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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 20, 2009
To answer the other review on here, there is no need to be confused. It's the same as the set released earlier.
I think the only thing that would be likely to be different would be the packaging. But all the features and that remain the same.
From the looks like of it, Canada is the only place you can buy Felicity now, with the US having discontinued it. And Australia, also having discontinued season 1 (the only season they released) as well.
So if I was you I would certainly snap this up before the same thing happens in Canada!!
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on January 10, 2004
I wasn't a regular viewer of Felicity until the last 5 episodes of Season 4, so for the most part I am watching the series for the first time as it is released (all too slowly) on DVD.
Much as I adore Season 1, I have to say that the show came into its own in some very important and risky ways after its ratings dropped following the much-ballyhooed haircut. It remains a smart show, with terrific dialogue (very well subtitled on the DVD) and consistently strong acting. Keri Russell's face in any of the guidance counselor/professor/parent scenes is a good example of what I mean: her subtle facial expressions so perfectly convey the character's inner conflicts that it's often difficult to remember that she is acting at all.
But on to the risks I mentioned: for all that the show remains very compelling in its second season, it really moved away from the trauma-of-the-week format it tended to follow in Season 1. Allowing the storyline to move so slowly works against every TV drama formula, but the (very successful) result is that the show feels very real. The viewer is given a chance to, rather than forced to, care about the characters and what happens to them.
And the Twilight Zone homage/parody episode is one of the greatest things I've ever seen on television.
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on July 30, 2003
This box set is the "jump the shark" of the series and features the infamous haircutting episode. The whole second season was a disaster that sent the show into a downward spiral. The show was retooled to change it from a quirky college drama into a primetime soap. Instead of rich compelling storylines about college classes and a young woman's journey of self-discovery in those four years, we got the start of the shallow will she pick Ben or Noel storyline? Felicity fornicates with the artist guy for no reason and the aforementioned infamous haircut. This was followed up with even more bizarre choices for the characters: The black chick sleeping with the professor, Ben has a kid by another girl and Julie turning into a basket case. Sean getting testicular cancer. After this the show got unwatchable and the network knew it. That's why they kept moving it around. Avoid at all costs. Get season one ans stop there.
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on April 13, 2004
They just don't make them like this anymore...! This and Once and Again were two of the last programs I truly loved on network television besides that of which I find substantial on HBO. The quality of this program is becoming a lost art in a world of cheap, tacky reality shows and bad sitcoms. It has heart, and I am anxious to view the third season again. I enjoyed the second season as much as the first, especially "Help for the Lovelorn" which I never had the chance to see when the series was running and was amazed at how well they carried off the feeling of an authentic black and white Twilight Zone episode. And if you like Felicity, check out Once and Again. And if you like Once and Again, vote to make Buena Vista release the second season which they are refusing to do. Those of us who like quality TV are in a losing battle if we don't stick up for the good stuff!
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on December 27, 2003
its a great show....i am not much for shows but this one i must admit is really nice....what i really like is some of the music which is not available on its CDs sold...which is really sad. half the music i dont even know who sang it and from which album etc...which is what i am truely looking for. if anyones know, pls let me know....i will check this area later.
on the whole, a great DVD set to might not like it now, but you will someday....its one of those opera....growing up i hated it....then now i love it....this is not a guy or a girl life you either love something and then there are things you dont love at all.....then fast forward a few years and it all turns the other way buy will be glad you did....just because.....its one of those things that u will simply love....if u havent seen the first season, i recommend u do....every story has a beginning and its important to see it from the start....u will enjoy it better....have a nice life....after reading this i know u will....
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on November 18, 2003
I can't tell you whether or not you'll enjoy the show--and let's face it, if you're buying the DVD's you probably already saw it, right? Anyway, a few technical points for anyone interested in buying these DVDs:
Each episode is one whole chapter, thus although there are about 4 hours of viewing time per disc, there are only four chapters by which you can skip ahead in the storyline--this makes for a lot of fastforwarding if you want to find a certain scene or watch only part of an episode, which can be irritating. Really irritating.
The audio commentary--well, it's not great. Actually, I can't think of any DVD on which it is worse. This may be a matter of personal taste, but to have the commentators constantly asking one another, "what scene is this?" "Do you remember shooting this? Because I don't...." "Which episode is this?" "Now why are these two mad at each other?" "who is that character?" was annoying. I can respect that for the commentators these scenes were shot years ago, and I can't and don't fault anyone for forgetting this stuff, but as that's the reality of it, why include commentary at all? It seemed like a bit of a jumbled waste.
(Amendment: the commentary on Help for the Lovelorn and The Slump is much better.)
The extras: these are included on disc 6. Neither the box nor the discs themselves give you, the humble viewer, any clue as to where they might be. Like an idiot I went through every disc until I got to the last one and figured it out. Somewhere out there a graphic designer is laughing at me. The extras themselves are really nice inclusions--especially the Emmy parody. The background info on the casting and the unaired pilot give some added insight into the creation of the show. I was not interested in this, but these segments are very well done and I think avid fans would find them worth watching.
Sound quality is pretty good, picture is great, subtitles in English or Spanish. Some people wrote about the changes to the music, I didn't notice it too much.
Hope that helps someone,
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on August 10, 2003
I would be hard-pressed to find any major flaws in this show. The actors are uniformly superb, the writing is amazing, and the romantic cliffhangers are as suspenseful as any in the action series "24." Keri Russell in particular is brilliant, and I hope to see her and Scott Foley and Scott Speedman in other quality projects soon.
I was first attracted to "Felicity" because of its amazing realism - no other movie or television show captured so perfectly what it was like to go to a really challenging college, or to live in the exciting choas of Manhattan, or to come of age in the 1990s. And Felicity is one of the only characters, outside of the heroine from Educating Rita, who goes to college to learn and to grow as a person ... and not just try to recreate segments from Animal House for four years.
While few men I know watch this show, I wish more did because, even though they see this show as primarily for women, it boasts some of the most interesting and respectable male characters I've seen on tv for ... ages. These men have brains and heart and strength, and are not just the stereotypical hard-bitten, racist cops and the neurotic sitcom weaklings you usually get on tv these days.
Without wanting to sound hyperbolic, I think Felicity is easily one of the best television shows ever, ranking with The Simpsons, Little House on the Prarie, Hill Street Blues, and Doctor Who as the best entertainment you can find in the medium.
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on July 23, 2003
The second season of Felicity was certainly a step down from the spectacular season 1, but it does continue to excel in writing and acting. Probably one of the most underated televiosion series in hisroty, Felicity will always be one the most honest look at life and love in college. This season continues the whole Ben/Noel triangle, but it's alot more involved. We see Noel fall for a beautiful college freshan Ruby who gets in the way of Felicity and Noel. Felicity meets Greg, the student volunteer at the health clinic. Elena meets Tracy, and Julie basiclaly is thrown to the wayside for most of the season, but does have a few shing moments early on in the season.
There are quite a few strong episodes in this season, such as "The Depths" in which Felicity and Julie get stuck on a subway for hrs. An intense episode with excellent pereformances from the 2 ladies. "Family Affairs" is a classic episode when everyone gets together for Thanksgiving, and theres an exciting moment at the end of the episode that will change the rest of the season. "Help for the Lovelorn" is the twilight zone episode and it's entirely in black and white, and it has a hysterical twist at the end and we finally get to know what is in Megeans box. Those are the top eps, but it also contains alot more.
A few epsidos drag, and thats when the series takes a break from its relationship drama and focuses more on college life such as the boring episodes "Revolutions" when Felicity organizes a sit in for the morning after pills, and the whole Felicity/Greg running for Student Council President storyline could have been left out.
Acting is as always top notch from the lovely Keri Russell who manages to carry each and every episode like a pro. She truly is a remarkable young actress. All the actors continue to do a great job and it's great to have the hysterical Ian Gomez as Javier as a cast regular, as well as Megean, Felicitys scary, witchy, roomate. Felicity will always remain one of best acted and emotionally satisfying tv shows in history.
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on July 22, 2003
Show Stars
Scott Foley - Noel Crane
Amanda Foreman - Meghan Rotundi (seasons 2 - 4, recurring previously)
Ian Gomez - Javier Clemente Quintata (season 4, recurring previously)
Greg Grunberg - Sean Blumberg (seasons 2 - 4, recurring previously)
Amy Jo Johnson - Julie Emrick (episodes 1 - 48, recurring otherwise)
Tangi Miller - Elena Tyler (episodes 2 - 84)
Keri Russell - Felicity Elizabeth Porter
Scott Speedman - Benjamin Stephen "Ben" Covington

Season 2 : INCLUDES
1 Sophomoric
2 The List
3 Ancient History
4 The Depths
5 Crash
6 The Love Bug
7 Getting Lucky
8 Family Affairs
9 Portraits
10 Great Expectations (1)
11 Help for the Lovelorn
12 The Slump (2)
13 Truth or Consequences
14 True Colors
15 Things Change
16 Revolutions
17 Docuventary II
18 Party Lines
19 Running Mates
20 Ben Was Here
21 The Aretha Theory
22 Final Answer
23 The Biggest Deal There Is
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on July 10, 2003
In season one we came to know the characters of Felicity and we came to love each and every one of them for what they were. We went through our weeks waiting for the night when we could sit down and watch the one show that we could relate to. We could relate to Felicity's boy woes, and we knew exactly what she must have been feeling everytime Ben messed up. Season one introduced us to the cast that kept us mesmerized for the following three years.
Season two created an environment where the characters blossomed, and if anything we began to respect them much more for their character flaws. It made them real. We began to understand Ben's confusion, and know exactly what Felicity must be thinking. The love that Ben and Felicity had began to unfold before us, and we could relate.
I have always loved Felicity. It has always been, and always will be the one show that I could honestly relate to. It wasn't sugarcoated. It wasn't fake. It was college. It was television like it should have always been.
So, I recommend every single one of you to purchase this DVD collection. Purchase it because Felicity means something to you, and if we don't stand up for the show we want to keep timeless their might not be another season let out on DVD. We can't let seasons three and four go undiscovered, because like seasons one and two it only developes characters into the ones we cried with when it went off the air. Look beyond what most people say as 'bad haircuts' and see the show for what it really is-- a masterpiece.
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