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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on July 23, 2015
Finally, we get a sequel with plenty of gore and blood. One of the best in the series.

Jason has finally met his match with Tommy Jarvis. This is the problem with The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan because Tommy Jarvis wasn't in either of those sequels.

I love the Friday the 13th movies with Tommy Jarvis.
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on December 31, 2013
a huge fan of the series, I've been collecting the dvds for some time so its great to add another to my collection
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on May 30, 2009
this fourth entry in the series is actually not too bad.i liked it a
bit better than the other 3,mainly because of the ending,which was
pretty climactic,unlike many,it was better paced.this one
features a 12 year old Corey Feldman,but i still liked pretty
much follows the familiar formula of the last's called the Final
Chapter,but if you've followed the series at all,you know it isn'
probably was going to be,but then the filmmakers realized they had a
cash cow on their hands,and couldn't pass up the opportunity to keep
churning them out.whether that's good or bad is a matter of
any case,my vote for Friday the 13th:The Final Chapter is a 3/5
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon October 30, 2008
"Has the diabolical Jason finally met his match?" Uh, no. Corey Feldman, people; we are talking about Corey Feldman here. Of all the people on the planet, Corey Feldman is just about the last person capable of taking Jason out of the game. Truly, I had forgotten that Feldman was Jason's main event opponent in this "final chapter" of the series. Rightly or wrongly, that just takes something away from what is otherwise a darn good sequel's sequel's sequel - until the ending, anyway. Personally, I think this series jumped the shark when Feldman's character devised his unique plan for facing Jason face to face. In fact, I consider the shark re-jumped in the final frame of the film. It's still a strong entry in the series, the last one that actually tries to scare the audience, but the ending is just a little too hard for me to swallow.

In case you're not scoring at home, here's where we are. It's been five years since Mrs. Voorhees went postal all over Camp Crystal Lake - and less than a week since Jason made his killing debut in the second film. The third movie took up where the second one ended, and now this one takes up where the third one ended. That adds up to two massacres within a matter of days. Now Jason's body has disappeared from the morgue (along with a disgusting doc and a pretty nurse). Now if I were living in the immediate area of these bloodlettings with a hot teenaged daughter and a nerdy young son, I think I'd probably keep them close to home for awhile, especially at night. Not so with Mrs. Jarvis - who we know is up to speed on recent local events because we see her reading a newspaper reporting Jason's disappearance from the morgue - Trish (Kimberly Beck) and Tommy (Corey Feldman) are in and out more often than George Michael in a public park at midnight.

Oddly enough, given the fact they live deep in the isolated woods, the Jarvises have another house directly beside them. And who should show up for a temporary vacation there? Yep, a gang of horny teenagers. Friday the 13th The Final Chapter really delivers on the T&A, with everyone getting a piece of the action except for self-acclaimed ladies' man Ted (Lawrence Monoson). None of these characters are worth mentioning, though - except for the fact that they make great victims for a bulked-up Jason, who doesn't let a little thing like dying keep him from jumping off his hospital gurney and killing everyone he comes across.

Tommy Jarvis (Feldman) is a big horror fan, and that is supposed to give him some kind of psychological edge against Jason. Frankly, though, his plan for survival is so ridiculous that I wouldn't believe it in a million years. It feels as if the film is actually making fun of itself in the last few scenes, and that does a number to the effectiveness of the movie as a whole.

As far as Jason is concerned, though, this marks some of his finest work. He's fast, he's furious, he's expanding the scope and effect of his murder techniques, and - most of all -there's just no stopping the guy. Having horror makeup guru Tom Savini back on the project also pays huge dividends, as Jason never looked better (by which I mean worse - as we do get another peek at the unfortunate man behind the mask) - but, heck, you already know that Savini is the master. If it weren't for the silly aspects of the ending, this would probably be the best film in the series.
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on July 7, 2004
Sigh... if only this truly WAS the final chapter. After goin' through the first three films and seein' pretty much the same stuff each time, you'd think I'd have taken the hint by now and not get my hopes up about seeing anything all that new in the next installment. Just like the last three go-rounds, ya see the killer take out an entire group of horny, pot-abusing teenagers (with a few adults thrown in for good measure). Then there's the wide array of dispatchings, most of which are pretty gruesome but score higher on my gross-out meter than on my fright-o-meter. The only thing I found all that scary-- granted you take the rise and fall of this person's movie career following this-- is a pre-teen Corey Feldman as a sorta geeky messed-up kid who gets even more messed-up by the time the closing credits roll. Er, messed up in a psychological sense that is. Also kinda disquieting is the performance of lovable oddball Crispin Glover, who goes almost totally against type by playing a kinda normal ill-fated teenager. Corey & Crispin add a level of scariness to the 'Final Chapter' (*snicker*) that ol' Jason could never even come close to approaching...
On the upside, this booger does feature the silliest Jason-kill I've ever seen when he tosses a pooch through a second-story window of a lakeside house. Now I'm not into animal torture and all that, but after seein' that moment I couldn't help but let out a hearty laugh. Talk about hittin' a whole new low...
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on June 22, 2004
Another decent "Friday the 13th" flick. This one actually has a family involved as well as the usual bunch of college-students. And it was actually the first "Friday..." film I've ever seen!
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on June 8, 2004
Somebody explain this movie to me.
I get it -- it's not really the final chapter. I have no problem with that. Stop pointing it out.
No, I'm talking the climactic scene, where Tommy Jarvis (the *cough* incomparable Corey Feldman) shaves his head. For some reason, this gives JASON FREAKIN' VOORHEES the heebie-jeebies, allowing Tommy's forty-three-year-old sister to sideline Jason with a machete. Of course, Jason's hand twitches, sending Tommy into a berserker rage hack-a-thon.
Hence the "finality" promised by the title. Jason's dead...or as dead as Jason gets until Part VI.
But stop and think about this for a second. Why would Jason care that Tommy shaved his head? Did he get confused into thinking he was looking at a funhouse mirror? Was it supposed to make Jason think there was a "mini-me" version of himself running around? Did it make Jason hearken back to his days as a weird-looking bald kid, and warm the cockles of his heart? Did he just love Tommy's charming bowl-cut, and get dumbfounded that Tommy would squander such a magnificent hairstyle?
At the end of Part 2 (they were still using Arabic numerals at that point), Ginny (Amy Steele) put on a crusty sweater that once belonged to Jason's decapitated mother. By tucking her hair behind her neck, Ginny apparently looked enough like Pamela Voorhees to momentarily make Jason think his mother had returned. Hey, nobody's ever nominated Jason for MENSA membership, so it wasn't THAT big of a stretch. At least it made sense.
But Tommy's cueball ploy shouldn't have made Jason stop for two seconds, unless it was to double-over laughing.
Ultimately, Jason got the upper hand; he's been in eight movies since that day. I'm pretty sure that beats Corey Feldman.
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on June 3, 2004
I really enjoyed this one.The plot seemed like the directors actually thought about the plot and didn't just make it up as they went along.The plot is like this; some teenagers rent a cabin in the mountains near crystal lake.Across from them lives Tommy Jarvis (One of the Corey brothers; Ham or Feldman?) with his mom and older sister. Soon after they find out that Jason's body was stolen, but really he's out to get them.I like some of the death scenes, and the dialogue wasn't half bad.I also liked some of the humor and scares.Make sure to check this one out.Crispin Glover and Corey Feldman star in this, the fourth movie in the venerable FRIDAY THE 13TH series. Though most had written off the series by this installment, in retrospect this looks like it was the best of the series. First, Mr. Glover injects some much needed personality into the film as Jimmy, one of the many doomed teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake, and he seems to somehow make the other teens a little more entertaining, including Corey Feldman's Tommy, ostensibly the hero of the picture. Second, and perhaps most importantly, the gore effects her are done by the legendary Tom Savini (DAWN OF THE DEAD), who adds a level of inventiveness to the endless killings that the series hadn't yet experienced. Five more sequels followed.(7/10)
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on May 24, 2004
Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter, the fourth installment to this whole nightmare, picks up precisely where the last film left off, which is where JASON was supposedly killed. Ha, JASON dead? I don't think so. JASON is taken to the CRYSTAL LAKE MORGUE. Only two of the hospital staff is on the night shift: NURSE MORGAN and AXEL, the coroner. AXEL receives JASON's supposed dead body. He has him prepped for the icebox, but he is still waiting to be put in. AXEL goes off to flirt some more with NURSE MORGAN and invites her to the morgue around midnight. She comes in and finds all the lights off, but the T.V. is turned on showing an exercise program led by an attractive female instructor. AXEL surprises MORGAN from behind, but all she wants to do is watch the news. She turns on the news and it is said that JASON, who would be responsible for all the deaths that occurred during the week (which would be the murders from 2 and 3) is now dead and in the CRYSTAL LAKE MORGUE. MORGAN cheers happily and then starts making out with AXEL. While they are making out, JASON's hand falls out of the gurney and grasses MORGAN's leg. She jumps up and screams at AXEL. She leaves him alone to get on with her job. After she leaves, AXEL puts JASON in the icebox and shuts the door, but the door opens up as if it weren't closed all the way. AXEL sits down in front of the T.V. to watch the female exercise instructor, but he doesn't sit for long. JASON sneaks up behind him and slits his throat with a saw and then breaks his neck. JASON then goes into the medicine closet where NURSE MORGAN is. He grabs her by the throat and stabs her with a scalpel.
The next morning, we meet the JARVIS family. There's MRS. JARVIS and her two kids TRISH JARVIS (played by Kimberly Beck) and the 12-year old TOMMY JARVIS (played by Corey Feldman). TOMMY is an aficionado in horror films and horror movie make-up and has a talent for making frightening masks. While the three of them are in the kitchen, they find out that the house next door to them is being rented by six teenagers for the weekend. The six teens are DOUG, PAUL, TED, SARA, SAMANTHA 'SAM', and JIM (played by CRISPIN GLOVER in his pre-BACK TO THE FUTURE days). PAUL and SAM are in a steady relationship that's filled with sex. SARA is insecure about meeting men and DOUG is very attracted to her, TED is a guy who thinks he's so cool and thinks he can get any girl he wants, but he knows that he'll never get any girl he wants because of arrogance, and JIM is the kind of guy that is not all that great with women. As they continue on their way to the cabin, they pass by a female hitchhiker looking for a ride and a "good time". They, of course, pass on by like she is nothing. She sits back down and waits for the next ride that comes along. Little did the hitchhiker know that she just saw the last ride because JASON has a bone to pick with her.
The next night, the six are on their way to the lake and as they walk, they run into two sexy twin sisters named TINA and TERI. The twins decide to join the other six and they go on their way. They get to the lake and decide to skinny dip. TRISH and TOMMY arrive and the lake. The two get invited to the teens' party they'll be having that night. Back in the car, TRISH and TOMMY go on their way back home until the car breaks down. TOMMY gets out to fix it until a guy named ROB comes up and offers to help. TRISH offers to give him a lift. ROB says he's out hunting for bear, but he's not hunting bear. He's hunting JASON. TRISH drives him to her house to meet her mother.
The party begins next door. TINA is openly flirting with just about every guy in the house. She starts off with TED, but rejects him. She then aims for PAUL. This makes SAM jealous, so she goes off for a little swim. As she undresses, she keeps calling out for PAUL, but he doesn't answer. She swims into the lake and finds an empty raft. She climbs in and calls PAUL one last time and then she meets her demise. PAUL rejects TINA and goes out to find SAM, but he finds her dead. JASON then adds PAUL to the list. TINA goes for JIM and the two head upstairs for some "fun". TERI decides to leave, but TINA isn't going anywhere. TERI leaves without her, but ends up with a spear in her back. DOUG and SARA go take a shower together, but not for long, for DOUG gets his face crushed, for SARA gets an axe to the chest. JIM ends up with a cleaver in his face and TINA ends up being thrown out of a window and TED ends up with a knife in the back of his head. MRS. JARVIS is killed off-screen and ROB ends up with a gardening tool in his head.
TRISH runs back to TOMMY, who is trying to fool JASON by dressing up like him. At that moment, TRISH grabs JASON's machete and uses it to take off JASON's mask. TOMMY picks up the machete and bludgeon's JASON with it.
I did not say this was actually the final chapter. The title means nothing. Paramount Pictures wouldn't end JASON's bloody legacy only after four films. So put your camping gear down and get ready to watch JASON take more prey.
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on May 24, 2004
although it has casted decent actors like Criper Gloven and Corey Feldman it hardly a movie worth seeing in any respect unless you are a abid horror fan.
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