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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 5, 2003
Personally, I liked this album and frankly I think it deserves more credit than it got. For one: She didn't over sing ANYTHING, that's what people didn't like, the ballads weren't so "AND I--- WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOOOOU!!" they were just right, she wasn't over singing any of them. Second: She had some pretty good producers uh..Babyface and L.A. Reid who can make anyone sound good or better (In Whitney's case better, in Sheena Easton's case good). It starts off with the title track which has a new jack swiing vibe. "My Name Is Not Susan" (which is my personal favorite) is sharp and to the point and shows that Whitney we all know and love. "All The Man That I Need" is an elegant love song which has a sweet touch to it. "Lover For Life" is an angelic song and flows nicely. "Miracle" is sweet and another Whitney hit (that sadly wasn't included on her Greatest Hits) "I Belong To You" (another personal fave) is an excellent track that is slow and soulful (why wasn't this a single?) "We Didn't Know" which features the great Stevie Wonder is okay and goes pretty nicely but it's not the most likeable duet (they don't even sound passionate at all). "I'm Knockin'" is the best song to end this album with. It's a great song that has a big band edge. There were some terrible moments like "Who Do You Love" which by far is the worst Whitney song I've ever heard (okay, not THE worst but right up there with her new material-see my "Just Whitney" review)and "Anymore" can get on your nerves after awhile. "After We Make Love" is sorta bland but it fares okay, just listen to it every once in awhile. This is actully not a bad album once you get over some bumps and this is when Whitney was in her prime but bigger and better things (The Bodyguard stuff) trampled this album but I say pick it off the floor and play this addicting album.
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on May 5, 2003
Yeah I can definately understand why I'm your Baby tonight slumped and did ok. Her fans weren't ready for her to do something alot different as to (her first two albums-which i think were the best). In the 80's she had 7#1 consecutive hits which surpassed Whitney as the first artist since Elvis and the Beatles to do that. Ya'll remember: "saving all my love for you" "how will i know" to "i wanna dance with somebody" to "where to broken hearts go" now to "I'm Your Baby Tonight". Although there are a couple of good tracks that were good and were hits, like the title hit, All the man that i need, my name is not susan, and miracle. Those were hits. but also she went w/ different producers on this album: L.A. Reid and Babyface to give Whitney a funkier edge since it was the 90's. The song choices i recommend are: #1 #2 #3 #4 #6 #7 and yeah that's it. ... Basically this is her weakest and poorest album. her 1rst 2 were better and my favorite. but before i recommended ome songs that were good so u should buy this cd, but don't listen to numbers: 5, 8, 9, 10, and 11. VERY BAD.
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on May 5, 2003
I think i know why some people agree that this wasn't Whitney's best work after enjoying success w/he 1rst and best 2 albums. In the 80's she had 7 #1 consecutive hts. Her first album in 1985 "whitney Houston" went down as the best-selling female album of all time. (even though younger urban divas like "Ashanti" have also don that). and it stayed on the charts at #1 for 14 consecutive weeks. it had 3#1 singles: Saving all my love, How will i know, and the greatest love of all". In 1987, when she released her second abum simply titled "whitney" since she was so well known, she became the first artist to enter the charts at #1, an this solified whitney to hav 4#1's ONCE AGAIN: "i wanna dance with somebody" "didn't we almost have it all" SO EMOTIONAL" and "where do broken hearts go". But would you think taking a break 4 3 years she could achieve that same success again. Think again. Her 3rd album was a slump to most fans. There were some good and bad tracks. But vocally Whitney was still good and her voice was maturing. Featuring: I'M YOUR BABY TONIGHT and ALL THE MAN THAT I NEED were the 2 only #1 singles. I did like "Miracle" and "My name is not Susan". and "i belong to you". but if you're a whitney fan i guess this album is ok.
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on November 21, 2002
Third album by Whitney.
Everyone expected another winner, most of the crowd considered it a half-one.
One could spend pages trying to find the reasons why.
I do have a limited words space here, so i'll tell you what i liked this album for:
Whitney changed her style, even if not so dramatically, but pointing towards the R'n'B charts instead of the Top 40.
She did deliver a couple of Top 10 singles (oh, by the way, a couple of Top 10 # 1 singles...) with I'M YOUR BABY TONITE and ALL THE MAN THAT I NEED anyway.
Yet most of the tracks are intended for the R'n'B market.
Proof be the enlisting of the Babyface/L.A. Reid team and Luther Vandross as producers, which actually write some of the nicest tunes off the album (MY NAME IS NOT SUSAN, ANYMORE).
The duet with Stevie Wonders sounds lukewarm at its best, but I BELONG TO YOU and LOVER FOR LIFE are winners!
And I'M KNOCKING is as radio-friendly as much as black-oriented as that track could be.
Probably too much for the casual listener...
Definitely not enough for the fan.
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on August 22, 2002
When 1990 came about, many album started to come within social stories and understandings with relationships. Surprisingly, 1990 also brought a case of dance music into the pop mainstream, thanks to artists like Mariah Carey, M.C. Hammer, and the pioneers of "Corporate Pop", New Kids On The Block. Many acts that've been known to make those ends meet, also caught within the craze. Whitney Houston was absolutely no acception.
Her 1990 album, I'm Your Baby Tonight, focused in on a more serious side of Whitney that wasn't shown within her previous albums. The music remains a bit more danceable and enduring. Songs like I'm Your Baby Tonight, All The Man I Need, My Name Is Not Susan, and After We Make Love, display that thought in mind. The album also includes partnerships with Babyface, and her duet with Stevie Wonder on the song We Didn't Know.
Although many people didn't find this album as appealing as Whitney's previous albums, or were more in tune within Mariah Carey and New Kids On The Block, it still is a down to Earth album worth checking out.
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on December 31, 2001
I never understood why Whitney's star begain to wane on this album as IMHO it yielded her most consistent work to date, including the wonderful title track (didn't like the remix single version) & the soaring All The Man That I Need - these are definitive Whitney singles for me. Whitney proved her worth on Lover For Life; the vocal arrangement on this is superb & which Whitters did herself. I Belong To You is a strong yet tender piece & as for After We Make Love - it's one of my fave 'baby-making' songs. Her voice builds up to a tremendous crescendo before assuming a more sensitive edge again. Album's only weak point is the final track, I'm Knockin' which Whitney co-wrote. Not awful, but not a classic either. It sits uncomfortably & seems like a throwaway song that was added to the end. Add to this catalogue a nice duet with his Wonderness, Mr Stevie W & the single Miracle & you have what is a very commendable CD, which is still listenable over 11 years later.
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Some may argue that this was'nt amongst Whitney Houstons most favourable work after the runaway success of her first pair of classic albums, Whitney Houston (1985), Whitney (1987). She progesses from the high energy out and out pop sounds that occupied her second album, Whitney (I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Love Will Save The Day, Love Is A Contact Sport) in favour of a more mature, street sound that perfectly captured her stunningly unique vocal style, which is nothing but absolutley power-packed on this collection. Her razor sharp delivery on the title track, I'm Your Baby Tonight is vastly impressive to say the least. the album hosts a multiple number of producers to credit including L.A Reid and Baby Face on another of the albums highlights, Miracle, a sensual ballard with soulful qualities as well as My Name Is Not Susan and the track Anymore, which gently steers into Hip-Hop. Other producers include Narada Michael Walden on the tracks All The Man That I Need, which contains an impressivley magnificent vocal performance from Whitney as well as on the beautifully mellow Lover For Life, which just sweeps you away and I Belong To You, which again is track you can get swept away with by its beautifully mellow musical arrangements and nothing short of stunning performance from Houston. Other than the Whitney Houston and Rickey Minor produced track, I'm Knockin', the album does admitedly fall a little flat. Luther Vandross produced the lacklustre Who Do You Love whilst an even more surprising let down is the Stevie Wonder produced, We Did'nt Know, on which she duets with him (where there disjointed performances seem rather half hearted and simply don't gel together). There is some merit in Michael Masser's After We Make Love but it does tend to fall on the laborious, slushy side.
However on the whole, the album is very good, simply with the tracks just mentioned that are most noteworthy - I'm your baby tonight, All the man that I need, Lover For life, Miracle, I Belong To You and I'm Knockin' being the main highlights and reasons for buying this in the first place. Recommended!
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on February 3, 2001
Houston's third effort in five years saw the up-and-coming producer Babyface take charge. It also saw Houston's sales statistics fall to career lows by failing to top the diamond sales mark (10 millions copies) in the U.S. And as you think, "Well, those are pretty lofty expectations!" I proceed to show you the sales statistics (Album #1=12,000,000/Album #2=10,000,000) And then when you consider that it isn't a stretch... you then realize that the album only sold a petty four million copies in the U.S. Then you listen to the album, and you know why. I'm Your Baby Tonite is ultimately over in three tracks. The rest of the album will fin the listener nodding off, or discover that their thoughts have wandered and they didn't hear the last two songs. Not that they were worth hearing. The album yielded two gold singles, one incredible vocal performance ("All The Man I Need") and one great title track. (which were the two gold singles) Perhaps this is the reason why Houston exiled from solo studio albums and went into the soundtrack game... it certainly wouldn't surprise me. This album would certainly give that action justification.
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on August 15, 2000
"I'm Your Baby Tonight" is by far the weakest album Whitney has done, but I won't hold it against her. I still like it, but after buying her 1st two albums I can see why some people aren't too fond of this one. Don't get me wrong. There are some very good tracks on here. Her #1 song "All The Man That I Need" is still a great song after all these years. She sounds great on it! Personally, I also like "Miracle" (written by L.A.&Babyface). It's one of those sappy inspirational songs, but who cares? It's Whitney! Other songs I would recommend are: "After We Make Love," "Lover For Life," "I Belong To You" and "I'm Your Baby Tonight." I'm not sure about "My Name Is Not Susan." I saw the video to this song a long time ago, and it was remixed with a funkier beat and had a rap (provided by Monie Love). The album version sort of pales in comparison to the video version. "Anymore" is an uptempo track by L.A.&Babyface, but it just isn't that great. I guess Whitney was trying to be funky, but it didn't work out. It looks like L.A. and Face saved the good stuff for Pebbles' "Always" album (which came out the same year). I'm indifferent to "We Didn't Know" featuring Stevie Wonder. I guess I like it, but sometimes I skip it. "Who Do You Love" was produced and written by Luther Vandross. I don't really like the song. It sounds like it should've been put in her 80's albums. As for "I'm Knockin'," I'm indifferent to this song too. Don't care much about it. Anywayz, these are just my preferences. Overall, I can say that I do LIKE the album and it's worthy of being bought.
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on October 27, 2003
When Whitney aproached to make her third album she stood by some old time friends, but she managed to team up with the famous producing team of Babyface and LA Reid, somehow that came as a tragical direction for Whitney...she sounded like she wanted to fit in a musical style that wasn't her...but great tracks came as a result "My Name Is Not Susan" although the title is corny and stupid...the song chorus and beat managed to stay in a great taste that captures the late 80's beats, "I'm Your Baby Tonight" first single managed to reached #1 , gracefully because it was a Whitney Houston but it was really far from Whitney's classic upbeat songs, "All The Man That I Need" is one of the songs that really stand aside from the filler cuts that crowed this LP, and surprise this wasn't produced by this album should be call the album that "almost" killed Houston career, saved later by The Bodyguard smashing soundtrack.
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