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on March 5, 2014
We did enjoy the Smart Oven BOV800XL that we purchased from Amazon while it lasted. We are seniors and we thought it would help our energy bills instead of using a large oven. Unfortunately it only lasted a little over a year (warranty length, how convenient). We were cooking some fish when all of a sudden the LCD screen went blank and so did the oven. It did not show any error message, it just went blank. Tried everything including unplugging it, waiting and plugging it in again. Results = nothing. Looked for reset button but none there. Has is happened to anyone else? Please let us know if you know how we can repair it.

As far as “would I buy another?” NO! Very disappointed. Unhappy Grandparents
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on July 15, 2014
I was happy with this oven for a year, but that quickly came to an end when the top element started on fire. I've contact Breville and despite supplying all the information they've requested, they have not responded.

I discourage anyone from purchasing this oven and I'd be reluctant to purchase other Breville products as a result of their lack of customer support.
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on June 2, 2010
It is a great product. Toaster is great - but especially the oven. I've made pizza's, fries, cookies, salmon etc. and it was fast and efficient. It is very easy to clean (outside and inside) and looks great on the counter! Worth the money for sure!
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on August 14, 2014
I ordered this toaster oven with high hopes. It has worked well as described, but the digital display on my unit flickers on the timer portion. I am not happy with this, and plan to seek a replacement with Breville as my return window with has apparently run out, despite receiving this oven less than 2 months ago.
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on April 11, 2014
This little countertop toaster oven is fabulous. It has completely replaced my oven as my go-to for cooking dinner.

It heats up really quickly, uses less energy than a conventional stove, and has a countdown timer and alarm that notifies you when it has finished cooking. You have a choice of cooking normally or with convection -- and there are many different presets (pizza: freshly made or frozen, toast, cookies, etc) that allow you to set up for cooking and come back to a nicely completed meal. You can also bake, broil, roast, toast, reheat and warm.

Size-wise, you have to purchase cooking items that fit within it. It is not conventional oven size. You certainly won't be able to cook a turkey in it -- but you can put a 2 quart casserole dish (with lid) inside, along with a 14 inch pizza (think frozen pizza size). The Breville machine comes with a cookie sheet, a grill pan and a pizza pan to get you started. The machine itself is bigger than your standard toaster oven (it's about the size of a small microwave), but I see it as an extra oven, not a toaster.

The rack inside can be adjusted to the bottom row to fit the 2-quart casserole dish, mid-rack for cookies, and broil level up top. Having used the machine quite a bit, I would recommend using the mid-rack for broiling, as I've had some smoke issues with the top rack when cooking steak. Mid-rack works well.

The machine itself is easy to use and simple enough to clean -- think a regular oven with a crumb tray at bottom. The top of it can get very hot, so avoid placing any items on top of it.

I would highly recommend this machine if you are looking for alternatives to a conventional oven -- whether it be in a dorm room, or in addition to the oven you use on a daily basis, or as a replacement for your conventional oven.
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on October 30, 2013
Received the product a few weeks ago. Shipping was fast and started to use the oven right away. Upon reading reviews on the net, several customer were unhappy about the overall BUILT quality (i.e. broke down after one year, low quality buttons, etc.). I have to admit that the buttons could be of better quality because they get used a LOT, and as far as overall quality goes, it does its job (cooking, heating, etc.) very well, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping that it will last longer than one year!
I have a few other Breville products, some are good while some indeed did not last long... and based on my previous experience, I can testify that Breville customer service is far from being up to world-class excellence (it sucks). I had to fix my other Breville product myself. Again, just hope this one will last so I can stay away from bad customer service.

READ MY UPDATE BEFORE YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT - ONE YEAR LATER - I had initially given 5 stars.....
Hello again. Just want to share my experience with this Breville toaster oven, one year later. I was initially skeptic when I bought this product, and with reason. Exactly 13.5 months later, the convection fan is close to dying. It now makes more noise than a hair blower which is extremely annoying. The question now is "How long will it last, and only time will tell". But it doesn't sound like it will last much longer. At the risk of getting frustrated I probably won't be calling Breville service, since now that they got my money, they'll certainly won't care - based on past experience and other customer reviews.
Bottom line, I'll wait till it dies and buy another product if I cannot fix myself. In my opinion, if you want to be disappointed, not from poor performance but from cheap internal parts, go ahead and buy this product, otherwise, I suggest you buy a cheaper brand (which can be just a good) and keep your hard earned money.
Good luck!
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on October 11, 2012
Purchased mine in July 2011. Last week, the unit unexpectedly stopped working. Unlike other reviewers have noted, my LCD screen would light up, but the heaters and fan would not start. Called Breville, who directed me to a repair shop in the area, but otherwise were unwilling to recognize the pattern of failure in these ovens and extend my warranty to cover the repairs. The repair shop diagnosed the problem as a failed control board. This will cost me $50 and take an additional two weeks to repair.

Avoid this oven at all costs. The poor reliability and even worse customer service is just not worth it. This unit is #fail.
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on September 24, 2014
Bought on July 4, 2013, ~$266.00 CDN. Quit working August 2014. Replaced thermal fuse August 2014, Quit working again September 2014 after second use. I suspect the replacement fuse opened because of secondary problem with the oven's temperature regulation.

From reading reviews on the net about many other different problems with this product, I will not invest any more time, money or patience into this product and will not buy this brand again. I do not recommend buying this product. Too expensive for the service it gives you.

Some parts are already not available, back-ordered or discontinued.

Parts are expensive to get to Canada. Thermal fuse price is $4.57, but shipping prices go from $13.30 for 25 day delivery to $45.98 for 3 day delivery US dollars netting a landed cost range for this $5.00 part from $20.00 to over $50.00.

It is a difficult and dangerous product to work on because of an over abundance of screws, cryptic assembly and razor sharp edges on the oven's cover parts. So sharp, you can cut yourself and not even realize it until the blood starts dripping.
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on March 24, 2015
We like the units (we bought two!). Within one month, one of the accessories broke (the oven tray warped instantly and became unusable). So we tried to reach Breville customer service from number given in the instruction book: the phone number given is NOT IN SERVICE! We plan to return both units to if Breville does not reply to the email address given. Very surprizing from this Canadian company.
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on April 6, 2011
Received this product in October of 2010. Works ok but the cooking times are same or longer than our full size gas oven. Not sure what good the convection feature is doing. Toasting is super slow. Then in March of 2011, stops working completely. No power at all. 1st week of April and still in the shop. Breville shipped wrong part. Call Breville, sorry, nothing we can do for you. Normal wait time for repairs is 4 to 6 weeks. Great service for a $300 toaster oven. Shop elsewhere folks. I for one will never buy a product from this company again. And read through all the reviews, you'll see that there are several complaints about failing units. We were lucky ours was during the 1st year.
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