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on September 18, 2009
I'm an old-school X-Men fan. I remember when Wolverine was a 5'4" ugly, hairy little man that no one on the team could stand. But, he was still part of the team. It was with great annoyance that I watched Wolverine take up larger and larger space in what was supposed to be a team book.

Then came the movies. Loved Hugh Jackman and his portrayal. Like clockwork, though, Wolverine starts taking more precedence in the sequels until we get to X3: Wolverine guest starring the X-Men.

When they announced "Wolverine and the X-Men", I thought "at least they're up front about it." Really, I didn't care to watch the rest of the X-Men play second string to Wolverine yet again. It was purely by chance that I saw one of the first episodes on TV and decided, grudgingly, "this thing ain't bad". Then I started to actually enjoy it.

Yes, it's got tons of Wolverine. About 1 in 5 episodes are either completely Wolverine solo episodes (i.e. no other X-Men) or close enough not to matter (token tag along who does little). Naturally, he can't be the runt he is in the comics, but at least he's shorter than one or two characters. (Can't have the star be shorter than the ladies, can we?) He's nigh infallible, the one who even the bad guys fear, greatest X-Man who ever lived, blah, blah, blah. Big freakin' hypocrite too. Scolds Cyclops like an overbearing dad for taking off on his own in one episode, which directly followed an episode where Wolverine took off on his own (but that's okay, 'cause he's the tortured loner). Sounds like I kinda hate it after all, don't it?

Despite all that, there's good storytelling going on here. Some entertaining takes on established characters and storylines, multiple plot lines evolving through the episodes. Some of the un-clawed X-Men suffer from a lack of personality (Storm for one) or pretty basic thin ones (most everyone else). I forgive that a lot 'cause my favourite X-Man Cyclops got a whole episode to himself with only a little Wolverine at the end (woo-hoo!). Actually, Cyclops and Emma don't fare too badly, and get some development of their own.

In the end, I guess for me it ended up more than the sum of its parts. I can pick apart a dozen little things that bug me, but in the final analysis it's a fun watch and I really enjoy it.

Go figure.
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on October 9, 2009

At first I really wasn't thrilled with this show, but it grew on me. I am not a big Wolverine fan either(In fact I'd love to see an x-Men shjow without him) But this is still really good. MUCH Better than "Evolution", but not quite as good as Fox's X-Men from the 1990's. Still this is a fresh look at the characters. What impresses me most is the price and availability of this DVD. All U.S. fans that dont want to spend upwards of $60-$80 to get this eventually on 6 individual DVD's probably by summer of 2010, can just get it all NOW for about 1/2 the price (and even see episodes Nickelodeon hasn't aired yet!). It dosen't have any of the commentaries, but they are boring anyway, so you are really not missing anything by getting this.
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on May 22, 2010
This set is great! A must have for fans of Wolverine And The X-men! The set has ALL 26 episodes on 5 DVDs and the nice Metallic box. Do yourselves a favor: don't bother waiting and wasting money to get the 6 individual discs if you live in the US. Buy this set here. I live in the US and paid approximately 43 US dollars for this set here on (THAT WAS INCLUDING A PRICE OF APPROXIMATELY 17 US DOLLARS FOR EXPRESS SHIPPING)! The ONLY possible downside to this set is that there are no extras/special features as there are on the individually released discs. From my perspective, so what!? If you want to have the complete series, THIS IS the set to get! One other thing, the case states that these discs are Region 1 only. That's incorrect! These discs are all Region and will play anywhere.
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on November 6, 2009
Finally able to get this entire season in one set; too bad I had to order it from Canada to make that happen. Excellent series, well written, good animation. Heavy emphasis on Wolverine, of course, capitalizing on the success of the films. The storytelling was well done, but not without a few continuity flubs. Overall, highly recommended.
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on February 3, 2010
If you do not want to wait for the entire series to come out on DVD in the states, then this is a great buy. The tin case it comes also adds to the value. Overall, very impressed - it also got here within two days. I watch the series with my girls and we all enjoy it very much. There were three or more episodes focusing on Nightcrawler, and there was a great story arc involving Jean and Emma. Wolverine is not our favorite character, Kitty Pryde is, but there was enough of her quipping to keep us involved. I'm looking forward to what they do in season 2 - wouldn't it be great if they met the Brood!!!
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on November 25, 2009
The complete first season is great. The animation is smooth and fluid. Great stories and action, especially at the end. The exclusive collector's tin it comes in looks great also. I can't wait for the second season. A DEFINITE MUST HAVE.
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on December 22, 2009
Bought this for my daughter and I to watch. We had seen the first 5 or so episodes and changed cable providers so couldn't see the newer episodes- we were left wondering what happened to the characters for about 6 months. In the Information Age, that's a pretty harsh punishment.

Sooo, when we found out our neighbors to the north already had the entire series available on region 1 DVD, we pounced. Seriously, it's not just an everyday animated series. The complexity of the story arcs are worthy of an adult series, but you can still watch it with young kids.
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on March 21, 2010
An innovative approach on the X-Men mythos. It's a great thing for those who are already fans of the X-Men en are knowledgeable about all those mutants. Wolverine and the X-Men takes up in that part of the continuity that has already established most (if not all) of the characters and mutants from the comics, but with a little twist.
For those who are not fully acknowledged with the characters, it can be a bit puzzling, but it still is very enjoyable.
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on October 17, 2010
Although it is more mature than X-Men Evolution series, the design of this serie is very similar.
Of course it is an adaptation so it cannot satisfied entirely an old fan of the comics like me, but it is not bad at all.
Good point, this edition as both the English and French version, so my young son can watch it (we're French), and the original version is also available which is a + for me.
The DVD metal box is nice too.
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on June 20, 2010
Despite the fact that this series featured Wolverine as the top billed mutant in which he is clearly not since he wasn't a founding member of the team, I enjoyed it for simply I'm a comic fan. I hated the fact as i meantion earlier Wolvrine was a back up a member of the second team led by Storm but all of a suddenly he's the leader of the whole mutant world. I only recommend this for the average new buck whom is just now getting to know the mutant universe and not the old school die hard fans like myself.
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