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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on July 17, 2001
These 10 movies in 5 DVDs from Madacy Entertainment are of the poorest quality that you will find. Most of them look like they are 5th generation copies of VHS tapes that were then copied to DVD. I was looking forward to adding to my collection of John Wayne DVDs, but I would not keep these if they gave them away. I will never buy another DVD from Madacy again.
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on July 23, 2001
I purchased this DVD set recently and was very disappointed by the transfer quality used. Some of the films were actually clear in both visual and sound, but others were so poor that they looked like they were transferred from a 3rd or 4th generation copy VHS tape.
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on February 11, 2011
I bought this set for my Dad; he's a real fan of John Wayne Westerns.
The movies are from 1933 to 1936; the oldies.
The quality is good but keep in mind these are old movies so the picture is grainy and the sound quality is of the 1930's capabilities.
If you have a good quality TV and sound system you will be okay; just don't expect today's picture quality and sound because it's not there. The remastering of old movies of this time period, using today's technology, can only do so much and what was done is good.
If you're a real John Wayne fan and collect his movies you will love this set.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 6, 2010
A must have for every John Wayne fan, this pack has many of his earlier films, restored in original black and white. Hours of entertainment in this pack, and the collectors tin is really nice too!
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on April 1, 2004
I've seen RIDERS OF DESTINY about seven times over a 30-year period. I enjoy it even though the plot, dialog, acting, fistfights, etc. are very crude. This was the first of John Wayne's Lone Star Westerns, a series of films made for about $10,000 apiece. But it has a certain charm I can't explain. Yakima Canutt does a couple of nice stunts as well; Cecilia Parker is as pretty as Toby Wing, in my opinion (Toby was the "Young and Healthy" girl in 42ND STREET).
This DVD, released by Columbia Tri-Star, has the clearest print of RIDERS OF DESTINY that I recall seeing - a very sharp image in many places. Unfortunately, it omits at least 5 1/2 minutes of the film, including a critical plot point. The ranchers say they'll sign a new water rights contract with the evil land baron, only if he'll agree to one additional clause. This version then skips the scene where they say what the clause is, and so the villain's extreme dismay near the end of the film isn't adequately explained.
Perhaps as compensation for the missing scenes, a pseudo-symphonic soundtrack has been dubbed in at various points, sticking out like a huge sore thumb.
I think in the future I'll continue to watch the Goodtimes DVD (2000) for this film; their copy is more complete, even though the picture is somewhat washed out.
The only other film I've watched on this DVD is TWO FISTED LAW starring Tim McCoy (and a small part by John Wayne). I've only seen TWO FISTED LAW once before, so I'm not sure if anything's missing. As a movie, I found it less enjoyable than the films starring John Wayne. The print was in fairly good condition.
When I get around to watching the other films on this DVD 2-Pack I may post more information about print quality and omissions, if I can determine that. At present I give this set 2 out of 5 stars.
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on March 27, 2001
I bought this box set of " John Wayne Collection " because ever since i was a small boy i have been a big fan of the Duke (j.wayne)that most of his early films have never been seen in London,England (Great Britan). so for many years they have been showing nearly the same films over and over again ( E.G Rio Bravo,The Alamo and True Grit). But now that Dvd is here with great sound and picture,I thought now is the chance to buy not only John Wayne's movies but some other great action,comedy and various other dvd.... I have to say most films are great on dvd and i have had 5 or so very bad ones..... When i saw this box set i was very happy until now : 5 discs,early 1933 films ( great i thought,never seen them in my life ) And now that i am watching the first dvd while writing these words..... Here is what i am thinking What the hell was the company thinking of,this box set is cheap very bad picture quality so dark..... it's like a bad vhs to vhs copy then transered to dvd,I can not see the actors,let alone the scenery.And even the sound is so can not hear it. please if you are interested in buying the collection stay away from the 5 pack (madacy) collection it's so bad.
So last word look around for a better deal. If any one out there knows if they are going to release the same movies with better picture and sound please let me know..Thank you
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on January 23, 2000
The 5 DVD collection of John Wayne rates high in my book. It takes the viewer back not only in the early life of a most notable actor but also in the early years of film making. The 10 movies in this set were all made in 1933 and 1934. Consider that Talkies didn't exist until 1930-31 you have the rare oportunity to see what highlighted the movies top billing and see the movies as did the viewing audience saw them at that time.
If you are expecting the quality of "The Alamo" or "North to Alaska" forget it. The technology at the time was pressed one sided, paper, records that had to be correctly timed to the movie you were watching. Dolby and surround sound wasn't even heard of.
What you get to see is John Wayne as the movies earliest "Singing Cowboy" billed as "Singing Sandy". These are great if you view them with the knowledge of how and when they were produced and enjoy seeing how John Wayne started a career that ended with the United States Mint striking a special medal simply stating "John Wayne - American".
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on September 8, 2003
very bad quality and waste of money. Will never buy from madacy again
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on August 6, 2015
Arrived in perfect condition and in a timely manner.
Was a gift for my father who's a big John Wayne fan.
There were several of his movies that my father had never heard of.
Worth every penny for the smile on my fathers face.
He was delighted with the collection and is enjoying the movies as we speak.
Thanks Amazon.
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on November 24, 2000
I have been a John Wayne fan for many years, and have seen almost all of his movies. All of the movies in this set are great, I think probably, some of his best ones. Two are especially favorites. I love ElDorado, even if it similiar to Rio Bravo. The characters are great. My favorite is The Shootist. The movie made me cry.
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