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on April 4, 2010
this game is from the makers on indigo prophecy which was a great game. interaction in this game is awesome, you get to use the controller to it's full advantages by tilting it using the sixaxis on the controller and by using the analog stick as well.

Story starts out as you play ethan mars which he is married and have two kids, but later on something tragic happens and then you have to makes choices. you play as four characters in the game, which you get to control and you also get to choose how the story plays out as well. for example if someone dies,you figure ok story ends or it is game over right? wrong! the story will still continue depending on your actions later on in the game, and there is a lot of choices to be made in this game.

Graphics in the game are great but sometimes seems the polishing or the textures in the game could of use a bit more work, but again the visuals and graphics are still awesome.

already beaten the game and still yet got to play it again for the different scenes and outcome in the game just to see how it plays out.

this game is really emotional, fun and exciting and really enjoyable to play i had a great time playing it. for the story ethan mars loses one son and his other son gets kidnapped and the question is how far will you go to save someone you love?

I didn't wanna say too much about the story or give much away about it cause it is a great game to be played. If you played indigo prophecy then you know what to expect from this game.

But be warned this game does contain violence, some nudity and language not suitable for kids at all. Also if by any chance you go on you tube, which I do, don't read the comments on the game because i happened to come across who the killer is in the game and it ruined it for me a bit. cause someone was stupid enough to announce who the killer is and I wasn't the only one angry about it so just to warn you that's all.

Oh yeah one more thing before I go the voice actors in the game do a good job voicing the characters as well. Hope you enjoy my review on the game and helps you decide on getting the game or playing it, and also thank you for reading this and checking out my review on it thanks again.
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on March 26, 2010
Im exhausted, my heart is still racing. Heavy Rain is a punishing experience, both physically and emotionally. The roller-coaster of events, shocking twists and riveting action kept me very literally on the edge of my seat. This is a new form of narrative, an entirely different way to experience a story, to be drawn into its mystery have impact on its events.

Forgoing traditional controls, every action is performed with a context sensitive movement or timed button press. Every option from opening a door to starting a car is done with a twist or turn of the right analog stick. For every mundane routine there is a different input required, from holding multiple buttons down, to slowly, gently lowering the analog stick.

Motion control is finally being put to good use; I was smashing and heaving my controller in moments of intense pressure, exerting great force in my movements to produce the desired result.

Heavy Rain asked me to perform a lot of strange actions, things that are not scene in videogames; from slowly swinging the analog stick gently rocking a child to sleep. Brushing my teeth and shaving before dressing for work. By making me perform these commands for even mundane actions, I was brought inside the character, it was not a man running from the cops, it was me, I was running, panting, trying to catch my breath, I was dodging punches and talking opponents. I was responsible for these characters lives; from there every day functions to the life and death situations they were faced with.

The more elaborate routines required more fingers than I had available. Holding down what appears to be 73 buttons at one time, and then propelling the controller to the right, it does a great deal to make the deed tangible. A build up in input, slowly letting the gravity of a certain undertaking grow, a slow windup questioning my choice.

Movement can be slight cumbersome at times, occasionally the walking animation will get stuck on a piece of geometry and the models spin and move a bit awkwardly when cornered. But generally the animations are great, during action they really come to life. The onscreen indicators are placed at the center of a given movement, to draw your eye to the fist needing to be dodged, or the obstacle to be avoided.

Dialog options spin around, representing the responsive path of dialog rather than a specific phrase, with no HUD or guiding arrow to speak of, the clever use of an inner voiceover moves everything forward. Hold down R2 at nearly any time and a serious of options rotate round my head, choices and inner questions, thoughts on the particular question or goal of the moment. Control options bounce shakily if my character is nervous; they sway and jump during difficult decisions, fogging my choices.

An extremely impressive technical feat to say the least, human faces and expressions are very highly detailed and communicative. Rain obvious looks great as well; it drips from faces, soaks clothing and characters. Overall a very realistic graphical presentation, some slight awkwardness in a few characters, noticeably in the children, can be overlooked in the grand picture, as most faces appear incredibly life like.

Heavy Rain lives by it narrative, not only the focus, point but the entire point of the experience. Revealing any of its illusions would make the game entirely pointless. I will attempt to give a spoiler free look into this world, but that may be impossible. It may be better to know nothing of the world, and its characters, before entering it.

It's a great serial killer mystery, taking cues from some of Hollywoods great crime films. A remarkably tense and suspenseful story. As the four protagonists slowly uncover pieces of the puzzle, the larger picture is left up to me to discover. Each character finds signs and insight into the killer, but with my knowledge of other events I can see things in the larger scope. There are times when one character is investigating the actions I previously acted out. Do I find the clues that I myself left? Where does my loyalty lie? I can see both sides and yet cannot decide who is right and who is wrong.

The four individuals at the core of the story slow become intertwined, connections between them branch out as everyone is impacted by the killing. At times I suspected nearly every character, the drama unfolds with a remarkably cleaver reveal, a genuinely interesting twist on the previous events. My story ended in ways I could not for see.

I say my story because I cannot see how another play though could result in the same conclusions. There were thousands of small decisions that shaped the narrative; it really did become my story. The spirals and shocking conclusions left me breathless, unwilling to accept my own fate. My actions brought about great things, but at what cost?

I have never felt as connected with a group of characters before, the way I controlled the action lead me to form a link with them. I did not make choices as me but as them, I could hear their inner dialog, influence their thoughts and actions, but I didnt feel like I was playing a role, more like I was living someone elses life. Maybe it says a lot about me, but the chance at being inside another persons head, seeing the world through different eyes, has always intrigued me. I fell in love with Heavy Rain, and that was not easy, it is a hard game to love. The situations so disturbing, the decisions heart wrenching, but I loved it none the less. This is a new form of narrative, I became Ethan Mars, his thoughts were mine, the incredible choices he faced were put to me, and I felt for him and very nearly weep for him.

A moody and impactful orchestral score intensifies the already gloomy nature of the drama. It swells and rises with the action; ramps up the force of high stress scenes, slows and lingers on emotional dialog. The soundtrack is very well inserted into the game, not distracting but influencing every scene.
Heavy Rain asked a question, what are you willing to do to save someone you love? How you answer that question is the key to the experience. I became these characters, through the simplicities I shared with them, eating their lunch, playing with their kids I became responsible for their lives. The onus of their decisions are mine, I would be lying if I said I had no regrets. If only I could have a second chance, things might have turned out different, but the blood is own my hands. I won't forget the story I told, it was far too impactful, far too intense an experience.

Upon finishing the story, I was compelled to begin again. I stopped myself thinking about how many things would change, knowing what I know now. Much of the magic would be gone, in knowing the results I would make decision so very differently, they would be made as a means to an end, not as an emotional response to a situation. The split second responsive decisions are paramount to the experience, I would not have done the twisted things I had done were it not for the pressure, having time to think it out would have led to an entirely different and less involving tale.

I must give a lot of credit to director David Cage. This is a very impressive amalgamation of narrative and gameplay, the game design and filmmaking is of a top class. A pulse pounding adventure, I was riveted from the opening moment, I was responsible for my choices like no game before. The memories of my deeds will not be forgotten, they were too insane to be believed, and I will be haunted by my regretful rash choices, the things I did the heat of the moment will not be forgotten. David Cages dream of interactive narrative is realized.
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on March 4, 2010
It has been a long time since I've been touched and moved by a game. Heavy Rain is a game that has you play as various characters through a story where you have to figure out who the killer is, where the victim is, and so forth. This is truly one of those rare games where the story is really the golden factor of this it literally forces you - due to a game mechanic - to choose and suffer the they good or bad! It is a fascinating formula which creates a sense of a "choose your own adventure" book but with characters easily recognizable and memorable. This game really tugs at ones heart and emotions and I don't want to speak how it does this as it would ruin it for everyone who hasn't played this game and experienced it for themselves!

A little warning for parents there is some nudity but then again the scope, story, and type of game of this caliber is catered to mature young adults and older.

A definite 5 stars for a great addictive story, awesome action, beautiful music and atmosphere.
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on March 29, 2010
This is a different kind of game and one that will not appeal to everyone. However, I really liked the gameplay and how the story is driven. If you are a parent, you may very well connect further with the main character and the game in general. I know that being a parent and playing this game, it really played on my emotions. This game can move you like few can. The controls are ok and there is some issues with the story, but an overall very positive experience.
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on July 1, 2010
Heavy Rain, a game by Quantic Dream, is an adventure game utilizing quick time events (QTEs). Although QTEs can seem repetitive and boring, the way they are integrated into the game along with the storyline exemplifies a seemless transition.

This game has replayability, due to it's multiple endings. Although some parts you would have to play over and over again can be quite tedious to gain trophies and all endings, the game is still enjoyable even on subsequent playthroughs for the most part.

The graphics are top-notch, the sound is excellent, and the overall presentation is amazing.

The only downside is once you finish the game, collect all trohpies and endings, it's unlikely you'll play it again, but then again, you could say that for a lot of single player games.
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on May 14, 2010
Wad can i say?? Awesome game, it makes me wanna replay a few times to see all the endings, there r like 18 endings for this game, wtf right?? And there are ways where u dun have to play through the whole thing, just the selected chapters to change the ending, i was never the CSI kinda guy, more of a Final fantasy and devil may cry gamer, but this game, it makes me feel very connected with the characters......This game will be in my head for a long long time
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on April 30, 2010
You don't know exactly how different Heavy Rain is until you play it... A great game with a deep history and a total new way of walking throug it... A new generation of games is born after this game... a new form of interaction.
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on March 1, 2010
There are few moments in the history of video games when a game comes along and changes how everything is done. Heavy Rain is that game for this generation. This game can be considered an interactive movie in the most basic of terms. It tells the story of the Origami Killer. I won't spoil anything here so feel free to read this review without fear. You take control of four different characters while trying to solve the mystery that is presented. There is no game-over screen, but you only get one chance to succeed in everything you do in the game. That is not to say that it is unforgiving, far from it. In fact, what makes this game so unique is that everything you do (or don't do) affects the events in the game. There are seven different endings, and you may not succeed in your mission, but I guarranty that you will love almost every minute of the game and will not be able to put the controller down the whole time. This game is great if you have someone who just wants to watch, or pass the controller back and forth. It is just that entertaining. You will be in shock how the events unfold, and yes you may even tear up (I dare you not to!). The controls are very different than what you may expect, and it may even hold you back from getting the best possible ending every now and then, but if you fail it was because YOU failed and not because the game was cheap. But what makes it unique, is that the story rewards your mistakes by altering itself to fit your actions, and that my friends is an amasing accomplishment. My only word of advice before playing this game is simply this: Dont read any spoilers, don't read the manual, don't read the back of the box. You will have the most fun if you go into this game knowing only what I have told you, and you discover why this game will be changing the face of video games from this point forwards. Oh, and the graphics are spectacular.
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on April 13, 2012
Writen with an honest effort to avoid any spoilers.

Heavy Rain. I made the mistake of buying this before my final exams one semester. Well, the intent was to play it after the exams where over. Needless to say. I played this game for three days straight and then crammed for my exams. lol

To me. This game is very unique. It is like watching a very well done 'Who-done-it' movie except the player plays along. The story is riviting...once it gets going. As with most games the first few parts allow the player to get accustomed to the controls of the game. Then - the story takes over. Trust me...once the first few scenes of the game are finished the story takes off like a rocket. An additional bonus...the graphics are supurb.

One of the things I loved about this game. You control four characters. Just...not at the same time. Think of how a movie follows one character and then switches to follow another one. This is what the game is like. Essentually you are following the story of four characters at once - in chronological order. The part I LOVE is that the game adapts to the choices you make with those characters...including if they die. This isn't Mario Bros. There are no do-overs in this game (unless you load a previous save that is). So, the ending of the game changes if one, two, three or even all four characters die. For me; this is impressive.

As for the thing that I found occationally frustrating about this game...the controls. Have you ever played Dragon Lair? You know, the game where the control was to move the joy-stick in the direction a light flashed? that is the same premis to the controls of Heavy Rain. However, they are far more complex. Far to often the game designers forced the player to make a specific motion with the controler to open a door. Dont get me wrong. This was an important part of learning how to play the game during the begining. However, by the time the player has mastered how to play the game...some of the controls just became repetitive and annoying. THe game does however make good use of the PS3's full controller capabilities. So its one of those things where the good work with the controls are overshadowed by fussy repetitiveness.


Dark, engaging, story line.
Great graphics.
Unique game.
Memorable characters.
Great to play the first time through.

Fussy controls.
Low-Mid replay value. I dont think I could sit through this game two or three times.

Would I buy and play this game again? Absolutly! This game was a blast and very engaging the first time through. I would probibly try to pick it up on sale though instead of paying full price.
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on January 12, 2011
Heavy Rain is not like your normal game. It is, as Quantic Dream has put it, an interactive drama. No matter how many times you die the story will go on and will effect the ending of your game.

The story follows four different characters on the search for the Origami Killer, a mysterious murderer who kidnaps children and drowns them in water. Each of the characters have different stories surrounding this murderer and their stories weave in and out at times. Ethan Mars' son is currently the next victim of the Origami Killer and he will do anything to get his son back, Norman Jayden is an FBI agent on the search for the killer, Scott Shelby is a private investigator looking for the killer on behalf of the families victims and Madison Paige is a journalist writing about the Origami Killer. While each of the characters search for the killer, they all have to deal with their own problems.

Gameplay is very different from other games. You have the choice of making your characters do certain things or not do them at all which becomes important since each of your characters can die and the plot will progress without them. Each choice you make with them gets nerve-wracking at times and you will begin to feel for the characters and what happens to them.

Although Heavy Rain is all in all a great game, it does have many flaws. Firstly, the game starts out very slow and although it does pick up steam it takes a very long time before the story gets interesting. Secondly, the voice acting. Some of the voice acting is good while others are just plain bad and bring you out of the whole interactive drama aspect. Thirdly, there are quite a few plot holes left unexplained at the end of the game and they are never really solved. Fourth, the overall hype of the game. I am not downplaying the game in anyway, it is great and lots of fun but the community over hypes just how great this game actually is. Like I said, it does have it's own flaws. Overall, Heavy Rain is an engaging psychological story which will slowly pull you in.
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