.
Presentation is just great for this set.

The last set I owned was the THX remastered VHS tapes, so this one is the holy grail of sets.
Whether you're a nostalgic like me or you prefer the improved versions, everyone should be happy here.
Thank you Mr Lucas for these movies.
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on November 19, 2008
If you buy this DVD set you will get both the original Star Wars movies and their re-mastered versions. Unfortunately, you will not get the special edition versions (that version has probably been incinerated) that were Lucas' first attempt at editing his magnum opus. Also, the original versions of the film have not been cleared up in any way. I don't mind that so much because I actually like watching a movie that has a movie feel to it (audiences today have been ruined by expecting perfection and have absolutely no taste for atmosphere). The real problem with this set is that there is no new material here. It was all released just two years ago. This DVD set is just another attempt by Lucasfilm to cash in. They are one company that is excellent at getting people to buy the exact same thing of something they already have.

The only reason to buy this DVD set is if you don't own the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD. Otherwise, keep your cash and stop giving it to George until he offers something worthwhile.
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on September 23, 2011
In case you are deciding which to buy, the complete saga collection or these separate trilogies, this might inform your decision. The prequel trilogy and the original trilogy DO NOT CONTAIN THE BONUS FEATURES that come with the complete saga. I ordered both sets to see for myself before I saw the video below and learned the hard way. There are no bonus discs in the separate trilogies. The complete saga comes with three extra discs full of features. Be warned! That said, the movie discs are identical in the separate trilogies and the complete saga.

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on November 25, 2007
To all those out there complaining of this re-release, I'm am glad. I have the original pre-special editions.

I never purchased the special editions and never got to see them in the theatres when they came out in 1997 (had a new-born and that took up all my time).

So, when I eventually went out to purchase these movies (just before Episode I came out), I was disappointed to find that they were no longer in stock and that they stopped all production of them.

So, this re-release has allowed me to purchase what I never got to see before and own them.

I have ENJOYED the added/touched-up scenes. Case in point - the Cloud City scenes. It seems SO much more open and spacious now, compared to the crampt feeling you envision in the original. As for the Jabba the Hut scene in Episode IV, it allows you to understand more about WHY Han had a bounty on his head.

I read the original book back in 1977, so I knew who Jabba was, even though I wondered why he wasn't in the movie.

Heck, he was even in the comic book edition of the movie, so I was REALLY confused as to why he wasn't there. So, the scene helps build up to Episode VI when we finally come back to Jabba.

The only gripe I have is, how did he get so big so quickly? I mean, how much time has really elapsed between Episode IV and VI? Jabba must have been stuffing his face since Han left him hanging dry in Episode IV.

In any case, this release is a God-send for me to finally own all four episodes.

The wide-screen edition is what I purchased and like the other reviewers stated, it allows you to see the scene as it was meant to be, since movies are formatted for the theatres, not your TV screen.

In fact, I bought another copy of Episode I. This time, I purchased the Widescreen edition.

Thank you George Lucas for re-releasing this timeless classic so that I can finally own it.
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on September 21, 2010
This version of the Star Wars dvd's is George Lucas' attempt to re-do his movies. This box set of 3 is the rehashed version, complete with Hayden Christensen as the ghost of Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker). I was horribly disappointed by this, as I was hoping to get the original series, without Mr. Christensen. I can't speak for the other dvd sets here, but if you want the original trilogy, sans extra digital additions (that look like crap by the way) do not get the: Star Wars Trilogy (Full Screen Lmtd Edition -3 disc set) - 2005.
It is the set with Luke Skywalker standing on the front, holding a lightsabre over his head, with Princess Leia kneeling next to his side. They are both dressed in white. C3PO and R2D2 are in the background.
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on November 28, 2008
I love Star Wars, and so do you, and I bought this dvd set so I could relive the original theatrical versions of Star Wars on dvd; this is the only reason I bought this box set. Of course, disc 1 of the newer versions are all presented in glorious looking wide-screen format and are given the awesome 5.1 surround sound treatment, and the originals are not. The originals are 4:3 and in 2.0 sound and do not appear nearly as good as the 'newer' remastered versions. This is a major detriment to the Star Wars franchise. I, like all other fans, want a Blu-Ray release of the 'original' movies and this is not too much to ask, considering how much we have spent on this franchise. All in all this set is only worth getting if you absolutely NEED to get the original movies, like me. Watch both versions and judge for yourself which you prefer. Hopefully Mr. Lucas will listen to his fans, for once, and release blu-ray versions of all his originals with remastered picture and sound. I really don't care if those come out as singles, just as long as they come out and are not alongside those newer remastered version shams; you know the ones with Hayden Christensen's ghost at the end, yeah it kind of kills my earliest memories of these movies.
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on September 26, 2004
I knew that this version would be the dreaded "Special Edition" Star Wars Trilogy, but I figured that I could tolerate the added scenes and such, so I bought this DVD set. After watching them, I feel so violated! It wasn't the original release, it wasn't even the special edition, IT IS A COMPLETELY BUTCHERED VERSION OF THE STAR WARS TRILOGY! The special edition was bad enough, but now on this DVD release, they have edited and changed even MORE scenes!
The straw that broke the camel's back for me was at the end of the Return of the Jedi movie, where Luke looks off and sees the ghosts of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and his father. THEY REPLACED HIS FATHER WITH THE ACTOR THAT PLAYED ANAKIN IN EPISODE II. So now Luke looks off and sees two OLD Jedi's, and one young teeny-bopper! LUKE LOOKED OLDER THAN HIS DAD! Seeing that felt so wrong! All the new scenes felt wrong, and out of place! They all stick out like a sore thumb! I didn't even wait for the credits. I had to take the disk out! That was just too much for me.
Yes, this was George Lucas's creation, and he can do what ever he wants to it but this is just wrong. Star Wars was a classic! I am sure that I am not the only person who liked it the way it was.
Re-storing and Re-mastering a movie is one thing, but adding and changing scenes to this degree is a crime. I really think that Mr. Lucas is going through some sort of mid-life crisis. He must have woke up one morning thinking that anything old is bad!
A lot of people compare this DVD set to Michael Jackson's face, and I have to agree. We should be able to see and buy the versions of Star Wars we want. He should have released both versions, "original" and "special" editions. If he wants to change stuff, change episode 1,2, and 3. They're not classics, there not even well liked by fans.
The comercial advertised this DVD set like it was going to be the Star Wars that we all remembered. It's still Star Wars, but it's not the version that a lot of people wanted to preserve on DVD. I bought it and I am not happy with it. I am out a few dollars, but at least I can hope that my review will save a few people from having to see there favorite movie and childhood memories butchered like this. Buy at your own risk!
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on November 9, 2000
Some might wonder why I have given Star Wars one star, but there is a great reason behind it. I'm only giving it one star based on what Lucas added to this presentation. If you already own the trilogy don't bother about rushing out for this one. The added section for Star Wars Episode 2 is not worth the money. All you get is a brief summary of information we already know about given to you by Lucas himself. A brief interview with the actors playing Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, as well as a talk with Anthony Daniels who says how great it is to be playing C-3P0 after all these years. The only fresh insight provided is telling us that C-3P0 will appear in a middle state where he has some of the look he will have in episode 4 but made up of spare outer parts. If you are one of the few people that don't own the trilogy yet, by all means purchase it, is a wonderful set of movies that you wont have a chance to purchase for another 3-4 years. But if do, and you just want a look at some episode footage rent don't spend the money again.
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on May 8, 2004
With the special edition, you'll never see a more wacky hive of scum and villany. I've never seen a more clear example of falling in love with one's own footage. With Lucas' refusal to release the original remastered theatre print editions, he is betraying the trust of an entire generation of people whose lives were shaped by these films. The special edition changes them substantially. There was a pleasant balance of slapstick in the original, and now "A New Hope" is uncomfortably brought down to the level of "Return of the Jedi" with additional cutsey animal/droid/human/hut antics. It's not the money, we all know it would make bank. It's 100% Lucas' ego. No, I'm sorry, I believe Lucas has no right to tamper with or hinder the release of this work; it has become far, far bigger than the man himself. I look forward to independently produced (and of *necessity* pirated) DVD's of the cleaned up originals. And if Lucas ever manages to escape the fog of megalomania, I'd be happy to pay him almost anything to never have to see Han step on Jabba's tail again. Please please please! It is especially sad to note that, with the capacity of DVD, both editions of each film would have fit on the same DVD but for the selfish, willful petulance of one man.
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