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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on November 14, 2003
This is a clasdic screwball comedy and a cult classic. remember how that movie wasn't a very big hit in its release in 1986, yet all the kids knew all the best lines from it. Yes, it's silly humor, almost vaudeville in its style (that's fine with me, being the vaudeville fan that I am) but well worth a viewing. Too bad it's a barebones DVD with no hidden Easter Eggs like director's commentary or deleted scenes and such. I like that sort of thing, as it enhances your view of the art of film making to see the rationale for remving certain scenes.
There was no commentary track from the acrors, either. Have Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short disowned the movie?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 2, 2013
I remember seeing this film on BETA when I was about 9 years old... then, it disappeared from my mind... up until the blu-ray came up. Then, I HAD to buy it and relive my childhood memories as well as watching the characters' antics on screen and what a load of fun it was.

Watching Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short is a pure joy, and every actor surrounding them is quite nice to hate or love as well. It's light-hearted, good fun, a movie that doesn't pretend to offer something it won't or can't. It's not 2001: A Space Odyssey, nor is it "Bloodrayne: The Third Reich" either.

Three Amigos is its own thing. A calm but wild ride that doesn't take itself seriously for a minute.

Three silent film actors that have been kicked out of Hollywood now look for work or somewhere to go... then, they receive a letter from a woman saying her village is under the evil watch of El Guapo, a nasty villain with neurotic tendencies and speeches.

Taking the same premise as Ghostbusters (three scientist kicked out of the university now go into business... mmmh, funny, both films have been made by Saturday Night Live actors too...), Three Amigos takes the road to comedy without breaking a sweat. The good old days of 80s comedies.

In terms of special features, we may not have much, but having deleted scenes surely makes it quite valuable, as well as a booklet with an interview of the three actors (compare the booklet to the blu-ray cover... times change) and a 1986 cast interview where they thought the movie would probably get a sequel... Dammit, I wanted it too!
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on October 19, 2003
Well below minor cult classic status, the Three Amigos nonetheless has some inspired and funny moments. It's always amusing to see Martin Short dance his combo Ed Grimly / Jackie Rogers Jr., or Steve Martin launch into a Navin R. Johnson soliloquy. Chevy seems lost in a fog, along for the ride playing second or third fiddle. Note the future Rebecca Ferratti at the end giving Martin Short his send off. Three actors in the 30's head to Mexico to ostensibly do a show but in reality were hired to rid the village of El Guapo, the bandit who's been pestering them for years. Hearkening back to Magnificent Seven and any number of Roy Rogers era singing cowboy send-ups, this movie is too much of a hodgepodge to be taken seriously. It's mildly entertaining, but I'm sure a nadir for many of the participants. Casually interesting was the scene in the beginning in the movie studios' office w/ a bunch of the voices of the Simpsons in the same room. I kept expecting Troy MaClure / Lionel Hutz and Fat Tony to creep out five years before airing. 'Do you know what a plethora is Heffe?'. Sigh.
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on July 29, 2003
Three Amigos! is a very funny film with an excellent cast that suffers from a truly, very bad DVD. The Three Amigos are three silent movie actors down on their luck whne they receive a telegram from a village in Mexico asking them to help rid themselves of El Guapo, an infamous bandit in the area. The three agree thinking that it is all part of a show when it is actually very real. The scene in which they discover this is one of the funniest in the movie. Naturally, the heroes must redeem themselves and decide to go after El Guapo and his gang of tequilla drinking banditos. There are several very funny scenes including the dance number in the bar, the singing bush and the invisible knight, and the Three Amigos' theme song.
Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short are all very funny as Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms, and Ned Nederlander. They work very well together throughout with each of them having their moments. Look for a great scene with Steve Martin in a dungeon as he tries to escape by grabbing the keys that are just out of his reach. Why do the companies that release DVDs think that people like the snap cases? It is poorly made and easily falls apart. The print is not a good one with virtually no extras added unless you consider cast biographies and filmographies a quality extra. This is a very funny comedy that suffers greatly from a horrible DVD release. If you have the VHS stick with that or wait for a better copy to be released. Bad DVD or not, this is a hilarious movie that will keep viewers laughing throughout.
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on April 15, 2003
"Three Amigos" is a send-up of silent film "heroes" and of the Mexican-banditos-terrorizing-the-peasant-village film genre. Some very funny sequences (in the studio, in the cantina, the first couple of encounters between the Three Amigos and El Guapo's gang, and El Guapo's birthday party) make this worth seeing. Unfortunately, it could have been much funnier. There are extended dead spots, and scenes that were amusing but obviously and lamely stretched to fill out the film. As is all too often the case where Lorne Michaels is involved, despite some great ideas, this film was shot with a script that just needed one more rewrite with better comedy writing talent that would know which scenes to replace and how.
Much worse, HBO Films spared every expense in transferring this to DVD and it's really disappointing to see. They used an old print sitting around in the archives, with specks of dirt flecking across the screen in places. At several points in the DVD including the opening titles, the view jiggles slowly from side-to-side. Whether that was a transfer problem or was also apparent in the original film, I don't know, but it looks terrible. There are almost no special features. And the DVD maker bound the case of my copy with a security seal that is very difficult to remove without a tool and without tearing the case. Punish the legitimate customers along with the shoplifters... always a good business strategy.
Three stars for the film, one star for the DVD = a good rental and await a Collectors' Edition. If there isn't one, you won't have missed much.
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on December 14, 2002
All the gang is here! This movie should be much better.
I saw this at the theater when it came out way back when. I had put off getting it on dvd because my memory of it was: that it really wasn't that great. Well, my memory served right. I knew what I was buying, it was cheap, it has Chevy, but in the end it just seems to come down to a chemistry problem. Actually, I am stunned to see this movie faring so well here at, usually a tough crowd. Steve and Chevy don't really seem like distant Amigos let alone close friends, they mix here like water and oil. Martin Short was a smart choice for middle man. It does have great moments like the mentioning of those aweful old titles the Amigo's had made: Amigo's, Amigo's Amigo's, Little Neddy Goes To..., etc, etc. But overall, the movie has poor timing on all counts, overly long scenes that aren't funny to begin with (Steve in chains), and honestly does come across like a contract fulfillment. Isn't the worst I've ever seen, but really folks? 5 stars? I just don't get it.
At the end of the day, as much as I love Steve Martin, I think Dan Aykroyd would have worked better as "Lucky Day". Chevy and Dan just work better together. Even the songs don't really create the type of belly-laugh you'd expect, they are flat. Holding that one note in the song "The Three Amigos" goes over with a resounding THUD, and seems almost a premonition of what's to come.
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on November 1, 2002
Three Amigos has been one of my all-time favorite comedies since i was very young. Seeing Three Amigos! on sale in DVD form was very exciting, but I had my doubts as to whether this dynamic trio would still be entertaining to me now that I have grown older. Since it had been so long since I saw it last, it was like watching the movie over again for the first time and I was not only not disappointed, but utterly impressed at what I saw.
The three amigos that play the amigos could not have been better suited for the roles. The movie also introduces other interesting characters the fit the bill quite nicely. The plot is delightfully corny, the acting is superb and throughout the film, there are countless displays of comic brilliance as well as raw talent. Chevy Chase, Martin Short and Steve Martin were in their prime during the production of this movie and it is a rare treat to see three of the best doing what they do best in perfect harmony with one another.
The three stars of the film fill the length of movie with an abundance of things to laugh at. If you have not seen this movie, or its been a while, do yourself a favor and check it out. The funny storyline, creative characters and light hearted good time attitude will keep you thoroughly entertained. I leave you with the Amigos salute....HUH!(you'll get it when you see the movie obviously)
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on September 15, 2002
INTRO: Everyone knows when you see a DVD snap case you know the DVD is going to be poor or the movie won't be any good. Well, I knew this movie was great, but when I saw the snap case I took a few moments and then went ahead and bought it. When I played the DVD, I noticed a total lack of extras...and mediocre video restoration. I was baffled as to why such a movie didn't get a better DVD transfer...
MOVIE: The movie is a classic, with some very funny comedic bits that are familiar throughout Chevy Chase's movies. With Martin Short and Steve Martin, this movie is a must for classic comedy fans. It tells about three old-time western movie actors that get called to Mexico because some troubled villagers need their help. The funny thing is, the Three Amigos think that they are just going for a movie shoot, but the villagers are in dire need of REAL heroes to help save them from the evil El Guapo. Its definitely a laugh riot when they find out that its real in the heat of it!
DVD: Ugh. Very poor. The video restoration is poor at first, then clears up pretty well later. I don't mind as much as I am letting off, its just I am sick of seeing poor DVDs with no extras. The menus are at least easily navicable and don't take any time at all to load.
EXTRAS: Well, we got the traditional "bios" that are apparent on various low-budget DVDs...and that's about it. No theatrical trailer, no behind the scenes, no audio commentary. Nada. Ziltch.
OVERALL: Still a great movie. Being spoiled for extras and all of the modern features of today's DVDs, I probably lost my way from the original VHS. I'm still glad its just available on DVD, and am happy to have it on my DVD shelf. Get this if you are a fan of either: (a.) old comedies with classic actors {or} (b.) Steve Martin, Martin Short, or Chevy Chase. In other words...COMPRE ESTO!!
!Viva el tres amigos!
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on March 4, 2002
This is Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short in their comedic prime, playing recently fired silent movie actors forced to earn money by ridding a small Mexican village of its evil oppressor. They assume it is nothing more than a Public Appearance gig, but the enemy is quite real!
This movie is kinda goofy, kinda silly, and all funny. Each of the three comics gets his turn to shine in memorable gags, and there are too many of those gags to list here. Watch for a pre-"Saturday Night Live" Phil Hartman and John Lovitz in an early scene. Funniest bits: Short and Martin running out of water in the desert, Short telling his story of being "discovered" by Lillian Gish's sister, summoning the Invisible Swordsman, Chase trying not to blow his cover in front of the main villain and his henchmen, and Steve Martin's character learning that the supposedly "staged gunfight" is actually real.
Cost of DVD with shipping -- [item price]
DVD player -- $200.00
Microwave popcorn -- 85 cents
Laughing your [head] of watching "The Three Amigos" -- PRICELESS!
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on December 12, 2001
Three Amigos is one of my all-time favorite zany comedies. But my major complaint is that the DVD should include a Spanish-language sound track. I'm sure one must exist, for the Latin-American market. Why don't they include it on the disk? I often re-view my favorite scenes of a movie in whichever alternate language (Spanish, French, Chinese) that's offered on the disk, for a taste of that language, and an alternate view of the scene. In fact, for me as a consumer, the option of hearing an alternate language is the CRITICAL CRITERION on whether or not I buy a disk.
As a for instance, I know that my wife would enjoy seeing Chicken Run some evening, which I caught in the cinema but she missed. Some quiet night we'll probably rent it. But I was thinking that the cool lineup would be to watch The Great Escape some night, then follow on another night with Chicken Run. Well, The Great Escape is rentable, so why buy it? Then again (this impulse buyer was musing in Wal-Mart) $15 is pretty cheap for an old classic on DVD. What else is on the disk? Flip over the box and see French sound track. Bingo: SOLD! An inpulse purchase, and perhaps even a foolish one. But the deciding factor was that I can watch the whole thing or just selected scenes in FRENCH as well.
Now, regarding Three Amigos, when you have a movie actually set in a country whose linguistic culture is so rich and pertinent as Mexico's, you should include the Spanish sound track. And Stallone's Rocky should include an Italian sound track. I'd probably consider renting Total Recall with a German sound track. I might even rent a turkey like Born American with a Russian sound track.
The point isn't to urge studios to go out and commission these extra sound tracks to be cut (though Rambo III with an Afghan soundtrack might be interesting, likewise Exodus with a Hebrew soundtrack). But the major markets for the languages of Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Japanese usually put out their own translations and soundtracks for big releases. So a DVD set in such a country should offer as an option that language, when it's available to be purchased and included.
As an unrelated ancillary request, I think the next reissue of the musical Little Shop of Horrors should include the original Frank Oz ending of the plant eating everybody and running amok through NYC. At least let us see it, even if your focus audiences rejected it. Fans of the stageplay want to see how the uncompromising ending would play.
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