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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on July 15, 2004
Western aren't really my kind of movies. I usually like horror and comedies. However the movie "Silverado" might just have changed my mind, it might change yours if you don't like Westerns either. This movie contains everything you'd expect in a western. The classic scenes, cowboys in the deserts having shootouts to them just having a drink at the canteens. There is one thing uniqe about his movie though, it contains comedy, not a lot of westerns do. Maybe that's another reason why I like it so much. I gotta say, though, this movie wouldn't have been the same without the wonderful soundtrack it had.
The soundtrack grabs your attention and delivers suspense chills at the right time. The soundtrack contributes the grasping feeling you get that keeps you in your seat waiting for more action, which never ends. You might think you're gonna know what's next, however that's not the case and the soundtrack contributes to that edge-gripping feeling you get as you're watching it.
So in conclusion, what I'm saying is that "Silverado" has everything. From cowboys doing a shootout to them being in a bar just drinking. It takes place in the desert, surrounded by cactuses, the sun, and spectators watching the showdowns. What I'm saying is just watch the darn movie!
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on May 28, 2000
OK, so is this a great movie, or what? I know, it is full of chiches, burdened by a couple of bad performances (you know who they are) and includes certain characters (Jeff Goldbloom's gambler, for example) for reasons that only Lawrence Kasdin may understand. But for all that, it resonates with an excitement few movies do. The cast is exceptional: Kevin Klin, Bryan Dennehy, Linda Hunt, Scott Glen, John Clesse, Danny Glover and Kevin Costner (alright, maybe we don't want ,to brag about Kevin). The Kasdin script is exceptional, and gives full play to each actor's talents. The scene between Kostner and Hunt in the bar where they discuss their mutual love of a good "smoky saloon" is a great scene, as are the ones with John Clesse as a sheriff reluctanly enforcing his authority. Dennehy makes a wonderfully likeable villian and Scott Glenn is a great foil for Padin, the Kevin Kline character. Every Western gimmic and convention imaginable is employed in this film, which is a bit too long because of that, but great fun nevertheless. No one can view this movie and not come away with quotable lines and memorable scenes. It's a great tribute to the American Western and a real entertainment in its own right.
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on January 13, 2002
A truly great western and one of a few modern ones that can hold there own with any made in the John Wayne and early Eastwood era. Lots of stars in this flick with a very young looking Costner and a whole bunch of talent in small roles that will later appear as costars or stars in entire movies. The plot is very well written the characters believable and the shoot out scenes lots of fun to watch. The horse riding and cinematography are both very beautiful. I first saw this in the theaters and was impressed, it is still fun to watch. A very strong recommendation to any that like westerns but I would venture that any movie watcher would at the very least not feel they wasted time. A good movie to own can be watched multiple times.
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on March 3, 2000
Somebody once said, that when Tolstoy wrote War and Peace, he includeed anything possible, except a race for sailingboats. Silverado does the same thing for Westerns. Featuring a terrific cast (Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Linda Hunt,, Scott Glen, just to name a view) This movie includes practicaly anything ever shown in a Western. The strange thing: it works! Where War and Peace becomes boring and confusing after ten pages, Silverado keeps the pace and as far as there is a plot, it is clear from beginning to end. Also it reinjects a sense of humor into Westerns, which was large lost during the Sergio Leone era. Silverado is an enjoyable movie, with a simple plot, a great cast and plenty of action.
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on January 30, 2009
This is a great western movie, which is amazing considering everyone thought the western was dead long before. This movie has a great story and great performances notwithstanding Kevin Kline's rather wooden performance in the lead. Scott Glenn looks like he was born to play this part and seeing Kevin Costner in this role makes you remember that he really was an incredible actor at one time. Jeff Goldblum seems to have been contracturally obligated to appear in every Kasdan film and he seems out of place, but his part is fairly minor. John Cleese offers a humerous portrayal as a fish-out-of-water englishman. Overall this is a great old fashion western and well worth the investment.
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on October 11, 2009
A good ol' fashioned western... lots of gun slingin, a 'smelly' saloon, the good guys are really good and the bad are really bad, lots of comedy and an amazing line-up of stars... when they were all pretty young. VERY good!
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on April 4, 2003
this movie, as a western, is worse than a john wayne b movie from the 30's.
other reviewers state that the 'kasden brothers were paying homage to the traditional western genre'. no, no they weren't. they were completely lost, and should be forgiven, or forgotten.
i can easily see that this movie is on a par with ed wood's movies.
watching these reknowned actors (actresses) in this terrible movie begs the question: do any of them feel that this was a good movie still? or do they run for cover whenever this movie is mentioned?
this movie is worth watching because it is so very bad.
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on June 29, 2000
This movie is a wonderful blending of tradtional style Old Western history with a more realistic intrpretation of New Western history. The acting is wonderful although I wanted to see more of Jeff Goldblum and Rosanne Arquette. The music and scenerey is dramatic and draws you into the movie. At the end when they go riding off into the sunset you almost want to get on your horse and go with them. This movie is light on the hokey stuff of classic westerns which makes it even more palatable to a non-western fan.
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on July 15, 2004
I used to hate western movies. I thought that they were a wast of time. I first watched the movie "SILVERADO" in my english I thought that that i was going to hate it but i loved it. I was wrong it was an intence movie filled with action. The reason why I liked it so much was becuase it wasn't like many other western it was modern. The movie "SILVERADO" had a good foreshadowing like the part when the settlersshowed the money to the guards you knew that they were going to steal it from them in the trip. What i think makes a western not good is the actors they are always serios. Unlike "SILVERADO" the actors were serios and funny at the same time. I have three qouts from the movie that i really liked. One of then is "Don't force me to make a adjustment around here."What i think this means is that don't make me do some thing that i don't want to do. the second qout is "Quit your yelling you old coot." This means to stop talking or to stop yelling. The last one is "This used to be a peaceful town." I think that he is trying to say that everything was good when it was his way and before payton, mal and Raden were in town.Thats why i liked the movie'SILVERADO."
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on July 15, 2004
this old fashion western movie "Silverado" was extremly exciting with lot's of action. If you a kind of person like me who likes movies with action and adventure, this moving is the right one for you. This movie has everything anyone wants . "Silverado"has comedy, action , and adventure . this movie is wonderful, it makes you feel like you are the one in the movie. telling you ,you must watch it!!!
what makes movie good is making it seem real and Silverado has done it . Also that it has to be exciting and this movie has done it .
"Silverado" was great you should watch it.
also the sound track was off the hook it went along with every scene that had a sound track in it.
this western movie was different compared to other western movies because this one wasn't confusing or boring. I think the soundtrack was awsome.
I think that the little extra sences helped me understand the movie more.I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone, even to people who don't like westerns because I hated westerns too.
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