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4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 22, 2012
After reading many reviews and watching many online videos of the Omega J8006 juicer, I decided to get one. The unit arrived quicker than expected. I have been juicing beets, kale, carrots, celery, lemons and cucumbers. The juice that comes out of this unit tastes great and the remaining pulp is slightly damp meaning it is "squeezing" as much juice out as possible. There are hardly any fibres that come out through the juice spout. This is a masticating juicer that is extremely quiet. I couldn't believe the horrid jet engine type noise that came from some of the centrifugal type juicers that I had reviewed. Part of making fresh, healthy juice in the morning is not to wake up the entire household. I think you will use this juicer a lot more than centrifugal type juicers as it is so quiet. Just leave it on your counter assembled and ready to juice. The cleanup is so simple, a monkey could do it. As soon as you are done juicing, even before you drink your fresh juice, quickly rinse all items under running water. Maybe takes a minute or two. There is a giant toothbrush included to clean out a small screen, which should take 15 seconds at most. Total cleanup and reassembly time should be no more than 3 to 4 minutes. How cool is that? A 15 year warranty to boot! Come on, start juicing with this machine and become healthier!

Update: June 30, 2015

2 years and 10 months later, this juicer is going strong with no issues whatsoever! It is so nice to have an appliance that just keeps doing what its supposed to, month after month, year after year. Love it!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 24, 2012
So far I've used it for a couple of weeks. It is an amazing monster that eats vegetables like a large bunny. The masticating noises made by the munching of carrots for instance shows its power. The amount of juice produced is incredible and not too frothy. I purchased this after much research. I decided to get this one as opposed to a sub $100 one or a blender version. Most experts point to this one, and now I noticed it has been reduced in price (any price protection Amazon?). The 15 year warranty convinced me to pay more now than 50-100$ every year for an inferior one. The price will also bother me enough to use it everyday. Compared to paying 2-3$ day for MLM vitamin drinks, this investment in natural inputs makes more sense. Buy this with confidence.

Update 10/24/13
I use this everyday. While the plastic of the moving parts is slightly discolored, it still works as new. I've replaced two different parts with no questions asked (no bills, proof of purchase) and received them within days. Both were very minor issues (clicking noise) that fixed the problem. Warranty is first class.
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on January 12, 2014
I owned a Breville centrifugal juicer before and returned it to purchase this one instead. I have to say that I am blown away, this juicer is 100x better than the Breville and probably any other centrifugal juicers!! For one thing, the pulp is bone dry and there isn't much of it. When we used the Breville there was a ton of pulp and it was always wet. But mainly what I've noticed is that the juice is so much more flavorful, not only that but it looks better too! The juice from the Breville always separated and the apple celery juice just looked like apple celery water; it was leaving all the juice and flavor in the pulp!! After owning this Omega, I will never go back. Spend a bit more on a good juicer and you will not regret it. You're wasting a lot less fruits and vegetables, PLUS this juice is more nutritious because it's made using low RPM's.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 12, 2013
I purchased this juicer 7-8 months ago, and have been using it steadily, but NOT daily, up until last week. From day one, it juiced my produce very well, much more satisfactory than a centrifugal juicer. I had great difficulty in deciding exactly what type of juicer to buy since the market is currently flooded with products, and the balance between price and health is difficult to maintain. To make it easier for all of you out there who want your money's worth AND do not want to compromise your health, I've written this review for you.

Masticating Juicers; Pros and Cons
-Mid price range, couple hundred more than the centrifugal, depending on brands. Not as popular in stores as centrifugals, so a bit more difficult to find, but still available.
- Nutritional quality of juice excellent.
- Easy to clean (less than five minutes), easy to store, fairly less noisy than the centrifugal, warranty with many brands. The jucier I bought from Omega has a 15 year warranty.
- This particular juicer is slower than the centrifugal, but for the nutrition comparison, is worth it to me. I do not use the plastic containers it came with for the juice as they are bulky, and make pouring difficult. However, a common liquids measuring cup works perfectly.
- The parts this machine uses to make the juice are plastic, only the screen is stainless steel. This bothered me a lot, as I avoid plastic as much as possible, especially when in contact with water or food. Previous reviewers have complained of metal and plastic shavings ending up in their juice, as of yet I have not experienced this, and since I knew of the complaints before I purchased my juicer, I watched it very carefully, and still do.
-Omega claims this juicer can do many things. I haven't tried them all out, but I did try the salsa method for chopping my peppers. I followed all instructions given, used all the correct parts, and though I did get an excellent pepper sauce, a lot of pepper juice came out, despite using the blank. Also, much of the juice overloaded the juicer and got behind the auger into the machine itself. I had unscrew the open/close and clean it because it was sticking shut. I haven't tried coffee beans, grains, nut butters, or anything else except juicing and chopping. I haven ot been using the juicer on a daily basis, though I have been using it on a weekly basis, and was careful not to overload it after the pepper incident. Despite my careful usage, when making green juice for a turbo smoothie last week, my juicer screen broke. I was going to put a picture up, but a previous review already did- it seems this may be a common problem. I have contacted Omega and they are sending me a replacement, but it made me somewhat regret compromising on my issues with plastics to settle for this juicer.
The only other option out there for me is a chop and press style juicer, such as the Norwalk. Unfortunately, they are entirely out of my price range, being 2,000.00. They are all stainless, get the highest extraction and nutritional quality of juice, but I simply don't have two grand to shell out for an appliance. There is no way they cost that much to make.
So, yes- this juicer meets my needs. (As long as the company is around to replace parts.) I may stock up on screens just in case (they are 9.99 each.) Until a better one comes along, this is the juicer for me. But I will be keeping my eye out for a reasonably priced Norwalk.

UPDATE: Down to three stars. I would have to agree with the other reviews- the juicing screen acted up and shaved plastic off the auger and who knows if I drank it or not, as of course, I only noticed when I washed it. The screen broke when juicing a couple lemons, and as this brand claims to juice citrus as well as other produce, it should have been able to handle them. I contacted the company, and they did supply me with a new screen and a new auger, free of charge. I received both within a week, well packaged. However, I am looking out now for a stainless juicer. This plastic junk and the poor design just doesn't cut it for me, and it should have been much higher quality for the price. I found out that the Norwalk, all stainless, is made in the USA, which would explain some of the high cost, but not all. I still can't afford one, so I have to stick with this Omega for now.
2 UPDATE: (as of February 2015) The second auger I was sent again was slightly shaved by the juicing screen. The second juicing screen also broke, in the same spot. Notified the company and they sent me TWO replacement juicing screens this time. However, the aggravation and anxiety of using a juicing machine that could break a part any moment or leak plastic into my juice may be too much for me. I would like you all to know that I am very careful with this juicer, sometimes I take off the auger and screen multiple times before I use it to be sure I have it in the correct position. I rinse the auger right away after juicing to check for shavings. However, I'm now researching other slow juicers to find a better option.
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on December 3, 2014
We bought this almost a year ago now. In January 2014 I started juicing in earnest. I've lost 25 lbs with little effort and my health has really improved. Full disclosure: we also eat light two days a week, every week. I find that juicing helps curb my cravings for snacks. I think this product falls into the category of: "the thing which you do bests the 'better' thing which you don't do." I find juicing easy and beneficial - although I can't say if its benefit comes more from its goodness or from having it prevent me from doing something else which is worse.

The machine itself is strong and never fails. If you want to juice greens then you *must* use a masticating juicer like this (rather than the outrageously loud centripetal juicers). I don't think there is any benefit in paying more to try to find a better built machine. The only reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is that its mouth is small and thus you must do a lot of chopping before your produce will fit in. The vertical machines offer a slightly larger mouth, but they are 50 to 100% more expensive.

In the summer we bought an inexpensive centripetal juicer. For _hard_ vegetables, the centripetal is much faster to use and produces decent juice. For soft produce (oranges, anything-green) the Omega does a better job.

Clean up with the Omega is easy and fast. Clean up with the centripetal (btw its a Hamilton Beach product) is involved and slow. While the centripetal operates faster than the Omega the long clean up mostly eliminates the time difference. While I've learned to immediately feed the centripetal components under the tap to wash off the excess then put them into the dishwasher, this cannot be done with the grater-bowl. This must be carefully scrubbed under running water. Ugh. Not only that, but feeding produce into the centripetal is like feeding a wild, screaming monster. Before purchasing our Omega I had read about others' reports that its quiet operation was so much more pleasant to use, but it didn't strike me as any big deal.

However, I'll report to you that the *difference* in usage between the Omega masticating juicer and the Centripetal is night and day - it's not that the Omega is so wonderful, it's that the centripetal is so horrible an experience.

If you are going to juice then you should include greens in your juice. If you buy only one juicer, then the Omega can do it all, even if a bit slower than other kinds of juicers, but it will do it well, the machine will last, and you will not have a horrible experience which you repeat every other day. Note, for me, *I* _enjoy_ making my juice with the Omega machine. I don't expect you to enjoy the process but you'll LOVE the results.
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on October 21, 2013
Very good looking juicer. There is a lot of wastage though. The ground-up fibre that comes out the front is very damp. It does a good job of grinding up the fruits and produce but not a great job of squeezing out the juice. Also with softer fruits or produce it gives a slurry for juice and clogs up easily. Once it clogs up the waste fibre gets wetter and less juice is produced. Hence the wastage. The grinder core inside is plastic and I have my doubts that it will stand-up to daily use for 15 years. For occasional use this is probably alright but since I am using it 2 to 3 times a day; I can tell it won't last as long as the warranty.
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on April 7, 2014
amazing juicer, way better than the centrifugal one we had before. here are the pros and cons

very good at dealing with leafy greens, brocolli, and other stuff thats typically dry.
extremely fast to clean. less than 60seconds.
dead quiet.
makes good smothies. try peanut butter, nutella, and frozen fruit. amazing.
its really fun to use, my wife and i argue over who gets to use it.

small chute, which means more time cutting up veggies and pushing them down.
there are some things it cant handle. apples, bananas, mangos. they turn to pulp and its hard for the auger to grab it and push it through the screen. however i dont think any juicer can do better.
a bit more expensive than a centrifugal juicer.

a few more things. look up the differences between all the 8000 models. there are subtle differences. i recomend spending the extra thirty buck for the models with the stronger auger. ie this one.
with apples, bananas, mangos, peaches and other stuff that turns to pulp. dont juice it. use the other fittings provided, and turn it into a smoothie, and juice the other stuff after, then mix them together. works great.
overalll this is a great machine and way less expensive than the next best juicer. (super angel $1500)
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on April 23, 2012
My favorite kitchen item!! it lives up to all expectations, give amazing juice, and very few cleaning woe as not many parts and are very easy to clean!! love it.
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on February 10, 2014
We have been using this juicer for almost two months now and we love it. It is so easy to use and clean up is a snap- simply rinse the juicing parts in soapy warm water. The unit comes with its own cleaning brush-so convenient.
It's very quiet while in operation, which is a plus.
Just be aware that the little mesh filter which is placed over the collection container fills quickly with pulp and I've almost had an overflow disaster a few times when I got too distracted pushing fruit through the guide at the top!
Over all, highly recommended.
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on February 26, 2016
When my partner bought this juicer back in 2008, I thought it was a waste of money. How often are we going to juice, anyway?

Well, eight years later I'm juicing my words. I've actually used this more frequently than my partner, and I rely on it when I need to lose weight or improve my health (juicing helps me kick-start healthy habits.)

I have used it to make pasta, but it's not great. It heats up the wheat quite a bit as it forces it through. We have a separate old-school pasta maker for the once every two years we want pasta, and make it fresh.

I have not used it to make nut butter or almond milk. Frankly, I leave it loaded up with the attachments on the counter, ready to go at a moment's notice, and only use it as a juicer. That's what it's best at.

I would love it if this company would come out with a vegetable spiraling attachment.

You have to learn how to mix the wet fruits with leafy greens, and feed them in at the same time so the bulk fiber of the greens will create enough pressure to extract all the juice from the wet fruits and berries. In 8 years I'd say this is one of the most-used appliances in our house, along with the hand blender and the coffee maker.

Never had a problem with it, the parts are wearing really well, it's easy to clean if you wash everything right away - a reliable, long-lasting, well built appliance. Hallelujah.
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