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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on August 18, 2005
Complete Episode List:
1. Bart of Darkness:
The Simpsons get a pool. Bart is forced to stay inside all summer after breaking his leg. He spies on the neighbours in "Rear Window" style. He thinks he sees Flanders kill Maude.
2. Lisa's Rival:
There is a new girl in Lisa's class. She is only 7 and seems to be superior to Lisa in everyway.
3. Another Simpson Clip show:
Clips of past episodes are integrated as the family discusses love and romance.
4. Itchy and Scratchyland:
The family goes to Itchy and Scratchyland for a fun and relaxing vacation. Bart and Homer both get into trouble and Marge is so embarassed. In the end, the family has to battle a fleet of feline and mouse robots.
5. Sideshow Bob Roberts:
Sideshow Bob is released from jail and runs for mayor of Springfield. He gets 100% of the vote, while Mayor Quimby gets 1% of the vote (don't forget 1% margin of error). The Simpson kids smell something fishy about this victory and strive to get to the bottom of it before they are forced out of their home by the construction of the Matlock Expressway.
6. Tree House of Horror V:
Part 1: "The Shinning" Homer and the family are the caretakers of Mr. Burns' summer home in the mountains. Homer is forced to spend the winter without TV and beer and ends up going crazy. Bart uses his "Shinning" to call to Groundskeeper Willy for help.
Part 2: "Time and Punishment" Homer travels back in timme, and there are many negative repercussions. Part 3: "Nightmare Cafeteria" Principal Skinner, Mrs. Krapabal and other faculty members start eating Springfield Elementary detention students.
7. Bart's Girlfriend
Bart falls in love with Jessica, the daughter of Reverend Lovejoy. She is viewed as innocent, but gets Bart into deep trouble with the towns people.
8. Lisa on Ice
Lisa and Bart face off on the ice.
9. Homer Bad Man:
Homer is accused of sexual harassment by a college student. She thinks he tried to grab her butt, but he really wanted a candy that was stuck to her.
10. Grampa Simpson vs. Sexual Inadequacy
Grampa and Homer market a miracle sex drug across the state. They have a falling out along the way.
11. Fear of Flying
Marge heads to a psychiatrist after experiencing a panic attack on an airplane. We learn that her father was a steward.
12. Homer the Great
The Stonecutter Episode!
13. And Maggie Makes Three
Homer reminisces how great life was before he found out Marge was pregnant with Maggie. A heart warming ending.
14. Bart's Comet
After Bart discovers a comet, everyone believes that it is about to hit town.
15. Homie The Clown
Homer joins Krusty's Clown College to be trained as an impersonator. He is mistaken for the real Krusty by everyone in town, including the mob.
16. Bart Vs. Australia
The Simpsons go to Australia to apologize after Bart defrauds a small boy and his family with a collect call.
17. A Star is Burns
A cartoon crossover episode. Jay from The Critic comes to host a film festival in Springfield.
18. Lisa's Wedding
We see Lisa as a young woman through a fortune teller's crystal ball.
19. Two Dozen and One Greyhounds
Santa's Little Helper and She's The Fastest have 25 puppies. They are dog napped by the evil Mr. Burns. Hilarious!
20. The PTA Disbands
There is a teacher strike. Bart is overjoyed, while Lisa is depressed. Towns people come in to teach the kids.
21. 'Round Springfield
Bart is in the hospital after getting his appendix out. Lisa visits and then sees her good friend Bleeding Gums Murphy is also in the hospital. He dies and she is sad.
22. The Springfield Connection
Marge decides she needs more excitement in her life, so she becomes a cop. Homer feels emasculated.
23. Lemon of Troy
The people of Shelbyville steal the prized Springfield lemon tree. The kids vow to get it back.
24. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 1
The school strikes oil, and Burns steals it. He decides to monopolize all forms of energy, and decides to eliminate solar power. He blocks out the sun, and everyone in Springfield is furious. He gets shot, and everyone in town becomes a suspect in this cliffhanger.
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on August 17, 2005
I must say it is a bit different than the others, but people who are soo unhappy with it, is given a choice for the old boxes.. for a shipping/handling fee of course.. up to you.. i do not think its that bad, just different... Go to [...] if you realllyyyy need that box..:) hope i helped.
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on June 6, 2009
Season six is as good as the rest. Filled with hilarity and hijinks from the whole Simpson family and the rest of the Springfield gang. The only downside is the plastic head box. Skip it and get the normal box.
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on August 16, 2005
Contrary to previous comments, the packaging you're seeing is not an outer box. This packaging does not match the fold-out style of the previous five seasons whatsoever. The plastic (read: cruddy plastic) Homer head packaging pops open at the top to reveal a Homer cut-out envelope (similar to the packaging of the previous five seasons, only not as geometrically sound). It seems like the whole thing centers on a "Who Shot Mr. Burns" sort of feel.
The season is great, one of the last great seasons the Simpsons ever had, but the packaging is a major disappointment. The other five lined up so neatly alongside one another, and this one sticks out like a sore thumb.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 21, 2006
I am not surprised of the fans reaction on the box set because its really cheap plastic ,the homer head package is a cool idea but they should have do it with more strong materials.Exept that the season is great,contains 25 episodes very good ones aired between 1994-95.4 discs and tons of fun included.

special features;well,it seems they keep getting better but still remains an issue.There is comentenries on every episodes ,featurettes,deleted scenes,animatics and a few other stuff.

best episodes;itchy and scratchy land when they to the amusement park and get attacked,sideshow bob roberts when sideshow becomes mayor of springfield(i always loved sideshow bob episodes)lisa on ice wich is on my fav of the show bart and lisa plays hockey against each others,pervers homer when homer is accused of sexual abuse,and about my favorite simpson episode homer the great when he joins the stone cutters.some of the best moments of the show

on the best seasons (4 to about 8)the only bad thing is the head package wich is cheap but,you get a special add in the box set that you can change to the regular boxes.bad news;the seventh season is a marge head packaging wich is probably again made of cheapp plastic.the chaep plastic is the only wrong thing it also is why i didnt give a 5 star rating
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on August 16, 2005
Well Folks, I have some good news and some bad news... I'll start with the bad:
- With so much talk about the new packaging, I tend to agree... the new packaging is kind of cheap and flimsy, although a creative attempt at something new. In addition, the box inside the "Homer head" box, is NOT square, as was speculated by another reviewer. It is indeed another "Homer head" shape, and the spaces for the DVDs are not as well constructed as in past seasons. Now on to the good news...
- Besides getting some of thebest Simpsons episodes ever aired with Season 6 (Lisa's Rival, Itchy and Scratchy Land, Homer Badman, Bart vs Australia, and of course, Homer the Great) you can also call 1-800-223-2369 or visit [...] to get your very own "old school," just like the other 5 seasons boxes... this is specifically "for all those that fear change," according to the new packaging.
So, while I would give this, as well as any other Simpsons season 5 Stars, the flimsy packaging on this season does bring it down a bit... BUT STILL WORTH EVERY PENNY, especially since they will replace the box if it bothers you absolutely free (minus shipping and handling).
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on August 31, 2005
This DVD contains many great classic episodes! Watching all these again brings back so many great Simpsons jokes. My all time fav moment is the Halloween time travel episode when Lisa yells: "Dad! Your hand is jammed in the toaster!" Sure the outside box is not as classy as previous ones, but I really don't think the outside matters much. It still contains a great guide and decorated DVDs.
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on April 24, 2015
great price & quick delivery. THANKS
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on February 17, 2015
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on June 27, 2005
I am a proud owner of The Simpsons seasons 1 through 5 and will continue buying the series as seasons are released REGARDLESS of the packaging. I mean, come on now. Does the appearance of the packaging outweigh the hilarity of classic episodes such as Lisa's Wedding, Itchy & Scratchyland and Homer The Great (ie the Stone Cutter episode)? The Simpsons Season 6 is an AMAZING season and is will have you doubled over with laughter!
Put your issues with the package aside and enjoy the show! After all, you're not watching the cardboard box.
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