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We live in a world that is gradually succumbing to severe water shortages that not only adversely affect the natural environment but also our ability to live as humans. Both Barlow and Clarke do a very thorough job in advancing the idea that potable water is probably the most precious commodity known on the face of the earth. And yet, as this documentary shows, we mindlessly squander, exploit and pollute our natural water reservoirs as if they are automatically replenishable. This documentary definitely is a wake-up call to all of us who have been lulled into thinking that hydrological cycle will always be there to restore what we wantonly waste with our excessive lifestyles, or that the technology of desalination will rescue us from dire shortages. As major aquifers and lakes are being depleted in the interests of ever-increasing effluent removal, industrial refining, human consumption, irrigation, and electrical generation we come up against the awful reality that our present levels of use are not sustainable. The big culprits in this whole race to extract the last drop of water from the ground are the big corporations who use all their political muscle to buy up water rights for profit. For activists like Barlow(Council of Canadians), this issue has become a crusade that compels her to take her crusade to protect water as an inviolate right of all to the highest levels of government and academia for support. This DVD is loaded with interesting stats and critical evaluations that draw attention to the fact that severe water shortages are not the exclusive concern of the US. There are a whole host of geopolitical issues that are emerging in the Middle East over the shortage of drinkable water.
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on June 1, 2009
We can't live without water. You may have thought it was a human right. But certain corporations have been plotting to control the water supply on this planet for a while now, and have been moving into place around the globe. Now the World Bank has required certain governments to privatize their precious water supply -- make it a corporate commodity answerable only to stockholders -- as a condition to getting a loan. In some places it is now illegal to catch rainwater, because rain is being considered private property, including the United States. The evil of this worldwide corporate grab for control of your most precious resource is practically inconceivable, but it is happening. Blue Gold: World Water Wars is a landmark documentary that every school, library and church should own and show. Do you want the cost of your water to be controlled by private corporations and stockholders only interested in their bottom line? Do you want to give up your right to the water around you, including rain? It is time to get educated and get active. Start with this film.
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on November 4, 2009
You must see this dvd. You may think that you would never become an activist,but this film will change your mind. It will open your eyes to what is a happening to water supplies around the world and what could happen to the water supply in your own local aquifer. It is an informative and compelling film!
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on November 13, 2013
it make you realize a lots about human and resource real great docu you must have a look at that.
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on April 16, 2015
A very useful documentary for helping students understand global issues associated with water
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