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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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HALL OF FAMEon March 22, 2009
I remember "Pinocchio" as being the first Disney movie I ever saw, although a half-century later such memories might be suspect, although I am pretty sure that the main thing I remember walking out of the movie theater way back when was Monstro the Whale. My main impression this time was that the animation is rougher than I recalled. Of course this makes perfect sense, because this 1940 movie is the first full-length animated film that Disney released after "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," although the studio was working on "Bambi" at the same time. But in my mind I had the level of animation being more akin to what we see in "Cinderella." But compare the level of animation here with "Steamboat Willie," the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, and you can see the quantum leap that Disney had already taken in the field. When the American Film Institute did its "Ten Top Ten" lists, "Pinocchio" was number two on the list after "Snow White," a judgment that reflects the monumental historical importance of that first cartoon movie, because judged by creative standards "Pinocchio" is the superior film.

Watching "Pinocchio" again and going through all of the bonus features on this 70th anniversary Platinum Edition DVD served to reinforce the idea that Walt Disney was a genius, a fact that needs to be driven home to those generation of Disney fans who have been born after his death and do not remember him hosting "The Wonderful World of Disney" on Sunday nights. The two things that stood out to me where the fact that when Walt took that first big gamble with "Snow White" (critics the colors are too bright, they will hurt people's eyes to watch a cartoon that runs an hour), he already had his new two animated features in the pipeline, and that he insisted the songs in his movies move the story along. Both of those ideas are taken for granted today, but you have to put things in the context of the times. Walt Disney is the Moses who gets animation from "Gertie the Dinosaur" to the latest computer animated effort from the folks at Pixar. The mantle might have been passed, but let's not forget who the person responsible for the mantle.

Kids might like the Games & Activities included on the second disc in this set and may even recognize Meaghan Jette Martin, who sings the updated version of "When You Wish Upon a Star" in the requisite music video (Sorry, nothing tops Cliff Edwards as Jiminy Cricket singing that particular song). For me the attraction is all of the Bakcstage Disney materials, with the Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scens and Alternat Ending, the All-New "Making of 'Pinocchio'" featurette and the proverbial "Much, Much More!" From the start, these Platinum Editions from Disney have been designed to cater to those of us who want to be more than casual fans of these classic full-length cartoons. When they began putting these out the gold standard in DVD extras were the Criterion Collection films, but these Disney Platinum Editions routinely exceed those efforts. We would be happy just to have this film on DVD, but Disney is committed to preserving its legacy by treating these classic films like cinematic heirlooms. I have not seen a Disney Plantinum Edition that was not worth owning, and if for some reason you felt compelled to limit yourself to only five of them, then "Pinocchio" would have to be one of those five. Actually, I think if you only had one of them, this would be the one (although "
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on May 4, 2004
The TV Guide called this gem "arguably, the best animated feature of all time," that's a little hyped up if you ask me (but still, Pinocchio gets 4.5 rounded up to 5 stars from me). It has the best animation any cartoon studio has to offer (espcially for 1940), some of the best musical numbers, and INCREDIBLE voice talents! Cliff Edwards and Dickie Jones should have won themselves a couple of awards just for their voice work as Jiminey Cricket (Edwards) and Pinocchio (Jones), they both work PERFECTLY together.
The music and songs are one of the best things about "Pinocchio." Everytime I watch the DVD, I like turn on the subtitles and sing the songs with the characters (Hi Diddle Dee Dee and I've Got No Strings are my faves).
Some of the characters even remind me about people I know. When I was young, I could easily picture myself as Pinocchio. The "Lampwick" character reminds me a lot about the "hoodlum" classmates I go to school with (jackasses).
Pinocchio is a movie that ALL parents should watch with their children. The scene where Pinocchio gets locked in a cage by Stromboli (a greedy puppet master) demonstrates the unpleasent consequences for trusting strangers (Honest John and Giddy) that outsmart their "victims" with TEMPTATION. The "Donkey Transformation" scene is a very powerful (and frightening) sequence that gives an example about why you shouldn't be a destructive little brat (jackass).
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on August 3, 2001
The name Disney has always carried the stigma of wholesomeness, which all too often translates into fatuous and insipid "family entertainment," but the Pleasure Island segment of Pinocchio ranks among the supreme moments of horror in all of cinema - the loss of the self is so much more greusome than death. Worth having for that brilliant and ghastly scene alone.
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on August 10, 2000
First of all, before any of you fine readers get the wrong idea about my mediocre 3 star rating, Pinocchio is and probably will always be the greatest animated film of all time. Calling Pinocchio a masterpiece is an understatement. I am writing this review on the basis of how fed up I am with the stupidity and greed that Disney has shown of late. Like so many of the 40+ reviewers have said, why was this classic thrown together with such little respect? The transfer to DVD does not improve upon the VHS version, in fact it actually looks downright fuzzy at times. And boy was I ticked off when the "making of Pinocchio" was not included on the DVD, but WAS on the VHS! What am I spending the extra dollars for? Like another reviewer said, Disney just wants the consumer to buy the next version with the extras included. They're no fools, they probably figure if they include the extras on the DVD now, no one will buy it again because DVDs don't wear out! It all comes down to the almighty dollar, right Disney? When Disney does include extras, like on A Bug's Life, they make you buy 2 DVDs! Has anyone at Disney noticed how many hours can be stored on a single DVD? Take Dreamworks for example, they produced a great film in the Prince of Egypt and loaded the DVD with a ton of extras. You don't mind paying a little extra for DVDs like the Prince of Egypt or The Iron Giant (another superb film). Wise up Disney, you won't be able to live on reputation for much longer if you continue trying to rip off the public. The competition is stiff, and darn good! I bet Walt must be turning over in his grave. I would love the folks at Disney to read this review.
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on August 26, 2011
I received this item the very next day after ordering it. I was so pleased and couldn't beleive how fast I received it. Item is in great condition. Would definately recommend this seller.
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on March 11, 2009
Disney a restauré ce classique de tous les temps à sa brillance. Les thèmes universels de l'amour, la famille, l'amitié et le bien contre le mal et de faire une éducation agréable. Oui, il ya des scènes assez effrayant et le mal est de montré pour ce qu'il est. Cependant, tout comme dans la plupart des contes de fées, le bien triomphe sur le mal à la fin.

La première partie du film est hilarant, le milieu est une aventure et la fin est une belle surprise pour les enfants. Il ya quelques articles politiquement incorrect, mais ils sont presque ironique et que vous avez à penser à quand ce film a été fait!

Si vous avez toujours souhaité sur une étoile, ou d'une étoile fillante, c'est pour vous! Je suis d'accord, c'est un chef-d'œuvre de l'animation .... différent de tout ce que vous trouverez aujourd'hui. Il est tellement détaillé et évolue à un rythme où il est agréable à regarder. C'est un film sérieux, contrairement à certains des plus rapide extravagances que vous voyez aujourd'hui.
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on July 6, 2009
Hi All You Disney Fans Out There, As you all Know Walt Disney's Pinocchio Is One Of The Best Classic Disney Films Of All Time, But You Must Get This DVD, The picture is so much better and clearer, it just makes watching this film even more better than the first time you watched it all those many Years ago, If you love Disney as I, then Its worth collecting This, because any Special Or Platinum Editions, Or Even Anniversary Editions Are Worth Adding to your growing Collection, Disney Films seem to get more Valuable over time, and its nice to have a great collection of all Disney's Animated Master Pieces, So Go On Go For It.
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on March 5, 2004
Following the success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Walt Disney studios decided to create Pinocchio, although its initial theatrical release back in the 1940s seemed to be financially dissappointing, it was mainly because of the start of World War II. Through time, the film became to be known as one Disney's greates masterpieces. The film itself is indeed great, entertaining from beginning to end, do I even have to know what happens in the story? Everyone knows the classic tale of Pinocchio, well, it is the story of an innocent puppet who's given life by a kind blue fairy, and sent into the real world in which faces many dangerous and evil villains. But luckily for Pinocchio, he's not alone, Jiminy Cricket, his faithful and loyal conscience will help him find the difference between right and wrong. In a magical quest to return to his family Pinoccho will overcome many difficulties in this cruel world.
This DVD edition of Walt Disney's timeless classics does not bring much in Bonus Features, just a little theatrical trailer, luckily, a much better edition is being planned for Pinocchio, as it will become part of the Platinum Edition, which is Disney's greatest DVD collection yet.
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on October 16, 2003
Walt Disney in my belief never topped his stunning achievement in movie animation with "Pinocchio", the classic children's story based on the equally classic late 19th Century story by Carlo Collodi. Indeed this story is truly for children and adults alike with it's message of the universal value of honesty towards others and ones self, and the real worth to be obtained from personal integrity in all things. Released in 1940 after the stunning success of Disney's first excursion into animated feature films with "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Pinocchio", is the studio's supreme achievement that has enchanted and enthralled each new generation with it's simple message and delightful characters.
"Pinocchio", tells the story of a kind and loving woodcarver named Geppetto who produces beautiful clocks, toys and music boxes out of all kinds of wood. He is loved and admired for his great skill however his one wish in life is to have a son as he has no children. Looking at his completed wooden puppet of a young boy he names him Pinocchio and goes to sleep praying that he might have a son just like Pinocchio. During the night the Blue Fairy appears in Geppetto's house and grants his fervent wish bringing the little wooden puppet to life. Her words to Pinnochio are "prove yourself to be brave, truthful and unselfish and someday you will be a real boy". To help him in this task the Blue fairy provides him with a "conscience" in the form of Jiminy Cricket who is to look out for him. Upon waking Geppetto is delighted to discover that his wish has been granted and that Pinocchio has come to life. His joy however is short lived when after sending Pinocchio off to begin his schooling the naive puppet is abducted by a sinister Fox called Honest John who takes Pinocchio to the travelling carnival of Stromboli a cruel and nasty man who imprisons Pinnochio and forces him to perform in his show. Alerted by Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio is rescued by the Blue Fairy after he learns a hard lesson about telling the truth when his nose grows larger with each successive lie. Heading home they run afoul of Honest John again who in another of his schemes is working with his client Coachman in getting boys to be sent to Pleasure Island in the belief that they are going on vacation but with the real intent of turning them into donkeys to work as slaves for Coachman in his mines. Once on the island everything seems wonderful as the amusement park offers everything they want for free and the boys are given a constant supply of drink and alcohol. Only later is the sinister purpose of the island discovered by Jiminy Cricket by which time it is too late as the boys have begun to turn into donkeys and are being loaded on a boat being sent to the mines. Before Pinocchio's transformation is complete Jiminy and Pinocchio escape and return home again only to find the heart broken Geppetto has gone looking for Pinocchio and has been swallowed by a famous whale called Monstro. Going under water to try and find him the pair encounter the deadly Monstro who also engulfs them and by a miracle they find Geppetto along with Figaro the cat and Cleo the goldfish safe and sound. Starting a fire inside the whale they manage to be blown outside and after a terrifying pursuit by a very angry Monstro manage to safely get to the shore. Once safely home the transformation promised by the Blue Fairy if Pinocchio displayed the qualities of bravery honesty and kindness to others, takes place and the wooden Pinocchio becomes a real boy of flesh and blood and the son Geppetto always wanted.
"Pinocchio", is a timeless story graced with beautiful characters that all too often show their human side. I believe this very human element to the characters is what has endeared this film to generations of movie goers. Winner of the 1940 Academy Award for Best song with the unforgettable "When You Wish Upon A Star" which has become the Disney trade mark tune ever since, the production has so much to offer in every department. The quality of the animation is peerless here and the modern Disney efforts could not compare with it in overall quality and execution. The characters created from the original work by Carlo Collodi are just as memorable with Pinocchio the unforgettable little puppet who learns to become a real boy, being one of the best characters to come out of the Disney films. Voiced by child actor Dickie Jones, he gives Pinocchio just the right elements of boyish innocence and show biz panache to make him a delightful character. Jiminy Cricket also is without doubt one of the strengths in this story with his "conscience" job often leading to amusing and hair raising situations that even he often doesn't want to be a part of.
Treasured as a great children's classic "Pinocchio", certainly has it's scary elements such as the boys turning into donkeys and the frightening battle with the whale at sea which might not be suitable for really young children. However apart from that adults can enjoy this story just as much as children with its age old moral lesson of doing good by others for your own good. I have loved "Pinocchio", since I was a child and along with "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", is the film that best represents the true brillance of Walt Disney's creativity. Promise yourself at least one viewing of this great classic as it will move you as no other animated feature can with its simple message and beautiful characters.
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on August 11, 2003
Judging by its Amazon sales rank of 177, this movie would rank 3rd in popularity. We rank it 21. The movie was produced as a high quality, entertaining story that has endured in the culture over the years. Who doesn't know the song "When you wish upon a star". Old guys like me can remember Walt Disney doing his Sunday night TV show and his costar Jiminy Cricket, who was lucky as can be because he'll live to be 103. From marionette to saving his father this is a grand adventure and a solid 3 star movie.
We had a lot of fun by gathering the family together to rank the 41 Disney movies we have that include some cartoon work. All the kids, ages 6 to 27, participated along with mother and dad. Lion King was selected number 1 of the 41 as the family favorite, but narrowly. Peter Pan was 2. Pete's Dragon 3, Beauty & the beast 4, Sleeping Beauty 5, Snow White 6, Robin Hood 7, 101 Dalmatians 8, Fox and the hound 9, Cinderella is 10th, Rescuers 11, Hunchback of ND 12, Aladdin 13, Aladdin King of Thieves 14, Jungle Book 15, Little Mermaid 16, Hercules 17, Winnie the Pooh 18, Rescuers Down Under 19 and Sword in the Stone 20.
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